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  • Texas OutLaw ProMods at Texas Raceway March Results

    Words by Celeste Smith Photos by Toyse Woody
    Photo Gallery from Texas OutLaw ProMods at Texas Raceway http://prostockcars.zenfolio.com/topmamarch

    After what seemed to be a long winter and a postpone d race due to rain there were 10 teams who made their way to Kennedale, America to kick off the 2013 Race Season. With a packed house (standing room only) here’s what went down after two rounds of qualifying:

    Gaylen Smith
    Gaylen Smith

    #1 Gaylen Smith – 3.937 at 180 mph (Low ET & Top MPH points)
    #2 Steve Wiley – 4.106 at 173 mph
    #3 Eddie Roach – 4.413 at 155 mph
    #4 Thomas Myers – 4.526 at 131 mph (Welcome back Thomas & Rebecca)
    #5 Bob Rankin – 4.894 at 141 mph
    #6 Doug Morales – 4.979 at 106 mph
    #7 Chuck Poindexter – 5.474 at 148 mph (Best Reaction Time points)
    #8 Bob Alexander – 5.853 at 90 mph
    #9 Kevin Hargett – 6.335 at 126 mph
    #10 Doug Riesterer – 8.769 at 48 mph

    Round 1:

    Bob Rankin (W) 4.961 at 140 mph (.171 RT)

    Doug Riesterer
    Doug Riesterer

    Doug Riesterer (RU) 8.894 at 70 mph (.110 RT)

    Doug’s qualifying blues continued as he filled in for Thomas Myers. He couldn’t seem to get off the starting line. Bob slowed to a 4.961 at 140 mph but captured his first TOPMA round win.

    Eddie Roach (W) 4.433 at 160 mph (.044 RT)
    Doug Morales (RU) 5.375 at 90 mph (.115 RT)

    Doug Morales
    Doug Morales

    Other than a couple of test hits Thursday night this was Doug’s first outing with his beautiful new 68 Camaro. He was launching hard but breaking the tires loose at mid track. When this car gets tweeked just right, watch out! Meanwhile Eddie was on a mission to get to the stripe first taking the win.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 3.971 at 168 mph (.155 RT)

    Bob Alexander
    Bob Alexander

    Bob Alexander (RU) 4.892 at 123 mph (.251 RT)

    After suffering a mid-track collision (during his first outing) with the wall last year, Bob returned with a new look to his beautiful 68 Camaro. Bob is basically still getting to know his hot rod but when they get on the same page this is gonna be one fast hot rod. I’m sorry but I have to say that the 2011/2012 champ (Gaylen Smith) was making it look easy last night. The car seemed to like the changes made over the winter. I can’t say it was tied to a string, but it was going from A to B taking that round win.

    Kevin Hargett (W) 5.101 at 154 mph (.167 RT)

    Kevin Hargett
    Kevin Hargett

    Steve Wiley (RU) NT

    Kevin filled in for Chuck Poindexter who could not return after qualifying and got a competition bye run as Steve was not able to make it to the staging lanes in time for his round. After basically rebuilding his transmission, the Tx Grim Reaper was heading to the lanes but his competition was already going down the track.

    Semi finals:

    Eddie Roach (W) 5.055 at 132 mph (.091 RT)
    Kevin Hargett (RU) 5.253 at 142 mph (.110 RT)

    This was a close peddlefest but it was Eddie coming out on top for the win.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 4.605 at 104 mph (.164 RT)

    Bob Rankin
    Bob Rankin

    Bob Rankin (RU) NT

    Bob’s luck ran out after his round 1 victory as he had tranny problems giving Gaylen a competition bye run. Gaylen’s numbers down bottom were good but experienced tire shake half track so he clicked it early coasting across the finish line with the win.


    FinalsGaylen Smith (W) 4.087 at 162 mph (.125 RT)
    Eddie Roach (RU) 5.465 at 97 mph (.060 RT)

    Despite Eddie having the holeshot advantage, he couldn’t hold off the Texas Bounty Hunter who claimed the first TOPMA victory in the 2013 season. Congratulations to my guys on a job well done!! Congrats to Eddie for his runner-up finish as well.

    The weather was crazy during the off season which kept several new cars from getting valuable testing done prior to the season opener but you can bet that in the coming months these guys will find their combinations and come back swinging. It was great being back out at the track hanging with friends. See ya next month!

  • Texas OutLaw ProMods at Texas Raceway October

    Results from TexasOutLawRacing Message Board

    TXR Results – 10-12-12 — Mrs. TBH, 12:35:20 10/16/12 Tue
    You would have thought this was Friday the 13th (not the 12th) because of all the breakage and oil downs that happened Friday night but here is how everything unfolded. Fifteen teams showed up for the last TOPMA race at Texas Raceway in 2012!

    #1 Eric Clark – 3.962 at 183 mph (Low ET & Top MPH points)
    #2 Gaylen Smith – 4.007 at 179 mph
    #3 E.J. Hickl – 4.107 at 160 mph
    #4 Tim Cruce – 4.209 at 170 mph
    #5 Randell Reid – 4.265 at 148 mph
    #6 Steve Wiley (Birthday Boy) – 4.284 at 154 mph
    #7 Jim Brinkerhoff – 4.302 at 167 mph
    #8 Chris Shortridge – 4.409 at 173 mph
    #9 Eddie Roach – 4.574 at 144 mph
    #10 Dennis Hendrix – 4.757 at 154 mph
    #11 Jackie Deaver – 4.852 at 108 mph
    #12 Bill Doucet (Driving for Clayton Pool) – 5.150 at 100 mph
    #13 Chuck Nuytten – 7.342 at 62 mph
    #14 David Baldwin – 10.431 at 40 mph
    #15 Charles Letteer – NT broke motor in burnout of Q1

    Round 1:

    Tim Cruce (W) 4.462 at 148 mph (.048 RT)
    Eddie Roach (RU) 5.008 at 149 mph (.034 RT)

    Eddie went in for Randell Reid who hurt the engine and could not make the call. Despite having the hole shot advantage, he couldn’t hold off Tim Cruce in the Stude.

    EJ Hickl (W) 4.839 at 127 mph (.032 RT)
    Bill Doucet (RU) 5.151 at 105 mph (.149 RT)

    EJ on an off paced run gets the advantage off the line and the win. Doucet goes in for Steve Wiley who broke the converter during qualifying.

    Jim Brinkerhoff (W) 4.188 at 170 mph (.087 RT)
    Gaylen Smith (RU) NT

    Gaylen felt a vibration during the burnout and shut the car off giving Jim a competition bye into the semi-finals.

    Eric Clark (W) 3.974 at 182 mph (.047 RT)
    Chris Shortridge (RU) 4.430 at 165 mph (.045 RT)

    Eric on another clean and straight pass claiming the win.


    EJ Hickl (W) 4.136 at 170 mph (.030 RT)
    Jim Brinkerhoff (RU) 4.342 at 156 mph (.041 RT)

    EJ gets his mojo back and takes the win.

    Eric Clark (W) 4.003 at 183 mph (.044 RT)
    Tim Cruce (RU) 4.267 at 170 mph (.049 RT)

    Eric claims another victory.


    Eric Clark (W) 4.079 at 182 mph (.033 RT)
    EJ Hickl (RU) 4.489 at 137 mph (.059 RT)

    Both cars left good but EJ encountered tire spin/shake and lifted but Eric was able to cruise down the center of his lane for the victory.

    Congratulations to Eric Clark and the Clark Bros team for their FIRST TOPMA win. It’s been a long time coming but well deserved! Eric also got the best reaction time points during qualifying. Also congrats to EJ and his team for the runner up finish.

    Photo gallery is >> Here <<

    Eric Clark Winner
    EJ Hickl Runner-up


    HOUSTON, Tx. October 9, 2012: The Texas Outlaw Pro Mod Association will
    wrap up their season with their best event yet, joining the NMRA/NMCA Lone
    Star Shootout for a massive motorsports extravaganza. November 9-11 Pro
    Mods, Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Street Cars and more will descend upon Royal
    Purple Raceway in Houston, Tx. to create an event that has something for
    everyone, especially the Texas Pro Mod enthusiasts.

    TOPMA’s regular crowd of fans and followers will enjoy a weekend full of
    their favorite 200MPH Pro Mods plus all things motorsports including
    Unlimited Street Cars, the Wheels Up 10.5 World Finals Showdown, Giant Mod
    Comp, Super Truck & SUV Racing, TREMEC True Street Racing, Bracket Racing,
    a car show, a giant manufacturers midway and a 300MPH jet car!

    “We’re more than excited to be a part of the NMRA/NMCA event,” told TOPMA
    Race Director, Bubba Corzine. “This is the first time TOPMA has been
    involved with an event of this proportion and we’re looking forward to
    joining our muscle car cousins to make this a can’t-miss weekend for Texas
    fans. Our drivers are already gearing up for this event and are ready to
    put on a great show in Houston.”

    “We’re more than excited to have TOPMA featured at our event,” added Trey
    Capps of the NMCA. “We’re looking forward to a weekend of great racing!”

    For more information and to make your plans to attend the Lone Star
    Shootout, click

    www.texasoutlawracing.com <http://www.texasoutlawpromod.com>


    KENNEDALE, Tx. September 10, 2012: Buzz has been building since the
    announcement of the PGT Trucking/JA Crane Co. sponsorship for the upcoming
    TOPMA race at Texas Raceway. The sponsorship will raise the purse by 50%,
    which is turning the heads of many of the top Texas Pro Mod teams. Many big
    names are planning to make their way to Kennedale, Tx. this weekend,
    including Gaylen Smith, Gene Hector, Doug Reisterer, Eric Clark of the
    Clark Brothers, Steve Wylie with the Texas Grim Reaper, Randall Reid, and
    Brandon Pesz. Rumor has it that Madman Frankie Taylor may even come try to
    bring home the $4000 purse.

    As an added bonus, the JA Crane Company is also putting up $500 for low ET
    of the weekend. Outlaw racers are known to not hold back, but with double
    the money, plus a $500 bonus on the table, the TOPMA action will be

    Fans won’t want to miss this event, which will be run under the lights on
    Friday, September 14th. Gates open at 6pm and qualifying begins at 7pm. Get
    there early to get a seat. It’s slated to be a standing-room-only crowd.
    Pick your favorite Pro Mod Outlaw and cheer him on to the doubled payday.

    “TOPMA teams provide such exciting racing that we always have big crowds,”
    told Bubba Corzine, TOPMA Race Director. “There’s already been a lot of
    talk about this coming weekend and with all the big names vying for the PGT
    Trucking-padded purse, I know this will be a can’t-miss event for the
    Kennedale fans. It looks like Texas is finally getting a break from the
    heat, so all the stars have lined up and this is going to be one more great
    weekend of racing.”

    Join TOPMA at Texas Raceway for their biggest event of the season!




    On Friday, September 14th, the Texas Outlaw Pro Mod Association (TOPMA) will bring their band of Outlaw doorslammers to Texas Raceway. While Texas Raceway has always been one of the favored stops for TOPMA, this particular event is peaking more interest than ever. A new sponsorship by PGT Trucking and the JA Crane Company has raised the purse by 50 percent.

    Unlimited rules and run-what-you-brung environment has made TOPMA a favorite among racers and fans and with the stakes being raised at Texas Raceway, this will be a certainly can’t-miss event.

    “TOPMA has always had a great following and provided a niche for outlaw competitors and fans,” said Bubba Corzine, TOPMA Race Director. “We really feel there’s new energy and excitement surrounding our organization as we finish out the 2012 season and look to 2013 and beyond. We hope this involvement by PGT Trucking and JA Crane is a sign of great things to come, and want to extend a special thank you to them for their involvement.”

    The TOPMA winner on September 14th will take home $4,000. This impressive payday will no doubt draw the best of TOPMA racers and provide a night of incredible racing for Kennedale fans.

    “We’re excited to up the ante for this TOPMA event,” said John Crane of JA Crane Co. “We love to support racing and especially these guys who work hard all week and use their weekends to put on a terrific show for the fans.

    “We’re always looking for dependable and hardworking drivers for PGT Trucking. We welcome TOPMA fans to stop by and ask us about current opportunities. The demand is high and we would love to put folks to work in one of the nation’s leading industries. Remember, if you’ve got it, a truck brought it to you somewhere along the way.”

  • Texas OutLaw ProMods at Texas Raceway August

    Words by Celeste Smith
    Well, the cold front did move in last night however I don’t think it was quite jacket weather. The qualifying rounds were still a little warm and after the sun went down it cooled off a bit. Twelve teams showed up to battle it out TOPMA style and one drove about 11 hours from Columbus, MS, to come play with the Texas boyz. Here’s what went down after 2 rounds of qualifying.

    #1 Gaylen Smith – 3.901 at 179 mph (Low ET points)
    #2 Randell Reid – 3.950 at 182 mph
    #3 Ron Stokes – 3.978 at 185 mph (Top MPH points)
    #4 Steve Wiley – 4.029 at 185 mph
    #5 Bob Alexander – 4.287 at 149 mph
    #6 David Baldwin – 4.290 at 163 mph
    #7 Jeff Benham – 4.299 at 166 mph
    #8 Tommy Keeter – 4.321 at 165 mph

    #9 Tim Cruce – 4.486 at 163 mph
    #10 Jay Ligon – 4.586 at 154 mph (Best reaction time points)
    #11 Darren Inman – 4.712 at 148 mph
    #12 Matt Jones – 6.803

    First Round:

    Steve Wiley (W) 4.081 at 177 mph (.090 RT)
    Bob Alexander (RU) NT

    This race was bittersweet for Bob Alexander as it was his first race to qualify for but it ended in first round after tagging the wall in round 1. Bob was okay after the incident because of all the safety gear these guys have to wear. Glad your fine Bob.

    Ron Stokes (W) 3.950 at 168 mph (.103 RT)
    David Baldwin (RU) 5.773 at 80 mph (.058 RT)

    Baldwin gets the holeshot advantage but couldn’t hold off the hard charging Corvette for MS in the other lane.

    Randell Reid (W) 4.166 at 148 mph (.061 RT)
    Tim Cruce (RU) 5.505 at 88 mph (.046 RT)

    Cruce steps in for Jeff Benham who broke in round 2 qualifying and was unable to answer the call to first round. Randell got a little out of shape and wisely aborted the run.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 3.995 at 156 mph (.186 RT)
    Tommy Keeter (RU) 4.270 at 166 mph (.062 RT)

    Despite the holeshot advantage & improved ET by Keeter, Gaylen comes around for the win.


    Randell Reid (W) 3.946 at 185 mph (.019 RT)
    Ron Stokes (RU) 6.384 at 71 mph (-.012 RT) Red Light

    I wasn’t on the line to see this but the wheelie bar broke on Stokes’ car and he did a spectacular wheelie and then slammed down after giving the win to Reid after leaving too soon.

    Gaylen Smith (W) 4.468 at 123 mph (.454 RT)
    Steve Wiley (RU) No Time

    Steve broke the rearend during first round and was just barely able to make the call in round 2 and during his burnout he noticed something wasn’t right so he shut his car off giving Gaylen the competition bye run into the finals who is still troubled by transmission problems.


    Randell Reid (W) 4.012 at 155 mph (.077 RT)
    Gaylen Smith (RU) 4.883 at 99 mph (.171 RT)

    After a short turnaround, Randell gets the holeshot advantage and the win.

    Congratulations to Randell, Taylor, Darrell and the whole Reid Racing team for the back to back victory and to Gaylen Smith and Team TBH for their runner-up finish as well. We will see y’all back at Kennedale on September 14th. Don’t miss it!!!

    The Photo Gallery can be seen here >> http://prostockcars.zenfolio.com/topmaaug <<