Texas OutLaw ProMods at Texas Raceway July

Words by Celeste Smith Photos by Toyse

A blistering hot Friday night at Texas Raceway found 14 Texas OutLaw ProMods clawing their way into the 8 car field. Seven blown, six nitrous and one lonely turbo car rounded out the fire and excitement filled night with the Texas Bounty Hunter, Gaylen Smith showing his hot weather tune up with a blistering 3.88 seconds elapsed time to take the number one spot in first round of qualifying.

TOPMA_July-103#1 Gaylen Smith – 3.886@191.27 mph
#2 Steve Wiley – 3.912@190.27 mph
#3 Eric Clark – 4.008@188.36 mph
#4 Doug Riesterer – 4.017@191.57 mph
#5 Thomas Myers – 4.177@173.14 mph
#6 Jim Brinkerhoff – 4.254@177.00 mph
#7 Tim Cruce – 4.290@169.76 mph
#8 Bob Alexander – 4.480@159.68 mph
TOPMA_July-211#9 Eddie Roach – 4.497@165.29 mph
#10 Doug Morales – 4.525@160.23 mph
#11 Kevin Hargett – 4.599@169.23 mph
#12 Chuck Poindexter – 4.665@156.70 mph **Best Reaction Time**
#13 Bob Rankin – 4.966@150.40 mph
#14 Perry Dunn – NT Broke on the burnout

First Round:

TOPMA_July-181Steve Wiley (W) 3.962 at 196 mph (.271 RT) Snoozing
Tim Cruce (RU) 4.282 at 172 mph (.031 RT)

Not sure what Wiley was thinking about but he was playing catch-up all the way down track. Tim had the holeshot advantage but Wiley’s hard charging HEMI was too much to handle.

TOPMA_July-45Eric Clark (W) 3.934 at 194 mph (.029 RT)
Jim Brinkerhoff (RU) 4.270 at 144 mph (.059 RT)

Both cars had good reaction times but Eric had the advantage and kept the lead all the way to the stripe.


Doug Riesterer (W) 4.014 at 191 mph (.072 RT)
Thomas Myers (RU) 4.259 at 140 mph (.167 RT)

Doug gets away first and doesn’t look back. Thomas was manhandling his Camaro all night.



TOPMA_July-270Gaylen Smith (W) 3.867 at 192 mph (.116 RT) **Low ET**
Eddie Roach (RU) 43.250 at NO mph (.392 RT)

I don’t know what happened to Eddie but he stopped just after the launch, meanwhile the Texas Bounty Hunter ran the low ET of the night in the Smith Motorsports lane.


TOPMA_July-117Eric Clark (W) 3.904 at 197 mph (.046 RT)
Steve Wiley (RU) 3.920 at 198 mph (.047 RT)

I was in the staging lanes and didn’t see this race but it looks good on paper so I know the fans must have loved it. Side by side 3.90 passes at almost 200 mph in both lanes. It doesn’t get much better than that!

TOPMA_July-358Gaylen Smith (W) 4.099 at 166 mph (.050 RT)
Doug Riesterer (RU) 4.162 at 186 mph (.049 RT)

This race was a nail biter for me. We discovered a broke valve spring but didn’t have time to change it so we plugged off that cylinder and decided to give Doug a race because we KNOW he is capable of stepping up and running a 3.7 at any time. Luckily for us, Doug was having problems in the Smith Motorsports lane and we snuck by him for the win.

Final Round:

TOPMA_July-442Eric Clark (W) 3.920 at 195 mph (.052 RT)
Gaylen Smith (RU) NT (.083 RT)

After the semi’s, Clark Brothers loaned us the tool we needed to replace the valve spring (thank you very much) but it was the blower belt that broke at the hit of the throttle that ended our night, oh…and the fact that Eric was on a nice clean run in the other lane taking the win.

Congratulations to Eric Clark and the entire Clark Bros. team for their victory and to the Texas Bounty Hunter team for their runner-up finish as well.

Photo Gallery can be found at http://prostockcars.zenfolio.com/topmatxrjuly