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  • Team Aruba Feels Right at Home with IHRA

    After a long off season, Team Aruba was anxious to get back on the track and tackle the 1320 feet of an IHRA Nitro Jam racing surface. State Capitol Raceway in Port Allen, La. played host to the IHRA Mardi Gras Nationals this past weekend and was the stage for Team Aruba’s return to the restructured and renewed racing organization.

    “It was great to personally meet all the new members of the IHRA ownership and staff,” told Trevor Eman, pilot of the Aruba.com Mustang. “We could not feel more welcome in a racing sanctioning body than we did from them. The race was really fantastic all around. It was great to be back with the IHRA.”

    Despite Mother Nature cancelling Friday’s test session, Team Aruba qualified for the elite eight car field with a 6.39 elapsed time at 222 MPH. Eman and team were then set to take on number one qualifier and former World Champion, John Montecalvo, in round one. Although Montecalvo was a very formidable opponent, the Aruba.com Mustang made easy work of Montecalvo’s bowtie entry, when Montecalvo was forced to abort the run. Eman posted his best elapsed time of the weekend, a 6.326.

    Rainy weather on Friday made for tricky track conditions on race day and in round two, this would prove to be Team Aruba’s nemesis. Eman encountered tire shake that forced him to let off the throttle, giving opponent J.R. Carr the semi final victory.

    “Rain took its toll on the racetrack and affected the schedule in such a way that we could not test nor qualify on Friday,” Eman explained. “However, the IHRA staff did a phenomenal job on the racetrack getting it ready for Saturday. We were certainly impressed in their accomplishment of getting not only the track ready for racing, but certainly even the entire event in the books with all the added difficulties they faced. It has been several years since we have raced quarter mile so pre race testing and additional qualifying runs would have been helpful, but we were able to get the Aruba.com Mustang qualified and past round one, which was a great accomplishment for our first race back on the quarter-mile.

    “Regardless of the rainy weather conditions that hindered our testing and qualifying, this was truly a great event,” Eman added. “Besides being able to race quarter mile again, the greatest aspect of the entire weekend was the treatment we received by the people. The people from State Capitol Raceway and all of the New Orleans area fans treated us especially well.

    “I think you can comfortably say that New Orleans has somewhat of a different culture compared to the rest of the entire United States. And in our case, as we are from a different country and thus also differently cultured, we automatically create a connection with people that have different customs and traditions. We immediately felt connected to the people of New Orleans and appreciated their unique flavors, sights and sounds.”

    The Mardi Gras-themed Nitro Jam brought much of that culture right to the track, providing great entertainment for fans and racers alike. In recent years the IHRA has placed greater emphasis on the fan experience at their events, a move that has proven beneficial to fans, racers and sponsors alike.

    “We can’t wait to get to Bradenton to continue our effort in accumulating points,” Eman said, speaking of the next IHRA Nitro Jam to be held April 17-19 at Bradenton Motorsports Park. “We have a very good working race car, an engine producing a tremendous amount of power and above all, a very good team in place who all work together very well. This combination, together with a great group of people in the IHRA will make for great racing this season.”

  • Team Aruba Comes Back for 11th Racing Season in the US

    arubamustangTeam Aruba is back for another US Drag Racing tour in their Aruba.com Ford Mustang. This season they return to the birthplace of Mountain Motor Pro Stock, the International Hot Rod Association. The 2015 IHRA season will kick off at Southwestern International Raceway in Tucson, Az. February 6-7.


    “IHRA has shown they have set up a great deal for the Mountain Motor Pro Stock class for 2015 with great class sponsors,” stated Team Aruba driver, Trevor Eman. “We certainly look forward to seeing what this season has in store. We’re excited to be racing quarter mile again and returning to the home for Mountain Motor Pro Stocks.


    “Although Extreme Pro Stock will not be with the PDRA anymore as of this year, we certainly would like to thank and congratulate the PDRA on what they have accomplished in 2014. We are grateful that they had the class in 2014,” Eman added, speaking to the organization Team Aruba competed with in 2014. Due to a split in class support across organizations, the PDRA selected not to run the Pro Stock division in 2015. Many hope that the class will be unified and grow as IHRA becomes the premier place for mountain motors to compete once again.


    “We’re very excited to have Pro Stock,” stated IHRA President Scott Gardner. “They came back in 2014 and now even stronger in 2015. Teams like Team Aruba, for example, are coming on board with us this year. We’re excited to have them, in particular. They’re a very professional team, representing the Ford camp and Aruba. I’ve seen them in action in the past years and it’s great to have them come home to IHRA.”


    “We truly believe that Mountain Motor Pro Stock needs one stable sanctioning body to compete in,” Eman added, reflecting on the recent history of his class. “Having options is nice, but we saw last year how the class only split itself between two sanctioning bodies, creating a situation where neither had full fields. Hopefully we can see 18-20+ fields and make the competition as tough as possible again. That’s what makes racing fun, exciting, and gives you the ultimate bragging rights when you get the opportunity to knock out four racers on race day.


    “At the end of last season we took delivery of our brand new T&E trailer, which we only got to use at the last race, so we certainly look forward to racing out of our new trailer this entire IHRA season,” Eman continued. “We’ve come a long way since we started racing back in 2004. We have been able to acquire more assets over the course of our racing career such as a spare engine, collection of specialized tools and equipment, additional transmission etc, etc. It got to the point that if the flathead screwdriver was not in the right place the trailer door wouldn’t close. It was time for a new trailer and even having gone to just one race with the new trailer last year, it made a world of difference. So, I’m sure once we get better acclimated to the new trailer this year, it will allow us to only work more efficiently during between runs maintenance.”


    As Team Aruba moves back to the IHRA they hope to reconnect with old fans and meet new ones, as well. Their colorful pit area and welcoming smiles are always a fan-favorite no matter what organization they’re in. This year will be no different as Team Aruba continues their main objective of making the ‘One Happy Island’ famous.


    “Aside from looking forward to strong competition this year, we certainly look forward to meeting as many fans as possible. We hope to get to speak to many people both about our Mountain Motor Ford Mustang, but more importantly, about our great island destination, Aruba. Hopefully we can see a successful year for Team Aruba this year and with that have our fans come visit our ‘Happy Island’, Aruba.”


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  • Team Aruba Overcomes Adversity to Compete in Dragstock XI

    treveremanIt’s probably safe to say that of all the PDRA Extreme Pro Stock teams, Team Aruba always has the farthest to travel. As the only international entry, driver Trevor Eman and part of his crew must first fly from their home in Aruba to Charlotte, N.C. before making their way to their Union, S.C. race shop. From there they start leg two of their journey in driving to the event.

    Last week, it was this second part of the journey that nearly kept them from making it to their home stop on the PDRA tour. The team’s motorhome suffered a major parts breakage that would not be fixable in time to get them to Dragstock XI in Rockingham, N.C.

    “Getting to Rockingham was a big struggle,” told Eman. “With the motorhome out of commision, we  were unable to leave our shop on the day we wanted to travel to Rockingham. Shawn Scruggs with the Greenville, S.C. based Scruggs Transport and Towing towed our motorhome to a shop, but we were still left without a way to tow our trailer to Rockingham. After having spent some time with Shawn while he was hooking up our motorhome to his tow truck, we discussed the possibility of getting our race trailer to Rockingham, which he was kind enough to offer to help us with.

    “Sure enough, the next morning he transported our race trailer to Rockingham and both him and his son, Blake, spent the entire weekend with us, where we became better acquainted and developed a friendship.”

    Eman qualified the Aruba.com Mustang in the sixth spot with a 4.126 elapsed time at 175.64 MPH. However, when race day dawned, Mother Nature was the only winner, stealing the show and any hope of eliminations. The remainder of Dragstock will be completed at the upcoming PDRA Championship Finals, October 9-11 at Virginia Motorsports Park.

    Despite the difficulties incurred over the course of the weekend, Team Aruba was happy to participate in the event, which boasted one of the largest car and spectator counts of the year. The event was even more special for them as they welcomed special guests from Aruba.

    “With this being the track closest to our hometown location of our race shop in Union, SC, it is also the race that is easiest to get to from Aruba with a straight flight to Charlotte,” Eman explained. “Therefore, we had the pleasure of having both my uncle (father’s brother) and my great uncle join us for this race, after having spent a couple of days with us at our house and shop in Union.

    “My father was very excited about having them both join us, because my great uncle is the reason why my father and his brothers got involved in racing. So in essence, all that we have done racing wise in the U.S. is my great uncle’s fault. This was the first time my great uncle got to see what our operation consists of, and I take it he was very impressed.”

    After the rain out, Shawn Scruggs transported the Team Aruba race trailer back to their Union shop. “Team Aruba cannot thank Shawn enough for his kindness in helping us get safely to and from the track. If it wasn’t for his help, we would not have been able to even show up in Rockingham.

    “We look forward to completing the Rockingham event in a few weeks at Virginia.”

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    PDRA logoThe Professional Drag Racers Association is quickly approaching their inaugural series event. This PDRA Spring Open National Event will be held at Rockingham Dragway in Rockingham, N.C. April 3-6. This locale is rather fitting since Rockingham Dragway has been home to many history-making moments over the life of professional eighth mile drag racing. Rockingham Dragway was home to the site of the first ADRL ticket giveaway promotion at the storied Dragstock event. This marketing tactic, although initially scorned by many, proved to be highly successful. Building upon the strengths developed over the last decade of professional eighth mile racing, the PDRA is also utilizing free ticket drives to promote their brand new series. Extreme Pro Stock Team Aruba has been dedicated to their eighth mile series since a Pro Stock class came available. Now, latching on to the ‘by racers, for racers’ approach of the PDRA, Team Aruba is increasing their commitment and involvement in helping this newborn organization succeed.


    Although Team Aruba hails from their namesake country, their race shop is based out of Union, S.C, which makes the Spring Open their home stop on the PDRA tour. To help get the word out about this historical event, Team Aruba has partnered with the Union County Chamber to distribute 10,000 of the free event tickets.


    “The Rockingham race is the easiest race for folks from our U.S. home base to attend,” told team owner Ven Eman. “We hope that by distributing the PDRA’s free tickets in Union and the surrounding areas, our local fans will come see us race. It’s an excellent opportunity to be part of history in the making at the first-ever PDRA race.


    “We are glad that the PDRA has continued the free ticket distribution,” added Eman. “When this technique has been used in the past, the stands are full. Team Aruba is going to do everything in our efforts to make sure that’s the case for the Spring Open. Tickets are available to fans everywhere – even Aruba!”


    Tickets are available  in most stores in the town of Union and also through the Union County Chamber of Commerce and its members.


    “We’re very excited to run the PDRA series and to help make this organization a success,” added Trevor Eman, driver of the Aruba.com Mustang. “We hope to see all our North and South Carolina Team Aruba fans at the Spring Open.”


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    Visit www.PDRA660.com and become part of future racing.


    treveremanThe newest entity in eighth mile drag racing is quickly earning respect and making a name for itself among the industry. Now the Professional Drag Racers Association has partnered with the Pro Stock team from Aruba to name the “One Happy Island” the PDRA’s “Official Vacation Destination.”


    Due to Team Aruba’s presence in the racing industry, as well as their ongoing marketing efforts, Aruba has already become a top vacation pick for many racers, fans, sponsors and officials. With abounding positive feedback from vacationers, making the “One Happy Island” the official destination of the PDRA was a clear choice.


    PDRA Race Director, Bob Harris, believes that partnerships like this one with Team Aruba are exactly what the rising organization needs to lay the foundation for success.


    “Team Aruba’s partnership with us is a great connection for the simple fact that the PDRA is a completely racer-based organization. We’ve been racing with these guys many years now, so naming Aruba as the ‘Official Vacation Destination’ of the PDRA just makes sense. Trevor and his guys are real gentlemen and a great race team – very professional, very friendly, just great people to be around. They put a lot of time and effort into their program. Having a team like this is very instrumental in getting more support from other teams and companies down the road.”


    With many off-season changes in the world of eighth mile drag racing, racers were faced with a difficult choice of where to lay their tread in the 2014 season. For Team Aruba, PDRA was the clear choice.


    “I cannot be more excited about creating a relationship like this with a drag racing sanctioning body,” told Trevor Eman, driver of the Aruba.com Pro Stock Mustang for Team Aruba. “We are constantly trying to come up with new and creative ways of how we can promote Aruba in the US. Day after day the PDRA is showing to become a secure home for doorslammer racing. Team Aruba will commit to competing with the PDRA and we cannot wait until we get to see the PDRA in action at Rockingham.


    “We look forward to being there and cannot wait to hear the announcement over the PA mentioning Aruba as the Official Vacation Destination of the PDRA.


    “It makes the PDRA very proud that they chose to race with us,” added Harris. “This is going to be a bonding relationship and a good match for the association. We look at everybody as partners in this thing for the simple fact that it is racer owned and racer run. It means a lot to have their support and we’re proud to promote Aruba as our Official Vacation Destination.”


    dsc_1458_20130907_1816849630Trevor Eman and Team Aruba took the Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless Mustang right down broadway in somewhat tricky conditions during the final late night qualifying session at Dragstock X to land themselves in the number 15 spot in qualifying. The 4.129 elapsed time improved upon their earlier time of 4.152 and was enough to secure their spot to compete in eliminations and continue their Championship run.


    Eman will be paired with Kevin Bealko for round one. Bealko qualified number two with a 4.079.


    “Unfortunately, we had a rather frustrating day of qualifying,” told Eman. “We are happy that we are at least in the show, but our performance hasn’t been the way it usually is. Track conditions are tricky and at the same time we’re battling a small electrical gremlin that we cannot seem to pinpoint. Hopefully tomorrow we can clear up some issues with the racecar and take out Kevin Bealko in round one. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.”


    Eliminations will begin at 11am. Fans can tune in and watch live at www.adrl.us or follow Team Aruba on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news and results.


    1238819_10151903535053000_8550717_nROCKINGHAM, N.C. Sept. 6, 2013: Today the top eight Extreme Pro Stock competitors in the country lined up to do battle at Rockingham Dragway as part of the Battle for the Belts shootout. Trevor Eman and Team Aruba qualified their Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless Mustang for this prestigious race by virtue of their number four points standings in national points. They were slated to run number five man, Scott Hintz, in round one. Eman was off the line first with an .019 reaction time to Hintz .041. However, both drivers went into tire shake and a pedal fest ensued with Hintz crossing the finish line first, just .038 in front of Eman.


    While this ended Eman’s pursuit for the Belt, Team Aruba will continue their XPS Championship pursuits with tomorrow’s qualifying of Dragstock X.


    “As much as we are disappointed about losing in the shootout, we are still happy about the fact that we have had the privilege to be part of this event,” told Eman. “We’ve been racing quite some time now and being able to qualify in the top eight with the best competitors in the country shows that we have come far during the years that we have been racing. We need to put this behind us and concentrate on the race we still have to compete in tomorrow and Sunday. We still have a championship on the line so we cannot lose our concentration.


    “On another note, a sad one at that, the racing community lost a great guy this past week, Jimmy Gunther. Jimmy worked at our chassis builder, Jerry Haas Race Cars and has helped plenty of race teams over the years. Every time we would visit Jerry Haas, Jimmy was always there and always very nice to our entire team, and at the track he was a fun guy to be around. We would like to extend our sincere condolences to Jimmy’s family, all the people Jimmy worked with at Jerry Haas Race Cars and everybody that ever had the pleasure of having Jimmy help them on their race team.”


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    dsc_8279_20130609_1671428677ADRL’s Dragstock event has become legendary in its own right, and, as such, is the highlight of the year for many racers and fans. For the gang from Aruba, Dragstock is also ‘home stop’ on the tour, easily making this the biggest event of the season for the Aruba.com Extreme Pro Stock Team. Although much of the team hails from Aruba, their shop is based out of Union, S.C. – a short drive from Rockingham Dragway where Dragstock is held.


    Dragstock is a week-long event for Team Aruba, with area displays for associate sponsor Alltel Wireless in the days leading up to the event, testing on Thursday and the highly anticipated Battle for the Belts Shootout on Friday before Dragstock qualifying actually begins on Saturday.


    “This is probably the longest and busiest race of the entire 2013 ADRL Tour for us,” told driver Trevor Eman. “We really enjoy the added festivities surrounding this event. Alltel is a great sponsor and doing the displays gives us a chance to interact with our fans from Alltel, as well as spread the word about the upcoming event.


    “We’re especially looking forward to participating in the Battle for the Belts. It’s a huge privilege to qualify for such a prestigious event,” Eman said of the Shootout that takes only the top eight in points from each category. “Our goal is obviously to make three consistent and quick runs and take home the Belt. However, we have come such a long way in our Pro Stock career that just being a contender in this event is rewarding.


    “After the Battle is over on Friday, we still have major work cut out for us on Saturday and Sunday. Although we’re currently in fourth place in points, we still have an opportunity to win the Extreme Pro Stock Championship. Keeping ourselves in a position to do this will depend greatly on our performance this weekend. We have a good race car with good power; we can’t thank our chassis builder and engine builder enough. Our team is more than capable of getting the job done, so we are fully ready to do well this weekend.”


    Being close to home has its advantages and for Eman and Team Aruba, this means added support: “Rockingham is always a nice facility to race at since we can consider it our home track. So besides it being a real busy week for us, it is also the race we have probably been looking forward to the most. We always have plenty of friends from the area around our shop in Union, S.C. that join us for this race, and thanks to direct flights from Aruba to Charlotte, this race is also the easiest travel distance for our Aruba friends and family. So it will be great to have plenty of moral support on our side both from Aruba and S.C. We’re also happy to welcome Alltel representatives to Dragstock. It looks like we’ll have full pits and plenty of support! Bottom line is, we are looking forward to a great weekend of racing surrounded by great people.”


    Watch Trevor and Team Aruba at the ADRL Dragstock X this weekend via ADRL.us Live Feed.


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    dsc_0314_20120421_1717846521Driver of the Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless Mustang, Trevor Eman, has had a lot on his mind lately, not the least of which was tying the knot with longtime girlfriend Nicole. Just one short week after saying “I do” Eman and Team Aruba were back at the track, continuing their pursuit of an ADRL Extreme Pro Stock Championship at the Memphis Drags.


    “Our racecar was just awesome all weekend long,” told Eman. “The Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless Mustang made it down the track every single time. I give the whole team a lot of credit for having an awesome set up each and every run, but I also have to give credit to the Traction Twins. They did an excellent job on giving us all a superb racing surface. There was no inequality between lanes.”


    Team Aruba qualified in the top half of the field with a 4.108, only .013 off the top spot. With Mother Nature’s interference, eliminations were postponed until Sunday. Despite the ever-changing conditions, Team Aruba had their Mustang dialed in all weekend long. Eman’s round one opponent, Cary Goforth, went .001 red, but the Aruba.com Mustang wasn’t going to be an easy competitor regardless, with Eman’s .024 light and 4.10 elapsed time – quickest for the round. In round two Eman lined up against John Montecalvo. Again, the team made the right calls for conditions, going right down broadway at a 4.125 while Montecalvo was forced to lift. Team Aruba was again quickest for the round in the semi finals, laying down a 4.137. Unfortunately, Eman turned it red, leaving just .008 too early, ending their day, but regaining some ground in Championship points. Eman is now fourth in points, and has secured his spot for the Shootout held at the next event- Dragstock X, Sept 6-8 at Rockingham Dragway.


    “I must also say,” continued Eman, “that I am very happy the race became a Friday/Saturday race, because with all the rain that came in on Saturday, we were still able to finish the race on Sunday. That does not happen when races are contested on a Saturday/Sunday weekend. It would be my hope that the ADRL switch the last two races to Friday/Saturday weekends, and also consider that for the 2014 season.


    “Besides just great racing going on this past weekend, it was an even greater weekend for me personally as it has been a week now that my longtime girlfriend, Nicole and I got married. We got married the weekend before [July 27th] and even though we should have probably been on a honeymoon somewhere, we went racing.


    “The team and I would like to congratulate Doug Kirk on winning the race and also would like them to know that they will be in our thoughts when Doug’s Father, Mr. Kirk, goes in for a liver transplant operation on Friday. That must have certainly been on Doug’s mind all weekend, but he proved that the pressure was not going to stop him from winning the race. Good job Kirk family!”


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    536574_10151586403877914_1567798070_nIt’s been a big year for Team Aruba’s Trevor Eman. In May he graduated from Central Florida University. Shortly after that, at the ADRL Spring Drags, Eman and team scored their first Extreme Pro Stock win. But perhaps Eman’s most momentous event came last weekend when he tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Nicole Habibe. The two said I do on July 27th in their home country of Aruba, and while the celebration was given the attention it was due, the newlyweds quickly bid goodbye to their home, family and friends to travel abroad. The new Mr. and Mrs. were not headed for a honeymoon, however, but to Memphis, Tn. to compete in the ADRL Memphis Drags IV.


    “Our wedding day was just awesome,” told Eman. “Everything went better than we could have hoped for. Just like when we achieved our first win in Pro Stock, our wedding day is one I will cherish forever.”


    Quickly changing pace from saying “I do” to shifting gears, Eman took his Aruba.com Mustang, aptly decked with “Just Married” across the back window, down the Memphis strip to a 4.147 elapsed time. This was good enough for fifth after one round of qualifying. In round two, Eman and team picked up the pace to a 4.115, maintaining their qualifying position, but putting themselves less than two hundredths off the top pace.


    Extreme Pro Stock will have one more qualifying pass tomorrow before eliminations. The newlyweds and the entire Aruba.com gang will be looking to make tomorrow another memorable day, adding to the excitement of their incredible 2013 year.


    Watch Trevor and Team Aruba at the Memphis Drags this weekend via ADRL.us Live Feed.


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