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  • Anderson Qualifies No. 8, Set for Stellar Sunday at NHRA Finals

    Greg Anderson and the white Summit Racing Chevrolet Camaro are all warmed up and ready for the final Sunday of the 2014 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series. The four-time NHRA Pro Stock world champion ultimately qualified in the No. 8 position and will race Dave Connolly in the first round, while teammate Jason Line goes to battle for a seventh season title for KB Racing and Team Summit.

    “Jason and I ended up on the same side of the ladder, and that obviously isn’t what we wanted to happen – but we’re just going to have to race as hard as we can tomorrow with our Summit Racing Chevrolet Camaros and hope for the best-case scenario,” said Anderson. Line is just 19 points – less than a single round – behind points leader Erica Enders-Stevens.

    Anderson’s first three qualifying rounds were less than hoped for, producing a best time of 6.848, but in the final session his Summit Racing Camaro picked up the pace with a much improved 6.547 at 211.89 mph. Anderson moved all the way up to eighth and in doing so was awarded a bonus qualifying point as the third-quickest pass of the session.

    “The best case for tomorrow is that Jason and Erica race each other in the final round. That would be a dream day for us and certainly a dream day for Pro Stock – and possibly the coolest finish to a Pro Stock championship ever,” said Anderson. “Everyone is going to be talking about Pro Stock tomorrow. It’s going to be fun.”

  • Anderson Starts Strong at the 60th anniversary U.S. Nationals

    GregAnderson_2Greg Anderson came to the Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals at the top of his game and on a mission, and it showed on the first day of qualifying for the 60th anniversary rendition of the event. Anderson powered his white Summit Racing Chevrolet Camaro to a strong 6.643-second pass at 208.10 mph to pick up a bonus qualifying point and earn the provisional No. 3 spot.

    With just a single run scheduled for the first day of the biggest race of the year, Anderson and his Summit Racing teammate Jason Line came out with guns blazing. Line landed in the No. 1 spot.

    “It was a good day for the Summit Racing team, and we didn’t really make a clean run with my car, but it ran pretty well and it’s a good start. We’re happy,” said Anderson, the most successful currently competing Pro Stock driver at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis with six U.S. Nationals trophies on his scorecard.

    Anderson, No. 10 in the Pro Stock standings and a round and a half ahead of 11th place Jonathan Gray, gained a valuable bonus qualifying point for his run as it was the third quickest of the session. Every mark is carefully tallied at the event, the last of the regular season before the Countdown to the Championship field is set.

    “That’s one more point than I had when I got here,” noted Anderson. “We missed it a little bit on the set-up, but the run certainly wasn’t horrible – it just wasn’t perfect. We know we can run better, and Jason showed us what we can do. It was a good start for us, and I’m not complaining at all. The confidence is a little higher for the Summit Racing team, and for me, I think Indy raises my confidence all on its own. Indy just does that to me. I love coming here. It’s a feel-good place for me. I can’t wait to come back tomorrow for more.”

    Qualifying continues on Saturday with two more sessions, with two additional runs scheduled for Sunday before Monday eliminations.

  • Anderson Recalls Important Early Lesson at U.S. Nationals

    Summit Racing pilot Greg Anderson has the best record of all currently racing Pro Stock competitors at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis with six trophies earned, and this weekend’s 60th annual Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals will provide a fresh canvas for the four-time NHRA world champion to paint another thrilling picture. This weekend, Anderson will compete for a seventh Indy Wally on the 15th anniversary of his first U.S. Nationals final.

    With just one more chance to lobby for a strong starting position in the Countdown to the Championship playoffs, Anderson, of Mooresville, N.C., enters this season’s event in the No. 10 position and on a steady upswing. Although he faltered a bit two weeks ago in Brainerd, the 74-time national event winner is prepared to bounce back and continue the climb.

    The hallowed grounds at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis were where Anderson earned his first ticket to the final round. In 1999 he made his way to a money-round match with veteran driver and former boss Warren Johnson. Making it so far on raceday at such a prestigious event was not lost on Anderson, but he was quickly brought back to reality.

    “I got whupped,” said Anderson with a laugh. “We were having a magical day, and I really, really believed we could win that race. But then we ran Warren Johnson in the final, and I looked like the rookie I was. He whupped my butt pretty good – I thought we were going to win Indy with a Cinderella story, but he had a different idea.

    “There was a difference in the lanes, if I remember correctly, and he sniffed it out and showed me who was boss. That showed me that it takes more than just a lucky day to win a race. You need experience. It was a lesson learned. It took some time to recover, but I got better because of it, and that was probably my launching pad and what made this all set sail.”

    As of late, Anderson and his determined KB Racing team have seen their two Summit Racing Chevrolet Camaros gain performance, and Anderson has logged his best qualifying efforts of the year in the last four races. Three times this season he has raced to the final round, including just a few weeks ago in Seattle when he fell to Summit Racing teammate Jason Line.

    “I feel very good about our performance right now,” said Anderson. “We’ve had a couple of good test days, and it’s basically come down to the final event to lock in our spot. We’re No. 10 right now, and if [No. 11] Jonathan Gray wants this spot, he’s going to have to whup me to earn it. It’s come down to the end like I thought it would, and it should be a great challenge. May the best man win.”

  • Anderson Makes Final Round, Moves into Top 10 at Northwest Nationals

    The NHRA Northwest Nationals was a very productive race for Greg Anderson and the Summit Racing team, and the efforts of the group as a whole equated to an all-Summit Racing final round, the first since 2012. For Greg Anderson as a driver, though, the high point was breaking into the top 10 in the NHRA Pro Stock standings for the first time this year with just two races remaining in the regular season.

    “There is no pressure relieved, you can’t back off now; I have a very small lead, and we have two races left,” said No. 10 Anderson. “Anything can happen, and I still have to find a way to win a race. I want to win a race before the Countdown to the Championship starts. I want to feel like I’ve earned the position, and I know that this team is very capable of it. I was close today, and I felt like I had a great chance. I didn’t get it done, but there were a lot of positives this weekend. The list is long.”

    Anderson qualified in the No. 5 position, already making a statement that he was here in Seattle on business. The 74-time national event winner automatically got the nod in the first round when Deric Kramer fouled out at the starting line. Anderson raced ahead with a 6.556 at 211.63 mph, the fastest speed of the round. With lane choice over Jeg Coughlin in round two, the Mooresville, N.C.-based Anderson and his Rob Downing-led crew made the right decision; it came down to a 6.571 win over Coughlin, whose parachutes came out early on the run. Anderson’s speed was a boisterous 211.30, again the fastest speed of the round.

    Loss of lane choice proved inconsequential in the semifinals, as opponent Allen Johnson had mechanical troubles in the opposite lane, allowing Anderson an easy yet powerful win; his 6.586 at 210.90 in the white Summit Racing Chevrolet Camaro was quickest and fastest of the round and good for lane choice over teammate Line in the final.

    Line launched first but only by .005-second, and Anderson made the quicker pass but missed the win light by just .002-second. Line’s 6.611 at 210.67 defeated Anderson’s 6.608, 210.54.

    “It was a great weekend,” said Anderson. “I have to find a way to do a little bit better, but for the KB Racing team and for Summit Racing, this was a great weekend. I’m disappointed that I didn’t win today, but Jason did his job. He did what we pay him to do – win races. I’ll get over it, and we really feel so positive leaving this race. I just feel good. I have one more hurdle to get over, but that long list of positives outweighs anything negative.”

  • Anderson Sees Opportunity in Seattle’s Northwest Nationals

    Greg Anderson entered the 2014 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing season at a disadvantage after missing the first five races of the season, but he has steadily chipped away at the distance separating him from a position in the prestigious top 10. This weekend, as the tour hits Seattle for the 27th annual NHRA Northwest Nationals at Pacific Raceways, Anderson is closer than ever and less than one round outside of 10th with three races to go before the Countdown to the Championship field is set.

    Anderson’s Summit Racing teammate Jason Line secured a berth in the Countdown to the Championship playoffs last week to complement his Sonoma victory, and the power of the KB Racing team is evident. Line set low elapsed time and top speed of the meet, and Anderson qualified a season-high fourth. On raceday, Anderson used one of the quickest runs of the round to advance, and he missed the win light by just .007-second in round two. There is no denying the determination of the Summit Racing team.

    “Right now the battle is really between Jonathan Gray and us, because last week V. Gaines did his job and moved up in the points, and we have fairly even cars. It’s going to come down to the end,” said Anderson. “There is really only one spot up for grabs right now, and he sure wants it – but so do we. Badly. The whole team wants it, and we didn’t want to go home and rest between last race and this one coming up, we wanted to get right back out there and fight for it. We’re glad to have another opportunity this week in Seattle, and the Summit Racing Camaros are running very, very well. Jason’s win last weekend was very good for us as a team, and the best thing that could happen now is to get back to the winner’s circle with my car and put this points deal behind us.”

    Returning to the sea level Pacific Raceways places Anderson in a position to achieve; he has a good record in Seattle with three victories in four final round appearances, and last season he logged a top half qualifying effort and a semifinals finish there. Heading into this season’s Northwest Nationals, Anderson has a respectable scorecard that includes two trips to the final round and one of the best driving reputations in the category as a racer who regularly leaves the starting line first.

    “We like all of those trees in Seattle because they provide oxygen for these naturally aspirated engines we run in our hot rods,” said Anderson. “The racing surface can be a challenge when the sun comes out, but it’s certainly one that we’ve mastered before and one that we’re up for as a team. I look to Seattle to be a good race for Team Summit, and I hope it’s the place where we can get into the top 10 and have a fighting chance for that big trophy at the end of the season.”

    Prior to the trip to Seattle, Anderson and Line are spending two days in Reno, Nev., for Hot August Nights, a tremendous event that brings thousands of vintage cars together with a classic rock and roll soundtrack. The annual nostalgic festivities are a favored destination point for sponsor Summit Racing Equipment, and the timing is finally perfect for their Pro Stock drivers to take in the activities, meet fans, and soak up the car culture that resides at the heart of their respective racing careers.

    “Hot August Nights is something Jason and I have both been looking forward to, and it’s a really neat deal to be part of. It’s something we’ve never been able to do, and to go down there and represent Summit Racing is going to be a very good time,” said Anderson. “We have had a lot of really neat opportunities over the years being associated with Summit Racing, and this is another one for us. I’m sure we’ll bring back some good stories and make some memories. It’s a great start to what will hopefully be a really great weekend for us.”

  • European Pro Stock Champion Jimmy Alund to Drive for KB Racing on Mello Yello Drag Racing Series Tour

    JimmaEight-time FIA Pro Stock champion Jimmy Alund will be piloting a Summit Racing Equipment/KB Racing Camaro for the first six events of the 2014 NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series.


    Alund will be driving Greg Anderson’s Summit Racing Camaro beginning with the 54th annual Circle K NHRA Winternationals, February 6-9 at Auto Club Raceway in Pomona, California. Anderson will be out of the driver’s seat for the first three months of the season due to scheduled surgery.


    “It’s really not a big deal,” Anderson explained about his condition. “I was born with a bicuspid aortic heart valve (two valve openings instead of three). It’s something we’ve kept track of over the years, and my doctor has decided it’s time to make some repairs so I stay in good shape. I will miss the first few races of the season, but once the doctor says I’m good to go, I’m gonna be right back at it looking for another Pro Stock championship.”


    Alund is one of the most successful Pro Stock drivers in Europe, winning championships each year from 2004 through 2009 as well as 2011 and 2013. In 2013, the Swedish racer qualified Number One at all six events of the FIA European Championships season, won five of those six events, and reset the Pro Stock ET and Top Speed records (6.534 seconds, 213.31 miles per hour).


    Part of Alund’s winning formula was the KB Racing engine under the hood of his 2012 J&J Performance Camaro. It was that connection and Alund’s 2013 performance that got him the nod to drive the Summit Racing Camaro while Greg Anderson recuperates.


    “I’m really honored to be a part of this organization,” Alund said about KB Racing. “I have some big shoes to fill—Greg is one of the best Pro Stock drivers in the world, bar none. I believe that I’m up to the challenge, though. I’m looking forward to helping KB Racing win another championship.”


    “Just like Greg and Jason Line, I’m a hands-on guy—I work on my own race car alongside my team,” Alund continued. “I hope my experience will be valuable to the KB Racing team. It always helps to have a new set of eyes on the car.”


    Alund has competed in NHRA Pro Stock Racing before, running several national events during the 2010 season. The experience gave him a taste of what American professional class drag racing is all about.


    “In the U.S., you are running against the best of the best,” Alund explained. ”After all, this is the home of drag racing, so you expect that. We don’t race full-time in Europe like the pro teams do here, but racing is racing—we are just as competitive as the racers in America. This is a great opportunity for me to show that to American race fans.”


    Alund will be testing in Phoenix, Arizona prior to the season-opening Circle K NHRA Winternationals. He and teammate Jason Line will begin the Winternationals with two qualifying sessions on Friday, February 7.


    For more information on Jimmy Alund and J&J Performance, visit www.jimmyalund.com/index.php.

  • Anderson Vying for Event Win with a New Attitude at Season Closer

    GregAnderson_20Drag Racing is a self-induced, high-pressure situation, but Summit Racing Pro Stock driver Greg Anderson has been under tremendous pressure over the course of the 2013 season of NHRA’s Mello Yello Drag Racing Series. This weekend, though, the pressure is off at the 49th annual Auto Club NHRA Finals at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona.


    “You know, you always have hope, but this weekend I think we’re going into it with a little bit of a different mindset,” said Anderson. “At least I will be. The pressure will be off. It will be one of those races where you can just go and enjoy yourself, have fun, and not worry about the points. Those are pretty rare, and you’d certainly rather be in the hunt for the championship, but it looks like that’s what we’re going to have this weekend in Pomona. Maybe that low-pressure situation will work in our favor, and I’ll finally be able to put my Summit Racing Chevrolet Camaro in the winner’s circle again.”


    For Anderson, the 2013 season has been one riddled with a brand of challenge to which he is completely unfamiliar. For the first time in 13 years, the four-time Pro Stock world champion is heading into the last race on the tour without a win. He is currently No. 8 in the series standings.


    The location of this final race of the 2013 Mello Yello Series is a bright beacon for Anderson, who has enjoyed much success at the hallowed facility in the heart of Southern California, where the idea of racing on the dragstrip instead of the street grew roots in the early days of the sport.


    Of Anderson’s remarkable 74 national event wins with KB Racing, 10 were recorded in Pomona. A five-time winner in five NHRA Finals money rounds, the Mooresville, N.C.-based Pro Stock veteran also has five wins in six finals at the Winternationals, the traditional season-opener at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona. Notably, Anderson, who has held six national records for elapsed time over the course of his career as well as five national records for speed, recorded a then mind-blowing 6.528 jaunt down the quarter-mile at the 2009 Winternationals to become the new world record holder.


    “If I’m going to find a way to keep my streak alive [of winning a race every year since 2001], this is as good of a chance as I could ask for,” said Anderson. “We love this racetrack. Just love it. We had a week off after the last race in Las Vegas, and we took that time to look back and study. We think we have a good game plan, and we expect the Summit Racing Camaros to run well.


    “It looks like the weather will be relatively cool, and that’s been our cup of tea there the last several years. If the weather is cool there, the cars will be fast – and we love to run those big speeds. We’ve had a ton of success there in Pomona, both with Jason’s car and mine. It’s always exciting, it’s a feel-good track for us, and it’s just a great way to end the year.”

  • Anderson a Top Half Qualifier in Red Summit Racing Camaro in Vegas

    Summit Racing Pro Stock driver Greg Anderson had little trouble settling back into the red Summit Racing Chevrolet Camaro and proved as much during qualifying for the NHRA Toyota Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The red car has been parked since just after the event in Phoenix at the beginning of the 2013 season of NHRA’s Mello Yello Drag Racing Series, but Anderson hopped right in and clocked four runs straight down the quarter-mile track to earn a start from the No. 8 position.


    Anderson moved back to the red car and handed the white Summit Racing Camaro to teammate Jason Line following a crash during testing before the event that took the silver car out of commission.


    “This red Summit Racing Camaro is a good car, and it fits like a glove,” said Anderson, who opened qualifying with a 6.678 at 207.18 mph and followed up with a 6.674, 207.15. On day two of the event, the 74-time national event winner and four-time Pro Stock world champion put a 6.653, 208.17 on the scoreboard in the opening session and closed out qualifying with a 6.666, 207.11.


    In two of the four rounds, Anderson’s passes were nearly identical to Line’s in terms of e.t. – Line was 6.673 at the top end in the white car in the second qualifier, and his 6.653 matched Anderson’s to the thousandth in the third session.


    “We proved it once again: there is no magic in any car. It’s just a matter of rubbing it the right way and getting the right set-up,” Anderson continued. “Each builder out here does a great job with these cars, it just comes down to the decisions we make and how the driver lets his foot off the clutch.”


    Anderson will race No. 9 qualifier Vincent Nobile in the first round of eliminations on Sunday. The friendly rivals have met six times on raceday so far this season, with Nobile coming out ahead four times. Anderson was the victor in their two most recent meetings and ousted his challenger in the first round in both St. Louis and at the fall race in Charlotte.


    For Anderson, sending Nobile away empty handed on Sunday in Las Vegas is the important first step towards winning his first event of the season with only two more chances to accomplish the goal. Anderson has not had a year without a win since the 2000 season. Anderson is currently No. 7 in the series standings, and fellow KB Racing driver Line is No. 3 in the points.


    “I would love to find a way to beat Jason’s competition for the championship, but it is also very important to me to win a race this year,” admitted Anderson. “It would be very disappointing to me to finish the year without winning a race. I’m not going to dwell on it, and I still have two chances. Hopefully, I can get it done tomorrow.”

  • Anderson Back in Red Summit Racing Camaro in Las Vegas

    GregANdersonBMThe expression “change is good” has held true for the Summit Racing Pro Stock duo of Greg Anderson and Jason Line in the past, and at this weekend’s 13th annual NHRA Toyota Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the group that shares six NHRA series championships is counting on history to repeat itself.


    When Line’s silver Summit Racing Chevrolet Camaro was damaged beyond immediate repair in a significant crash during a private test session two weeks ago, the timing was less than ideal with just two NHRA events left to gain championship points. The resourceful team quickly hatched a plan: Line, currently third in the Pro Stock standings and just 50 points back from first place, would slide in behind the wheel of KB Racing’s white Camaro – a car that Anderson had driven since its debut at Bristol Dragway this summer – and Anderson would return to the comfortable seat of a very special car, the red Summit Racing Camaro he debuted in Englishtown in 2012.


    “We’ve had a lot of turmoil and shake-ups since the last race, but if you look back, most times when the KB Racing team has done a swap-a-roo it’s worked out well for us,” said Anderson, who made history with the red Chevrolet Camaro when he drove it to victory in its Englishtown debut. It was the first Pro Stock win for a Camaro in over a decade and the 100th win for KB Racing.


    “We haven’t run the red Summit Racing Camaro since earlier this year in Phoenix, but Buddy Perkinson has been driving the blue version of this same car lately and will do so again this weekend, and we’ve been able to learn a lot. The cars ran very well in testing, and to be honest, this adds a certain level of excitement for us. It’s a neat opportunity, and we think it’s going to rejuvenate us, give us new life and renew our desire to show everyone that we aren’t a one-trick pony team. We have grit and fortitude, and we believe that we can recover from this mishap and actually turn it into an opportunity.”


    The twice-yearly events at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway are always eagerly anticipated for the KB Racing group. Team owners Ken and Judy Black are based in Las Vegas, and the Summit Racing team has garnered success there with regularity. Anderson has earned more Las Vegas wins than any other driver in the exceptionally competitive Pro Stock category and has seven trophies earned at the facility in nine final rounds. He has also been very fast during qualifying and has five times been the No. 1 qualifier.


    “I’ve always loved going to Vegas; it’s probably the most exciting race on the tour,” said Anderson, currently No. 7 in the series standings. “At this time of year, there is a lot on the line – and we are certainly up to the challenge.”


  • Anderson Reaches the Semifinals in Reading

    Pro Stock driver Greg Anderson continued to gather round wins in his sleek Summit Racing Chevrolet Camaro at this weekend’s Auto-Plus NHRA Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway, and the two-time Reading winner visited the semifinals for the second NHRA event in a row. Anderson was once again remarkable in the driver’s seat in his quest to win his first race of the season and fell just one round short of a fourth career final round in scenic Reading.


    Following four respectable qualifying runs, Anderson came into raceday in the No. 11 position and fired off a .013-second reaction time to gain an important advantage in his first-round meeting with Richie Stevens Jr., a driver he hadn’t raced since the NHRA Finals in 2008.


    Anderson won their match on a holeshot, 6.607 to 6.605, and advanced to the second round, where he was .014 at the tree to a red-lighting Mike Edwards, one of the lead contenders for the top spot. In the end, Anderson could only be stopped by Allen Johnson, who ran a low of the round 6.595 to better his 6.633 in the semifinals.


    “The semis any day is a good day, but it’s still obviously short of where we want to be,” said Anderson, who stayed seventh in the Mello Yello Drag Racing Series Pro Stock standings. “I gained a few points on some of the competitors around me, but I had a two-part goal this weekend: I was trying to win the race and trying to help Jason Line win a championship.”


    Anderson’s defeat of Edwards in the second round was certainly a critical round for Summit Racing as his teammate Line is No. 3 in the points and just five points behind Edwards – and, most importantly, 50 points out of first place.


    “Anyone can win the championship, but it’s going to take absolute perfection to win,” Anderson continued. “The driver, the engine, the car, nothing can be off. If you want it, you’ll have to find a way to be perfect from here on out. We’re still in the battle with Jason’s car, and we’ve got two weekends off to go test and find what we think we may be missing with my car so that I can win a race before the year is through and help my teammate. Competition is at an all time high out here, but this year isn’t over yet.”