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    UNION, S.C. – July 10, 2012:  Team Aruba has had a wide mix of highs and lows so far in 2012. From not qualifying to a final round and back again, the team from the “happy island” has had their share of joys and frustrations. As the ADRL heads to US 131 Motorsports Park for the Summer Nationals, Team Aruba is hoping for a little more consistency in their program.

    “Our program never lacks for hard work and effort,” relayed driver Trevor Eman. “But racing also takes a good bit of luck and that has been on a major pendulum swing for us this year. Hopefully it will swing back our way this weekend and stay there.

    “We are very much looking forward to being at US 131 again. It’s a great facility, an awesome stop on the tour and a great place for us to redeem ourselves after Virginia.  Jason Peterson [track manager] does a wonderful job at his facility, and we are sure he will be hosting a great track this weekend. Together with the outstanding work of the Traction Twins, we plan on demonstrating a top notch performance for the fans at the race, our sponsors Aruba.com and Alltel Wireless and also all the people of Aruba back home who follow our every run.”

    A key component of the Team Aruba racing operation is their Jon Kaase power plant, which recently went back to the Kaase Racing Engines shop for a tune up.

    “Our motor went back to the shop to be freshened up and Jon Kaase delivered us back an engine that we are confident is bad to the bone. With a fresh power plant and the Jerry Haas built Aruba.com/Alltel Wireless Mustang, we plan on luck swinging our way and taking it all the way four rounds into the winners circle.”

    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing. Find race results, team updates, videos and photos. Also leave your comments to cheer on Team Aruba!

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    RICHMOND, Va. June 25, 2012: The average person, and perhaps even the average fan, may not realize just how temperamental drag race machines can be. With hundreds of variable factors that can change between each pass, the science of drag racing is wonderfully complex. At the ADRL U.S. Drags, weather was one variable throwing many for a loop. Such was the case for Team Aruba who, hot off a final round appearance and flying the colors of fallen competitor Bert Jackson, were gunning for a win, but endured a heartbreaking DNQ.

    “It’s unbelievable how you can go from a final round appearance at the prior race to not qualifying,” told driver Trevor Eman. “We became a victim of the weather this weekend. We missed the setup during the first qualifying round. Then had to make a big change to make a run that would get us down the track, but in the meantime the weather drastically changed again when the rain came in and caused a delay allowing us to race later in the evening when it was cool. Due to the drastic weather changes, we once again missed the setup and ran off pace.

    “The weather beat the track up this weekend, and it really affected our performance.”

    The beautiful Aruba.com Mustang posted a top qualifying run of 4.173 for the weekend, just missing the field of 16, which was rounded out by Brian Self at a 4.133. Despite the unfortunate race weekend, Eman and team continued to look on the bright side:

    “On the other hand, however, it was very nice to see so many of Bert Jackson’s family and friends at the race track. They had his old car there on display for everybody to see. Now, hopefully Enoch Love can accomplish what he needs to in order to put together a team and race with us again. It would be great to have them back with us.”

    With the upset weekend behind them, Team Aruba is already focusing on the next race as the ADRL rolls through the halfway point in their season.

    “We need to concentrate now on going forward from here and do our best to pick up points. We are very low in points and that is not acceptable. Even though we’re a small team from a small island, we want to represent Aruba and Alltel Wireless well at each event. One thing we won’t do and that’s give up. We’re going to keep pressing forward and continue to overcome whatever obstacles lie in our path to compete and win.”


    ST. LOUIS, Mo. May 30, 2012: Many are glad to see the ADRL return to
    Gateway Motorsports Park after a year’s absence from the tour. The newly reopened track serves as the home stop for the ADRL, whose offices are based in the area.  However, St. Louis also acts as an unlikely ‘home’ for the XPS team from Aruba. Driver Trevor Eman explains:

    “St. Louis is a very special place for our team. My father went to school here 35 years ago and lived with a family that took him in as their own son. So, in a way, the races that take place at Gateway are like being at home for my father.”

    Mr. Eman’s familiarity with the area gives him a special fondness for the track. “As a matter of fact,” Trevor continued, “he remembers back in the day when the track was actually run in the opposite direction. My father has seen the track through many years. Being here for their grand re-opening will be especially meaningful for us. It’s a wonderful facility with rich history. We’re excited to see the track come back to life, and, needless to say, we are very happy to be racing back at Gateway.

    “We were disappointed there wasn’t an event here last year because we love to come to this area early and spend a few extra days with my father’s friends, the Boushard family. Dad has many friends here that he grew up with, so when we come racing here he takes advantage of the opportunity to spend time with them.”

    With the support of special friends and family, Team Aruba will be as close to home as you can get while over 2,000 miles away.

    “Maybe we’ll enjoy a ‘home court’ advantage,” Eman joked. “With all our friends cheering us on and Gateway having their grand reopening, there is going to be a lot of excitement surrounding this weekend. And that might be just what we need to push us to the winner’s circle.”


    UNION, S.C. March 2, 2012:  Fans of the American Drag Racing League will be happy to know that the smiling faces and palm tree adorned pit area of Team Aruba will be back on tour for 2012, giving fans a taste of the Aruban paradise this team calls home. Also as in previous years, fans can learn more about booking their own dream getaway at each ADRL event.

    Driver Trevor Eman and the entire Aruba.com crew are excited to be back for another year and continue building their program. Although the team may be looked at as an underdog compared to some of the giants of Extreme Pro Stock, each year the team grows in confidence and strengthens their assault on the competition.

    “We’re thrilled to be back under the Aruba banner to compete in the ADRL again,” told Eman. “We love to tell people about our home country and encourage them to take the vacation of a lifetime, and to be able to do that through this racing platform is an opportunity we’re very grateful for. Alltel Wireless will also be on board with us again this year. We’re keeping much of the same things in place and looking to build on our knowledge and successes from last year. This team has a huge amount of potential, and we hope to unleash more of it in 2012.”

    Team Aruba will field their stunning Jerry Haas built Mustang with a Jon Kaase Ford power plant once again providing the muscle.

    “Kaase has been working really hard during this off season finding any improvements he can, and we can’t wait to see how well his efforts have paid off,” added Eman. “We want to give those Chevy guys a run for their money, and we’re depending on Jon Kaase to find every little horsepower he can in that big 825 Ford Hemi. Our Aruba.com Mustang is also updated with the latest in clutch and drive train innovation.

    “We’ll be testing these updates and preparing for the season during a week-long test session at Bradenton Motorsports Park beginning on Monday [March 5th]. The guys at Bradenton are really nice folks and always have a killer track to run on.  It’s been our location for pre-season testing for the past five years now.

    “This Aruba.com Team is excited that racing season is upon us and it’s time to get back to the track. We’re hoping to get a lot accomplished in this test session and be ready to give it all we’ve got when Houston gets here. Our fans are some of the best out there and our goal is to give them a win or two this year. We’re certainly not afraid of hard work, and our crew has the talent, so hopefully we’ll get a little luck this year and score a Minute Man for our fans and for Aruba.”

    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing. Find race results, team updates, videos and photos. Also leave your comments to cheer on Team Aruba!

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    UNION, S.C. September 22, 2011: Admittedly, the past few ADRL events have
    not been Team Aruba’s best outings. The team that went to the semis earlier
    this year in Palm Beach has been met with a string of first round losses at
    the past three events. With cooler weather returning and the end of the
    season approaching, Trevor Eman and Team Aruba are hoping to turn their luck
    around at the ADRL Ohio Drags this weekend at Summit Motorsports Park.
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