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    75942_10151344529858000_305185960_nTeam Aruba’s capture of their first ADRL Extreme Pro Stock victory warranted victory celebrations from Cordova, Ill. to Union, S.C. to south of the equator where the country of Aruba gave perhaps the loudest victory shout yet. The Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless team was greeted at the airport by family, friends, racers, fans and media. TV and radio stations were even live on air for their triumphant arrival. The team, whose humble demeanor belies their success, was blown away by this reception and is still wrapping their heads around the glory of their long awaited victory.


    “I could not believe the amount of people who have and are still congratulating us on our recent win,” told driver Trevor Eman. “The response received from all of Team Aruba’s fans after winning the race has been phenomenal. Our home country gave us an incredible welcome. Aruba was so proud of our achievement. It is truly a wonderful feeling when you are supported by your country. I cannot thank Aruba enough for standing behind us the way they do.


    “Needless to say, we are still feeling that winning high. The support has overwhelmed us and boosted our confidence even more. It’s wonderful that we are going into Virginia as points leaders. Our goal for the weekend will be to leave there as points leaders. We certainly have a team capable of doing this. All the guys on the team are on their game and together we have a good fast race car to compete with.”


    The ADRL U.S. Drags VI will be contested June 8-9 at Virginia Motorsports Park. Trevor Eman does take the points lead into this event, 99 points ahead of John Pluchino and 202 points ahead of Pete Berner, who are number two and three respectively.


    “Now that we’ve had a taste of victory we are even more excited to compete in Extreme Pro Stock with the world’s best Mountain Motor teams. We’re also very excited that bangshift.com will be streaming this event live. Fans can watch us live by logging onto bangshift or by following the links on ADRL.us. We love the fact that our fans will be able to watch us in real time, even if they can’t make it to Virginia. This allows people from all over the world to keep up with ADRL Drag Racing and provides tremendous exposure for our sponsors. We’re very excited to have the live feed available and hope all of our fans will tune in to cheer us on!”


    Tune into the U.S. Drags this weekend via ADRL.us.


    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing.

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    img_0742_20130520_1451943167Heading into the ADRL Spring Drags, Team Aruba was looking to wrap up some unfinished business, and that’s exactly what they did. From start to finish, Trevor Eman and the gang from Aruba dominated Extreme Pro Stock the entire weekend. In their first qualifying pass, they laid down the number which would remain on top for the weekend, a 4.099 at 175.98 MPH. The Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless Mustang was again the fastest car in rounds two and three of qualifying. In round four, John Montecalvo and John Pluchino matched Eman’s 4.114, but no one was able to beat it.


    The team’s impressive feats continued on race day. The Kaase Racing Engines powered machine muscled its way through the rounds. Brian Gahm’s 4.249 elapsed time was no match for Eman’s 4.148 in round one. In the semi finals Eman had the quickest elapsed time of the round, a 4.136 paired with an .024 reaction, time to take out John Pluchino who went .002 red on 4.149 run. Team Aruba would have lane choice in the finals against former World Champion Pete Berner. Although Eman and Berner had been running close numbers all day, Eman made it look easy in the finals, laying down an .003 light and pulling away by a car length, crossing the stripe first with another 4.136.


    The team from the ‘happy island’ had one of their happiest moments ever, as they celebrated this long-awaited victory.


    “We definitely finished our unfinished business from Valdosta,” relayed an elated Eman. “To come to the next race and qualify number one again was a very satisfying way to know we had that momentum. Then to maintain the fastest elapsed time out of each round was even better. We made it down the track each and every time from A to B making straight runs and good runs.


    “After winning the first round against Brian Gahm, reality started to kick in that we could have a good chance of winning the race. And sure enough we were able to accomplish that. It was very emotional for the whole team. Everybody has been working real hard to accomplish this, and my gratitude and my hat goes off to the entire team.


    “My father eats, sleeps and breathes Team Aruba. Bobby has dedicated himself to this team more than anything. John Peterson is one of the hardest working guys I’ve ever seen. Pat Norcia from RAM Clutches puts his mind totally into this program and is as precise of a person as there is. Doug Schriefer from Braswell Carburetors has some awesome carburetors on our motor and has this team better organized than ever. Greg Brown from Jon Kaase Racing Engines has our motor completely dominated in a way that has given us a motor that is performing better than we can ever hoped for.


    “The emotion between all team members after winning our first race was extremely touching. It was a feeling I got to share with a great group of guys that I wouldn’t trade for the world.


    “Norbert Dirksz who was at the race with us, along with Jeff Lopez and Nelson Winklaar who are back in Aruba keep everybody in Aruba and all of our followers on Facebook completely up to date on every move Team Aruba makes,” Eman continued. “Their efforts have helped create a following of Team Aruba that we could have never expected. So many people were back home watching the live feed and the congratulatory comments were coming in from the moment we qualified number one.


    “Above all, we were surrounded by a lot family at this event- my uncle Mike, the Prime Minister of Aruba, with my aunt Doina; my uncle Braat together with his daughter Anouk who was accompanied by her synchronized swimming partner Rym; the Boushard family from Granite City, Ill; Claret Lopez and Greg Peterson who are die hard supporters of Team Aruba. All of these people accompanied us at this race because they knew history was going to be made.


    “I wish Aruba in its entirety could have been with us, together with the Aruban drag racing community, who are just as passionate as, and possibly even more than, me about this sport. To all of our social media followers, I cannot thank everybody enough for the kind words they all shared with us. I am told that the crowd standing behind the Aruba.com/Alltel Wireless Mustang was unlike any other when racing the final round. I wish I could have been standing between them to see the reaction when the win light came on.


    “Together with great sponsors, great things happen. We are very grateful to the Aruba Tourism Authority who support us and believe in what we are trying to accomplish by drag racing professionally in the United States. Alltel Wireless is a great group of people that are just wonderful to be associated with. Having a brand name as big and popular as Alltel Wireless on the hood of a race car makes us feel really good to put that name in the winner’s circle.


    “The ADRL is doing a wonderful job putting on these races. They are giving us an exciting environment to race in, and they have our full commitment to participating in their events. They have a good group of people working for them that also want to see the ADRL grow bigger and better. The Traction Twins have a track prepared for us in a way that only spoils us more and more every race- we thank you for that.


    “Last but not least, I want to thank all the racers in the Extreme Pro Stock category. I want to thank them for having made this such a difficult challenge. It makes our first win that much more special. These guys are some of the best people to call friends, but when we’re at the starting line against them, it doesn’t matter how good of friends they can be, they are going to race hard. This weekend we finally got to show that we don’t back down and we’ve got what it takes to stand up against such tough competition. They have beat up on us for a long time. They know this is something that needs to be earned.


    “We cannot wait to get another chance to do this again!”


    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing.

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    dsc_0325_20120421_1584851588At the last stop on the ADRL tour Team Aruba was having one of the best outings of their career. They secured the number one qualifying spot early and hung onto it for the duration. Unfortunately, Mother Nature moved in the form of rain and stopped Team Aruba from defending their position in eliminations. Now, with the ADRL Spring Drags IV approaching this weekend, the Team hopes to claim the coveted pole position again, and this time take it to the winner’s circle.


    To help cheer them on, two special guests will be on hand with Team Aruba at Cordova Dragway Park. Driver of the Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless Mustang, Trevor Eman, is greatly looking forward to welcoming two of his family members onto the team this weekend, Mike and Anouk Eman.


    Anouk Eman, besides being cousin to an accomplished Extreme Pro Stock driver, is an impressive standout in her own right. A student at Lindwood University, Anouk is a gold medal winning synchronized swimmer, who also recently won first place at the US National Championships in Greensboro, NC – the same weekend that Team Aruba qualified number one in Valdosta.


    Trevor’s uncle, Mike Eman, is a loyal drag racing supporter and also happens to be the Prime Minister of Aruba. The team from the “friendly island” is excited both to show their visitors ADRL drag racing and to introduce their drag racing ‘family’ to Prime Minister Eman and Anouk.


    “This weekend should be a lot of fun for Team Aruba with Anouk and Mike supporting us,” told Trevor. “We are looking forward to having them with us. To celebrate the occasion, Team Aruba is organizing a cookout in our pit area for Friday night, following testing. We are inviting all Extreme Pro Stock participants and ADRL officials to come by our pit area, grab a bite to eat and meet both Anouk, a gold medalist synchronized swimmer and also Mike Eman, the Prime Minister of Aruba. As a little extra incentive, we will also be making our famous ‘Aruba Juice’ –  a fruity cocktail pretty well known by now in the ADRL pit area.”


    With the two honored guests supporting Team Aruba at the Spring Drags, Trevor Eman hopes their cheering section is just what the team needs to continue their performance:


    “Our last race went awesome. It was the first time we ever qualified number one in an Extreme Pro Stock field. The unfortunate part was that the event got cancelled due to the rain that plagued Sunday racing.

    We are coming into this race as ‘defending’ number one qualifier, and we still have unfinished business, so to speak. Our goal is to finish what we started in Valdosta here at this race. Hopefully we can make that happen in front of our family that is going to be with us in Cordova.”


    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing.

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    dsc_6790_20120603_1020595496VALDOSTA, Ga. April 16, 2013:  After taking the pole in their first lap down the track at the ADRL Georgia Drags VII, Team Aruba was amped for the weekend of racing. Through three rounds of qualifying, they managed to hold the number one spot with their 4.063 elapsed time. Race day was full of promise for the Aruba.com/Alltel Wireless Mustang. Mother Nature, however, had different plans. Sunday dawned with rain that never left and by noon the event was canceled. The ADRL cancellation policy states that the event is canceled without makeup, but that all points and monies will be awarded.


    “It was very exciting and encouraging to achieve the number one qualifying spot,” told driver Trevor Eman, “but at the same time it was very upsetting to see rain cancel our event. We were ready to tackle race day, and were confident to take the win together with the number one qualifying spot. Those things are out of our control, however, and overall we can’t be disappointed. This is just another step towards winning a race this year, which we just can’t wait to make happen.


    “ADRL canceled the event in its entirety due to the rain, but they are granting everyone their qualifying points. We were fourth in points before the event, but only one point behind third, so our qualifying points should take us to the third spot in the Extreme Pro Stock points standings. Just the idea of being top three in points is nice to hear.”


    So far in 2013, Team Aruba has already been one of the most successful teams in XPS, reaching the semi finals in the first event and achieving the number one qualifying spot at the second stop on the tour.


    “I’d like to extend my well wishes to Dan Parker,” added Eman. “He was the special guest of ADRL at this past weekend’s event. Last year he lost his eyesight due to a drag racing accident and is now aiming to become the first blind person to pilot a vehicle on the Bonneville salt flats. That’s an incredible goal and we believe that he will no doubt accomplish it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to personally shake his hand at the event and give him my well wishes, but I would like him to know that Team Aruba is behind him in his ambitions.


    “As a team coming from the tiny island of Aruba, who needs to travel long way to and from the races every time there is a race, we recognize that reaching your goals is not always easy, and that there are roadblocks along the way. Team Aruba is on a mission to win an ADRL Extreme Pro Stock race in the near future, and hopefully one day a Championship, and I know that Dan Parker will reach his goals as well. Dan, go get ’em!”


    Walk through the Extreme Pro Stock pits at an ADRL event and there’s one particular pit area that will undoubtedly catch your eye. While fans often search out the last event winner or the current reigning Champion, the pits of the underdog team from Aruba are arguably the hardest to miss in all the ADRL and a sure stop for fans. With palm trees reminiscent of their homeland, a beautiful and brightly colored design on both the trailer and their Aruba.com Mustang, and a sea of friendly faces, it’s easy to see why fans are drawn to Team Aruba. That sea of friendly faces is also usually made up of the folks from Alltel Wireless. The Alltel team joins Team Aruba at certain events on the tour and amplifies the inviting atmosphere with giveaways, welcoming personnel and, of course, the latest and greatest deals in cellular service.

    ADRL President, Tim McAmis, has also taken notice of their efforts:

    “Team Aruba and Alltel always create an inviting environment at the race track. They do a terrific job of engaging the fans and inviting people into their space. They are creative in marketing their country and their sponsors in a very positive and friendly manner. The pit area and surroundings are bold and colorful with constant activity and excitement.  Fans want to be a part of that.  It is always great to have them at ADRL events.”

    “We always strive to represent our country and sponsors well,” added Team Aruba driver, Trevor Eman. “It’s wonderful to have Alltel on board with us because they work just as hard to create a positive atmosphere around our pit area. We really enjoy having them at the track with us whenever they can make it. Sponsor involvement seems to be on a decline, so Alltel’s presence is encouraging and sets the bar for other sponsors. Having true partnerships where sponsors are actively involved in our events makes all the difference. We want to thank Alltel for taking an active role and utilizing the opportunities available to them at the ADRL events.”

    Alltel Wireless has been on board with Team Aruba for several years now and is an influential facet of their ADRL presence.

    For more visit www.alltelwireless.com.


    Trevor Eman and the team from Aruba are coordinating a Monster Truck Show for their home island. Six of the best Monster Trucks in the United States will be heading to Aruba for a show at the end of October.

    As a special thank you to their shop base of Union, S.C. Team Aruba is featuring a free Monster Truck display at the Union County Fairgrounds Saturday, October 6.

    “We appreciate all the wonderful support that the people of Union show for Team Aruba,” told Eman. “This Monster Truck display is one small way we can say thank you. The trucks have to be in Miami, FL to set sail for Aruba on October 8th. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity for them to stop in Union and be on display for all of our friends and fans there. The event will be free, so we encourage everyone to come out and see these awesome machines.

    “We greatly value and depend on the support of our fans as well as our sponsors, Aruba.com and Alltel Wireless. They have been behind us 100% this year. Alltel provides top quality cell phone service in the S.C. area, so this display is also a small thank you for their service to our fans.”

    Well-known Monster Trucks will be on hand including Bigfoot, Lucas Oil Stabilizer Chevrolet, Star Marshall and Chalkboard Chuck. The event will run from 10am-6pm at the Union County Fairgrounds.

    “Union is our home away from home, as well as the hometown for some of our crew,” continued Eman. “They have shown great appreciation for us and we want to do the same. I encourage everyone to come out and enjoy this free event!”

    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing. Find race results, team updates, videos and photos. Also leave your comments to cheer on Team Aruba!

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    Team Aruba has faced their share of difficulties this season. Even in their efforts to make it to the track have been thwarted, as they readied themselves to hit the road to Ohio for the ADRL Summit Racing Equipment Ohio Drags they found parts of their trailer chassis in need of repairs. So after completing the 1500 mile trip from Aruba to the shop base in Union, S.C. driver Trevor Eman found himself welding and completing necessary repairs before completing the remainder of his journey.

    Needless to say, Team Aruba is ready for things to start looking up.  “While our runner up finish in St. Louis has certainly been the highlight of our season, we’re hungry for more of that kind of luck, rather than the kind that leaves us on the outside looking in,” told Eman. “With two events left in the season, we’re really hoping to finish strong and put a good note on the end of a tough year.”

    While the cards may not always fall in Team Aruba’s favor, it’s certainly not for lack of effort on their part. The team has shown great fortitude throughout the season and always manages to keep the friendly smile for which Arubans are famous. Looking on the bright side, Eman continued:

    “Another highlight of our season has been our displays with Alltel Wireless. We will have two this week leading up to the Ohio Drags. First, we’ll be in Mansfield on Tuesday and then Norwalk on Wednesday. Fans can stop by to take photos with our Aruba.com/Alltel Wireless Mustang as well as check out Alltel’s great deals. Then they can all come cheer us on at the race!

    “We have a lot of confidence in our Kaase engine and our Haas chassis. With all the good people and companies we are surrounded with, we know our luck has to change soon.  Hopefully we can finish the year smoothly for Aruba.com and Alltel Wireless and start to look forward to the 2013 season.

    “Norwalk is one of my favorite tracks, so I am really looking forward to racing again at the wonderful facility the Bader family has constructed. Unfortunately, my father will not be at this race. He is organizing a monster truck show in Aruba for the end of October and needs to stay in Aruba to manage the operations for that show. Although I always want him to be with us, I would also love to take a trophy back home to him!”

    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing. Find race results, team updates, videos and photos. Also leave your comments to cheer on Team Aruba!

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    CONCORD, N.C. August 6, 2012:  The ADRL Extreme Pro Stock team from Aruba had quite the busy week. Leading up to their hometown race at zMAX Dragway, the team completed a successful test session and Alltel displays in two towns all before the race even began. Once underway under the beating NC sun, the ninth annual Dragstock event turned up the heat to repeat as a fan favorite on the tour. For the Alltel Wireless/Aruba.com team, the heat was the least of their concerns throughout the weekend as they continuously tried new combinations and various setups to gain the edge on the competition. Although the team endured tire shake on the Friday night qualifying session when conditions were best, they still made the field at number 15 with a 4.154. The entire 16 car field was separated by less than six hundredths, so on race day it was anybody’s game.

    Round one of XPS was marred by tire shake for nearly every car that went down. Trevor Eman and Team Aruba were one of the teams hit by the tough conditions, but still managed to come out on top. Eman drove through the tire shake to get to the finish line first, beating out competitor Doug Kirk. Unfortunately, the win came at a cost as their Kaase Engine took a fatal blow. The team rallied, and with the help of Jon Kaase himself, as well as fellow competitors, Team Aruba managed to swap engines before round two. After the mad dash to be prepared for round two action, the team had a tough competitor in Brian Gahm. Eman and Gahm left together, but Gahm pulled away for the win.

    “I am very proud of our team,” told Eman. “We worked incredibly hard all week, and when we finally thought things would slow down we had our most exhausting battle yet. Even though it ended in a loss, I’m proud of our team for working together to change the motor in between rounds and make it back out to compete in round two. That was the first time we had ever had to change engines between rounds and the team did an excellent job.  We really appreciate the help of Jon Kaase and the Pluchino team, who helped us out and let us use their engine hoist, as well as the other teams who offered assistance. The sportsmanship among XPS teams is truly incredible. The competition is awesome, but the camaraderie is even better.

    “It was really a hectic week from the beginning,” continued Eman. “From our test session and our displays for a great sponsor of ours, Alltel Wireless, to our set up and work at the track, it was all nonstop. Friday morning we made some radical changes which took all the time we had before the first round of qualifying. The day ended with somewhat of a disappointment as we were not able to be a good pass down the track for the night session, which is usually the make it or break it run. Thankfully, we managed to stay in the field. Saturday, we made more changes before the final qualifying session. After that we thought things might actually slow down when eliminations began, but that wasn’t the case as changing out motor was more hectic than I could have ever imagined.

    “Despite all the back breaking work this weekend and the unfortunate incident of blowing our motor, it was still a weekend of great experiences: we got to race at one of the world’s premiere drag racing facilities; we had a weeklong tour of happenings; we were racing at ‘home’; we had plenty of friends and fans from Union, SC and, above all, we had the Prime Minister from Aruba with us together with the Minister Mike de Meza, Minister of Finance, Communication, Utilities and Energy, to partake in this past weekend’s activities. It was their first time being a part of a race together with Team Aruba and it was wonderful to have them with us.”

    “I have enjoyed my first drag race in the states,” told Prime Minister Mike Eman of Aruba. “I’m very impressed with Team Aruba’s organization and their team spirit. You see a lot of competitors here, but really you see a lot of friendship. The camaraderie is very reminiscent of life in Aruba. I’m very proud of this team’s accomplishments. They race in great competition and promote our island at the same time. What they’ve accomplished is very inspiring. I know they will continue doing well. They may win some and lose some, but the sportsmanship displayed here is the best outcome of all.”

    “All in all it turned out to be a week of mixed emotions with a balancing act of great and terrible experiences all in the same weekend,” added Trevor. “From here we continue focusing on the positive and work all the harder to achieve our goals- promoting our wonderful island of Aruba and working hard for that win!”

    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing. Find race results, team updates, videos and photos. Also leave your comments to cheer on Team Aruba!

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    UNION, S.C- July 31, 2012:  As the ADRL Dragstock IX quickly approaches, Team Aruba is enjoying some time with fans leading up to the event. As a team that’s always fan-centric, they invited everyone near there shop base in Union, S.C. to come to their Monday test session at Union County Dragway. Following that, the Aruba.com/Alltel Wireless Mustang was on display at Rockingham, N.C. Alltel Wireless to spread the word about the upcoming Dragstock, which moved from Rockingham to Concord this season. Team Aruba will round out their hometown tour with a stop at the Wadesboro Alltel Wireless location for another meet and greet with Alltel fans.

    “We have really enjoyed spending time with some fans leading up to our home stop on the ADRL tour,” told Trevor Eman. “The Alltel fans and customers are excited about the upcoming race. I hope to see them all again on Friday and Saturday at zMax Dragway! Alltel was giving away tickets to the race and also letting customers in on some great deals they have. It was a lot of fun to hang out with the Alltel representatives and meet some new fans. If fans didn’t make it out to our display in Rockingham, hopefully we’ll see them in Wadesboro. We’ll be giving away more free tickets and Team Aruba t-shirts!

    “On Monday we were very pleased with both the racetrack there and the results of the test session. The folks at Union County Dragway were very accommodating to us. They are a nice group of people, and it was great to finally get the Aruba.com Mustang on their racetrack. We look forward to testing there more often in the future.

    “Hopefully we got most of the bugs worked out in testing that usually end up biting us during racing. We are looking forward to heading to the track on Thursday to get situated and prepared for qualifying. There’s a lot of excitement surrounding this race since it will be the first time racing at zMax for many teams. We expect great things out of the Aruba.com/Alltel Wireless sponsored Mustang this weekend and we won’t be holding back!”

    Join Team Aruba on Wednesday, August 1st at from 12:00 – 6:00 p.m. at-
    Alltel Wireless Retail Store
    1009 E. Casewell
    Wadesboro, NC 28170

    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing. Find race results, team updates, videos and photos. Also leave your comments to cheer on Team Aruba!

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    UNION, S.C.- July 25, 2012: On August 3-4 the American Drag Racing League
    will visit the “Bellagio of drag strips,” zMax Dragway, for the first time.
    The ADRL moved their famed Dragstock event this year to match their premier
    event with one of the premier tracks in the country. While many have been
    looking forward to this event all year, perhaps none is as excited as the
    Aruba.com/Alltel Wireless Extreme Pro Stock team.

    For Trevor Eman and the team from Aruba, Dragstock serves as their home
    event. The team bases their shop out of Union, S.C., just a short drive
    from the Concord, NC facility. To prepare for this event – which the team
    would certainly love to win – Eman and crew are testing at their local
    track Union County Dragway on July 30th.

    “Union County Dragway is only about eight minutes from our shop,” told
    Eman. “We have never gotten a good opportunity to test at this track, which
    is only about two years old. But, we are finally getting the chance to and
    we would like to invite all of Team Aruba’s fans in the area to come hang
    out with us and also invite any other racer going to the Charlotte race to
    come test with us.” (www.unioncountyscdragway.com)

    With the strong presence of Alltel Wireless in the Carolinas Team Aruba is
    working in conjunction with them to promote the upcoming ADRL event. On
    July 31st and August 1st Team Aruba will display at two separate Alltel
    Wireless locations to promote Dragstock with free tickets to the event.

    “Following our test session on Monday the 30th, we will be doing a display
    for Alltel Wireless. Alltel will be giving away tickets for the ADRL race
    and also some Team Aruba t-shirts. On the 31st we’ll be at the Alltel
    Wireless store in Rockingham and the following day we’ll be at their
    location in Wadesboro. We’re really looking forward to these appearances
    and working with the local stores to promote the race and some great deals
    they are currently running.

    “Alltel does a wonderful job servicing this region and they are great
    supporters of our team and drag racing, so we’re excited to display with
    them. I hope all our fans come in the Rockingham and Wadesboro areas stop
    by to see us and check out Alltel! [information below]

    “Dragstock is always an exciting event,” Eman continued, “and being that
    this is our home stop, it makes it all that more exciting for us. Now the
    race being held at zMax is making it even more prestigious. We are looking
    forward to seeing and racing at this facility as it just seems to be an
    awesome one.

    “We certainly hope to get as many of our fans from the surrounding area to
    our test session, displays and the race. It will be a whole week full of
    racing excitement!”

    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter
    @TeamArubaRacing. Find race results, team updates, videos and photos. Also
    leave your comments to cheer on Team Aruba!

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    Monday, July 30, 2012
    Union County Dragway
    2102 Santuc-Carlisle Hwy
    Union, SC

    Tuesday, July 31, 2012
    12:00 – 6:00 p.m.
    Alltel Wireless Retail Store
    1788 E. Broad Ave.
    Rockingham, NC 28379

    Wednesday, August 1, 2012
    12:00 – 6:00 p.m.
    Alltel Wireless Retail Store
    1009 E. Casewell
    Wadesboro, NC 28170