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  • Pro X-Treme X-Treme Gateway Showdown Finishes Under the Lights at Budds Creek

    gateway winnerAfter a rain out for the finals of the Pro X-Treme class from the X-Treme Gateway Showdown, Pesz and Tindle finally met for their showdown under the lights.


    At the X-Treme Gateway Showdown, contested on June 15-16 at Gateway Motorsports Park, Brandon Pesz thrilled the crowd with a 3.628 at 208.91 mph in qualifying. During the semi final round, Pesz defeated Quain Stott going 3.690 at 204.91 mph while Tindle defeated Todd Tutterow by going 3.696 at 204.57 mph. As the temperatures cooled, fans hoped these drivers would challenge Pesz’s 3.628 but the rain moved in too quickly to complete the final.


    gateway finalGoing into the weather-delayed final at Maryland International Raceway, neither Tindle nor Pesz had completed a clean pass in the first or second round of qualifying, but weather conditions continued to improve for the third round of qualifying. The crowd cheered the pair on in anticipation of a 3.50’s run, and were nearly rewarded when Pro X-Treme points leader Brandon Pesz ran a 3.609, at 208.78 mph defeating Tindle for the X-Treme Gateway Showdown trophy.


    The pair will meet again Saturday, July 26 for the final round of qualifying and eliminations for the Mayhem at the Creek.




    April 6-7: X-DRL Spring Nationals, Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park, Tulsa, Okla.


    April 26-27: X-DRL Thunder Valley Madness, Bristol Dragway, Bristol, Tenn.


    May 17-18: Bash On The Bayou, No Problem Raceway, Belle Rose, La.


    June 14-15: X-treme Gateway Showdown, Gateway Motorsports Park, St. Louis


    July 26-27: Mayhem At The Creek, Maryland International Raceway, Mechanicsville, Md.


    Sept. 20-21: Thunder in the Heartland, Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis, Indianapolis


    Oct. 4-5: Southern Slam, Montgomery Motorsports Park, Montgomery, Ala.


    Oct. 25-26: X-Treme World Finals, zMAX Dragway, Charlotte, N.C.




    Based in Kerrville, Texas, the X-Treme Drag Racing League is a premier sanctioning body for the sport of eighth-mile drag racing. The professional categories featured in the X-DRL are 10.5 Outlaw, Pro Junior Dragster, SuperCar Showdown, Top Sportsman, Top Dragster, X-treme Pro Mod, Pro Turbo, X-treme Pro Stock, Pro Nitrous and Pro X-treme, the world’s quickest and fastest door slammer class. The 2013 X-DRL seasons consists of 9 action-packed national events that will take place throughout the United States. For more information on the X-DRL, visit www.X-DRL.com.

  • X-DRL X-Treme Gateway Showdown Final Results


    Eliminations during the 2013 X-Treme Drag Racing League X-Treme Gateway Showdown at Gateway Motorsports Park moved faster than a huge storm front, avoiding a stoppage and allowing the XDRL to complete another event.

    Pro X-Treme low qualifier Brandon Pesz’s ’58 Corvette kept the third driver’s door in two days in place, running a 3.690 @ 204.91 MPH to down Quain Stott’s ’63 Corvette, which ran a losing 3.725 @ 203.25, with identical reaction times. On the other side of the ladder, Tim Tindle’s Mustang outran the Mustang of Todd Tutterow, 3.696 @ 204.57 MPH to Todd’s 3.743 @ 201.70 MPH. The only class which did not finish with an event winner, it will be decided during qualifying at the next event in Maryland.

    Extreme Pro Mod’s Kevin Rivenbark, in the Todd Tutterow-tuned ’02 Galot Motorsports Firebird, ran a 3.929 @ 188.49 MPH, to turn back the 3.913 @ 187.12 MPH posted by the Dave’s RV ’68 Camaro of Ron Muenks,.

    In Pro Nitrous, it was Bob Rahaim’s Chevy Camaro by default. Billy Glidden had damaged his motor in the previous round, and rather than risk further destruction, he withdrew from the final, handing the win to Rahaim.

    The Pro Turbo class’ Todd Moyer prevailed over Mike Murillo, with a 3.908, 200.95 MPH, to Murillo’s 4.339 @ 145.16 MPH.

    In the X-Treme Pro Stock final, it was Todd Hoerner in the Mesquite Logistics Camaro, besting Dean Goforth’s identical Camaro, with Hoerner’s holeshot proving to be the difference, as his 4.140 @ 175.64 MPH beat a quicker and faster 4.102 @ 176.84 MPH from Dean’s Camaro. One of the biggest upsets of the season thus far, it pitted a struggling Mesquite Logistics team against the low qualifier, much to the delight of the crowd.

    Darrell Reid’s TNT Top Dragster took the class win over local favorite Jason Phillips in his Race Craft car, with a 4.339 @ 157.76 MPH to a losing 4.784 @ 143.69.

    Bob Gulitti’s ’11 Camaro ran a 4.213 @ 170.36 MPH in Top Sportsman to take the X over Mike Kikenes’ ’70 Plymouth Duster, which lost a belt and slowed to a 4.513 @ 154.63 MPH.

    Rising to the top of Pro Junior Dragster, Crowley, Louisiana’s Jackson Core defeated Independence, Kentucky’s Tyler Clouse, who ran a 7.904 @ 82.56 MPH, with a .026 reaction time, to Clouse’s 7.922 @ 82.50 MPH, with a .021 reaction time.

    The XDRL concluded the Xtreme Gateway Showdown with many new fans, and a following that continues to grow. The next event will be July 26-27, the Mayhem at the Creek, at Maryland International Raceway in Budds Creek, Maryland.



    The following are Saturday’s final qualifying results from the 2013 X-Treme Drag Racing League X-Treme Gateway Showdown:

    Pro X-Treme — 1. Brandon Pesz, Chevy Corvette, 3.628, 208.91; 2. Frankie Taylor, Corvette, 3.686, 207.08; 3. Tim Tindle,

    Ford Mustang, 3.703, 205.76; 4. Quain Stott, Corvette, 3.707, 204.26; 5. Terry Leggett, Mustang, 3.714, 206.07; 6. Todd Martin,

    Mustang, 3.725, 205.35; 7. Dan Millen, Mustang, 3.725, 203.98; 8. Randell Reid, Chevy Belair, 3.741, 205.66; 9. Duane Rister, Chevy

    Camaro, 3.758, 200.29; 10. Todd Tutterow, Mustang, 3.765, 201.40; 11. Mike Recchia, Camaro, 3.773, 202.52; 12. Jon Stouffer,

    Plymouth Barracuda, 3.891, 187.57; 13. Danny Lowry, Mustang, 3.930, 197.25; 14. Aaron Wells, Camaro, 4.071, 189.87; 15. Neal Wantye,

    Mustang, 4.114, 136.22.

    Pro Nitrous — 1. Jeff Naiser, Chevy Camaro, 3.851, 193.40; 2. Bob Rahaim, Camaro, 3.869, 195.14; 3. Robert Mathis, Camaro,

    3.936, 191.16; 4. Bill Glidden, Ford Mustang, 3.950, 190.16; 5. Duke Snyder, Camaro, 3.957, 187.23; 6. Keith Haney, Camaro, 4.040,

    186.67; 7. Blake Housley, Chevy Corvette, 4.073, 181.23; 8. Ron Muenks, Camaro, 5.357, 93.07.

    Pro Turbo — 1. Todd Moyer, Chevy Corvette, 3.908, 200.95; 2. Mike Murillo, Chevy Camaro, 4.044, 194.66.

    X-Treme Pro Stock — 1. Dean Goforth, Chevy Camaro, 4.083, 177.58; 2. Kevin Bealko, Pontiac GXP, 4.088, 177.21; 3. John

    Deflorian Jr., Camaro, 4.100, 176.97; 4. Matt Bertsch, Ford Mustang, 4.100, 176.30; 5. Richard Penland, Mustang, 4.125, 176.24; 6.

    Cary Goforth, GXP, 4.130, 175.68; 7. Todd Hoerner, Camaro, 4.136, 175.21; 8. Rocky Watford, Chevy Cobalt, 4.160, 174.21. Not

    Qualified: 9. Rick Cowger, 4.180, 175.00.

    X-Treme Pro Mod — 1. Kevin Rivenbark, Pontiac Firebird, 3.935, 188.52; 2. T.J. Tindle, Ford Mustang, 3.949, 188.17; 3. Ron

    Muenks, Chevy Camaro, 3.959, 185.38; 4. Keith Haney, Camaro, 3.990, 187.63; 5. Dan Stevenson, Camaro, 4.172, 177.67; 6. Tim Savell,

    Camaro, 6.830, 67.76.

    Top Dragster — 1. Coby Jones, Allen, 3.951, 183.54; 2. Phillip Oakley, American, 4.210, 168.64; 3. Tim Paap, American,

    4.279, 163.81; 4. Dan Phelps, RaceTech, 4.283, 164.09; 5. Darrell Reid, TNT, 4.296, 163.63; 6. Rick Wilson, Sherrill, 4.535, 154.12;

    7. Marty Turks, Dragster, 4.583, 151.31; 8. Kayla McClain, Undercover, 4.710, 147.39; 9. Jim England, Austin Bantam, 4.755, 146.23;

    10. Jason Phillips, Race Craft, 4.764, 146.05; 11. Kevin McClain, Undercover, 4.892, 135.09; 12. Mike Crick, Miller, 4.964, 136.29.

    Top Sportsman — 1. Bob Gulitti, Chevy Camaro, 4.177, 171.16; 2. Rick Wilson, Camaro, 4.251, 168.47; 3. Jim Brown, Ford

    Mustang, 4.310, 174.98; 4. Randell Reid, Pontiac Grand Am, 4.404, 159.95; 5. Mike Kikenes, Plymouth Duster, 4.450, 157.10; 6. Doug

    Woody, Camaro, 4.779, 146.67.

    Pro Junior Dragster — 1. Morgan Torres, Halfscale, 7.902, 83.49; 2. Jackson Core, Jr.RaceCar, 7.902, 82.37; 3. Luke

    Schwemler, Mike Bos, 7.905, 81.26; 4. Brandon Rudd, Bos, 7.907, 83.11; 5. Tia Tutterow, Halfscale, 7.909, 81.34; 6. Brittany Hays,

    Halfscale, 7.910, 81.10; 7. Shelbi Wiggins, Halfscale, 7.911, 83.36; 8. Griffin Rider, Halfscale, 7.919, 81.15; 9. Tyler Clouse,

    Metro, 7.923, 82.09; 10. Bethany Crick, Halfscale, 7.924, no speed; 11. Mitchell Seymore, Halfscale, 7.944, 82.71; 12. Abby Svoboda,

    Halfscale, 7.945, 82.10; 13. Ashley Cole, Halfscale, 7.947, 82.32; 14. Keaton Simpson, Halfscale, 7.965, 82.78; 15. Mary-Ella

    McClain, Bos, 8.026, 80.83; 16. Andrew Green, Bos, 8.044, 83.20.  


    The following are Saturday’s final results from the 2013 X-Treme Drag Racing League X-Treme Gateway Showdown:

    Pro Nitrous — Bob Rahaim, Chevy Camaro, broke def. Bill Glidden, Ford Mustang, broke.

    Pro Turbo — Todd Moyer, Corvette, 4.073, 188.67 def. Mike Murillo, Camaro, 8.980, 55.04.

    X-Treme Pro Stock — Todd Hoerner, Chevy Camaro, 4.140, 175.64 def. Dean Goforth, Camaro, 4.102, 176.84.

    X-Treme Pro Mod — Kevin Rivenbark, Pontiac Firebird, 3.929, 188.49 def. Ron Muenks, Chevy Camaro, 3.913, 187.52.

    Top Dragster — Darrell Reid, Dragster, 4.339, 157.76 def. Jason Phillips, Dragster, 4.784, 143.69.

    Top Sportsman — Bob Gulitti, Chevy Camaro, 4.213, 170.36 def. Mike Kikenes, Plymouth Duster, 4.513, 154.63.


    pt (3)

    Pro Turbo — Todd Moyer, Corvette, 4.073, 188.67 def. Mike Murillo, Camaro, 8.980, 55.04.


    xps (4)

    X-Treme Pro Stock — Todd Hoerner, Chevy Camaro, 4.140, 175.64 def. Dean Goforth, Camaro, 4.102, 176.84.



    xpm (3)X-Treme Pro Mod — Kevin Rivenbark, Pontiac Firebird, 3.929, 188.49 def. Ron Muenks, Chevy Camaro, 3.913, 187.52.


    td (3)

    Top Dragster — Darrell Reid, Dragster, 4.339, 157.76 def. Jason Phillips, Dragster, 4.784, 143.69.


    ts (2)

    Top Sportsman — Bob Gulitti, Chevy Camaro, 4.213, 170.36 def. Mike Kikenes, Plymouth Duster, 4.513, 154.63.


    pjd (2)

    Pro Junior Dragster — Jackson Core, Jr.RaceCar, 7.904, 82.56 def. Tyler Clouse, Metro, 7.922, 82.50.

  • Homecoming for DeFlorian at Gateway Motorsports Park


    Black Diamond Motorsports X-Treme Pro Stock driver John DeFlorian looks forward to his homecoming at Gateway Motorsports Park (GMP) as X-Treme Drag Racing League makes its debut at GMP in the X-Treme Gateway. DeFlorian set the bar high in 2012 by resetting the elapsed time record to 4.018 seconds at GMP and will have to go to some extreme measures to top his previous Pro Stock homecoming at GMP.

    DeFlorian, a St. Louis-area native and longtime employee at Jerry Haas Race Cars, has competed in 30 rounds of competition since making his debut at the wheel of his 2012 Clean Coal Camaro built by Jerry Haas Race Cars and powered by Sonny’s Racing Engines X-Treme Pro Stock last year. He has won 21 of those rounds, racked up 3 event wins, has set the elapsed time record to 4.018 seconds, qualified number one 8 times, was the first pro stock to run over 180 miles per hour plus holds the record at180.26 mph and has maintained an reaction time average of .058 seconds .

    There’s not added pressure for the Black Diamond Motorsports driver but he certainly wants to do well in front of what will be a large contingent of family and friends.

    “I’m really looking forward to getting back to Gateway to race,” said DeFlorian, who is the X-DRL points leader in X-Treme Pro Stock. “We had a lot of fun racing there last year, and we’re hoping to do well again this year for the X-DRL’s first visit to the track.

    “We’ll have a lot of friends and family at the track, but we’ll just hopefully use that as extra motivation. We just love to race and we can’t wait to get back after it.”

    “You can go from hero to zero in the snap of a finger. It does not last forever and it’s so difficult to achieve. The consistency is showing up and all the work is paying off. The cars in this class are so competitive and it’s impressive how tough this class really is.”


    Kevin Bealko, Black Diamond Motorsports Team Owner and America’s Power GXP driver, has been on the fast track since the beginning of the year in the exceptionally tough X-Treme Pro Stock class. Adversity with track and weather conditions has helped mold this team into a serious contender that is on the hunt for their 1st event win. Bealko has had to meet his teammate DeFlorian in competition at three events but both are looking forward to meeting in the finals.

    Kevin Bealko enters this weekend’s X-Treme Gateway as the third-ranked driver in the X-DRL X-Treme Pro Stock standings. He trails current leader John DeFlorian by 212-points.
    X-DRL’s X-Treme Gateway Showdown takes place on June 14-15 at Gateway Motorsports Park in St. Louis. It’s the X-DRL’s debut at the track and the fourth of nine races in its inaugural 2013 season.

    Please text to 85080 on your cell phone and type BLACKDIAMOND in order to show your support for our new sponsor The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.

    To learn more about 21st Century clean coal technology “like” Americas Power on Facebook and Black Diamond Motorsports