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  • AMSOIL, Deans Casing, and Black Diamond Motorsports team up for the 2016 IHRA Pro Stock season

    1402280_615242121847867_83727292_oAMSOIL, Deans Casing and Black Diamond Motorsports have formed an alliance to win the 2016 International Hot Rod Association™ (IHRA) Pro Stock Championship. Due to the downtrend in the Energy Business and the long lasting relationship between the GoForth’s and the Bealko family, it was a very easy decision for Deans Casing Service, AMSOIL, and Black Diamond Motorsports to join forces for the 2016 IHRA Pro Stock Season.


    AMSOIL, who is First in Synthetics, will be continuing its support of Black Diamond Motorsports as it has for the last 2 years. The partnership with AMSOIL provides Synthetic products and support that hold up well in the extreme environment that Mountain Motor Pro Stock engines, transmission and rear gears experience and will continue to expand with this new alliance . Black Diamond Motorsports Cars and Trailer proudly fly the AMSOIL colors at every event.


    Dean GoForth and Kevin Bealko have decided to step out of the driving seats for the 2016 race season and combine their collective efforts and resources into one team with two cars. Cary Goforth, a Multi-World Champion, and current IHRA champion and John DeFlorian, current elapsed time and mile per hour record holder, multi-event winner and shop foreman at Jerry Haas Race Cars will be the drivers in this alliance. These two drivers will combine their knowledge on winning coupled with record setting performances to make a formidable team .

    This on the heels that:
    IRG Sports + Entertainment™ (IRGSE), parent company to the International Hot Rod Association™ (IHRA); announced that Mike Dunn has been installed as President of the IHRA organization in advance of the complete reorganization of the company and its various operations. The current 2016 IHRA Drag Racing Series is serving as an interim year between the current format and the restructuring format which will be announced throughout the 2016 season.


  • McIntire, Goforth, Turner, Byrum, Larsen win IHRA Nitro Jam series season opener at Southwestern International Raceway

    The first race of the 2015 International Hot Rod Association’s

    Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series season now is in the record books. Fans at Southwestern International Raceway in Tucson, Ariz., were treated to an exciting show as Mike McIntire (AMSOIL Nitro Funny Car), Cary Goforth U.S. Bounty Hunters Pro Stocks), Jay Turner (Nitro Harley-Davidsons), Lyle Byrum (CIFCA Funny Cars) and Elaine Larsen (Jet Dragsters) scored impressive wins at the Good Vibrations Nitro Jam Southwestern Nationals presented by Budweiser.

    AMSOIL NITRO FUNNY CAR: McIntire, of Mentor, Ohio, set a new IHRA Nitro Funny Car world record when he made a blistering pass of 5.680 seconds (256 miles per hour) in his new “McAttack” second-generation Camaro during the third round of qualifying and backed it up with a run of 5.708 seconds (251.06 miles per hour) during the second round of eliminations.

    McIntire defeated Jason Rupert of Yorba Linda, Calif., in the AMSOIL Nitro Funny Car final, when his opponent fouled (“red-lit”) on the starting line. McIntire caught a break as his car’s burst panel activated as broken parts scattered from the orange Chevrolet after leaving the starting line. For the record books, McIntire crossed the finish line at 13.555 seconds (62.89 miles per hour).

    When asked if he thought he would set a new Nitro Jam Funny Car record at this event, McIntire simply replied, “No. We were just doing our normal deal and it just happened to happen. My crew, I couldn’t do it without them. My wife, it’s a family deal, friends, all volunteers. You couldn’t ask for anything better.”

    To face Rupert in the AMSOIL Nitro Funny Car final, McIntire defeated Will Martin in the first round and Kris Krabill in the second. Rupert defeated Mark Sanders in the opening round and took out Tim Boychuk in the second.


    U.S. BOUNTY HUNTERS MOUNTAIN MOTOR PRO STOCKS: Goforth met John Deflorian of Arnold, Mo., in the final round of eliminations for the U.S. Bounty Hunters Pro Stock class. Goforth defeated Deflorian 6.348 sec./219.72 mph to 6.40 sec./217.98 mph.

    Goforth earned his way into the final by defeating Canada’s John Konigshofer in the first round and Texan Scott Hintz in the second. Deflorian trailered J.R. Carr in the opening round of eliminations and waded into the final by defeating John Decalvo in the second.

    NITRO HARLEY-DAVIDSON: Turner defeated Randal Andras of Amelia, La., 6.383 sec./221.02 mph to 6.402 sec./228.04 mph.

    Andras defeated Tracy Kile of North Carolina in the first round and topped Brian Jernigan in the second. Turner beat Rickey House in the first round and Ron Gledhill of Arizona in the second.

    JET DRAGSTER: Elaine Larsen of West Welborne, Fla., defeated 19-year-old Katarina “Kat” Moller of Port Orange, Fla., on a hole shot, 5.73 sec./281.77 mph to 5.85 sec./273.50 mph.

    “Kat was reeling me in (after the hole shot). My son was tuning Kat’s car and in the middle of the night he said, ‘I think we’re gonna win, we’re not gonna mess with Kat’s tune-up, so you better watch out.’ It’s girl power, baby. We brought it home for the Miller (Welding) boys in blue.”




    AMSOIL Nitro Funny Cars

    Winner:Mike McIntire (Mentor, Ohio) Camaro 13.555 sec./62.89 mph.

    Runner-up:Jason Rupert (Yorba Linda, Calif.) Camaro 13.394 sec./56.77 mph.

    Nitro Harley-Davidson

    Winner:Jay Turner (Julian, N.C.) 6.383 sec./221.02 mph.

    Runner-up:Randal Andras (Amelia, La.) 6.402 sec./228.04 mph.


    U.S. Bounty Hunters Mountain Motor Pro Stock

    Winner:Cary Goforth (Holdenville, Okla.) Camaro 6.348 sec./219.72 mph.

    Runner-up:John Deflorian Jr. (Arnold, Mo.) Camaro 6.40 sec./217.98 mph.

    Jet Dragster

    Winner:Elaine Larsen (W. Welborne, Fla.) 5.73 sec./281.77 mph.

    Runner-up:Katarina Moller (Sarasota, Fla.) 5.85 sec./273.50 mph.


    CIFCA Funny Cars

    Winner:Lyle Byrum (El Paso, Tex.) Daytona 7.57 sec./174.89 mph.

    Runner-up:Andy Mears (Lubbock, Tex.) 1957 Bel Air 7.53 sec./167.68 mph.

  • No Rest for XPS Champ Cary Goforth

    cgoforthAfter winning two Championships in two different organizations in one weekend one might think that Cary Goforth is off on a much-deserved vacation. Instead, the driver of the Dean’s Casing Service Camaro is doing more of what got him to this level of success. He’s testing at his local track, already working toward 2015.


    When bad weather ended his hopes of securing his PDRA Extreme Pro Stock Championship at Dragstock XI, Goforth knew he was heading for what he calls “controlled chaos”. In order to ensure his domination in both the PDRA and IHRA Goforth needed to qualify at both organization’s final events. Being in two places at once is improbable at best, but for the Goforth family it wasn’t entirely impossible. More rain in the forecast at Richmond made things trickier still, but the father and son duo were determined to beat the odds.


    Cary managed a qualifying run at Richmond on Saturday that clinched his role as the first ever PDRA XPS Champion. Then he and crew chief Jeff Dobbins flew straight to Memphis where they made it just in time for their final qualifying session for the IHRA event.


    “We were hauling the mail,” relayed Cary. “We got off the plane in Memphis. Dad and the TV people were there. We got our stuff off the plane and went right over to the track. I walked in the trailer, put my fire suit on was right out the door to the staging lanes. If we were 10 minutes later we wouldn’t have made it.


    “In hindsight that weekend doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but all this running back and forth really started at Rockingham even before it started to rain. Maybe it was all in my mind because I wanted it to be over, but it just didn’t seem like things were going fast enough to get the race done in time. Plus we were having some issues with the car. Of course we found [the issue] Saturday night in the last qualifier. We barely got in, and that was another nail biter there. They called us up to the lanes for first round knowing it was about to rain. I needed to get that round in [for the Championship] but it didn’t happen. Then I have a month to stress out over that. Then we got to Virginia and it actually went as smooth as it possibly could have, other than the rain. We made our qualifier and we knew we were going to be in, and I thought it was done. But then when I was talking to people about loading the car up, I found out the person I had adding the points up for me was adding an extra round per race. Then we thought that Pluchino still had a chance of catching me. But Bob [Harris, PDRA Race Director] assured me there was no way he could catch me now.


    “With the way the events worked out with the rain delays we almost came back to Richmond to try to finish that race just in case there was still a chance Pluchino could catch me. But they ended up running in Virginia before we could have got there. We came within an inch of coming back. It was crazy.


    “Looking back at it, it seems like it all went pretty smooth, but at the time it didn’t seem smooth. It just couldn’t happen fast enough for me. The only time I got really bad edgy this year was Rockingham and Richmond. It’s just impossible to be two places at once, but we did everything we could. It was organized chaos. That’s about the only way I can describe it. It’s something I don’t ever care to do again.”


    With the chaos behind him and Championships in hand, Goforth is able to set aside the nerves, reflect and be grateful.


    “Dad told me that this is something that’s not going to happen to many people,” he continued. “I’m very proud of that, but I try to keep things in perspective. Things can turn on a dime and you can have one of those years you don’t want to have. I’m very proud of it, though, that’s for sure. I’m very appreciative of that situation and the opportunities we’ve had. I think it took about five years off my life, but it might be worth it.


    “We all thank God and I thank God first and foremost for everything, even though I may be one of the biggest sinners and screwups on earth. I believe in Christ and I don’t have to worry about that part of it. But I don’t believe the Lord gives you round wins. I pray for safety. I don’t pray for round wins. But I do believe that it takes some God-given talent to drive all these cars that we wield. That goes for everybody. You just can’t do it without some help from above. That’s what I thank the Lord for, that and for all the safety, everybody’s safety.


    “I want to also thank my mom and dad for sure, my family, my kids and all the family support I have. My mom and my sister take turns watching my daughter. Of course, my crew, Jeff Dobbins.  Everybody knows that story by now, but there’s not too many people outside of my team that really knows what kind of bad situation we got put in. I definitely have to thank Jeff and Cindy and Jeffrey for coming on. Also my brother Chris, Jason Roberts, Keith Harr and everybody that’s helped us.


    “I can’t leave out our sponsors – everybody at Dean’s Casing Service, Pay Pro who is actually our payroll service, Lithium Pros Batteries, Alan Cape at Flying A Motorsports for everything he does for us, and I definitely want to thank Jerry Haas for a great car and Sonny Leonard for the horsepower. I’ve had a lot of support from all these people.”


    Although the dust from the season’s end hasn’t even settled yet, Team Goforth is already working toward 2015 and Cary wants the competition to know he’s not looking to let up anytime soon: “I just want everybody to know that nobody knows when their last day of doing this stuff is. So Thursday and Friday we’re going to Tulsa to test some stuff we’re working on. I’m not letting up on these guys. We’re starting 2015 in a couple of days. They better be up on the wheel because we’re going to be there. I need a nap but I ain’t getting one.”


    For more on the world’s premier eighth mile drag racing organization visit www.pdra660.com. Follow the PDRA: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube.

  • Championships can be clinched this weekend at IHRA Nitro Jam Pittsburgh Nationals


    With only three races remaining in the 2014 IHRA Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series season, championship points are at a premium.

    And that couldn’t be any more true than at this weekend’s pivotal stop at Pittsburgh Raceway Park as the stars of the IHRA return to the Steel City for the fourth annual IHRA Nitro Jam Pittsburgh Nationals presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports this Friday and Saturday.


    Jason Rupert can clinch the IHRA Funny Car championship this weekend

    Following a compelling race at Cordova Dragway Park two weeks ago that saw first-time winners in every professional category except one, fans and drivers are buzzing as the IHRA returns to the track this weekend with only three events remaining.

    “We saw an exceptional race at Cordova earlier this month and that has created a lot of attention on the IHRA and the Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series. After what we saw in Illinois, I would expect similar results this weekend in Pittsburgh with another superior lineup heading to Pennsylvania,” said Scott Gardner, President of IHRA Motorsports. “I expect, with only a few races left, the competition and intensity will be at an all-time high which should make for an extremely compelling race this weekend.”

    Adding to the racing excitement itself, two unique variables will play a key role at this weekend’s event at Pittsburgh Raceway Park – track length and the crunch being placed on IHRA’s Nitro Funny Car teams.

    First up, Pittsburgh Raceway Park will host IHRA’s only event not contested on the quarter-mile this season. For safety reasons, the IHRA Pittsburgh Nationals will be shortened to 1,000 feet for all nitro classes creating an extra challenge for IHRA teams. While 320 less feet doesn’t sound like a lot, it could play a major role in the final outcomes with some teams better suited to shorter attacks.

    The second variable is the Nitro Funny Car schedule. With one less event on the schedule than all of the other pro classes, the IHRA Pittsburgh Nationals will serve as the next-to-last race of the season for Nitro Funny Car competitors, meaning championships can be clinched this weekend.


    One of the closest battles this season has taken place in Nitro Harley

    Breakout star Jason Rupert in the Bays and Rupert “Black Plague” ’69 Camaro can clinch his first IHRA Nitro Funny Car championship this weekend with a strong performance at the Pittsburgh Nationals as he holds a commanding 177-point lead over second place Mark Sanders. With four national event victories and a trip to the final round at every national event entered except one, Rupert can seal his first IHRA title and fourth career Nitro Funny Car championship in Pittsburgh.

    But it won’t be an easy task. Fellow 2014 national event winners John Hale in the “Mike Burkhart” tribute Camaro and Mike McIntire in the “McAttack” Camaro will join IHRA record holder and multi-time Pittsburgh winner Peter Gallen in trying add another Ironman to their collection. They will be joined in Pittsburgh by Sanders, Tim Boychuk, Bruce Litton, Mike Smith, Ronny Young, Greg Jacobsmeyer, Gary Kraus, John Crimmins and more.

    The remaining professional classes still face three races, giving them extra time to lock up their respective championships.

    One of the closest battles of 2014 is in Nitro Harley as Canadian Mike Scott sits just 15 points ahead of Louisiana native Randal Andras and a little over 100 points clear of fourth place Mark Cox. Multi-time IHRA champion Jay Turner sits in the middle in third. Scott leads the quartet with three wins this season, though he hasn’t hoisted an Ironman trophy since early June. Cox has two wins, while Andras has one.

    In Pro Stock, Oklahoma’s Cary Goforth leads the championship standings by 32 points over John DeFlorian. Goforth and DeFlorian began the season as the class of the field, but have not visited the winner’s circle since early April. They will look to regain momentum this weekend.


    Black Diamond Motorsports and Goforth Racing will continue their battle in Pittsburgh this weekend with both teams gunning for the title

    Goforth teammate Todd Hoerner sits third in the championship standings, followed by Kevin Bealko and Pete Berner. Dean Goforth is the most recent winner in the class, winning the Summer Nationals at Cordova earlier this month.

    Rounding out the pro classes are Nitro Altered and Jet Dragster as Ron Maroney brings a healthy lead in the AA/FA category in the “Blind Faith” machine over Don Blackshear in “Bullet Bob.” In Jet Dragster, Elaine Larsen leads the all-female lineup, just ahead of Dawn Perdue. 20-year-old Kat Moller, fourth in points, won her first career race last weekend in Cordova giving all four girls at the top of the standings a win this season.

    The 2014 IHRA Nitro Jam Pittsburgh Nationals presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports will take place this Friday and Saturday at Pittsburgh Raceway Park. Tickets can be purchased online at www.nitrojam.com or at the gate on the day of the show. For more information, visit www.nitrojam.com or call Pittsburgh Raceway Park at (724) 668-7600.

  • Mike McIntire Jr. leads field of first-time winners at IHRA Nitro Jam Southern Nationals


    Only two races have passed so far this season, but the questions were already starting to pop up – would anyone ever beat Jason Rupert.


    On Saturday, the answer to that question was finally revealed as Mike McIntire Jr., a rookie from Mentor, Ohio, took advantage of a wounded Rupert in the final of Nitro Funny Car to take his first career IHRA Nitro Jam victory and end a dominating start to the season for the Bays and Rupert “Black Plague” Funny Car team at the IHRA Nitro Jam Southern Nationals at Bradenton Motorsports Park.


      Mike McIntire Jr. won his first-ever IHRA Ironman Saturday in Bradenton


    McIntire was blessed with a golden path to his first career final with first and second round opponents Mark Sanders and Ronnie Young running into trouble. In the final, Rupert brought his injured ride to the line and completed the burnout, but was unable to take the tree as McIntire made a victory lap of 5.899 seconds at 234.55 miles per hour, his best pass of the weekend.


    Two additional first-time IHRA winners joined McIntire in victory lane as Don Blackshear drove “Bullet Bob” to the win in Nitro Altered and Mike Cox took his first Ironman in Nitro Harley. Cary Goforth won for the second time this season in Pro Stock and Marisha Falk took the win in Jet Dragster on a busy night that saw the grandstands full for the second year in a row at Bradenton Motorsports Park.


    Sportsman winners during day one of the IHRA Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am Tour presented by AMSOIL doubleheader were Tom VanBeek (Top Sportsman), Jeremy West (Top Dragster), Allen Wade (Super Stock), Merrill Schrimscher (Stock), Todd Osting (Quick Rod), Michael Ruff (Super Rod), Brittany Snowball (Junior Masters), T.J. Butler (Junior Advanced) and Katie Craft (Junior Beginner). The final round of Hot Rod between Tim Anderson and Jacob Rutledge will be run on Sunday.


      Mark Cox added his name to the list of first-time winners from Bradenton, taking down top qualifier Joey Sternotti in Nitro Harley 


    McIntire’s win was surprising on a number of levels. While the young driver has shown promise, his experience was considered no match for the talented field of veterans that make up the IHRA Nitro Funny Car field.


    But on Saturday, McIntire put those doubts to rest with three strong runs ending with a win against the man everyone was gunning for.


    Rupert qualified first for the third weekend in a row in the all-black ’69 Camaro, while McIntire took third on the ladder in qualifying in the bright orange “McAttack” machine. Rupert had wins over Mike Halstead and Tim Boychuk on his way to the final, including a very fast 5.703, 252.38 in the first round, but his semifinal run left him scrambling to get the “Black Plague” ride ready for the final.


    McIntire, meanwhile, had passes of 5.950 and 6.119 in warm-up auditions for the final after opponents Sanders and Young ran into problems. In the Ironman round, Rupert just made the call, but was unable to take the tree as McIntire cruised to his first-ever IHRA victory.


      Cary Goforth won for the second time this season in Pro Stock 


    McIntire took over the “McAttack” Nitro Funny Car for the first time at the IHRA season opener in Tucson earlier this year. His father, Mike McIntire Sr., paved the way for his son in the popular ride and officially handed the keys over for the 2014 season.


    Mark Cox joined McIntire on the list of first-time winners Saturday, riding Bojangles sponsored ride to the win in Nitro Harley over top qualifier Joey Sternotti. Cox, from Wilkesboro, N.C., had three bracket-like passes of 6.363, 6.291 and 6.296 on his way to the Ironman, ending with a very fast 6.296, 220.42 in the final to take the win. Sternotti ran a 6.330, 211.16 in the runner-up effort.


    Cox recorded wins over Mike Pelrine and most recent winner on the tour Randal Andras on his way to the win.


    Don Blackshear was Saturday’s final first-time winner, driving the “Bullet Bob” machine to the win in Nitro Altered. Blackshear, from Brookfield, Ohio, met up with Brian Hope in the final, running a 6.168, 227.79 to take the win. Hope, in the “Pure Hell” entry, had a 7.657, 203.29.


    Nitro Altered featured a number of other exciting firsts on Saturday, as Ron Hope provided a glimpse of drag racing history with a fire burnout to the delight of the full grandstands at Bradenton Motorsports Park and also matched up against his son, Brian, in the opening round.


    The large Bradenton crowds loved the rebirth of the fire burnout


    IHRA’s most intense rivalry continued to brew in Mountain Motor Pro Stock as Cary Goforth and John DeFlorian Jr., winners of the first two races this season, once again met in the final of the popular doorslammer division with Goforth picking up his second win of the year.


    Goforth, from Holdenville, Okla., led the way throughout the weekend as the top qualifier and made easy work of John Konigshofer and DeFlorian, ending with a leisurely stroll down the quarter-mile when DeFlorian went -.005 red in the money round. With the win, Goforth also retains his early points lead over DeFlorian and the Black Diamond Motorsports team.


    Finally in Jet Dragster, Marisha Falk defeated team captain Elaine Larsen in the jet final when Larsen went red. With the win in hand, Falk made a fantastic pass to close the evening, crossing the finish line with a 5.720, 278.03 to take her second win of the year. Falk was the fastest jet all weekend for the Larsen Motorsports quartet.


    Day two of the Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am Tour presented by AMSOIL will conclude on Sunday.


    The IHRA Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series will be back in action May 2-3 at the IHRA Nitro Jam Palm Beach Nationals at Palm Beach International Raceway.




    Bradenton, Fla. – Final results from the 2014 IHRA Nitro Jam Southern Nationals at Bradenton Motorsports Park.


    Nitro Funny Car – Mike McIntire Jr., Mentor, Ohio, ’69 Camaro, 5.899, 234.55 def. Jason Rupert, Yorba Linda, Calif., ’69 Camaro, broke


    Pro Stock – Cary Goforth, Holdenville, Okla., ’13 Camaro, 10.293, 98.66 def. John DeFlorian Jr., Arnold, Mo., ’12 Camaro, foul


    Nitro Harley – Mark Cox, Wilkesboro, N.C., ’13 Weekend, 6.296, 220.42 def. Joey Sternotti, Naples, Fla., ’12 Harley, 6.330, 211.16


    Nitro Altered – Don Blackshear, Brookfield, Ohio, Altered, 6.168, 227.79 def. Brian Hope, Thompson Station, Tenn., Altered, 7.657, 203.29


    Jet Dragster – Marisha Falk, Port Orange, Fla., dragster, 5.720, 278.03 def. Elaine Larsen, Daytona Beach, Fla., dragster, foul


    Top Sportsman – Tom VanBeek, Fernandina, Fla., ’88 Beretta, 5.531, 89.25 def. Rick McDonough, Southwest Ranches, Fla., ’01 S10, broke


    Top Dragster – Jeremy West, Port Charlotte, Fla., dragster, 4.736, 148.14 def. C.J. Keen, Palmetto, Fla., dragster, 4.708, 144.95


    Super Stock – Allen Wade, Rochester, Ind., ’69 Camaro, 5.792, 116.47 def. Scott Sanders, Zephyrhills, Fla., ’94 Camaro, 7.059, 94.08


    Stock – Merrill Schrimscher, Lake Mary, Fla., ’85 Camaro, 7.263, 88.60 def. Lee Tuttle, Albany, Ga., ’81 Camaro, 8.890, 74.97


    Quick Rod – Todd Osting, Tampa, Fla., dragster, 5.686, 127.24 def. Mark Miles, Flinstone, Ga., dragster, foul


    Super Rod – Michael Ruff, Orlando, Fla., ’67 Camaro, 6.451, 116.62 def. Terry Cross, Brunswick, Ga., ’12 Camaro, 6.415, 122.56


    Hot Rod – (Finals to be run on Sunday) Tim Anderson, Cape Coral, Fla., ’00 Cutlass vs. Jacob Rutledge, Savannah, Ga., ’79 Capri


    Junior Dragster Masters – Brittany Snowball, Loxahatchee, Fla., dragster, 8.242, 77.41 def. Zach Pennington, Lexington, S.C., dragster, 7.896, 81.02


    Junior Dragster Advanced – T.J. Butler, Sarasota, Fla., dragster, 9.129, 68.97 def. Cody Krohn, Rotonda, Fla., dragster, foul


    Junior Dragster Beginner – Katie Craft, Melbourne, Fla., 12.906, 48.24 def. Jimmy Cavanaugh, Melbourne, Fla., dragster, 12.741, 46.29




    Bradenton, Fla. – Final round-by-round results from the 2014 IHRA Nitro Jam Southern Nationals at Bradenton Motorsports Park.


    Nitro Funny Car

    Round 1 – Jason Rupert, 5.703, 252.38 def. Mike Halstead, 6.206, 233.64; Tim Boychuk, 5.930, 238.79 def. Bruce Litton, 6.009, 241.93; Ronnie Young, 6.291, 188.83 def. John Hale, 8.211, 114.91; Mike McIntire Jr., 5.950, 216.29 def. Mark Sanders, broke
    Semis – Rupert, 5.858, 248.75 def. Boychuk, 5.875, 243.30; McIntire, 6.119, 165.10 def. Young, broke
    Final – McIntire, 5.899, 234.55 def. Rupert, broke


    Pro Stock

    Round 1 – Cary Goforth, 6.290, 223.26 def. BYE, John Konigshofer, 6.502, 186.76 def. Kevin Bealko, 18.785, 79.46; John DeFlorian Jr., 6.631, 187.26 def. Todd Hoerner, 8.317, 116.23
    Semis – Goforth def. Konigshofer, 6.502, 186.76; DeFlorian, 6.469, 220.75 def. BYE
    Final – Goforth, 10.293, 98.66 def. DeFlorian, foul


    Nitro Harley

    Round 1 – Joey Sternotti, 6.296, 212.41 def. BYE; Steve Dorn, 6.462, 215.36 def. Jay Turner, 7.450, 148.39; Randal Andras, 6.528, 218.60 def. Tracy Kile, 8.006, 145.46; Mark Cox, 6.363, 217.23 def. Mike Pelrine, 11.492, 76.92
    Semis – Sternotti, 6.378, 192.84 def. Dorn, broke; Cox, 6.291, 230.76 def. Andras, 7.857, 119.95
    Final – Cox, 6.296, 220.42 def. Sternotti, 6.330, 211.16


    Nitro Altered

    Round 1 – Brian Hope, 6.586, 193.34 def. Ron Hope, 6.845, 193.34; Don Blackshear, 6.406, 178.71 def. Mike Hilsabeck, 6.673, 183.11; Steve Harter def. Ron Maroney
    Final – Blackshear, 6.168, 227.79 def. Hope, 7.657, 203.29


    Jet Dragster

    Round 1 – Elaine Larsen, 5.771, 273.05 def. Dawn Perdue, 5.851, 271.82 def. Marisha Falk, 5.770, 275.81 def. Kat Moller, 6.268, 237.15
    Consolation – Perdue, 5.835, 253.73 def. Moller, 6.245, 135.71
    Final – Falk, 5.720, 278.03 def. Larsen, foul

  • San Antonio hosts IHRA Nitro Jam’s best during San Antonio Nationals March 28-29


    It is the single biggest IHRA drag racing event in the United States and this year, the San Antonio Nationals presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports at San Antonio Raceway are bigger than ever before.


    After returning to the famed facility at SAR in 2011 following a two-year hiatus, the International Hot Rod Association’s Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series has enjoyed record growth with a newer, entertainment-based show. And in 2014 the IHRA will bring the best of both worlds to Texas with a perfect marriage of traditional championship drag racing and the newer, entertainment-first approach as the world’s best drivers compete in the second of 12 events on the 2014 Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series North American Tour during the San Antonio Nationals March 28-29 at San Antonio Raceway.



    The IHRA Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series returns to San Antonio Raceway March 28-29 


    This year, every lap matters as the stars of Nitro Funny Car, Nitro Harley, Nitro Altered, Mountain Motor Pro Stock and Jet Dragster push their machines to the limit in their chase for the 2014 IHRA World Championships. Qualifying will take place Friday, March 28 followed by eliminations on Saturday, March 29, both under the lights and both with high stakes on the line.


    “San Antonio has truly grown into one of the major high points of our season. The fan support there is unparalleled which is why we are so excited to bring the new look of the IHRA Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series to the fans,” said Scott Gardner, President of IHRA Motorsports. “The new Nitro Jam is a perfect blend of traditional drag racing and high speed, high horsepower entertainment and this year, we are bringing the best of the best in five amazing classes which should make this year’s event one of the biggest events yet.”


    Highlighting the 2014 IHRA Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series is the Nitro Funny Car class, combining modern-world technology with classic body styles and old school, nostalgia drag racing. These machines regularly push 260 mph on the quarter-mile with fire bursting from the headers.


    Texan John Hale (near) will try to keep his winning streak alive in his home state against the world’s best nostalgia Nitro Funny Cars, including legends such as “Blue Max” (far) 


    This season, the Nitro Funny Car class will revolve around a quartet of talented drivers that have dominated the class over the past few years. Multi-time class champions from the NHRA Heritage Series and DRO series Jason Rupert in the “Black Plague” Camaro and John Hale in the “Mike Burkhart” tribute Camaro will lead the class into the 2014 season, joining IHRA regular Tim Boychuk and the crowd-favorite “Mr. Explosive” Mark Sanders.


    Rupert enters the event having won the season opener in Tucson, Arizona over the weekend. Sanders finished second to the California native.


    Other legendary names include the “Blue Max” driven by Ronnie Young, joining IHRA veterans Mike McIntire in the bright orange “McAttack” Camaro and Greg Jacobsmeyer in the “All-Star Dodge,” the legendary “Jungle Jim” Funny Car and Bruce Litton, stepping over from more than a decade of Top Fuel racing to pilot the “U.S. Male” Vega.


    In addition to Nitro Funny Car, perhaps the most anticipated competition this season is the return of IHRA’s original class, Mountain Motor Pro Stock. Featuring 800 cubic inch power plants powering these factory hot rods more than 220 mph down the track, this season will mark the return of these powerful beasts to the traditional drag racing distance of a quarter-mile.


    Pro Stock is back and San Antonio fans will see some of the best this weekend 


    Tucson race winner Cary Goforth and the Goforth Racing team, which swept the finals, will jointwo-time IHRA champion Pete Berner along with John Deflorian, Kevin Bealko, Brad Waddle, Scott Hintz and more.


    Also making history at Tucson will be the debut of the world’s only Jet Dragster championship program being contested by the four fastest women in drag racing – the Larsen Motorsports jet team. This four-car team is made up of four very talented female competitors with vastly different backgrounds. From a 19-year-old college student, to a female test pilot and an entrepreneur who holds the operation together, the team of Elaine Larsen, Marisha Falk, Dawn Perdue and Kat Moller will compete in 300 mph, side-by-side jet-powered drag racing action.


    IHRA’s other nitro divisions will include Nitro Harley and Nitro Altered, two radical and extreme classes that are among the most popular in the world for their death-defying competition.


    Tucson winner Mike Scott and Nitro Harley legend Jay Turner, runner-up in Arizona, lead the class into the Texas event.


    Nitro Altered, another extreme class once banned from organized competition due to the extreme danger behind the wheel, will include Arizona native Ron Maroney in “Blind Faith,” Las Vegas native and third generation racer Kyle Hough in “Nanook, the popular “Arizona Thunder” driven by Mike Hilsabeck, Randy Bradford’s “Bradford’s Fiat” and more.


    In addition to all of the on-track action, the 2014 San Antonio Nationals will feature an all-new and fully interactive Fan Fest pit experience. Fans can tour the pits, meet the drivers and take part in a number of fun family activities including the Larsen Motorsports Jet Technology Center, a hands-on look at the design and technology behind a jet-powered racing team, and the Hollywood Cars of the Stars featuring real cars from famous movies and television shows.


    Tickets to the 2014 San Antonio Nationals presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports are $20 on Friday and $30 on Saturday for adults and $10 for children. Adults can save $5 if they purchase their tickets in advance at www.nitrojam.com.


    Showtime is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Friday for qualifying and 6 p.m. on Saturday for eliminations.


    For more information on the 2014 IHRA San Antonio Nationals presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports, visit www.nitrojam.com.

  • Rupert, Goforth headline winners at IHRA season opener in Tucson

    If the Southwestern Nationals at Southwestern International Raceway are any indication of what is to come in the new era in IHRA drag racing, then be prepared for one wild ride.


    It was classic IHRA action during Saturday’s finals at the season opener in Tucson, Ariz. as a new championship program and new classes led to an increased sense of urgency and, in-turn, some incredible action on the track. Jason Rupert led Saturday’s winners at Southwestern International Raceway, taking the win in Nitro Funny Car to the thrill of the capacity crowd. Cary Goforth took the win in the much-anticipated return of Mountain Motor Pro Stock to IHRA competition, while Mike Scott (Nitro Harley), Mike Hilsabeck (Nitro Altered) and Marisha Falk (Jet Dragster) rounded out the list of winners.



    Jason Rupert led the way in Nitro Funny Car

    “This win really means a lot to me. We have won three championships and a ton of races and to win this race, the first with the new IHRA deal, is pretty prestigious to me,” Rupert said. “We have some of the best people and some of the best cars in the country in this category here this weekend and to win against that lineup is just an awesome deal.”


    With the exception of a small hiccup in the opening round, Rupert was nearly unbeatable in the “Bays and Rupert” Camaro. Rupert kept his ride in the five-second range throughout the weekend, saving his best stuff for last. With the inaugural Ironman on the line in the newly restructured Nitro Funny Car class, Rupert went right down Broadway in the final against “Mr. Explosive” Mark Sanders with a 5.853 elapsed time at over 247 miles per hour, while Sanders had to click it off early.


    “We have worked for years to reach this point, to be recognized as a premier class in these cars,” Rupert said. “In front of this great crowd, to come out and take the win was amazing. I want to thank my awesome crew, my sponsors, all of which help me do what I do. What a great start to the 2014 season.”


    Rupert took the coveted No. 1 qualifying position in Saturday’s eliminations, besting Roger Garten and surprise semifinalist Bruce Litton to reach the finals.



    Cary Goforth came out on top in the much-anticipated return of Mountain Motor Pro Stock


    Mountain Motor Pro Stock highlighted IHRA’s other major attraction over the weekend as the powerful cars returned to the IHRA quarter-mile for the first time in four years. Cary Goforth, from Holdenville, Okla., took the win in an all-Goforth Racing final against teammate Todd Hoerner.


    Filling in for regular driver Dean Goforth, Hoerner and Goforth topped the qualifying charts and proved the class of the field throughout the weekend. However the celebration was cut short in the final as Hoerner got out of the groove and leapt across the track, smacking the wall in handing Goforth the win.


    Goforth had a 6.382, 219.12 in the final.


    “Well, this is all a little bittersweet for us tonight. It is a great moment, it obviously means a lot to us to have both cars in the finals, but we obviously had a few issues that puts a little bit of a damper on the situation,” Goforth said. “Overall, though, it was a great weekend. We were the top two qualifiers and we were the cars to beat. It was a great team effort for the entire crew to get us here tonight.”


    Goforth qualified second in the seven-car field, just a few tenths behind teammate Hoerner. He also had little trouble in his path to the final, besting Brad Waddle and Pete Berner with bracket-like numbers of 6.411, 6.376 and 6.383. His run in the final kept him ahead of Hoerner who put the brand new 2013 Dean’s Casing Camaro into the wall.


    Mike Scott took the Ironman in Nitro Harley 


    While the final provided plenty of excitement, the return of the IHRA original class was the real buzz as class returns to fulltime IHRA competition in 2014.


    “We are just so glad to be back and I sure appreciate everyone involved in making this happen,” Goforth said. “We have had a pretty successful run elsewhere the last three years, but it just wasn’t where we want to be. We are so glad to be back with the IHRA and we look forward to a great season. We certainly couldn’t have asked for a better start.”


    Mike Scott dominated the Nitro Harley class with an incredible sequence of runs unheard in the class known for its unpredictable passes. Scott had laps of 6.351, 6.361 and 6.387 on his way to picking up the Ironman in another class restructured for the 2014 season.


    Scott never let up on his grip of the field, topping the charts on Friday before eliminating Steve Heidner, Ron Gledhill and class-favorite Jay Turner. In the final Scott had another tremendous 6.387, 224.47, while Turner had to shut it off early near halftrack.


    Wrapping up the nitro categories was Nitro Altered as Arizona resident Mike Hilsabeck in the “Arizona Thunder” took the win over Jim Maroney.


    The class faced a particularly large amount of carnage over the two-day race weekend with a few smacks of the wall and a couple of timing blocks destroyed. But at the end of the day, it was Hilsabeck left standing, besting Maroney in the final with a 6.966, 169.49 pass to Maroney’s 7.968, 122.20.


    Mike Hilsabeck wrapped up the evening with a win in Nitro Altered 


    In the final competitive class of the weekend Marisha Falk drove her Embry-Riddle jet dragster to a win over team owner Elaine Larsen in the inaugural Jet Dragster competition.


    Next up for the IHRA Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series North American Tour is a trip to San Antonio Raceway for the San Antonio Nationals March 28-29 and watch for the series on MAV TV coming this fall.




    Tucson, Ariz. – Final results from the 2014 IHRA Southwestern Nitro Jam Nationals presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports at Southwestern International Raceway.


    Nitro Funny Car – Jason Rupert, Yorba Linda, Calif., ’69 Camaro, 5.853, 247.75 def. Mark Sanders, Mark Valley, Wash., ’70 Mustang, 6.269, 188.81


    Pro Stock – Cary Goforth, Holdenville, Okla., ’13 Camaro, 6.382, 219.12 def. Todd Hoerner, Forest, Va., ’13 Camaro, foul


    Nitro Harley – Mike Scott, Blind Bay, B.C., 6.387, 224.47 def. Jay Turner, Julian, N.C., 9.626, 97.66.


    Nitro Altered – Mike Hilsabeck, Phoenix, Ariz., ’23 Ford T, 6.966, 169.49 def. Jim Maroney, Gilbert, Ariz., ’23 T, 7.968, 122.20




    Tucson, Ariz. – Final results from the 2014 IHRA Southwestern Nitro Jam Nationals presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports at Southwestern International Raceway.


    Nitro Funny Car

    Round 1 – Jason Rupert, 6.640, 153.68 def. Roger Garten, 6.305, 231.24; Bruce Litton, 5.917, 242.98 def. Kris Krabill, 6.364, 218.83; Tim Boychuk, 6.097, 234.25 def. Mike McIntire Jr., 7.596, 123.45; Mark Sanders, 5.919, 239.23 def. John Hale 5.911, 241.11

    Semis – Sanders, 5.883, 239.70 def Boychuk, 5.981, 241.50; Rupert, 5.922, 241.67 def. Litton, 6.093, 215.37

    Final – Rupert, 5.853, 247.75 def. Sanders, 6.269, 188.81


    Pro Stock

    Round 1 – Todd Hoerner, 10.818, 81.79 def. BYE; John DeFlorian Jr., 7.618, 122.73 def. Scott Hintz BROKE; Cary Goforth, 6.411, 218.05 def. Brad Waddle, 6.472, 216.13; Pete Berner, 6.457, 215.68 def. Kevin Bealko, 6.447, 217.70

    Semis – Hoerner, 6.377, 218.83 def. DeFlorian, 6.969, 156.46; Goforth, 6.376, 219.29 def. Berner BROKE

    Final – Goforth, 6.382, 219.12 def. Hoerner, foul


    Nitro Harley

    Round 1 – Mike Scott, 6.351, 214.76 def. Steve Heidner, 6.544, 207.27; Ron Gledhill, 6.832, 201.49 def. Steve Dorn, 6.858, 164.75; Jay Turner, 6.380, 216.86 def. Mike Pelrine, 8.912, 107.24; Randal Andras, 6.343, 228.31 def. Alvin Kobernusz, 6.978, 163.99

    Semis – Scott 6.361, 223.91 def. Gledhill, 6.727, 209.85; Turner, 6.340, 220.55 def. Andras, 6.376, 228.19

    Final – Scott, 6.387, 224.47 def. Turner, 9.626, 97.66


    Nitro Altered

    Round 1 – Mike Hilsabeck, 6.621, 183.29 def. Kyle Hough, 10.134, 97.17; Jim Maroney, 7.457, 140.17 def. Derek Nelson, 9.154, 94.18; Ron Maroney, 8.616, 108.69 def. Ron Hope, 13.880, 53.02

    Semis – R. Maroney, 6.944, 149.35 def. Nelson, 14.682, 64.73

    Final – Hilsabeck, 6.966, 169.49 def. J. Maroney, 7.968, 122.20

  • Goforth Racing Dragpalooza VIII wrapup

    Courtesy of Racerchik PR ( Denise Ramsey )
    Goforth Racing sported the decals for a new partnership with Eckel Manufacturing Inc. for the ADRL CarSafe Dragpalooza VIII, in Baytown Texas. Eckel is The World’s Leading Manufacturer of Hydraulic Power Tongs, a working relationship already established between Eckel, and Deans Casing Service led to this partnership on the track.


    Dean Goforth proved that he was ready to race after his illness during the off season qualifying in the #7 spot and matching up with the eventual winner of the event John Pluchino in the first round of eliminations. Goforth would not advance in to the second round but just making it to the race and seeing all the friends that had been so supportive during the illness meant a lot to the elder Goforth. “I just cannnot say enough thank You’s to all the people who sent cards or called while I was recuperating, the outpouring of well wishes was just incredible, and it meant more to us than we can ever say,” said Dean.
    Cary Goforth came into the first event of 2012 as the current ADRL Extreme Pro Stock Champion, and the Driver of the Year for 2011 two titles he looks to continue to hold in 2012. We made some changes to our cars, but we have maintained the team the won the Championship last season, and with all the same components should come the same results. Goforth would pick up where he left off last season running a 4.069 under not so perfect conditions air temperature 77 degrees, relative humidity 77 percent, barometer 29.80 inches, adjusted altitude 2,271 feet, track temperature 103 degrees. A broken sprag would end the race for Cary in the second round of eliminations, “”I knew we had a good car, but sometimes stuff beyond our control happens and we exited the event early, the season is just starting and its a long way to the championship,” said Cary.


    Goforth Racing is supported by the following sponsors of our race family, and we need to thank them for having confidence in our team, Lithium Pro Batteries, Sonny’s Racing Engines, Access Employer Services, Mickey Thompson Tires, and Deans Casing Service. Without the support of these sponsors none of this would be possible


    Goforth Racing consists of the following: Dean Goforth, Cary Goforth, Chris Goforth, Brian “Lump” Self, Jason Roberts, Keith Harr, Herb Bailey, Russ Van Pelt, and Scott Benham, and is supported by the employees of Deans Casing Service and members of the Goforth family.


    For more information: Goforth Racing can be found on Facebook.

    Goforth Racing Team

    Eckel Manufacturing Inc.

    Dean’s Casing Service

    Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels

    Sonny’s Racing Engines

    Lithium Pro’s Batteries

  • Goforth Racing ADRL Dragpalooza VIII Preview

    Courtesy of Denise Ramsey
    Goforth Racing is proud to announce that they have formed a partnership with Eckel Manufacturing Inc. for the ADRL CarSafe Dragpalooza VIII, in Baytown Texas. Eckel is The World’s Leading Manufacturer of Hydraulic Power Tongs, a working relationship already established between Eckel, and Deans Casing Service led to this partnership on the track.


    This race marks the return to competition for the Patriarch of Goforth Racing Dean, since a life threatening illness in December of 2011, many were unsure if Dean would be able to return to driving his Extreme Pro Stock car. A successful test session in Tulsa Oklahoma in the past few days left those questions with just one answer and that is that Dean will compete in Houston.


    Cary Goforth comes into the first event of 2012 as the current ADRL Extreme Pro Stock Champion, and the Driver of the Year for 2011 two title’s he looks to continue to hold in 2012. We made some changes to our cars, but we have maintained the team the won the Championship last season, and with all the same components should come the same results.


    Goforth Racing is supported by the following sponsors of our race family, and we need to thank them for having confidence in our team, Lithium Pro Batteries, Sonny’s Racing Engines, Access Employer Services, Mickey Thompson Tires, and Deans Casing Service. Without the support of these sponsors none of this would be possible


    Goforth Racing consists of the following: Dean Goforth, Cary Goforth, Chris Goforth, Brian “Lump” Self, Jason Roberts, Keith Harr, Herb Bailey, Russ Van Pelt, and Scott Benham, and is supported by the employees of Deans Casing Service and members of the Goforth family.


    For more information: Goforth Racing can be found on Facebook.

    Goforth Racing Team

    Eckel Manufacturing Inc.

    Dean’s Casing Service

    Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels

    Sonny’s Racing Engines

    Lithium Pro’s Batteries

  • Dean Goforth determined to Drive in Houston

    Courtesy of Denise Ramsey

    Dean Goforth wants everyone to know how

    grateful he is for all the thoughts, prayers, phone calls and well wishes

    he has received since his health scare began in early December. “I want to

    make sure everyone knows how much it means to me that I have had so many

    people concerned for my well being, it’s staggering all the people that

    have inquired about my health the past few months. I want everyone to know

    that I am on my way back to being healthy, but it has certainly been a long

    process.” Dean said “I am still receiving a IV everyday and shots of

    morphine, and I have not been able to maintain my regular schedule but I

    have been lucky to have good people around me that are capable of running

    my business, I have been going to the shop every day and I am able to get

    in and out of my Extreme Pro Stock car, it’s like physical therapy pushing

    the clutch in and getting in and out, and if the lord is willing to let me

    I am planning to drive this car in Houston at the end of March during the

    first ADRL event,” Dean said.




    “The doctors have told me that if I had not been in such good shape

    physically for my age that this infection would have killed me. For me

    that’s a good feeling that I have been doing the right things. It really

    tells me that the good Lord knows what he is doing. I have lost some weight

    and people who I have known my whole life didn’t recognize me, but that’s

    probably not a bad thing. I will be happy to be free of all the drugs and

    IV and am looking forward to getting back to normal, running my business

    and getting back in the race car.” Dean said.




    If there is one thing we know about Dean Goforth it is that you can bet

    that he will be in Houston proud to be there with his team, and that he

    wants to shake a lot of hands give a lot of hugs and thank everyone for all

    the well wishes.




    Goforth Racing is supported by the following sponsors of our race family,

    and we need to thank them for having confidence in our team, Lithium Pro

    Batteries, Sonny’s Racing Engines, Access Employer Services, Mickey

    Thompson Tires, and Deans Casing Service. Without the support of these

    sponsors none of this would be possible




    Goforth Racing consists of the following: Dean Goforth, Cary Goforth,

    Chris Goforth, Brian “Lump” Self, Jason Roberts, Keith Harr, Herb Bailey,

    Russ Van Pelt, and Scott Benham, and is supported by the employees of Deans

    Casing Service and members of the Goforth family.