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    dsc_1458_20130907_1816849630Trevor Eman and Team Aruba took the Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless Mustang right down broadway in somewhat tricky conditions during the final late night qualifying session at Dragstock X to land themselves in the number 15 spot in qualifying. The 4.129 elapsed time improved upon their earlier time of 4.152 and was enough to secure their spot to compete in eliminations and continue their Championship run.


    Eman will be paired with Kevin Bealko for round one. Bealko qualified number two with a 4.079.


    “Unfortunately, we had a rather frustrating day of qualifying,” told Eman. “We are happy that we are at least in the show, but our performance hasn’t been the way it usually is. Track conditions are tricky and at the same time we’re battling a small electrical gremlin that we cannot seem to pinpoint. Hopefully tomorrow we can clear up some issues with the racecar and take out Kevin Bealko in round one. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.”


    Eliminations will begin at 11am. Fans can tune in and watch live at www.adrl.us or follow Team Aruba on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news and results.


    536574_10151586403877914_1567798070_nIt’s been a big year for Team Aruba’s Trevor Eman. In May he graduated from Central Florida University. Shortly after that, at the ADRL Spring Drags, Eman and team scored their first Extreme Pro Stock win. But perhaps Eman’s most momentous event came last weekend when he tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Nicole Habibe. The two said I do on July 27th in their home country of Aruba, and while the celebration was given the attention it was due, the newlyweds quickly bid goodbye to their home, family and friends to travel abroad. The new Mr. and Mrs. were not headed for a honeymoon, however, but to Memphis, Tn. to compete in the ADRL Memphis Drags IV.


    “Our wedding day was just awesome,” told Eman. “Everything went better than we could have hoped for. Just like when we achieved our first win in Pro Stock, our wedding day is one I will cherish forever.”


    Quickly changing pace from saying “I do” to shifting gears, Eman took his Aruba.com Mustang, aptly decked with “Just Married” across the back window, down the Memphis strip to a 4.147 elapsed time. This was good enough for fifth after one round of qualifying. In round two, Eman and team picked up the pace to a 4.115, maintaining their qualifying position, but putting themselves less than two hundredths off the top pace.


    Extreme Pro Stock will have one more qualifying pass tomorrow before eliminations. The newlyweds and the entire Aruba.com gang will be looking to make tomorrow another memorable day, adding to the excitement of their incredible 2013 year.


    Watch Trevor and Team Aruba at the Memphis Drags this weekend via ADRL.us Live Feed.


    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing.

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    75942_10151344529858000_305185960_nRICHMOND, Va. June 12, 2013:  After qualifying on top of the past two events in a row and capitalizing on their position for their first ever XPS win at the Spring Drags, Team Aruba had high hopes for the ADRL U.S. Drags. As is often the case in drag racing, however, things didn’t go as planned. Rain plagued the event, costing teams Friday’s test session and a final qualifying shot on Saturday. The Aruba.com/Alltel Wireless Mustang made an impressive pass in their first shot down the track with a 4.114. Conditions for the night session would prove to be tricky forcing Trevor Eman to lift and the team to rely on the 4.11 pass as their only information for race day. Still, the initial qualifying shot was good enough to keep Eman in fifth. This would pit him against the always-tough John Deflorian Jr. for round one of eliminations.

    Like many XPS teams, Deflorian had struggled throughout qualifying, his best attempt only a 4.65. Deflorian must have known he would need not only a good pass, but a great light as well, in order to get past Eman, and that’s exactly what he did. It is rare for Eman to have a late reaction time, and he is often first out of the gate. However, Deflorian whipped out a .004 reaction time and would cross the finish line first for a holeshot victory. Despite his early exit, Eman will maintain the Extreme Pro Stock points lead.


    “It was a very disappointing race weekend for us,” told Eman. “Above that it was also very depressing with all the rain that slammed down on us all day Friday, washing away our testing opportunities and on Saturday causing the ADRL to eliminate the third round of qualifying.

    “Until recently, we have usually always been an average team performance wise. Qualifying in the top half of the field wasn’t something we used to accomplish very much in the past, so I made sure that I always tried to leave the starting line first, before our opponent. There have been a couple of times that in doing so, we have won rounds on holeshots. When you take so much pride in usually being the first one to react at the Christmas tree, losing on a holeshot is very hard to accept.


    “When I saw the numbers on the scoreboard as soon as I crossed the finish line I thought for sure there was a mistake. I almost felt sick inside the racecar when I saw that we got beat on a holeshot.

    “The important thing is that despite the results of that round, we still have the points lead. The even greater thing is that I have a team that stands behind me 100%, even when I screw up as a driver. We will leave the Virginia race behind us and go forward from here.


    “On a positive note, our teammate Nelson Winklaar, who was battling some health issues, is feeling much better and recuperating and is ready to return home from his hospital visit. By the sound of his voice and his attitude, it seems he is ready to join us for a race this year after all.

    “I’d like to congratulate the entire ADRL staff on doing a great job completing the race after all the downpour of rain combined with what I believe was the largest car count in the history of the ADRL. I also want to congratulate Lester Cooper on reaching the finals and John and Lois Anne Montecalvo and team on returning to the winner’s circle. I believe that was Lester’s first ADRL final, so both teams deserve big congratulations. I wish I could have stayed to watch them race the final, as they stayed in Cordova to watch me race the final, but unfortunately I had to hit the road to be at the shop in time to make our flight home the next morning. However, I was able to watch it live on bangshift.com on our ride home in the motorhome, so in a way, I was there.
    “With the points lead intact, it’s on to US 131!”


    img_9529_20130310_1362230552With Mother Nature working against the American
    Drag Racing League during testing on Friday and again during qualifying on
    Saturday, the expected start time was delayed several hours and then cut to
    just two sessions. The first Extreme Pro Stock session would prove to be
    the ticket for the Aruba.com Mustang. Trevor Eman and the gang put down a
    4.114 pass, good enough then for number two qualifier. By the time the
    second qualifying session was run, track conditions became tricky and Eman
    was forced to lift to avoid contact with the guard wall. His 4.11 pass was
    good enough to maintain a number six spot for Sunday’s eliminations.
    Although the team had higher hopes for their final qualifying pass, they
    remain confident heading into race day.

    “The weather has really been battling against us this weekend,” told Eman.
    “We worked with the hand we were dealt here and did what we thought was
    right for conditions. Our 4.11 pass was competitive and should be a good
    setup for tomorrow. Even though our second shot at the track was a wash, we
    stayed in the top half in qualifying and feel like we’re in a good
    position. Although much of our focus today has been on handling the
    conditions here and getting a good race day set up, our thoughts are also
    back in Aruba. Nelson Winklaar, a good friend and important member of Team
    Aruba, is in the hospital due to some health issues he’s been trying to
    fight off for a while. We wish him the best and want to see him get well
    soon so that he can be sure to join us for some races this year.”

    Eman will face Richard Penland in the first round of eliminations at the
    U.S. Drags. “These are all tough competitors and each one is capable of
    being a threat on race day. We’ve proven that ourselves, rising from
    underdog status to get the win at the last event. We’ll go out tomorrow and
    give it all we’ve got! Our main goal is to leave first in points and we’re
    going to do everything in our power to accomplish that.”


    img_9529_20130310_1362230552ROCKINGHAM, N.C. March 13, 2013: For a team that is familiar with struggle, Trevor Eman and Team Aruba were delighted to start the 2013 season off with a very respectable semi-final finish.

    “It was certainly great to start the season making it to the semi-finals with this Aruba.com/Alltel Wireless Team,” told Eman. “For the past two years the seasons never started the way we needed them to. Hopefully we keep the momentum going and win some races this year.

    “Our weekend started with a successful car display for Alltel Wireless in Rockingham on Wednesday. The great folks from Alltel Wireless also joined us on Saturday and Sunday at the track, setting up their customer service table to be able to attend to all the race fans and Alltel Wireless customers. We love having the Alltel team join us for these events.”

    Between weather conditions and traveling the distances between Aruba and the team’s shop in South Carolina, there was no time for off season testing until the days leading up to the ADRL Dragpalooza IX. The team was still working out the right combination during qualifying, but managed a 4.103 which put them in the number 10 spot. During eliminations, Eman was definitely on his driving game. Although taking on the higher qualified Richard Penland in round one, Eman’s .008 light and 4.05 elapsed time was no match for Penland’s .083 and 4.31. In round two, the Aruba.com laid down another 4.05, but it was Eman’s .013 that put him ahead of Pete Berner’s 4.04 at the finish line for a hole shot win. For the semi finals Eman was up against number one qualifier, John Deflorian. Knowing that they would have to pull out all the stops to win this round, Eman went for his best light and came up .001 red. Still, the Aruba.com Mustang ran another great number, 4.06. Deflorian proved to be tough to beat with a .005 light and 4.05 elapsed time.

    “We made some changes for this race and we certainly saw the results of that,” continued Eman. “We spent two days testing prior to the race and that didn’t go quite the way we wanted, but we got things turned around just in time to perform well in eliminations. The car and motor performed flawlessly during eliminations. We had a tough draw in the semi finals in the number one qualifier, but we still ran a very competitive race. Our team can be very proud of what we’ve accomplished here. Also, congratulations to John Deflorian on winning the event!

    “Beating my competitors off the starting line was what helped get us through rounds one and two. Unfortunately it also proved to be my nemesis in the semis. However, we still ran great numbers and had close races all day long to make a good show for the fans. John Deflorian laid down a run that would have been incredibly hard to beat no matter what. Hopefully, our motor program keeps coming around to the point where our combination of good lights and horsepower will be tough on all the competition.”

    Many racers were very pleased with the Dragpalooza crowd, which was impressive on both days of the event.

    “It was also very motivating to race in front of the big crowd that came out for the event,” told Eman. “Plenty of people came by our pit area to get autographs and take pictures of the car. It’s nice to have such great fan support.

    “The Traction Twins did a great job as well. It’s great to have them with the ADRL again this year,” Eman added, alluding to the changes in leadership that the ADRL underwent in the off season. “Our hats go off to everybody responsible for a great race weekend in Rockingham.

    “Our own team also did an awesome job this weekend. Everybody was on their game and determined to do well. As we keep this going, I think we can certainly expect to do even better in Valdosta!”


    Team Aruba has faced their share of difficulties this season. Even in their efforts to make it to the track have been thwarted, as they readied themselves to hit the road to Ohio for the ADRL Summit Racing Equipment Ohio Drags they found parts of their trailer chassis in need of repairs. So after completing the 1500 mile trip from Aruba to the shop base in Union, S.C. driver Trevor Eman found himself welding and completing necessary repairs before completing the remainder of his journey.

    Needless to say, Team Aruba is ready for things to start looking up.  “While our runner up finish in St. Louis has certainly been the highlight of our season, we’re hungry for more of that kind of luck, rather than the kind that leaves us on the outside looking in,” told Eman. “With two events left in the season, we’re really hoping to finish strong and put a good note on the end of a tough year.”

    While the cards may not always fall in Team Aruba’s favor, it’s certainly not for lack of effort on their part. The team has shown great fortitude throughout the season and always manages to keep the friendly smile for which Arubans are famous. Looking on the bright side, Eman continued:

    “Another highlight of our season has been our displays with Alltel Wireless. We will have two this week leading up to the Ohio Drags. First, we’ll be in Mansfield on Tuesday and then Norwalk on Wednesday. Fans can stop by to take photos with our Aruba.com/Alltel Wireless Mustang as well as check out Alltel’s great deals. Then they can all come cheer us on at the race!

    “We have a lot of confidence in our Kaase engine and our Haas chassis. With all the good people and companies we are surrounded with, we know our luck has to change soon.  Hopefully we can finish the year smoothly for Aruba.com and Alltel Wireless and start to look forward to the 2013 season.

    “Norwalk is one of my favorite tracks, so I am really looking forward to racing again at the wonderful facility the Bader family has constructed. Unfortunately, my father will not be at this race. He is organizing a monster truck show in Aruba for the end of October and needs to stay in Aruba to manage the operations for that show. Although I always want him to be with us, I would also love to take a trophy back home to him!”

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    As the American Drag Racing League returns
    their tour to Memphis International Raceway for the first time since 2009,
    teams and fans may begin hungering for blues and barbeque. While Team Aruba
    is also anxious for the Memphis Drags III, which marks their first visit to
    MIR, they’re not looking forward to the blues and barbeque as much as they
    are to sharing their homeland with a new wave of Team Aruba fans.

    “Most teams prefer to race at facilities they’ve raced at many times
    before, where they have a lot of data recorded that they can base their
    setup on,” told driver Trevor Eman. “We certainly enjoy those perks, too,
    but we also love racing at facilities we’ve never been to before. This
    provides us the opportunity to meet and make new fans and tell more people
    about our wonderful island of Aruba. So, we’re really looking forward to
    racing in Memphis.”

    Memphis fans won’t have any trouble recognizing Team Aruba’s colorful pit
    area and eye-catching Aruba.com Mustang. Fans can stop by the pit area to
    learn more about making Aruba their next vacation destination.

    Leading up to the Memphis Drags Sept 7-8, Team Aruba will test at Union
    County Dragway, the track closest to their shop base in Union, SC.

    “We don’t often have the same opportunities to test that other teams do,
    since the car stays in South Carolina and we live in Aruba, but before
    Memphis we’ll be able to test at our local track. We like to make the most
    of these test sessions, so hopefully we’ll get a good setup laid down for
    the weekend. With three races left in the season, we want to make the most
    of it and finish the year strong.

    “We do well when we know we have strong support, so I hope that all of our
    fans in the Memphis area will come support us at the Memphis Drags.
    Hopefully we can not only share more of our tiny island paradise with
    Memphis, but also bring a little of Memphis paradise back to Aruba in the
    form of a trophy!”

    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter
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    UNION, S.C- July 31, 2012:  As the ADRL Dragstock IX quickly approaches, Team Aruba is enjoying some time with fans leading up to the event. As a team that’s always fan-centric, they invited everyone near there shop base in Union, S.C. to come to their Monday test session at Union County Dragway. Following that, the Aruba.com/Alltel Wireless Mustang was on display at Rockingham, N.C. Alltel Wireless to spread the word about the upcoming Dragstock, which moved from Rockingham to Concord this season. Team Aruba will round out their hometown tour with a stop at the Wadesboro Alltel Wireless location for another meet and greet with Alltel fans.

    “We have really enjoyed spending time with some fans leading up to our home stop on the ADRL tour,” told Trevor Eman. “The Alltel fans and customers are excited about the upcoming race. I hope to see them all again on Friday and Saturday at zMax Dragway! Alltel was giving away tickets to the race and also letting customers in on some great deals they have. It was a lot of fun to hang out with the Alltel representatives and meet some new fans. If fans didn’t make it out to our display in Rockingham, hopefully we’ll see them in Wadesboro. We’ll be giving away more free tickets and Team Aruba t-shirts!

    “On Monday we were very pleased with both the racetrack there and the results of the test session. The folks at Union County Dragway were very accommodating to us. They are a nice group of people, and it was great to finally get the Aruba.com Mustang on their racetrack. We look forward to testing there more often in the future.

    “Hopefully we got most of the bugs worked out in testing that usually end up biting us during racing. We are looking forward to heading to the track on Thursday to get situated and prepared for qualifying. There’s a lot of excitement surrounding this race since it will be the first time racing at zMax for many teams. We expect great things out of the Aruba.com/Alltel Wireless sponsored Mustang this weekend and we won’t be holding back!”

    Join Team Aruba on Wednesday, August 1st at from 12:00 – 6:00 p.m. at-
    Alltel Wireless Retail Store
    1009 E. Casewell
    Wadesboro, NC 28170

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    UNION, S.C. September 22, 2011: Admittedly, the past few ADRL events have
    not been Team Aruba’s best outings. The team that went to the semis earlier
    this year in Palm Beach has been met with a string of first round losses at
    the past three events. With cooler weather returning and the end of the
    season approaching, Trevor Eman and Team Aruba are hoping to turn their luck
    around at the ADRL Ohio Drags this weekend at Summit Motorsports Park.
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    ROCKINGHAM, N.C. September 12, 2011: It was probably one of the most
    difficult race weekends Trevor Eman can recall. The weekend started with all
    the normal fanfare and hype surrounding Dragstock, an atmosphere where just
    about anything can happen and racers dream of trophies and record breaking
    runs in front of massive crowds. But during the third round of XPS
    qualifying, all that changed in a blink of an eye. Trevor Eman lined up for
    his third qualifying pass. He was already in the field at 14th with a 4.149, Continue reading  Post ID 8043