treveremanThe newest entity in eighth mile drag racing is quickly earning respect and making a name for itself among the industry. Now the Professional Drag Racers Association has partnered with the Pro Stock team from Aruba to name the “One Happy Island” the PDRA’s “Official Vacation Destination.”


Due to Team Aruba’s presence in the racing industry, as well as their ongoing marketing efforts, Aruba has already become a top vacation pick for many racers, fans, sponsors and officials. With abounding positive feedback from vacationers, making the “One Happy Island” the official destination of the PDRA was a clear choice.


PDRA Race Director, Bob Harris, believes that partnerships like this one with Team Aruba are exactly what the rising organization needs to lay the foundation for success.


“Team Aruba’s partnership with us is a great connection for the simple fact that the PDRA is a completely racer-based organization. We’ve been racing with these guys many years now, so naming Aruba as the ‘Official Vacation Destination’ of the PDRA just makes sense. Trevor and his guys are real gentlemen and a great race team – very professional, very friendly, just great people to be around. They put a lot of time and effort into their program. Having a team like this is very instrumental in getting more support from other teams and companies down the road.”


With many off-season changes in the world of eighth mile drag racing, racers were faced with a difficult choice of where to lay their tread in the 2014 season. For Team Aruba, PDRA was the clear choice.


“I cannot be more excited about creating a relationship like this with a drag racing sanctioning body,” told Trevor Eman, driver of the Pro Stock Mustang for Team Aruba. “We are constantly trying to come up with new and creative ways of how we can promote Aruba in the US. Day after day the PDRA is showing to become a secure home for doorslammer racing. Team Aruba will commit to competing with the PDRA and we cannot wait until we get to see the PDRA in action at Rockingham.


“We look forward to being there and cannot wait to hear the announcement over the PA mentioning Aruba as the Official Vacation Destination of the PDRA.


“It makes the PDRA very proud that they chose to race with us,” added Harris. “This is going to be a bonding relationship and a good match for the association. We look at everybody as partners in this thing for the simple fact that it is racer owned and racer run. It means a lot to have their support and we’re proud to promote Aruba as our Official Vacation Destination.”