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    KENNEDALE, Tx. September 10, 2012: Buzz has been building since the
    announcement of the PGT Trucking/JA Crane Co. sponsorship for the upcoming
    TOPMA race at Texas Raceway. The sponsorship will raise the purse by 50%,
    which is turning the heads of many of the top Texas Pro Mod teams. Many big
    names are planning to make their way to Kennedale, Tx. this weekend,
    including Gaylen Smith, Gene Hector, Doug Reisterer, Eric Clark of the
    Clark Brothers, Steve Wylie with the Texas Grim Reaper, Randall Reid, and
    Brandon Pesz. Rumor has it that Madman Frankie Taylor may even come try to
    bring home the $4000 purse.

    As an added bonus, the JA Crane Company is also putting up $500 for low ET
    of the weekend. Outlaw racers are known to not hold back, but with double
    the money, plus a $500 bonus on the table, the TOPMA action will be

    Fans won’t want to miss this event, which will be run under the lights on
    Friday, September 14th. Gates open at 6pm and qualifying begins at 7pm. Get
    there early to get a seat. It’s slated to be a standing-room-only crowd.
    Pick your favorite Pro Mod Outlaw and cheer him on to the doubled payday.

    “TOPMA teams provide such exciting racing that we always have big crowds,”
    told Bubba Corzine, TOPMA Race Director. “There’s already been a lot of
    talk about this coming weekend and with all the big names vying for the PGT
    Trucking-padded purse, I know this will be a can’t-miss event for the
    Kennedale fans. It looks like Texas is finally getting a break from the
    heat, so all the stars have lined up and this is going to be one more great
    weekend of racing.”

    Join TOPMA at Texas Raceway for their biggest event of the season!




    On Friday, September 14th, the Texas Outlaw Pro Mod Association (TOPMA) will bring their band of Outlaw doorslammers to Texas Raceway. While Texas Raceway has always been one of the favored stops for TOPMA, this particular event is peaking more interest than ever. A new sponsorship by PGT Trucking and the JA Crane Company has raised the purse by 50 percent.

    Unlimited rules and run-what-you-brung environment has made TOPMA a favorite among racers and fans and with the stakes being raised at Texas Raceway, this will be a certainly can’t-miss event.

    “TOPMA has always had a great following and provided a niche for outlaw competitors and fans,” said Bubba Corzine, TOPMA Race Director. “We really feel there’s new energy and excitement surrounding our organization as we finish out the 2012 season and look to 2013 and beyond. We hope this involvement by PGT Trucking and JA Crane is a sign of great things to come, and want to extend a special thank you to them for their involvement.”

    The TOPMA winner on September 14th will take home $4,000. This impressive payday will no doubt draw the best of TOPMA racers and provide a night of incredible racing for Kennedale fans.

    “We’re excited to up the ante for this TOPMA event,” said John Crane of JA Crane Co. “We love to support racing and especially these guys who work hard all week and use their weekends to put on a terrific show for the fans.

    “We’re always looking for dependable and hardworking drivers for PGT Trucking. We welcome TOPMA fans to stop by and ask us about current opportunities. The demand is high and we would love to put folks to work in one of the nation’s leading industries. Remember, if you’ve got it, a truck brought it to you somewhere along the way.”

  • Texas OutLaw ProMods at Texas Raceway May Event

    Thirteen Texas OutLaw Pro Mods rolled in to Texas Raceway and this is how it played out.

    Eleven racers answered the call for first round of qualifying with “Texas Bounty Hunter” Gaylen Smith’s 4.15 seconds elapsed time leading the pack followed by “Studezilla” Tim Cruce, Darren “The Wolf” Inman, Jay Ligon, Chuck “Luv” Poindexter, H.T. “Ten-Five” Wilson, Ron Curley, Chris Shortridge, Jim Brinkerhoff, David Baldwin and “Texas Grimm Reaper” Steve Wiley.

    Thirteen racers tried to improve their qualifying position in the second session with the “Texas Bounty Hunter” Gaylen Smith moving to the top with a 4.00 seconds elapsed time, followed by “The Mad Scientist” Doug Riesterer, ”Studezilla” Tim Cruce, Jay Ligon, Darren “The Wolf” Inman, Chuck “Luv” Poindexter, H.T. “Ten-Five” Wilson, Ron Curley, Chris Shortridge, Jim Brinkerhoff, “Texas Grimm Reaper” Steve Wiley, David Baldwin and Alvin Sowders.

    Final Qualifying Order

    1. Gaylen Smith 57 HelAir 4.005 @ 164.25

    2. Doug Reisterer 68 Camaro 4.019 @ 177.42

    3. Tim Cruce 54 Studebaker 4.306 @ 167.18

    4. Jay Ligon 34 Chevy P/U 4.597 @ 152.35

    5. Darren Inman 4.614 @ 151.48

    6. Chuck Poindexter 76 Luv 4.705 @ 151.73

    7. H.T. Wilson 00 Firebird 4.711 @ 139.37

    8. Ron Curley 67 Chevelle 4.731 @ 148.20


    Chris Shortridge 02 Camaro 4.905 @ 157.47

    Jim Brinkerhoff 68 Camaro 5.066 @ 106.46

    Steve Wiley 63 Corvette 5.587 @ 54.33

    David Baldwin 63 Corvette 7.279 @ 61.49

    Alvin Sowders 57 Chevy DQ

    Round 1

    Tim Cruce and Ron Curley were not able to return allowing Chris Shortridge and Jim Brinkerhoff back into the field.

    Darren Inman cut a.026 light and ran 4.629 @ 150 .66 to defeat Jay Ligon Red-light (-.019) run at 4.612 @ 153.14

    Chris Shortridge laid down a .021 light and ran a 4.942 @ 155.79 to defeat Chuck Poindexter’s Red lighting (-.007) run at 4.730 @ 151.39

    Doug Riesterer was late on the light .181 but ran a4.447 @ 149.85 to defeat an out of shape H.T. Wilson .085 light with a 5.896 @ 83.77 pass.

    Gaylen Smith cut a light .029, and ran a 3.968 @ 185.64 to defeat Jim Brinkerhoff’s better light .019 and a straight run of 4.219 @ 170.17

    Round 2

    Doug Riesterer was late on the light again .138 but stepped up to a 3.936 @ 182 .98 to defeat Chris Shortridge’s .019 light with a 4.869 @ 168.91 run.

    Gaylen Smith hung a .072 light on the tree and ran a 3.986 @ 185.08 to defeat Darren Inman’s late light .105 with a run of 4.618 @ 151.56

    Final Round

    It was a battle of Number One and Two Qualifiers who both had improved their elapsed times. Gaylen Smith had the better light .055 and ran a 3.990 @ 184.65 to defeat Doug Riesterer’s best light of the night .062 but he got sideways and coasted to a 7.760 @ 56.20.

    Thank you to all the fans and racers who came out to support the Texas OutLaw Pro Mods and Texas Raceway.3

    Photo Gallery is located >> Here <<

    We hope to see at the next you race June 8, 2012 at Texas Raceway.


  • Texas OutLaw ProMods Season Opener at Texas Raceway March 16

    Photo Gallery can be Seen >> Here < <
    Fourteen Pro Mods throwed down for the Texas OutLaw ProMod season opener at Texas Raceway and this is how it went :

    Qualifying Session #1 Order

    #1 Gaylen Smith 57 Helair 3.918 @ 169.91
    #2 Eric Clark 67 Hell Hoss 3.980 @ 186.74
    #3 Tim Cruce 54 Studebaker 4.257 @ 165.58
    #4 David Baldwin 63 Corvetter 4.767 @ 143.34
    #5 Doug Riesterer 68 Camaro 4.822 @ 98.78
    #6 Randall Reid 68 Camaro 5.098 @ 149.10
    #7 Richie Price 98 Camaro 5.186 @ 106.79
    #8 Jerry Hunt 53 Studebaker 5.420 @ 97.59
    #9 Jim Brinkerhoff 68 Camaro 6.824 @ 66.83
    #10 Ron Self 07 GTO 10.386 @ 46.84

    Low E.T. of the Session 3.981 Gaylen Smith
    Top Speed of the Session 186.74 Eric Clark

    Qualifying Session #2 Order

    #1 Gaylen Smith 3.879 @ 191.32
    #2 Eric Clark 3.980 @ 186.74
    #3 Jerry Hunt 3.984 @ 188.83
    #4 Doug Riesterer 4.017 @ 165.8
    #5 Randall Reid 4.118 @ 176.53
    #6 Tim Cruce 4.209 @ 171.58
    #7 Jim Brinkerhoff 4.257 @ 166.72
    #8 David Baldwin 4.623 @ 120.75
    #9 Richie Price 4.645 @ 148.48
    #10 Chris Shortridge 4.675 @ 165.84
    #11 Kent Birkes 4.800 @ 145.64
    #12 Steve Wiley 5.801 @ 83.70
    #13 Ron Self 10.386 @ 46.84

    Low E.T. of Session 3.879 Gaylen Smith
    Top Speed 191.32 Gaylen Smith

    Round 1

    Randall Reid .007 4.006 @ 174.10 WIN
    Doug Riesterer .051 5.186 @91.21

    Jerry Hunt .032 4.296 @ 178.61 WIN
    Tim Cruce .171 4.302 @ 140.91

    Jim Brinkerhoff .158 4.258 @ 166.09 WIN
    Eric Clark BROKE

    Gaylen Smith .143 3.888 @ 188.25 WIN
    David Baldwin .074 13.463 @ 30.13

    Round 2

    Jerry Hunt .029 4.045 @ 160.37 WIN
    Jim Brinkerhoff .103 4.214 @ 161.11

    Gaylen Smith .067 3.850 @ 192.85 WIN
    Randall Reid .008 6.297 @ 75.94

    Final Round

    Gaylen Smith .063 3.864 @ 192.47 WIN
    Jerry Hunt Broke

  • Jeffers Pro Cars looks forward to 2012 Season

    Jeffers Pro Cars owner Larry Jeffers is very excited about the 2012 season. With standout drivers such as Frankie Taylor, Todd Tutterow, Tommy D’Aprile, Jon Stouffer, and Eric Clark all campaigning Jeffers Pro Cars, the 2012 season appears to be bright.

    “I am extremely happy with my 1967 Mustang GT500, It ran well the last few races of the ADRL Season, and was instrumental in winning the Battle for the Belts in Ennis,” Tutterow said. “my old Corvette was a Jeffers car, and I was always happy with the performance of that car, so when the opportunity arose to build a new car I wanted to give my business to Larry and his staff, they went above and beyond to get it out of the shop, so I could get it out to test.”

    Frankie Taylor holds the fastest 1/8th mile ET Record in the United States with his 2007 C5 Corvette, after running 3.581 at the ADRL Maple Grove event in 2011. “Larry and his staff have built me several cars over the years, and each one has been capable of setting records, we look forward to the possibilities for the 2012 season,” said Taylor.

    Tommy D’Aprile in the Mel Bush owned Jeffers Pro Cars 2007 C5 Corvette made his debut with the new car in Norwalk, OH at the ADRL event. D’Aprile was able to get in the field as a alternate and beat Jason Scruggs in the 1st round of eliminations. “I am excited about this car, its smooth and it went down the track within a short amount of time, this car makes my job as driver a lot easier, I cant wait to see what it can do in the 2012 season,” said D’Aprile.

    Jeffers Pro Cars offers services such as chassis updates, headers, rear end housings, and carbon fiber products to turn key Top Sportsman and Pro Modified cars. Jeffers Pro Cars can handle all of your fabrication, and composite needs.

    Story by Racerchick Press Releases