Texas OutLaw ProMods at Texas Raceway June


Photo Gallery is at Texas OutLaw ProMods June

It’s that time of year Hot Summer Nights filled with Friday Night Texas OutLaw ProMod Action at Texas Raceway. Six Nitrous, Four Blown and One Turbo cars all blasted one Bill Hielscher Blvd trying to get into the Eight Car field. Eric Clark led the field with a elapsed time of 3.959 seconds at 184.72 miles per hour followed by Steve Wiley, Doug Riesterer, Chris Domino, Gaylen Smith, Doug Morales, Kevin Hargett and Jim Brinkerhoff. Eddie Roach, Chuck Poindexter and Robert Rankin did not make the show.


Qualifying Order

TOPMA_Jun-52#1 Eric Clark 67 Mustang 3.959@184.72
#2 Steve Wiley 63 Corvette 3.989@182.01
#3 Doug Riesterer 68 Camaro 4.026@184.30
#4 Chris Domino 05 Grand Am 4.171@172.50
#5 Gaylen Smith 57 Chevy 4.334@144.67
#6 Doug Morales 68 Camaro 4.394@158.80
#7 Kevin Hargett 01 Mustang 4.446@167.91
#8 Jim Brinkerhoff 68 Camaro 4.466@152.43

TOPMA_Jun-41Did Not Qualified
#9 Eddie Roach 63 Corvette 4.611@131.50
#10 Chuck Poindexter 76 Luv 4.790@147.89
#11 Robert Rankin 88 Camaro 5.510@125.55


Round 1

TOPMA_Jun-28Doug Riesterer  .085 reaction time runs 4.040@177.32 to defeat Doug Morales .121 reaction time 4.282@168.83

Battle of the Nitrous Cars with Riesterer taking the win

Steve Wiley .006 reaction time runs 4.280@151.15 to defeat Kevin Hargett .071 reaction time 4.534@165.68

Wiley drills the tree to put Hargett and the turbo car on the trailer

TOPMA_Jun-46Jim Brinkerhoff .147 reaction time runs 4.392@147.23 to defeat Eric Clark when he was not able to fire .

Brinkerhoff pulled into the waterbox and shut off waiting for the Clark’s to fire but they were not able to. Brinkerhoff makes a nice pass .

Chris Domino .119 reaction time runs 4.288@170.41 to defeat Gaylen Smith .030 reaction time 4.520@121.77

Gaylen had this one all wrapped up right until the blower belt left at mph lights .

Round 2

Jim Brinkerhoff .072 reaction time runs 4.175@171.69 to defeat Chris Domino .057 reaction time 17.407

Domino had the better light but went into wheel shake and crossed the center-line behind Brinkerhoff

TOPMA_Jun-150-EditDoug Riesterer .046 reaction time runs 3.960@187.08 to defeat Steve Wiley .068 reaction time 4.008@185.13

These two were locked together all the way down the track with Riesterer edging out Wiley on the top end .


TOPMA_Jun-330Doug Riesterer .060 reaction time runs 4.170@166.70 to defeat Jim Brinkerhoff .035 reaction time 4.221@169.87

All Nitrous Final with Brinkerhoff cutting the better light but Riesterer peddled it enough to get around him .


Eric Clark had both the Low ET & MPH with 3.959@184.72

Steve Wiley had the Best Reaction Time .006

Thank you to all the Fans and Racers that came out to support Texas Raceway and Texas OutLaw Pro Mod Association .

We Will see you on July 5th and 6th at North Star Dragway then back at Texas Raceway on July 12th .