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  • For the time being Dean Goforth is ready to party like it’s 1984

    xpsFor the time being Dean Goforth is ready to party like it’s 1984

    A race after winning his first event in the X-DRL, Goforth took his new Jerry Haas Race Cars Camaro to a runner-up spot in St. Louis, continuing his strong early-season momentum.

    Most importantly, Goforth also took over the points lead in X-treme Pro Stock, putting him in the points lead for the first time since 1984.

    It’s a gargantuan feat for Goforth, who has shown remarkable ability behind the wheel this season.

    He lost to Todd Hoerner in the final at X-treme Gateway Showdown, but he still left with the points lead and had nothing but positives to say about finishing as the runner-up and the surface at Gateway Motorsports Park.

    “Todd was just ready on the tree and I wasn’t. I wish I’d have won but I wasn’t upset Todd won,” Goforth said. “I’ve been coming here (GMP) since the 80’s and this is the best the track has even been.”

    Goforth leads John DeFlorian by 200 points in XPS, but the tightest battles continue to appear in Pro X-Treme.


    pxBrandon Pesz leads Tim Tindle by a mere 10 points and this points race gets even juicier as the two talented standouts are set to meet in the finals of X-Treme Gateway Showdown. That final will be finished next month at the Mayhem at the Creek at Maryland International Raceway, meaning plenty will be on the line. Quain Stott isn’t far behind trailing Pesz by just more than 100 points – or one round.


    Bob Rahaim narrowed the gap in Pro Nitrous to 103 points after winning in St. Louis, but Jeff Naiser has still managed to hang onto the points lead. Billy Glidden is nearly within two rounds, meaning a great three-way race to the PN championship appears to be setting up.


    “I couldn’t be more proud of the team. Everyone really pulled it together and it turned out great,” Rahaim said. “We’re heading in the right direction and that’s exciting to see.”


    tsIn Mickey Thompson Top Sportsman, Gulitti continued to take command of the class after posting his second win in four races by powering through the competition in St. Louis. Heading into the Mayhem at the Creek at Maryland International Raceway, Gulitti has opened a sizeable gap in the competitive class.


    xpm (2)Kevin Rivenbark seized the lead in X-treme Pro Mod, making a major move after winning his first professional race at the X-DRL’s race in St. Louis. Rivenbark leads Dan Stevenson by more than 300 points, building a considerable lead thanks to plenty of consistent racing.


    Other points leaders include Todd Moyer (Precision Turbo & Engine Pro Turbo) and Michael Kile (Top Dragster). Kile leads Darrell Reid by 150 points, but Reid made a massive jump in St. Louis, going from No. 13 in points to second in just the span of one race.


    In Pro Junior Dragster, Jackson Core is the current points leader after four of the X-DRL’s event in its inaugural 2013 season.


    For more information on the X-DRL, visit www.X-DRL.com.




    April 6-7: X-DRL Spring Nationals, Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park, Tulsa, Okla.

    April 26-27:
    X-DRL Thunder Valley Madness, Bristol Dragway, Bristol, Tenn.

    May 17-18
    : Bash On The Bayou, No Problem Raceway, Belle Rose, La.

    June 14-15: X-treme Gateway Showdown, Gateway Motorsports Park, St. Louis

    July 26-27: Mayhem At The Creek, Maryland International Raceway, Mechanicsville, Md.

    Aug. 16-17: Hot Texas Nights, Dallas Raceway, Crandall, Texas

    Sept. 20-21: Thunder in the Heartland, Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis, Indianapolis

    Oct. 4-5: Southern Slam, Montgomery Motorsports Park, Montgomery, Ala.

    Oct. 25-26: X-Treme World Finals, zMAX Dragway, Charlotte, N.C.


    Based in Kerrville, Texas, the X-treme Drag Racing League is a premier sanctioning body for the sport of eighth-mile drag racing. The professional categories featured in the X-DRL are Pro Junior Dragster, SuperCar Showdown, Top Sportsman, Top Dragster, X-treme Pro Mod, Pro Turbo, X-treme Pro Stock, Pro Nitrous and Pro X-treme, the world’s quickest and fastest doorslammer class. The 2013 X-DRL seasons consists of 9 action-packed national events that will take place throughout the United States. For more information on the X-DRL, visit www.X-DRL.com.

  • With Strong Start To 2013 Season, Lethal Threat Racing Adds Champion Lifts and Williams Performance As Sponsors

    dsb_1905_20130407_1997917639MUSTANG, OK (June 1, 2013) — The Lethal Threat Racing team of Pro X-treme standouts Todd Martin and Brandon Pesz are off to a fine start in the 2013 X-treme Drag Racing League (X-DRL) season, as Pesz is first in points through three races while Martin is just three points behind in second.

    That success has carried over off the track as well, as the Lethal Threat racing team is pleased to announce new sponsorship deals with Champion Lifts and Williams Performance.

    The two-car Pro X-treme team started the 2013 campaign by announcing associate sponsorships with LAT Racing Oils, Kryptonite Kustomz and Trick Titanium, and both Martin and Pesz’s success on the track has yielded more opportunities.

    dsb_1963_20130407_1120534708“We are thrilled to add great companies like Champion Lifts and Williams Performance to the Lethal Threat Racing team, and I think it shows our team is getting positive attention from what we’re doing on the track,” said Martin, who drives a supercharged ’68 Mustang from Garrett Race Cars. “It helps to go rounds and it doesn’t hurt that we’re 1-2 in points as well.

    “These are relationships that we’ve developed over time, and having sponsors like this is extremely helpful and very rewarding.”

    photo 2-1The California-based Williams Performance has been an industry leader in oil pan manufacturing and design since Mickey Williams started the company in 1998.

    This exciting sponsorship features a number of levels, as the Lethal Threat Racing team helped develop lightweight valve covers for Hemi Fatheads.

    Williams Performance worked with Pesz on a new lightweight design and the results are significant.

    “In all, we’re saving 26.2 pounds with the CN Block, along with the valve covers and oil pan 26.2 pounds and that’s a huge difference,” said Pesz, who drives the team’s supercharged ’58 Corvette from Garrett Race Cars. “We’re running their oil pans and valve covers, and working with them we’re saving 19 pounds on the CN block, almost five on valve covers and two on the oil pan from Williams. That’s a significant different and we’re really thrilled to have them on board. These are guys that help you go fast and to be working with them is very rewarding.”

    Based out of Springfield, Mo, (Championautolifts.com) is a top company when it comes to auto lifts, wheel balancers and tire machines. Martin, who is also the co-owner of Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park, has worked with the company for a number of years, and it has been impressed with Martin and Pesz’s performance at the track.

    Champion Lifts has also worked with Martin on marketing efforts at Tulsa Raceway Park, noticing a strong response in that area as well.

    “Champion Lifts came on board for both cars for the rest of the 2013 season and we’re thrilled about that,” Martin said. “They saw us doing better and better racing-wise, and they’ve seen the response already of being part of our race team and a part of Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park.”

    Martin is also thrilled with how the sponsorships with Trick Titanium, Kryptonite Kustomz and LAT Racing Oils have developed.

    “Trick Titanium, Kryptonite Kustomz and LAT Racing Oils, all of them are really big for us,” Martin said. “We’ve got LAT and Trick Titanium at the track and we’re really selling a lot to the racers. Kryptonite has picked up a couple of new wraps, so they’re happy and we couldn’t be more pleased with how our season is going thus far.”

    On the track, the Lethal Threat Racing team continues to be impressive. After winning the first-ever X-DRL race in Tulsa, Pesz has grabbed the points lead in a loaded Pro X-treme field. In a teammate versus teammate battle at the most recent X-DRL race at No Problem Raceway, Martin knocked off Pesz in the first round, eventually advancing to the semifinals.

    But the best news coming out of the event is both cars qualified for the X-DRL’s X-treme Shootout, which will take place Sept. 20-21 at prestigious Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis.

    The top eight drivers from the race at No Problem qualified for the special shootout, which will award the winner $10,000 in Indianapolis.

    Martin and Pesz return to the track June 14-15 at the X-DRL’s X-treme Gateway Showdown at Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis.

    “We have a good feeling about that race. We really like that track,” Martin said. “We usually do well on hot and greasy tracks, and we’re looking forward to keeping this strong start going.”

  • X-DRL Saturday Qualifying – Spring Nationals at Tulsa Raceway Park

    Tulsa_SPGNATTULSA, Okla. — Saturday’s results after qualifying for the X-DRL Spring Nationals at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park, First of 9 events in the 2013 X-Treme Drag Racing League.  Qualifying will continue Sunday for final eliminations.



    Pro X-Treme — 1. Brandon Pesz, Chevy Corvette, 3.739, 203.65; 2. Duane Rister, Chevy Camaro, 3.741, 200.29; 3. Eric Clark, Ford Mustang, 3.744, 200.59; 4. Terry Leggett, Mustang, 3.750, 201.58; 5. Quain Stott, Corvette, 3.817, 196.64; 6. Eddie Rogers, Corvette, 3.886, 189.42; 7. Todd Martin, Mustang, 3.902, 193.77; 8. Mike Recchia, Camaro, 3.949, 189.76; 9. Jay Diedrich, Camaro, 3.967, 164.31; 10. Shawn Jones, Plymouth Duster, 4.032, 165.74; 11. Don Wootton, Camaro, 4.049, 192.06; 12. Randell Reid, Chevy Belair, 4.122, 147.70; 13. Tim Tindle, Corvette, 4.151, 140.91; 14. Jon Stouffer, Dodge Barracuda, 4.197, 129.49; 15. Todd Tutterow, Mustang, 4.222, 142.39; 16. Neal Wantye, Mustang, 5.462, 87.10.



    Pro Nitrous — 1. Bob Rahaim, Chevy Camaro, 3.841, 195.82; 2. Jim Laurita, Camaro, 3.859, 195.62; 3. Ron Muenks, Camaro, 4.033, 180.28; 4. Jeff Naiser, Camaro, 4.071, 162.35; 5. Blake Housley, Chevy Corvette, 4.477, 123.31; 6. Bill Glidden, Ford Mustang, 4.614, 121.98; 7. Joshua Vettel, Camaro, 8.756, 68.56.



    Pro Turbo — 1. Eric Dillard, Chevy Camaro, 3.807, 208.42; 2. Todd Moyer, Chevy Corvette, 3.955, 198.99; 3. Mike Murillo, Camaro, 4.001, 197.83; 4. Steve Matusek, Ford Mustang, 4.011, 195.08; 5. Dennis Sugrue, Chevy Cavalier, 4.386, 136.47; 6. David Hance, Chevy Belair, 4.394, 187.29.


    X-Treme Pro Stock — 1. John Deflorian Jr., Chevy Camaro, 4.049, 178.40; 2. Cary Goforth, Pontiac GXP, 4.065, 177.91; 3. Pete Berner, Camaro, 4.077, 176.77; 4. Dean Goforth, GXP, 4.082, 176.95; 5. Todd Hoerner, Camaro, 4.098, 177.09; 6. Doug Kirk, Ford Mustang, 4.116, 175.82; 7. Kevin Bealko, GXP, 4.131, 175.55; 8. Scott Hintz, Mustang, 4.134, 176.14; 9. Greg Lair, Camaro, 4.275, 166.83; 10. Rick Cowger, Chevy Cobalt, 4.734, 114.97.


    X-Treme Pro Mod — 1. Dan Stevenson, Chevy Camaro, 3.938, 190.14; 2. Keith Haney, Camaro, 3.954, 187.73; 3. T.J. Tindle, Ford Mustang, 3.981, 186.28; 4. Kevin Rivenbark, Pontiac Firebird, 3.993, 185.43; 5. Jeffrey Cummins Jr, Camaro, 4.011, 188.81; 6. Monroe Guest, Camaro, 4.041, 185.84.



    Top Dragster — 1. Michael Kile, Spitzer, 3.977, 183.12; 2. Tyler Brown, Monden, 4.000, no speed; 3. Don Aydelott, Mandon, 4.062, 174.82; 4. Coby Jones, Allen, 4.076, 178.31; 5. Dustin Thompson, Monden, 4.089, 174.28; 6. Larry Eidson, TNT, 4.091, 176.49; 7. Bradley Thompson, Monden, 4.102, 178.90; 8. Jerry Holt, TNT, 4.136, 174.89; 9. Scott Barker, American, 4.154, 169.81; 10. Mallori Rodgers, Monden, 4.163, 170.19; 11. Matt Driskell, Mullis, 4.222, 166.09; 12. Wade Pennington, Monden, 4.266, 168.79; 13. Jeremy Maples, Mullis, 4.282, 162.45; 14. Darrell Reid, TNT, 4.284, 166.66; 15. Bob Henry, RaceTech, 4.316, 162.51; 16. John Lobner, Mullis, 4.354, 159.72; 17. Cody Moore, TNT, 4.360, 157.71; 18. J R Lobner, Mullis, 4.365, 160.42; 19. Mike Secrest, White, 4.370, 159.34; 20. Danny Nelson, RaceCraft, 4.381, 159.27; 21. Steve Beeny, BOS, 4.459, 154.78; 22. Kyle Lawrence, Mullis, 4.552, 155.27; 23. Rick Wilson, Sherrill, 4.783, 144.07; 24. Kyle Dvorak, Spitzer, 7.507, 63.03.



    Top Sportsman — 1. Jim Sackuvich, Chevy Camaro, 4.118, 176.10; 2. Mitch Withers, Pontiac GTO, 4.269, 166.11; 3. Bob Gulitti, Camaro, 4.346, 168.39; 4. Jerry Holt, Camaro, 4.351, 162.06; 5. Josha Vettel, Camaro, 4.353, 163.22; 6. Rick Wilson, Camaro, 4.397, 160.21; 7. Gary Jance, Pontiac GXP, 4.486, 157.14; 8. Kirk Piepke, GTO, 4.540, 155.45; 9. Stewart Jophnson, GTO, 4.626, 153.72; 10. Randell Reid, Pontiac Grand Am, 5.463, 92.16; 11. David Hance, Ford Mustang, 6.344, 73.96.



    Pro Junior Dragster — 1. Bethany Crick, Halfscale, 7.904, no speed; 2. Jimmy Sackuvich, Halfscale, 7.906, 83.09; 3. Kalee Mills, Motiavatio, 7.909, 82.11; 4. Tia Tutterow, Halfscale, 7.915, 81.39; 5. Brandon Rudd, BOS, 7.917, 82.81; 6. Griffin Rider, Halfscale, 7.921, 81.87; 7. Jackson Core, Jr.RaceCar, 7.928, 81.79; 8. Mitchell Seymore, Halfscale, 7.932, 82.91; 9. Summer Brixey, Motaviatio, 7.937, 81.09; 10. Andrew Green, BOS, 7.944, 81.46; 11. Morgan Torres, Halfscale, 7.949, 83.52; 12. Nicki Little, Quick Kids, 7.957, 82.95; 13. James Evans, Motivation, 7.961, 79.16; 14. Allison Wood, M/T, 7.971, 82.98; 15. Shelbi Wiggins, Halfscale, 7.974, 82.87; 16. Kyla Hubbard, Hardin, 7.984, 82.46.  Not Qualified: 17. Andrew Withers, 7.987, 79.91; 18. Codie Nye, 8.002, 81.86; 19. Renee Rhinefort, 8.617, 74.95.