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    2013 Racing Season
    North Star Dragway(Denton)
    King of the Hill June
    King of the Hill and Texas Automatic OutLaws May
    OutLaw Grudge Race March


    Texas Raceway

    Texas OutLaw ProMods June
    Texas OutLaw ProMods May
    Texas OutLaw ProMods April
    Test ‘n’ Tune March 24
    Texas OutLaw ProMods March
    Test ‘n’ Tune March 3
    Test ‘n’ Tune February 17
    TOPMA Banquet


  • IHRA welcomes award-winning North Star Dragway


    NORWALK, Ohio (February 1, 2013) – The International Hot Rod Association is pleased to welcome North Star Dragway and its new owner Gene Nicodemus to the family of IHRA member tracks.


    Located in Denton, Texas, the facility becomes the 15th track located in the state of Texas to join the IHRA family and was named NHRA’s Most Improved Track in 2012.


    “North Star Dragway is a great facility and one we are proud to welcome to the IHRA family,” said Frank Kohutek, IHRA Division 4 Director. “They already have a great racer base and some pretty big events and I know that owner Gene Nicodemus is dedicated to growth and making it one of the premier tracks in the state of Texas. This is an outstanding track made obvious by its recognition by the NHRA last year and one that we are very excited to have in the division.”


    North Star Dragway opened in 1995 as I-35 North Texas Dragway and over the last 18 years has undergone significant upgrades. In the early 2000’s the track was lengthened by over 800 feet making it the longest all-concrete 1/8th mile track in the state of Texas. The track has also added other amenities including a brand new timing tower, concession stands and brand new bathrooms in addition to 300,000 square feet of asphalt parking.


    In addition to being named the 2012 NHRA Most Improved Track, North Star Dragway is the reigning NHRA Division 4 Bracket Finals champions.


    It is an extremely popular facility with both the racers and the fans. Multiple outlaw events attract thousands of fans to the track during the weekends and the weekly bracket series makes North Star Dragway a premier destination for racers in and around the Dallas area. While the track is already a popular choice in the area, Nicodemus hopes to grow the track even more in 2013 and beyond.


    “We have a great lineup in 2013 and with great sponsors like Evolution Custom Auto coming on board we are dedicated to making North Star Dragway a premier racer destination while also attracting the kinds of crowds you would see at some of the bigger races out there,” Nicodemus said. “I originally helped with all of the upgrades in 2003 for the people that owned it before so I got to know a lot about the track. As a former racer and now track owner, I know what needs to be done to continue to bring racers and fans out to the track and I am dedicated to continuing that growth.”


    North Star Dragway is the first facility signed under the new IHRA ownership of Jason Rittenberry, Michael Dezer, Jospeh Lubeck and Edward Kobel and Nicodemus is excited about the possibilities created by the new ownership group.


    “We are looking forward to it, especially with the new owners of IHRA. We are excited to see what is in store,” Nicodemus said. “They seem fired up and I think they will be a good fit. When you are directly involved like they are it tends to bring a little more intensity and that intensity will be great for the growth of the IHRA.”


    For more information on the IHRA, its tracks and numerous racing programs visit www.ihra.com .


    About IHRA Motorsports

    Headquartered in Norwalk, Ohio, the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) promotes professional, semi-professional and local level racing for drivers of all levels. The Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series is a North American professional drag racing series comprised of events in major cities throughout the United States and Canada. The IHRA also oversees multiple sportsman racing programs including the Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am Tour presented by AMSOIL, Summit Racing Equipment SuperSeries presented by AMSOIL and Summit Racing Equipment Tournament of Champions presented by AMSOIL. For more information on IHRA Motorsports visit www.ihra.com.

  • Texas Automatic OutLaws at North Star Dragway June

    Texas Automatic OutLaws are taking on a international flavor with Kristinestad Finland’s Bengt Blomberg in his Firebird winning over Doug Morales Lumina in the second all nitrous Texas Automatic Outlaw finals this year at North Star Dragway in Denton, Texas, Doug had won the last Texas Automatic OutLaws race in May at North Star Dragway .

    Eleven Texas Automatic OutLaw ProMods made to the trip to North Star Dragway with several teams coming up from the Houston area. David Houser’s red Camaro made it’s competition debut since being rebuilt from a wreck suffered last year in Houston and Jay Ligon brought his Willys truck down from Wichita Falls .

    First round of qualifying saw “Cowboy” Woods Pro Charger fed Camaro lead off the pack with a 4.42 seconds elapsed time, Doug Morales Nitrous Lumina 4.65, Jay Ligon Supercharged Willys 4.67, Bengt Blomberg Nitrous Firebird 4.69, Paul Brandt Supercharged Camaro 4.98, Jeff Benham Supercharged Corvette 5.16, Dennis Hendrix Nitrous Firebird 5.52, Chuck Poindexter Chevy Luv truck 6.58, Matt Jones Nitrous Camaro 7.21, David Houser Nitrous Camaro 8.39 .

    Second round of qualifying order saw “Cowboy” Woods stay on top with his 4.42 followed by Ligon stepping up to a 4.61, Morales 4.65, Blomberg 4.69, Brandt 4.98, Benham DQ, Hendrix 5.52, Jones 6.19, Houser 6.41, Chuck Poindexter DQ .

    First Round

    Darren Inman (never made a pass), Chuck Poindexter and Jeff Benham all suffered from mechnical break downs allowing Jones and Houser into the field .

    David Houser .191 6.76 @ 71.46 def Jay Ligon Redlight (-.132) 4.59 @ 154.59
    Jay left a redlight on the tree handing David the win

    Doug Morales .168 4.73 @ 149.40 def Dennis Hendrix .477 5.49 @ 128.39
    Doug easily got the win when Dennis shut off after a Giant wheel stand

    Bengt Blomberg .027 4.65 @ 151.31 def Matt Jones .055 5.11 @ 113.98
    Matt gave it all he could but Bengt drove around mid track

    “Cowboy” Woods .033 4.45 @ 157.29 def Paul Brandt .015 4.65 @ 152.13
    Two different type of supercharged cars with Pro Charger winning this one .

    Low Elasped Time and Miles per Hour of the round “Cowboy” Woods 4.45 @ 157.29
    Best Reaction Time of the round Paul Brandt .015

    Round Two

    Bengt Blomberg .093 4.65 @ 148.61 def David Houser .000 5.45 @ 117.22
    David cut down the tree, .00 light,  but Bengt easily drove around for the win

    Doug Morales .024 4.61 @ 152.28 def “Cowboy” Woods .126 4.65 @ 152.03
    “Cowboy” was late on the light and Doug took the win

    Low Elasped Time and Miles per Hour of the round Doug Morales 4.61 @ 152.28
    Best Reaction Time of the round David Houser .000

    Final Round

    Bengt Blomberg .024 4.61 @ 152.28 def Doug Morales .080 4.60 @154.22

    The best race was saved for last Bengt had the better light, .024, and was able to hold off Doug’s faster elapsed time of 4.60 .

    Thank you to all the Fans and racers that came out to support Texas Automatic OutLaws.

    My Photo Gallery is Located >> Here <<

  • Texas Automatic OutLaws at North Star Dragway April

    Doug Morales wheeled his Lumina for the win over Chris Domino’s Grand Am in the all Nitrous final of the Texas Automatic Outlaw race at North Star Dragway in Denton Texas. The long distance award goes to Stefan Peterson from Trollhattan Sweden who was crewing on Chris Smith’s 63 Corvette we also would like to thank the Houston teams that made the trip to Denton.

    Fourteen race teams made their bid for the eight car field up with Randy Rencher leading the field with 4.30 followed by Chris Domino 4.35, Doug Morales 4.64, Darren Inman 4.64, Matt Jones 4.68, Alan Powell 4.75, Dwayne Pebworth 4.79, EJ Hickle 4.87, DNQ Rex Underwood 4.94, Chuck Poindexter 4.98, Eric Clark 5.33, Dennis Hendrix 6.52, “Cowboy” Woods 6.88 and Chris Smith 7.42. Randy Rencher broke and Rex Underwood was inserted in Rencher’s qualifying spot.

    Texas Automatic Outlaw Series will next be in action Saturday May 5 at Houston Motorsports Park Houston, Texas for the Hot Rod Happening.

    Round by Round results from Texas Automatic Outlaw Series held at North Star Dragway Denton Texas, the fourth of 15 event schedule.

    Round One

    Darren Inman 4.67 @ 151.82 def EJ Hickle 5.03 @ 148.12

    Chris Domino 4.40 @ 164.53 def Alan Powell 4.71 @ 140.71

    Matt Jones 4.69 @ 169.35 def Rex Underwood 5.05 @ 121.59

    Doug Morales 4.61 @ 153.85 def Dwayne Pebworth 4.75 @148.37

    Chris Domino had the Low ET & MPH of the round 4.40 @ 164.53

    Alan Powell had the best RT .0020

    Round Two

    Chris Domino 4.33 @ 165.81 def Darren Inman 4.63 @ 152.80

    Doug Morales 4.61 @ 153.85 def Matt Jones 4.98 @ 146.96



    Doug Morales 4.60 @ 153.22 def Chris Domino 4.43 @ 160.94

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  • North Texas Diesel, Automotive and Performance LLC Partners with North Star Dragway Sanger Texas

    North Texas Diesel LLC Partners with North Star Dragway

    Dallas, TX, February 01, 2012 –(PR.com)– In an on going effort to promote diesel, automotive and performance services, North Texas Diesel LLC of Lewisville, Texas is proud to announce their newly formed associate marketing partnership with North Star Dragway of Sanger, Texas.

    North Texas Diesel prides themselves in Professional Service, Quality Pricing. They are rapidly becoming the “Go To” repair facility of Light Duty Trucks within North Texas and Southern Oklahoma.

    “We are building our business marketing strategies,” notes North Texas Diesel’s owner, Nancy Matter. “We love drag racing and we’re working on a variety of partnerships, not only within the Diesel Repair and Performance Enhancement structure, but also away from the shop with alternative opportunities.

    “Nick Duty of North Star Dragway has been instrumental in working with us to create a cohesive opportunity that is a win / win situation and we’re looking to continue our relationship between North Texas Diesel and North Star Dragway for many years to come.”

    North Star Dragway hosts a variety of eighth mile racing for street performance through professional categories.

    North Texas Diesel hosts a one stop shop for all repairs of light duty trucks, from minor to catastrophic including high performance enhancement. On or off the track, NTX Diesel’s specialty expertise is beyond standard customer service expectations.

    North Texas Diesel, Automotive and Performance LLC
    Nancy Matter

  • 2011 Event Photos

    2011 Racing Season
    ADRL 2011
    ADRL LenMar Motorsports World Finals VII
    Dallas Raceway
    Texas OutLaw ProMods July
    North Star Dragway(Denton)
    Texas Grudge War
    Summer GrudgeFest
    Texas Raceway
    Texas OutLaw ProMods
    Texas Blown Fuel Association
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    Texas Automatic OutLaw ProMods
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    Texas OutLaw ProMods June
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