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  • Black Diamond Motorsports heads to U.S. Drags VI


    John DeFlorian looks to climb back into the Number One position for American Drag Racing League (ADRL) 2013 Tour Championship Points at Virginia Motorsports Park. DeFlorian is only two rounds out of unseating Trevor Eman from the top position. Both DeFlorian and Eman have qualified number one and won an event out the last two events that ADRL have completed.

    KevinBealkoKevin Bealko has been on the move this year chipping away at the exceptionally tough extreme pro stock field. Bealko has had to meet his teammate DeFlorian in first round of competition at two events with each gaining a victory over the other but both are looking forward to meeting in the finals. Bealko is looking forward to the opportunity to test Friday at Virginia Motorsports Park, a day before the event, with a track prepped similar to race conditions with the intent to capitalize on getting a jump on the weekend’s competition.

    What: 2013 ADRL Tour presented by Speedtech Event #4 ADRL Simply Phones U.S. Drags VI

    Where: Virginia Motorsports Park | 8018 Boydton Plank Rd. | Petersburg, VA 23803 | 804-862-3174 |http://www.vmpdrag.com/Drag-Home.html

    When: Saturday – Sunday, June 8 – 9, 2013

    Black Diamond Motorsports Team holds both the Elapsed Time and Mile per Hour records and were the first team to exceed 180 miles per hour in the eighth-mile .

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    75942_10151344529858000_305185960_nTeam Aruba’s capture of their first ADRL Extreme Pro Stock victory warranted victory celebrations from Cordova, Ill. to Union, S.C. to south of the equator where the country of Aruba gave perhaps the loudest victory shout yet. The Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless team was greeted at the airport by family, friends, racers, fans and media. TV and radio stations were even live on air for their triumphant arrival. The team, whose humble demeanor belies their success, was blown away by this reception and is still wrapping their heads around the glory of their long awaited victory.


    “I could not believe the amount of people who have and are still congratulating us on our recent win,” told driver Trevor Eman. “The response received from all of Team Aruba’s fans after winning the race has been phenomenal. Our home country gave us an incredible welcome. Aruba was so proud of our achievement. It is truly a wonderful feeling when you are supported by your country. I cannot thank Aruba enough for standing behind us the way they do.


    “Needless to say, we are still feeling that winning high. The support has overwhelmed us and boosted our confidence even more. It’s wonderful that we are going into Virginia as points leaders. Our goal for the weekend will be to leave there as points leaders. We certainly have a team capable of doing this. All the guys on the team are on their game and together we have a good fast race car to compete with.”


    The ADRL U.S. Drags VI will be contested June 8-9 at Virginia Motorsports Park. Trevor Eman does take the points lead into this event, 99 points ahead of John Pluchino and 202 points ahead of Pete Berner, who are number two and three respectively.


    “Now that we’ve had a taste of victory we are even more excited to compete in Extreme Pro Stock with the world’s best Mountain Motor teams. We’re also very excited that bangshift.com will be streaming this event live. Fans can watch us live by logging onto bangshift or by following the links on ADRL.us. We love the fact that our fans will be able to watch us in real time, even if they can’t make it to Virginia. This allows people from all over the world to keep up with ADRL Drag Racing and provides tremendous exposure for our sponsors. We’re very excited to have the live feed available and hope all of our fans will tune in to cheer us on!”


    Tune into the U.S. Drags this weekend via ADRL.us.


    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing.

    Find race results, team updates, videos and photos. Also leave your comments to cheer on Team Aruba!


    For more on your Aruba vacation visit www.Aruba.com and www.Destination-Magazines.com.


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  • Waddle to Debut Hurco Backed 2013 Extreme Pro Stock Mustang

    waddle-rig-hurco-3Brad Waddle is set to make his debut in his new 2013 Jerry Haas Race Cars Mustang. But it’s what will be on the side of the car that has the Extreme Pro Stock (XPS) driver just as excited.
    Waddle and his Innovators West race team are pleased to announce a partnership with Hurco, a leading machine tool supplier worldwide. The Hurco logo will be on the side of Waddle’s new black Mustang, where it will debut June 7-8 at the American Drag Racing League (ADRL) U.S. Drags at Virginia Motorsports Park in Richmond, Virginia.
    “Hurco is a great group of people and we’re really thrilled about this partnership,” Waddle said. “They’re coming into the racing scene, and having them on our car is only going to increase brand awareness to all these racers and fans.
    “Our team is trying to show them what participating in drag racing can do for their business, and we’re trying to focus on brand recognition. Their market is race fans and race teams, and their equipment is designed for a lot more hands-on use, making it really oriented to fans or hot rodders. I think this is going to work out really well.”
    Waddle, a veteran in the ADRL’s Extreme Pro Stock category, has been involved with Hurco for the past five years through Innovators West.
    The company has purchased five Hurco CNC Lathes and Mills from Hurco, significantly improving machining efficiency that has led to significant results.
    “Their products have allowed us to take on even more business and really grow the company,” Waddle said. “Hurco has an incredible line of machine tools that produce our parts and components with precision, quality and the speed we require. “Without question, they are essential to the continued growth of Innovators West.”
    The U.S. Drags marks the ADRL’s annual visit to Virginia, and Waddle will have ample opportunity to showcase the Hurco name to the expected capacity crowd. “It’s really going to be a great opportunity to spread the Hurco name,” Waddle said. “Virginia Motorsports Park is an outstanding facility and is a great location for us to debut our new car and our partnership with Hurco.”
    Waddle has plans to run the remainder of the 2013 ADRL schedule, taking the Hurco Mustang to Michigan, Memphis, Houston and several other locations. The Innovators West race team and Hurco will also attend the 2013 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show at Indianapolis in December, hoping to draw even more drag racing interest to the growing machine tool supplier business.
    A strong racing weekend in Richmond will keep eyes on Waddle and his Mustang right off the bat, and Waddle is already high on the potential of his new XPS car.
    “I think the car will be good right out of the gate. The car looks amazing and Jon Kaase (Racing Engines) have done a great job building the engine,” Waddle said. “I’m looking forward to a lot of power and a brand new car, and I think we should see some results pretty fast.”
    For more information on Hurco, visit www.hurco.com.


    TreverEmanCordovaWhen Mother Nature ended the ADRL Georgia Drags after qualifying, Extreme Pro Stock number one qualifier, Trevor Eman and Team Aruba, were disappointed to not defend their position in eliminations. At this weekend’s ADRL Spring Drags they’ve given themselves another chance, once again taking over the top spot in XPS.


    In just the first qualifying shot, the Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless Mustang laid down an impressive 4.099. That number would be good enough to keep them on top through all four rounds of qualifying. Heading into the event, Team Aruba was determined to defend the number one position that got cut short at the Georgia Drags. That determination paid off, and they will once again be on the pole for race day.


    “We are thrilled with our performance,” told Eman. “We have put in a tremendous amount of hard work to be a front running team and to finally be here feels really good.”


    521890_10151679731918000_1431904714_nThe team from the “happy island” had some Aruban visitors cheering them on to this success. Synchronized swimming gold medalist, Anouk Eman, and Aruba Prime Minister, Mike Eman, were both on hand to witness Team Aruba’s run to the top of the pack.


    “We loved having Anouk and Mike with us,” added Eman. “We had a great celebration with them on Friday night and are really celebrating now after today’s performance.”


    The eight car XPS field is separated by only four hundredths of a second going into eliminations, making for some impressive matchups on race day. Eman will face off against Brian Gahm, who qualified with a 4.139.


    “With a field this tight, it’s anyone’s game on race day,” Eman continued, “but grabbing that coveted number one spot for the second event in a row has certainly boosted our confidence. We know we have what it takes to get to the winner’s circle tomorrow, and we hope to keep that good island energy flowing to bring a trophy home to Aruba!”

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    dsc_1001_20120421_1239635177UNION, S.C. March 4, 2013:  Spending the off season in Aruba certainly has its perks, but Trevor Eman and the Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless Extreme Pro Stock Team are now back stateside and visions of sandy beaches are quickly being replaced with shining trophies as they prepare for this weekend’s ADRL Dragpalooza IX.

    “After a demanding race season a break to regroup and refocus is always needed,” told Eman. “We are just fortunate enough to do it that in our island paradise home. An Aruban vacation would do every drag racer good. Now, however, it’s time to buckle down and prepare ourselves to do some winning this season.

    “The car went back to Jerry Haas Race Cars for some updates this winter, and also to SD Enterprises paint shop to have the paint job touched up where necessary. We’ve gone over the car thoroughly ourselves to make sure everything is completely ready. We’re ready to tackle another race season!”

    Alltel Wireless is joining the Aruba.com Mustang for the third straight season. Trevor and team will be on display at the Alltel Wireless store in Rockingham, N.C. on Wednesday March 6th.

    “We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Alltel back with us for the third straight year,” added Eman. “It is certainly a morale booster when a sponsor has the confidence to support you for three years in a row. I hope that all the fans will come by the Alltel Wireless display. Stop by to check out Alltel’s newest deals and show your support!”

    With the newly formed X-DRL, there are now two eighth mile drag racing series available to Extreme Pro Stock teams for the first time ever. Eman and team have hopes to run some of both series:

    “We are going to commit to the ADRL series and run a couple of X-DRL races that work out easily in our travels between the ADRL races. The traveling back and forth to Aruba in between races will make it difficult to hit them all, but we’re excited for what both of these series have to offer this year.

    “The whole team is very eager to get the season started. The team chemistry I feel is working real well, and I think that will show this season with some positive results. We have support from all over – even the airport! By this time, many people at the airport in Aruba know us and they are cheering us on and wishing us luck. That is certainly very motivating. They want to see us take home the trophy just as bad as we do.

    “We just can’t wait to get to the track this weekend!”

    Join team Aruba on March 6th at:

    Alltel Wireless

    1788 E Broad Ave


    PeteBernerSCRETE, Ill. March 1, 2013:  Just in time for the promising 2013 season, CarSafe is coming on board the Summit Racing Equipment Extreme Pro Stock Camaro of Pete Berner in a major associate sponsorship role. This new partnership has Berner more excited than ever for the approaching season.

    “We’re obviously thrilled Mark Eckman and CarSafe are joining our team,” Berner relayed. “I appreciate the opportunity they are giving me. Along with our new Crew Chief, Tom Pierson, I look forward to the added expertise and experience our team will have this year. We’ve not only become partners in this season but friends as well. Mark and Tom are helping me regain the level of focus I needed to win Championships. Now, things are turning around, and I believe we have the best team in the ranks and the right combination to have a chance at two championships in 2013.”

    As he alluded to, CarSafe’s added support is giving Berner and team the opportunity to run both the ADRL and XDRL. Mark Eckman and the CarSafe company have had an impressive showing with their involvement in XPS over the last three years. Eckman looks to continue that success with Berner.

    “When we choose to no longer be an XPS team owner, our focus shifted to brand awareness of CarSafe,” Eckman said of his XPS endeavors. “We are extremely excited with the opportunity to work with Pete Berner and the Team Summit XPS Camaro. Pete is a past Champion and our focus is to get him there again.

    “This year CarSafe wants to create a strong awareness of the quality products we have available, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing a vehicle breakdown will not set race fans back. Pete and Cheryl Berner are true professionals and extremely competitive. They have aligned themselves with companies that exude professionalism, customer care and the best products on the market. These are values that CarSafe holds in high esteem as well, and we’re happy to be on board with such a quality team. CarSafe is excited to run for the Championship in both ADRL and the newly formed XDRL with Pete Berner Racing.”

    “We’ll be testing next week in preparation for the Dragpalooza IX at Rockingham,” added Berner. “A lack of horsepower has never been our problem. Jerry [Jonota] and Mike [Slaviero] have been doing an awesome job in the engine shop. With a few bugs worked out, we’re hoping to come out running in front. With CarSafe added to our wonderful team of sponsors – Summit, Braswell Carburetors, Hoosier Tires, RJ Race Cars, Ram Clutches, Penske, and Aeromotive – we now have all that much more resolve to do well and get back to racing the way we used to! I haven’t been this determined in a long time, and the entire team is passionate about this season!”

  • Black Diamond Motorsports launch of its partnership with The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity

    BlkDiaCC2Bridgeport, WV – Black Diamond Motorsports, the nationally acclaimed Extreme Pro Stock Motorsports team is proud today to announce the launch of its partnership with The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.  Under the sponsorship, Black Diamond Motorsports will feature ACCCE logos and members of the team will be coordinating with ACCCE to both inform and educate Americans about the importance of coal-based electricity to our nation.


    “We’re proud to partner with American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity to continue to raise awareness for the importance of coal and how 21st Century Coal equals Jobs,” said Kevin Bealko, a Coal Mining Executive and owner-operator of Black Diamond Motorsports.


    Evan Tracey Senior Vice President of Communications at ACCCE stated, “We are proud to be working with folks at Black Diamond Motorsports.  This level of grassroots support for the coal-based electricity industry is exactly what is needed to help keep America on track.”


    Black Diamond Motorsports achieved national recognition in June 2012. While qualifying in front of a home-town crowd at Gateway Motorsports Park, John Deflorian, builder of both cars and driver of the second car, recorded the World Record for fastest Elapsed Time of 4.01 seconds while, at the same time set a World Record speed of 179.90 miles per hour in the 1/8th-mile distance. In July 2012, John added another accolade for Black Diamond Motorsports by winning American Drag Racing League’s Extreme Pro Stock class at Martin, Michigan.


    Over this summer and fall, the ACCCE sponsored team will be traveling to races all over the US participating in events with drivers Kevin Bealko and John DeFlorian “We are extremely proud to fly the ACCCE colors on our 2012 Jerry Haas GXP”, states team owner Bealko. “We will be racing in both the X-Treme Drag Racing League and American Drag Racing League. Both of these leagues will be a great venue for Black Diamond Motorsports to reach out to American families about the important role that coal plays in delivering affordable, reliable power for American families and businesses. We’re excited to talk with all our drag racing fans about how coal keeps electricity affordable, reliable and increasingly clean. We have every intention to win a World Championship for our new partner America’s Power,” states Bealko.


    Please “like” Americas Power on Facebook to learn more about 21st Century clean coal technology and Black Diamond Motorsport on Facebook