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  • Texas OutLaw ProMods at Texas Raceway April 13

    Twelve Texas OutLaw Pro Mods rolled in to Texas Raceway to tempt their fate on Friday the 13th and this is how it played out.

    Ten racers answered the call for first round of qualifying with Randal Reid leading the pack followed by Jim Brinkerhoff, Tim Cruce, David Baldwin, Eric Clark, Gaylen Smith, Chuck Poindexter, Jay Ligon, Doug Riesterer and Mel Jackson.

    Twelve racers tried to improve their qualifying position in the second session with the Bounty Hunter Gaylen Smith moving to the top, David Baldwin improving his elasped time and Doug Riesterer putting on a driving show when he turned his Camaro sideways and recovered it to improve his elasped time .

    Final Qualifying Order

    1. Gaylen Smith 57 HelAir 3.909 @ 187.68

    2. Randall Reid 68 Camaro 4.009 @ 180.00

    3. Jim Brinkerhoff 69 Camaro 4.204 @ 169.49

    4. Tim Cruce 54 Studebaker 4.308 @ 169.83

    5. David Baldwin 63 Corvette 4.309 @ 162.67

    6. Eric Clark 67 Mustang 4.373 @ 147.55

    7. Chuck Poindexter 76 Luv 4.662 @152.50

    8. Jay Ligon 34 Chevy Pickup 4.667 @ 149.07


    Doug Riesterer 68 Camaro 4.767 @ 169.55

    Mel Jackson 85 Camaro 4.932 @ 169.55

    Steve Wiley 63 Corvette 5.362 @ 90.16

    Terry Harrington 90 Monte Carlo 11.094 @ 45.55

    Round 1

    Eric Clark and Jim Brinkerhoff were not able to return and the other alternates, Mel Jackson and Steve Wiley were also not able to return allowing Doug Riesterer and Terry Harrington back into the field but do the pairing ladder they had to face each other in first round .


    David Baldwin cuts a .073 light and runs 4.302 @ 163.49  to defeat a napping .203 Tim Cruce 4.340 @ 160.56 .

    Doug Riesterer used a 3.837 @ 190.43 run, ( .93 seconds better than he qualified ) to over come Terry Harrington’s .029 light and 4.948 @ 137.98 run ( 6.146 seconds better than he qualified ) .

    Chuck Poindexter cuts down the tree with a .018 light paired with a 4.804 @ 130.91 run to defeat Randall Reid ‘s .250 light and coasting 6.309 @ 72.45 run .

    Gaylen Smith cut a .056 light in the HelAir 57 and ran a 3.917 @ 180.02 to defeat Jay Ligon’s 34 Chevy P/U slowing 5.476 @ 86.81 .

    Round 2

    Doug Riesterer late light, .190 ,  lost of traction and Peddling the Camaro for the win with a 4.559 135.77 run when Chuck Poindexter left early -.043 red and ran 4.654 @ 144.84 .

    Gaylen Smith matched his number one qualifying run 3.909 @ 188.67 to defeat David Balwin’s .061 light and 6.456 @ 71.25 run .

    Final Round

    Doug Riesterer ran a Career best 3.759 @ 193.49 ( fastest pass for a Automatic Pro Nitrous also ) for the win when Gaylen Smith was not able to answer the call.

    Thank you to all the fans and racers who came out to support the Texas OutLaw Pro Mods and Texas Raceway.

    We hope to see at the next you race May 11, 2012 at Texas Raceway .

    Photo Gallery is >> Here < <

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  • Texas OutLaw ProMod and Texas Raceway Crown Champions

    Texas OutLaw Pro Mod Association and Texas Raceway held their banquet to crown their champions Saturday at Mercado Juarez in Arlington Texas. This is the first year that there is two different Champions as Texas OutLaw Pro Mod Association and Texas Raceway have different points in their series, (Texas Raceway only counts point for races held at their track).

    Gaylen Smith’s Texas Bounty Hunter 57 Chevy won Texas OutLaw Pro Mod Association’s Championship

    Crew chief Brando Pesz and his wife, David Reeves, Celeste and Gaylen Smith and their daughter and husband.






    Randall Reid won Texas Raceway’s Pro Mod Championship with his 67 Camaro

    Texas Raceway Owner Cindi Hielscher McMillan and Randall Reid






    Finishing in third place David Baldwin, David runs his Mike Brink built 63 Corvette in OutLaw Top Sportsman races also.




    Cindi Hielscher McMillan and David Baldwin




    Tim Cruce and his 53 Studebaker finished in fourth place.



    Cindi Hielscher McMillan and Tim Cruce





    ADRL 10.5 racer Michelle Wilson finished in fifth place


    Cindi Hielscher McMillan and Michelle Wilson






    Everyone had a great time bench racing








    The rest of my photos can be seen >> here << or on Facebook >> Here <<

    I would like to thank Texas OutLaw ProMod Association, Texas Raceway, all the Racers and Fans that come out to support the racing and tracks.