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    img_9529_20130310_1362230552With Mother Nature working against the American
    Drag Racing League during testing on Friday and again during qualifying on
    Saturday, the expected start time was delayed several hours and then cut to
    just two sessions. The first Extreme Pro Stock session would prove to be
    the ticket for the Aruba.com Mustang. Trevor Eman and the gang put down a
    4.114 pass, good enough then for number two qualifier. By the time the
    second qualifying session was run, track conditions became tricky and Eman
    was forced to lift to avoid contact with the guard wall. His 4.11 pass was
    good enough to maintain a number six spot for Sunday’s eliminations.
    Although the team had higher hopes for their final qualifying pass, they
    remain confident heading into race day.

    “The weather has really been battling against us this weekend,” told Eman.
    “We worked with the hand we were dealt here and did what we thought was
    right for conditions. Our 4.11 pass was competitive and should be a good
    setup for tomorrow. Even though our second shot at the track was a wash, we
    stayed in the top half in qualifying and feel like we’re in a good
    position. Although much of our focus today has been on handling the
    conditions here and getting a good race day set up, our thoughts are also
    back in Aruba. Nelson Winklaar, a good friend and important member of Team
    Aruba, is in the hospital due to some health issues he’s been trying to
    fight off for a while. We wish him the best and want to see him get well
    soon so that he can be sure to join us for some races this year.”

    Eman will face Richard Penland in the first round of eliminations at the
    U.S. Drags. “These are all tough competitors and each one is capable of
    being a threat on race day. We’ve proven that ourselves, rising from
    underdog status to get the win at the last event. We’ll go out tomorrow and
    give it all we’ve got! Our main goal is to leave first in points and we’re
    going to do everything in our power to accomplish that.”


    75942_10151344529858000_305185960_nTeam Aruba’s capture of their first ADRL Extreme Pro Stock victory warranted victory celebrations from Cordova, Ill. to Union, S.C. to south of the equator where the country of Aruba gave perhaps the loudest victory shout yet. The Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless team was greeted at the airport by family, friends, racers, fans and media. TV and radio stations were even live on air for their triumphant arrival. The team, whose humble demeanor belies their success, was blown away by this reception and is still wrapping their heads around the glory of their long awaited victory.


    “I could not believe the amount of people who have and are still congratulating us on our recent win,” told driver Trevor Eman. “The response received from all of Team Aruba’s fans after winning the race has been phenomenal. Our home country gave us an incredible welcome. Aruba was so proud of our achievement. It is truly a wonderful feeling when you are supported by your country. I cannot thank Aruba enough for standing behind us the way they do.


    “Needless to say, we are still feeling that winning high. The support has overwhelmed us and boosted our confidence even more. It’s wonderful that we are going into Virginia as points leaders. Our goal for the weekend will be to leave there as points leaders. We certainly have a team capable of doing this. All the guys on the team are on their game and together we have a good fast race car to compete with.”


    The ADRL U.S. Drags VI will be contested June 8-9 at Virginia Motorsports Park. Trevor Eman does take the points lead into this event, 99 points ahead of John Pluchino and 202 points ahead of Pete Berner, who are number two and three respectively.


    “Now that we’ve had a taste of victory we are even more excited to compete in Extreme Pro Stock with the world’s best Mountain Motor teams. We’re also very excited that bangshift.com will be streaming this event live. Fans can watch us live by logging onto bangshift or by following the links on ADRL.us. We love the fact that our fans will be able to watch us in real time, even if they can’t make it to Virginia. This allows people from all over the world to keep up with ADRL Drag Racing and provides tremendous exposure for our sponsors. We’re very excited to have the live feed available and hope all of our fans will tune in to cheer us on!”


    Tune into the U.S. Drags this weekend via ADRL.us.


    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing.

    Find race results, team updates, videos and photos. Also leave your comments to cheer on Team Aruba!


    For more on your Aruba vacation visit www.Aruba.com and www.Destination-Magazines.com.


    Visit www.AlltelWireless.com for their latest deals.


    BernerIt is quite the rarity in drag racing for teams to have the opportunity to test the day before an event at the facility where the event is to be contested. In putting the racer first, the American Drag Racing League affords teams this bonus at each of their events. With a track prepped to their high standards, Friday testing prior to these events is the prime occasion to get a jump on the weekend’s competition. Pete Berner and the Summit Racing Equipment Team are looking to make the most of this heading into the ADRL U.S. Drags at Virginia Motorsports Park.


    “The ADRL offers us this very nice perk of being able to test on Fridays,” Berner elaborated. “This allows us the opportunity to try different things that we wouldn’t be willing to take a chance on during qualifying. We are constantly trying to better our program and the only way to really prove or disprove our new parts and combinations is to test them on the track. Although we test often at US 131 Motorsports Park, having testing built in to an event is an opportunity we can’t pass up.


    “This Friday we’ll be testing a new motor combination, as well as new carburetors from Dave [Braswell, Braswell Carburetion]. Dave has been a mentor of mine for years. He’s the best in the business. These new carburetors show great potential and I’m excited to see what they’ll do.


    “We’re also continuing our R&D with Hoosier Tire. They know what we’re trying to accomplish with our program and they’re on board with us 100%. I’m very excited about the potential of these products and our newest engine combination. If we can put the power to the track that we’ve found in the engine shop, we’ll give people something to talk about. Thanks to Tom [Pierson] and Jeff [Perley] we have a great chassis setup. The car is completely different from last year. We haven’t produced the top results we’re looking for yet, but we know we’re on our way there.


    “Perley will be at the event with us this weekend and it looks like he may make it to the remainder of our ADRL events as well. He’s really come on board with the team and is just as excited as I am, if not more excited, about making it into the Battle of the Belts and contending for a Championship. These guys have really lit my enthusiasm, which is hard to do with me. Thanks to them, I’m not blaise; I’m pumped!


    “We built this car to be different. We weren’t looking to go out and just be competitive. We want to revolutionize the way these cars perform. We want to set the bar in advancements. We know we have a setup to fall back on that will be competitive, but we want to be exceptional. You don’t get to be the fastest by doing the same thing as everyone else. We’re doing something different. Sometimes our progress is two steps forward and one step back, but we’re continually working to break the mold and prove the awesome capability of these machines.


    “With that goal in mind, we can never test too much. Taking advantage of the ADRL Friday testing is a must for our team. We’re excited to get to the track on Friday and see what we can do!”


    Visit www.SummitRacing.com for all your performance parts needs.


    Keep up with Pete Berner Racing on Facebook and Twitter!

  • Dina Parise Racing Back at it and Lovin’ It !

    MIR Jon and USAfter a season lacking the smell of burning rubber,the huff of Methanol oozing from the header pipes, greasy fingers and exhausting travel days; Dina Parise Racing and the team’s two beautiful Pro Mod Corvettes have hit the track once again.

    “For sure we are having to play catch-up” Stated Dina Parise. “It’s been a long year. We are shaking off the cob-webs and getting back into the groove. No pun intended of course!”

    Being that this DPR team has hit two racing events, this seems long overdue, no? Well, here goes. In a nutshell:

    April 6th DPR attended the Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod Race at Virginia MotorSports Park. This was really a dust off for the team. Both the ’53 and ’63 Pro Mod Corvettes were out and ready to go. As anyone in Drag Racing knows, you are never ready, ’til you are finished. The ’63 began to give the crew trouble. Big trouble. Two cars slowly dwindled to one. Why you may ask? Well, because Andrew’s ’53 Corvette had become the parts car. ” You name it, she took it.” Stated Andrew Parise. “It looked like I had a Pro Mod Fire Sale! I think she’s taking this President of DPR thing a bit too far.” He laughs. Undoubtedly, the team had its fair share of woes that weekend. But this team has seen adversity, and stared it in the face. More than once.

    Next stop, Maryland International Raceway for Door Warz and the Northeast Outlaw Pro mod Association. This weekend the team decided to concentrate on Andrew’s car only. Being quite shorthanded for that trip it seemed a smarter option. The weekend began with an electrical gremlin that was not egar to be identified. With the assistance of Jon Salemi, owner of Resolution Racing Services Andrew Qualified in the #5 spot in a 16 car field. Securing his #5 position he ran a respectable 6.14 and held it with 6.10 in the next round. He did take the first round win over Larry Plummer with a 6.05 @ 230 MPH, but hurt the motor and could not make it out for the next round.” Jon was a great addition to this DPR team. We look forward to working together in the future. I know we will.” Stated Andrew.


    Let’s not forget about the rockin’ DPR crew! They worked hard on both outings, as they always do! Thank you Butch Branzelle, Jody Lupton, James Montana, Nick Montana and Nick Lacerenza for your hard work and dedication to DPR. Lastly, we can not forget, Bella the PR Pug. (Be sure to check her out on twitter @ProModBella).

    Being back to racing is hard work! But, taking the 2012 season off from racing did in no way mean that Dina (or Andrew ) were sitting back eating Bon Bon’s(well, if you ask Andrew, Dina eats too much chocolate, but that’s another story) “This DPR team has some great Marketing Partners. Even when not racing, we attended Charity events and shows to stay visible and continuously promote our partners.” Stated Dina. “You have to be in it to win it, right? Well, let’s just say I don’t make a good spectator, and I am not willing to make a habit of it!” She laughs.

    DPR would like to thank the great companies that  keep this team ON the track rather that spectating; NGK Spark Plugs, LAT Racing Oils, Pro Chassis Design and Hoosier Racing Tire for their continued support. DPR would also like to welcome Throttle Threads (The official outfitter of DPR), CRC Industries, Radical Corvettes and Kelly Jean Design. It is with the support of these amazing companies as well as utilizing their products and services that allow DPR to continue on the path to success! Please head to http://dinapariseracing.com/dina-parise-racing-sponsors   to learn about all our great Partners. Then support our partners by purchasing some of their product or utilizing their services!

    So, DPR has begun the 2013 season with a bang! Be sure to keep up with the team on their Social Media for latest happenings!




    Story by : DPR


    RICHMOND, Va. June 25, 2012: The average person, and perhaps even the average fan, may not realize just how temperamental drag race machines can be. With hundreds of variable factors that can change between each pass, the science of drag racing is wonderfully complex. At the ADRL U.S. Drags, weather was one variable throwing many for a loop. Such was the case for Team Aruba who, hot off a final round appearance and flying the colors of fallen competitor Bert Jackson, were gunning for a win, but endured a heartbreaking DNQ.

    “It’s unbelievable how you can go from a final round appearance at the prior race to not qualifying,” told driver Trevor Eman. “We became a victim of the weather this weekend. We missed the setup during the first qualifying round. Then had to make a big change to make a run that would get us down the track, but in the meantime the weather drastically changed again when the rain came in and caused a delay allowing us to race later in the evening when it was cool. Due to the drastic weather changes, we once again missed the setup and ran off pace.

    “The weather beat the track up this weekend, and it really affected our performance.”

    The beautiful Aruba.com Mustang posted a top qualifying run of 4.173 for the weekend, just missing the field of 16, which was rounded out by Brian Self at a 4.133. Despite the unfortunate race weekend, Eman and team continued to look on the bright side:

    “On the other hand, however, it was very nice to see so many of Bert Jackson’s family and friends at the race track. They had his old car there on display for everybody to see. Now, hopefully Enoch Love can accomplish what he needs to in order to put together a team and race with us again. It would be great to have them back with us.”

    With the upset weekend behind them, Team Aruba is already focusing on the next race as the ADRL rolls through the halfway point in their season.

    “We need to concentrate now on going forward from here and do our best to pick up points. We are very low in points and that is not acceptable. Even though we’re a small team from a small island, we want to represent Aruba and Alltel Wireless well at each event. One thing we won’t do and that’s give up. We’re going to keep pressing forward and continue to overcome whatever obstacles lie in our path to compete and win.”

  • Black Diamond Motorsports exits early at ADRL U.S. Drag V

    Kevin Bealko 2011 GXP
    Roger Richards Photo

    The American Drag Racing League made its return to Virginia Motorsports Park for the U.S. Drags V and was greeted with a deluge of extreme conditions. First round of qualifying the temperatures were on the extreme end of the scale but despite these Kevin Bealko in his competition debut with a clutch, was able to qualify the 2011 GXP in ninth position while John Delforian, Jr. in the 2012 Camaro ended up in the sixteenth position .

    John Deflorian, Jr. 2012 Camaro
    Brian Howdershell Photo

    The second round of qualifying started twelve hours later after several rain showers and a temperature drop of almost twenty degrees John was able to improve his time while Kevin wiggled down the track but unfortunately the other teams also improved their elapsed times bumping both cars out of the field . Rain ended any more qualifying sessions for friday night and the team went to work prepping both cars for the final qualifying session on Saturday.

    Saturday qualifying session started with temperatures not as warm as friday’s, Black Diamond Motorsports hoped to parlay this into both cars qualifying in the field . The 2012 Camaro driven by John Deflorian, Jr. who has qualified number one in the last three events and reset the elapsed time record was the first out to try to qualify but the Camaro spun then shook the tires then went right and left failing to improve his elapsed time and to qualify . Kevin Bealko in the 2011 GXP made a hard move to the wall but he was able to reel it in and qualified in the fifteenth position facing Todd Hoerner in first round.

    First round of eliminations with out lane choice and in the first six pairs no one was able to get down the right lane, Kevin and the Black Diamond Motorsports Team was facing a daunting task knowing they would have to be in the right lane . Both of the Sonny Racing Engine powered Extreme Pro Stocks pulled to the line . The tree flashed and both drivers were late leaving, Kevin and the GXP made a straight as an arrow pass down the right lane but Todd Hoerner had the better light and scored the win.

    Black Diamond Motorsports would like to thank their fans and sponsors and hope to see you at the ADRL Summer Drags VIII takes place on July 13-14 at U.S. 131 Motorsports Park in Martin, Mich.

  • Teets Takes Summit Racing Equipment Clash Of The Titans Leads Winners List At ADRL U.S. Drags V

    PETERSBURG, Va. (June 23, 2012) – In what was the most lucrative win in his career and in Top Sportsman history, Terry Teets didn’t have to go far to get it on Saturday.

    Racing close to home at Virginia Motorsports Park, Teets capped off a terrific day with a winning 4.444 at 163.59 miles per hour in the finals of the Summit Racing Equipment Top Sportsman “Clash of the Titans,” which was held at this weekend’s American Drag Racing League (ADRL) U.S. Drags V.

    The win against Richmond-area native William Brown III netted Teets a Top Sportsman-record $10,000 prize and one massive winner’s circle smile.

    “This is the biggest win I’ve ever had. I love Summit and the ADRL for putting this on,” said Teets, who also credited tuner Wayne Rogers, stepdaughter Sidney Spence and his son, Chris Teets. “It’s a big deal, too, because my brother (Glenn) won (in Top Sportsman) last year here, so we kept it in the family.”

    Other winners at the U.S. Drags at VMP included Mick Snyder (Pro Extreme), Doug Riesterer (Pro Nitrous), Brad Brand (Mickey Thompson Extreme 10.5), Casey Stemper (Pro Extreme Motorcycle), Richie Stevens Jr. (Extreme Pro Stock) and Fredy Scriba (Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified).

    Driving a Jerry Haas Race Cars ’04 Cavalier, Teets qualified No. 15 in the 32-car qualifying field and then persevered through five rounds of eliminations before topping Brown in a memorable and historic final round.

    “William is a great guy and a tough racer, so it’s also nice to keep this in the state of Virginia,” Teets said. “The car ran great all weekend and we just took it a round at a time. Getting to go out last and run as the final pair was really great.”

    Mick Snyder made Pro Extreme history on Saturday, becoming the first driver in PX history to win three straight races.

    This time, Snyder won it on the line, using an .043 reaction time to have his 3.665 at 208.23 mph hold up in a holeshot win against Tim Tindle and his career-best 3.646. The win stretched Snyder’s points lead and also gave him a significant first in the class.

    “We’ve done it three different ways. My dad gave me one (win) with some awesome horsepower, we won one on a single and this one, I got to do it. A holeshot win is always cool,” Snyder said. “To get three in a row, it’s just crazy.”

    Snyder was his usual consistent self in the Powersource Transportation Corvette and stayed in the 3.60s the entire weekend, making six passes just on Saturday alone. Tindle, though, nearly matched him with an outstanding run in his first PX finals appearance.

    “It rattled the tires and got out of the groove a little, but I just kept driving. It was a great race,” Snyder said. “It was the most passes I’ve ever made in one day, but this is all of us working together.”

    Doug Riesterer again delivered a masterful performance in Pro Nitrous, winning for the second straight race for the first time in his ADRL career by running an unbelievable 3.75 at 195.11 mph to also beat Burton Auxier, who ran a strong 3.824, for a second straight time.

    The career-best pass is just off Auxier’s record pass of 3.74 set in 2011 at VMP, and came after some considerable adversity. Riesterer didn’t make a qualifying pass until the final session, just getting into the field with a 4.24. He turned it on late, running a 3.84 and 3.85 to reach the finals, capping off a truly memorable day with the brilliant pass.

    “It was definitely the best win I’ve ever had, putting together a run like that in the finals. Getting back-to-back wins is so hard and Burton is as tough as they come. To run that kind of number, it’s just amazing,” said Riesterer, who thanked Reher-Morrison and Switzer Dynamics.

    “We had it hopped up, but I didn’t think it was going to run that. It held the front end up forever, but to get that is just unbelievable. It’s just an awesome feeling.”

    Richie Stevens won the Extreme Pro Stock “Battle For The Belts” in 2011, but his first official event win came on Saturday after he reeled in Dean Goforth with a 4.091 at 176.33 mph in the finals, picking a perfect time to run his quickest and fastest time of the weekend.

    Afterwards, he dedicated the win to team sponsor and CarSafe Owner Mark Eckman.

    “This feels awesome. Everybody out here is great and the competition is just incredible, so this means a lot to me. But it meant even more to get this win for Mark,” Stevens said. “This trophy is going right to his house.”

    Stevens put together back-to-back 4.09s in his Jerry Haas Race Cars Mustang to finish his day, which followed a lucky break when he pedaled to a win in the quarterfinals against Pete Berner.

    “We had a good day and a couple lucky breaks, but you need that,” Stevens said. “(Crew chief) Tom (Pierson) gave me a great car and we pulled it together when we had to. It was a good effort by everybody.”

    A blown head gasket almost cost Casey Stemper in the Pro Extreme Motorcycle finals, but he was determined not to let it get the best of him.

    It might have cost some parts on the bike, but Stemper continued to fight even as his bike caught fire in the finals against Eric McKinney, holding onto the win with an impressive 4.034 at 164.77 mph.

    “I was not going to let up. I felt the flames on my arm, but if I was that close to the win, I wasn’t going to give it up in the last 100 feet. When I saw that win light come on, it was just awesome,” Stemper said. “It was so close at the end and I thought he might get me, but that was just incredible.”

    Stemper went as quick as 4.034 to qualify No. 1 and picking up his second victory in 2012 also put him closer to points leader McKinney in the championship chase.

    “Eric’s a great rider and we’re always trying to chase him down. You always want to beat the best,” Stemper said.

    Brad Brand broke through for his first ADRL victory in Mickey Thompson Extreme 10.5, just avoiding the left guardwall en route to a 3.949 at 185.72 mph to beat Alan Pittman in a highly-entertaining come-from-behind victory.

    Brand qualified No. 2 with a 3.938 and his turbo-charged RJ Race Cars Mustang went 3.972 to beat Chuck Ulsch and advance to the finals. Pittman left first on Brand, but Brand never lifted despite the scare with the wall to end up with a highly-satisfying victory.

    “We had been to two finals and had not won, so that felt really good,” Brand said. “We had the low round every round in eliminations, too. We wanted to get aggressive, but we did what had to be done.

    “We just had to work with the track and it was definitely a satisfying win.”

    Fredy Scriba had an impressive run for his first ADRL victory, knocking out stalwarts Rickie Smith and Todd Tutterow in Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified.

    Scriba went 3.981 at 188.25 to beat Smith, the No. 1 qualifier, in the semifinals and then stepped up with a 3.972 at 188.96 to chase down Tutterow and win by two feet in the finals.

    Racing in a final of his fourth different ADRL class, Tutterow knocked out Jeff Naiser and points leader Mike Castellana – handing him his first ADRL loss in 2012 – but Scriba overcame Tutterow’s starting-line advantage.

    “This was really cool. It was definitely a tuner’s weekend, but all the hard work we put in really paid off,” Scriba said. “I’ve got a good group of guys and things really came together.

    “We had to play our own game and just run our race. We were running pretty consistent, going rounds and we just stuck to the gameplan. We had a lot of fun and I’m really glad they added this class.”

    Bo Butner won for the third time in the SuperCar Showdown, running a career-best 5.798 at 118.87 in the finals to outdistance Chris Holbrook.

    In Pro Junior Dragster, Robert Vogler won with a 7.917 at 80.53 mph.

    The sixth and next stop on the 10-race 2012 ADRL Tour takes place on July 13-14 with the Summer Drags VIII at U.S. 131 Motorsports Park in Martin, Mich.



    Based in O’Fallon, Missouri, the American Drag Racing League is the world’s premier sanctioning body for the sport of eighth-mile drag racing. The professional categories featured in the ADRL are Pro Junior Dragster, Summit Racing Equipment Top Sportsman, Aeromotive Fuel Systems Pro Modified, Extreme Pro Stock, Pro Extreme Motorcycle, Mickey Thompson Extreme 10.5, Pro Nitrous and Pro Extreme, the quickest doorslammer class in all of drag racing. The 2012 ADRL Tour consists of 10 national events run throughout the United States. For more information on the ADRL, visit www.ADRL.us.

  • ADRL U.S. Drags V at Virginia Motorsports Park

    ADRL’s Live Feed http://www.livestream.com/adrllive

    1320go.com Live Timing http://www.1320go.com/adrl/livetiming.php

    Drag Race Central http://dragracecentral.com/SeriesIndex.asp?Series=ADRL-SUMMIT

    Roger Richards Photo Gallery http://www.competitionplus.com/drag-race/gallery-2012/adrl/gallery-2012/adrl/05-adrl-us-drags-vmp

    FRIDAY (June 22)

    • Pit gates open at 8:00 AM
    • Spectator gates open at 10 AM
    • Qualifying Round 1 at 12 PM (Run order: T/S,PM,XPS,PXM,XTF,PN,PX,PJD)
    • Qualifying Round 2 at 3 PM (Run order: T/S,PM,XPS,PXM,XTF,PN,PX,PJD)
    • Event Ceremonies at 6 PM
    • Qualifying Round 3 at 6:30 PM (Run order: T/S,PM,XPS,PXM,XTF,PJD,PN,PX)
    • Jet Car and Exhibition runs at 9:30 PM
    • Secure Track at 10 PM

    SATURDAY (June 23)

    • Spectator gates open at 10:00 AM
    • Qualifying Round 4 at 12:00 PM (Run order: T/S,PM,XPS,PXM,XTF,PN,PX,PJD)
    • Pre-Race Ceremonies at 3:15 PM
    • Eliminations Round 1 at 3:30 PM (Run order: T/S,PM,XPS,PXM,XTF,PN,PX,PJD)
    • Eliminations Round 2 at 6 PM (Run order: T/S,XPS,PXM,XTF,PN,PX,PJD)
    • Eliminations Round 3 at 8 PM (Run order: T/S,PM,XPS,PXM,XTF,PN,PX,PJD)
    • Jet Funny Car at 9 PM
    • Final Eliminations 9:30 PM (Run order: PJD, T/S,PM,XPS,PXM,XTF,PN,PX)
    • Exhibition Run at 10 PM
    • Winner’s Circle Celebration at 10:15 PM
    • Secure Event at 11 PM

  • IHRA announces complementary tickets available for IHRA Summit World Finals at Virginia Motorsports Park Oct. 14-16

    NORWALK, Ohio (September 15, 2011) – Race fans seeking tickets to the biggest
    sportsman drag race in IHRA history need to look no further than IHRA.com for their
    very own complementary ticket to the IHRA Summit Racing Equipment World Finals
    presented by RacingJunk.com October 14-16 at Virginia Motorsports Park.

    To say thank you to IHRA’s loyal fans and share in the magic of one of the biggest
    motorsports events of the year, the IHRA is offering free tickets to the World
    Finals by visiting www.ihra.com and printing the complementary
    ticket. Each ticket includes a free pit pass and an opportunity to witness the
    richest sportsman weekend in IHRA history with over $200,000 in cash and prizes up
    for grabs and nearly a dozen drivers walking away world champions. Continue reading  Post ID 7123

  • Richest weekend in IHRA sportsman history highlights Summit Racing World Finals October 14-16

    NORWALK, Ohio (September 1, 2011) – One weekend, three races, over $200,000 in cash and prizes.

    It is safe to say that the Summit Racing Equipment World Finals presented by RacingJunk.com weekend at Virginia Motorsports Park October 14-16 will be the biggest and richest sportsman weekend in the history of the International Hot Rod Association.

    Featuring three huge races, the World Finals weekend at Virginia Motorsports Park will include the $5,000 to win, open to all racers Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Spectacular followed by the Summit Racing Equipment Tournament of Champions and Summit SuperSeries World Championship all in one incredible weekend of racing. Continue reading  Post ID 7123