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  • AMSOIL, Deans Casing, and Black Diamond Motorsports team up for the 2016 IHRA Pro Stock season

    1402280_615242121847867_83727292_oAMSOIL, Deans Casing and Black Diamond Motorsports have formed an alliance to win the 2016 International Hot Rod Association™ (IHRA) Pro Stock Championship. Due to the downtrend in the Energy Business and the long lasting relationship between the GoForth’s and the Bealko family, it was a very easy decision for Deans Casing Service, AMSOIL, and Black Diamond Motorsports to join forces for the 2016 IHRA Pro Stock Season.


    AMSOIL, who is First in Synthetics, will be continuing its support of Black Diamond Motorsports as it has for the last 2 years. The partnership with AMSOIL provides Synthetic products and support that hold up well in the extreme environment that Mountain Motor Pro Stock engines, transmission and rear gears experience and will continue to expand with this new alliance . Black Diamond Motorsports Cars and Trailer proudly fly the AMSOIL colors at every event.


    Dean GoForth and Kevin Bealko have decided to step out of the driving seats for the 2016 race season and combine their collective efforts and resources into one team with two cars. Cary Goforth, a Multi-World Champion, and current IHRA champion and John DeFlorian, current elapsed time and mile per hour record holder, multi-event winner and shop foreman at Jerry Haas Race Cars will be the drivers in this alliance. These two drivers will combine their knowledge on winning coupled with record setting performances to make a formidable team .

    This on the heels that:
    IRG Sports + Entertainment™ (IRGSE), parent company to the International Hot Rod Association™ (IHRA); announced that Mike Dunn has been installed as President of the IHRA organization in advance of the complete reorganization of the company and its various operations. The current 2016 IHRA Drag Racing Series is serving as an interim year between the current format and the restructuring format which will be announced throughout the 2016 season.


  • Boychuk, Bealko, Kile, Moller win IHRA Nitro Jam Mardi Gras Nationals


    Tim Boychuk (AMSOIL Nitro Funny Car presented by Aeromotive), Kevin Bealko (U.S. Bounty Hunters Pro Stock), Tracy Kile (Nitro Harley) and Kat Moller (Jet Dragster) won final-round eliminations tonight at the IHRA Nitro Jam Mardi Gras Nationals at State Capitol Dragway in Port Allen, Louisiana.

    Boychuk, of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, faced defending IHRA AMSOIL Nitro Funny Car champion Jason Rupert in the final round of eliminations. Boychuk outran Rupert to the finish line, 5.867 sec./235.72 mph to 5.993 sec./245.43 mph.

    “This is big for us,” Boychuk explained. “We struggled for the last year-and-a-half or so and it’s been really painful. We started off winning a lot, then it kind of all went away on us. Now it’s back – the car’s back. I can feel the car is back and it’s really working the way we want it to work.  We changed a few things. I bought out my partner, Ron Hodgson. We had a great relationship – we still do – he didn’t want to race as much as I did. Now we got Twig (legendary driver Twig Zeigler of 1970s Pizza Haven Funny Car fame) and Roland (revered ’60s-’70s “Hawaiian” Funny Car owner Roland Leong) both working on the car and they’ve got it back again. I’ve got two great guys looking after the car. The team – we’ve got the same crew working on the car – has so much consistency.”

    Boychuk defeated No. 1 Qualifier and past IHRA champion Paul Romine in first round, then scored a bye run in the second to meet Rupert in the final.

    Kile, of Asheville, North Carolina, faced Brian Jernigan in the Nitro Harley final. After Jernigan crossed the finish line, he became separated from his motorcycle and crashed. He was transported to a local medical center for evaluation. Kile qualified third and defeated Rocky Jackson in the opening round and Alvin Kobernusz in the second.

    “It’s the second race of the year, and a very big win,” said Kile. “We come to every race knowing we can win. The IHRA Nitro Harley field is gonna be tough all year long. We’re just going to get used to it and run ’em round by round.”

    Bealko, of Bridgeport, West Virginia, qualified seventh in an eight-car field. He defeated Cary Goforth in the first round of eliminations, then faced teammate John DeFlorian Jr. in the second. Bealko defeated J.R. Carr in the final, 6.272 sec./224.71 mph to 13.602 sec./62.20 mph, to collect the coveted IHRA Ironman trophy.

    “It was a big win for us,” said Bealko. “Having to race my teammate, John, in the semi-finals is never our best-case scenario. To be able to get by him, then run J.R. Carr, who’s been stellar all day. I just got switched up on the lights and got an awful long light before I left. But the car went right down there and the whole way there I was just thinking of my crew they’re gonna kill me if I don’t get in front of him. I was able, by the grace of God, to get in front of him and we had a nice win.”

    Moller, a 19-year old University of Florida student, faced Elaine Larsen in the Jet Dragster final. It was a repeat of the season-opener in Tucson, Arizona, last month, where the pair faced each other in Jet Dragster finale. This time, Moller prevailed.

    “I’m super excited about it,” admitted Moller. “Last race I had Elaine in the final and she beat me to the finish line so this race I’m glad I got to beat her. So we’re even and we’ll see who wins next time.”

    The local 1/8-mile Outlaw Pro Modified final was won by Bill Doucet of Lawtell, Louisiana, over Bill Banaka of Brandon, Mississippi, 3.80 sec./193.09 mph to 4.604 sec./123.79 mph.

    Tina Pierce and Alex Taylor staged an exhibition race in their street-legal cars during the event. Pierce’s S-10 crashed during the race. She was transported to a local hospital for evaluation and released. The IHRA’s rigid safety standards prevented her from suffering serious injury.


    AMSOIL Nitro Funny Car presented by Aeromotive

    First round:

    Tim Boychuk defeated No. 1 Qualifier Paul Romine, 5.773 sec./245.36 mph to 6.822 sec./176.50 mph.

    Jason Rupert defeated Ricky Young, 5.897 sec./245.83 mph to 16.255 sec./68.56 mph.

    Mark Sanders defeated Steve Nichols, 5.840 sec./250.97 mph to 8.278 sec./105.94 mph.

    Second round:

    Boychuk (bye) 11.768 sec./68.28 mph.

    Jason Rupert defeated Mark Sanders, 5.979 sec./247.32 mph to 6.129 sec./231.30 mph.


    Tim Boychuk defeated Jason Rupert, 5.867 sec./235.72 mph to 5.993 sec./245.43 mph.


    U.S. Bounty Hunters Pro Stock

    First round:

    John DeFlorian Jr. defeated Dean Goforth, Goforth fouled and DeFlorian ran 215.51 mph (E.T. was ruled invalid).

    J.R. Carr defeated Scott Hintz, 6.305 sec./224.10 mph to 6.339 sec./223.15 mph.

    Trevor Eman defeated No. 1 Qualifier John Montecalvo, 6.326 sec./222.05 mph to 7.913 sec./115.57 mph.

    Kevin Bealko defeated Cary Goforth, 6.275 sec./223.99 mph to 6.397 sec./221.72 mph.

    Second round:

    J.R. Carr defeated Trevor Eman, 6.314 sec./223.71 mph to 7.554 sec./162.07 mph.

    Kevin Bealko defeated John DeFlorian Jr., 6.379 sec./222.88 mph to 11.035 sec./77.68 mph.


    Kevin Bealko defeated J.R. Carr, 6.272 sec./224.71 mph to 13.602 sec./62.20 mph.

    Nitro Harley

    First round:

    Rickey House defeated No. 1 Qualifier Jay Turner, 6.394 sec./217.18 mph to 6.372 sec./214.54 mph.

    Brian Jernigan defeated Jim Fagan, 7.056 sec./206.61 mph to 7.642 sec./141.15 mph.

    Alvin Kobernusz defeated Randal Andras, 6.914 sec./177.65 mph to 13.568 sec./72.93 mph.

    Tracy Kile defeated Rocky Jackson, 6.488 sec./212.51 mph to 7.444 sec./170.16 mph.

    Second round:

    Brian Jernigan defeated Rickey House, 7.116 sec./199.73 mph to 7.100 sec./211.91 mph.

    Tracy Kile defeated Alvin Kobernusz, 6.541 sec./195.56 mph to 6.809 sec./204.08 mph.


    Tracy Kile defeated Brian Jernigan, 6.568 sec./205.66 mph to 6.962 sec./210.03 mph.

    Jet Dragster


    Kat Moller defeated Elaine Larsen, 5.584 sec./286.53 mph to 5.801 sec./277.00 mph.



    AMSOIL Nitro Funny Car presented by Aeromotive – Racers elected not to conduct a second round of qualifying.

    1. 1.       Paul Romine (Fishers, Indiana) 5.734 sec./244.23 mph.
    2. 2.       Jason Rupert (Yorba Linda, California) 5.822 sec./250.62 mph.
    3. 3.       Mark Sanders (Maple Valley, Washington) 5.985 sec./225.22 mph.
    4. 4.       Steve Nichols (Newark, Delaware) 6.189 sec./236.59 mph.
    5. 5.       Ronny Young (Wylie, Texas) 6.332 sec./209.20 mph.
    6. 6.       Tim Boychuk (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) 9.611 sec./86.67 mph.

    U.S. Bounty Hunters Pro Stock

    1. John Montecalvo (Center Moriches, New York) 6.235 sec./224.94 mph.

    2. Cary Goforth (Holdenville, Oklahoma) 6.270 sec./223.49 mph.

    3. Dean Goforth (Holdenville, Oklahoma) 6.290 sec./223.65 mph.

    4. J.R. Carr (Pasco, Washington) 6.305 sec./221.83 mph.

    5. Scott Hintz (Odessa, Texas) 6.320 sec./225.05 mph.

    6. John DeFlorian  Jr. (Arnold, Missouri) 6.339 sec./222.88 mph.

    7. Kevin Bealko (Bridgeport, West Virginia) 7.134 sec./142.15 mph.

    8. Trevor Eman (Pos Chiquito, Aruba) 6.390 sec./222.44 mph.

    9. Scott Beham (Conroe, Texas) 6.554 sec./192.06 mph.

    10. John Konigshofer (Otterville, Ontario, Canada) 10.846 sec./99.74 mph.

    Nitro Harley

    1. 1.       Jay Turner (Julian, North Carolina) 6.476 sec./209.25 mph.
    2. 2.       Alvin Kobernusz (Manly, Iowa) 6.778 sec./203.20 mph.
    3. 3.       Tracy Kile (Asheville, North Carolina) 6.974 sec./170.03 mph.
    4. 4.       Brian Jernigan (Cypress, Texas) 7.015 sec./209.64 mph.
    5. 5.       Jim Fagan (Valley City, Ohio) 7.092 sec./200.04 mph.
    6. 6.       Rocky Jackson (Youngsville, Louisiana) 7.421 sec./174.92 mph.
    7. 7.       Randal Andras (Amelia, Louisiana) 7.759 sec./204.59 mph.
    8. 8.       Rickey House (Humble, Texas) 7.874 sec./198.32 mph.

    Next IHRA Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series national event:April 17-18 IHRA Nitro Jam Southern Nationals, Bradenton Motorsports Park – Bradenton, Fla.Nitro Jam classes include: Crower Pro Mod, AMSOIL Nitro Funny Car, U.S. Bounty Hunters Pro Stock, Nitro Harley-Davidson, Jet Dragster.

    Headquartered in Norwalk, Ohio, the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) promotes professional, semi-professional and local level racing for drivers of all levels. The Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series is a North American professional drag racing series comprised of events in major cities throughout the United States and Canada. The IHRA also oversees multiple sportsman racing programs including the Summit Racing Equipment Pro-Am Tour presented by AMSOIL, Summit Racing Equipment SuperSeries presented by AMSOIL and Summit Racing Equipment Tournament of Champions presented by AMSOIL. For more information on IHRA Motorsports visit www.ihra.com or the official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages @IHRA.

  • Black Diamond Motorsports is Ready for the Hunt to Begin

    Kevin  Bealko’s  Black  Diamond  Motorsports,(BDMS)  IHRA  Mountain  Motor  Pro  Stock  team  is   ready  to  start  the  hunt  for  a  IHRA  Pro  Stock  Championship  with  a continued sponsorship with AMSOIL “The First in Synthetics” while welcoming the U.S.Bounty Hunters as  a new primary sponsor.


    BDMS had a great 2014 IHRA Mountain Motor Pro Stock season with both BDMS Camaro’s winning races and reaching the finals in seven of the nine IHRA contested races. The BDM Camaro’s ended the season placing  second  and  third  in  the  IHRA  Pro  Stock  Championship  points.


    BDMS was extremely proud to be flying the AMSOIL Colors in 2014 while working with the AMSOIL’s staff and using their professionally tested products. Partnering with AMSOIL was a major factor towards BDMS very successful 2014 season.  AMSOIL  will  continue to be the Primary  Sponsor  of Kevin  Bealko’s Camaro  and  will  continue  to  be  BDMS   secondary  sponsor  on  John’s DeFlorian’s Camaro.  AMSOIL is truly “The First in Synthetics”.


    John DeFlorian (Bret Kepner Photo)
    John DeFlorian (Bret Kepner Photo)

    BDMS is very pleased to welcome the U.S. Bounty Hunters as the 2015 IHRA Pro Stock  Class  Sponsor  and  BDMS is really excited  to  fly  their  colors  as  a  Primary Sponsor  on  John  DeFlorian’s  new  2015 Camaro  as  well  as  a  Secondary  Sponsor  on Kevin Bealko’s  2014  Camaro Fred  Slack,  Denise Mirro, and their Bounty Hunter Crew will  be quite visible at all the 2015 IHRA Nitro Jam Events.


    “We  are  also  excited  to  partner  with  one  of  the  top  teams  in  that  class  in  Black  Diamond   Motorsports  with  Kevin  Bealko  and  John  DeFlorian.  With  this  perfect  marriage,  we  are   committed  to  making  this  partnership  successful  and  continue  growing  our  brand  ”  said  Fred   Slack  with  US  Bounty  Hunters.  Denise  Mirro,  with  US  Bounty  Hunters,  also  stated  “We  are   also  proud  to  sponsor  the  incredibly  exciting  Pro  Stock  class  and  adorn  the  side  of  Black   Diamond  Motorsports  team.  Much  like  IHRA’s  hands-­on  treatment  with  the  fans,  Black   Diamond  Motorsports  gives  their  fans  the  same  attention  that  fans  of  racing  want  more  of.”


    BDMS  is  very pleased  to  be  running  the  1/4  mile  again in their second  season  with  the  IHRA.  Running  with the  IHRA  last  season  was  a  great  racing  experience  and  BDMS is very thankful to the IHRA for their support of Mountain Motor Pro Stock Racing!!! BDMS will open the season this weekend at Southwest International Raceway in Tucson Arizona.


    BDMS  is  certainly  looking  forward  to seeing  our  race  fans  at  Southwest   International  Raceway  in  Tucson!!!

  • Bealko collects first career Ironman at IHRA Nitro Jam Northern Nationals at US 131


    MARTIN, Mich. (August 9, 2014) – For the past seven years, Kevin Bealko has played second fiddle on his own race team.

    Not anymore.

    After nearly a decade of success in the world of Pro Stock, just not in his own car, Bealko finally broke through with his first career Mountain Motor Pro Stock victory Saturday night in front of a jam-packed crowd at the IHRA Nitro Jam Northern Nationals at US 131 Motorsports Park.


    Kevin Bealko won his first career race Saturday at US 131 Motorsports Park

    Bealko bested No. 1 qualifier and the quickest man all weekend, Scott Hintz, to collect his first career Ironman trophy, doing so on a holeshot as the entire Black Diamond Motorsports team gathered on the starting line to witness the occasion. Joining Bealko in the winner’s circle on Saturday were Ron Maroney (Nitro Altered), Randal Andras (Nitro Harley), Marisha Falk (Jet Dragster) and Dom Lagana (Top Fuel) as the Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series season winds down with only one race remaining on the tour.

    “This means a heck of a lot to me. I have never been able to win a Pro Stock race in all these years of trying and to do it here today in this division, with these great racers, on the quarter-mile and right here in Michigan where John (DeFlorian) got his first win a few years back, is just tremendous,” Bealko said. “The whole gang has done a wonderful job for us, we are fortunate to have them. I just strap in and drive this thing; they deserve all the credit here.”

    The Black Diamond Motorsports team, headed by Bealko, has enjoyed a great deal of success since it was founded in 2007. The team has won multiple races, set a number of world records and has been a force in the world of Pro Stock for the past several seasons. But a lot of that success has resided with Bealko’s teammate, Missouri native John DeFlorian, and not with Bealko himself.


    Bealko eliminated Hintz, Goforth and Berner on his way to the win

    On Saturday, however, Bealko had his own moment in the spotlight as the Bridgeport, W.Va. native drove the AMSOIL-sponsored Black Diamond Motorsports 2014 Chevrolet Camaro to the winner’s circle in dramatic fashion. Going up against top qualifier Scott Hintz in the final, Bealko got the jump on the line with a .039 reaction time to a .085 and used that narrow margin to edge his opponent with a 6.289-second pass at 222.13 mph. Hintz ran a 6.280 at 223.60 in the runner-up effort.

    “There are just so many people to thank. My wife, she has put up with a lot these past few years, AMSOIL has been great to us and we think the world of their product and IHRA has just been magnificent. This has been the best drag racing experience I have ever had running with a great organization like IHRA,” Bealko said.

    Bealko added wins over Pete Berner and Cary Goforth on his way to the victory.

    “The car has been great lately. We had to tweak it a bit on day one when it was brand new, but slowly we have been getting the balance right on it,” Bealko said. “We have strived to win one of these with our second car for a while and now that we have done it, it is a pretty good feeling. The Lord has blessed us in a big way.”

    Ron Maroney was Saturday’s other big winner as the driver of the “Blind Faith” Nitro Altered collected his third win of the year and, more importantly, locked up his second career Nitro Altered championship.


    Randal Andras made his bid for the Nitro Harley title with another win

    Maroney was quickest in class for most of the weekend and entered the finals as the fast car from round one. In the final, Maroney drew Kyle Hough and dominated from starting line to finish line with a 6.382-second pass at 217.95 mph. Hough had a 6.899 at 162.48 as he just missed collecting his first win of the season.

    With the win, Maroney locked up his second IHRA Nitro Altered championship, winning his first back in 2010 running in the very same car Hough drove in Martin.

    “It is exciting to get our second championship. They both mean a lot to me, but they are also very different,” Maroney said. “I love the Hough family to death and they gave me that opportunity to drive the ‘Nanook’ car, a car I grew up idolizing, to win a championship. Now, to win it in my own car, a car that my wife and I own 100 percent, is really special.”

    Maroney’s victory capped a wild weekend in the nostalgia class as three different teams had run-ins with the wall while others took out timing blocks and traded lanes, a trademark of the class.

    “It was a great weekend, but it was a weekend that really showed what these Altereds are all about. We went out and ran 6.20s on one pass, then the next pass we are taking out cones while other guys are hitting the wall. Then we come back and run 6.30s right down the center,” Maroney said. “You just never know what these things are going to do. Sometimes they go straight as an arrow and sometimes you are just along for the ride.”


    Ron Maroney survived a thrilling weekend in Nitro Altered

    Troy Martin and Shane Harter collected consolation round wins to close out the Nitro Altered class.

    IHRA’s other major eliminator, Nitro Harley, was won by Louisiana native Randal Andras as the championship battle in the nitro-powered motorcycle class reaches new heights. Any one of four drivers will have an opportunity to clinch the title in Memphis in two months.

    Andras made his case for the Nitro Harley championship with his second win of the season, besting Mike Pelrine in the final. Andras had little trouble powering down the US 131 quarter-mile with a 6.857 at 220.15 pass in the final, while Pelrine ran into trouble and had to shut it off early.

    Andras added wins over Jim Fagan and Alvin Kobernusz on his way to the win.

    Dom Lagana ceremoniously welcomed Top Fuel Dragster back to the IHRA Nitro Jam lineup over the weekend as the younger of the two Lagana brothers swept the weekend, taking all four round wins over his brother Bobby.


    Dom Lagana bested his brother Bobby all four passes

    To cap the weekend, Dom had passes of 4.664 at 306.27 and 4.835 at 243.71 to seal the win.

    Finally in Jet Dragster, Marisha Falk placed the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University jet-powered dragster in the winner’s circle as the Florida native dominated the class from start to finish. Falk was the top qualifier on Friday and used that momentum to eliminate Allison West and Elaine Larsen for her third Ironman of the season. Falk had a 5.744 at 278.17 in the final, just edging Larsen’s 5.799 at 275.38.

    The IHRA Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series will return to action October 10-11 at Memphis International Raceway for the season finale at the IHRA Summit Racing Equipment World Finals featuring the Nitro Jam Nationals.



    Martin, Mich. – Final results from the 2014 IHRA Nitro Jam Northern Nationals at US 131 Motorsports Park

    Top Fuel Dragster – Dom Lagana, Scarsdale, N.Y., dragster, 4.835, 243.71 def. Bobby Lagana Jr., Scarsdale, N.Y., dragster, 5.266, 206.26

    Pro Stock – Kevin Bealko, Bridgeport, W.Va., ’14 Camaro, 6.2899, 222.13 def. Scott Hintz, Odessa, Texas, ’13 Mustang, 6.280, 223.60

    Nitro Harley – Randal Andras, Amelia, La., motorcycle, 6.857, 220.15 def. Mike Pelrine, Bruderheim, Alb., motorcycle, 9.075, 102.89

    Nitro Altered – Ron Maroney, Chandler, Ariz., ’32 Bantam, 6.382, 217.95 def. Kyle Hough, Las Vegas, Nev., ’23 Ford T, 6.899, 162.48

    Jet Dragster – Marisha Falk, Port Orange, Fla., 5.744, 278.17 def. Elaine Larsen, Port Orange, Fla., 5.799, 275.38


    Martin, Mich. – Final round-by-round results from the 2014 IHRA Nitro Jam Northern Nationals at US 131 Motorsports Park

    Top Fuel Dragster

    Round 1 – Dom Lagana, 4.664, 306.27 def. Bobby Lagana Jr., 4.881, 322.53

    Final – Dom Lagana, 4.835, 243.71 def. Bobby Lagana, 5.266, 206.26

    Pro Stock

    Round 1 – Scott Hintz, 6.301, 223.53 def. Dean Goforth, 6.295, 222.29; Todd Hoerner, 6.356, 221.44 def. John DeFlorian, 6.396, 220.15; Cary Goforth, 6.354, 220.37 def. Matt Bertsch, 6.402, 218.96; Kevin Bealko, 6.355, 219.19 def. Pete Berner, 6.378, 219.07

    Semis – Bealko, 6.365, 212.88 def. Goforth, broke; Hintz, 6.297, 221.45 def. Hoerner, 6.346, 221.13

    Final – Bealko, 6.289, 221.21 def. Scott Hintz, 6.280, 223.60

    Nitro Harley

    Round 1 – Mike Pelrine, 6.897, 159.65 def. Jay Turner, 8.202, 107.53; Mark Cox, 6.476, 215.11 def. Lyle Newton 7.740, 131.42; Randal Andras, 6.418, 217.91 def. Jim Fagan 7.273, 186.71; Alvin Kobernusz, 7.389, 153.69 def. Mike Scott, 10.613, 85.06

    Semis – Pelrine, 6.380, 206.17 def. Cox, foul; Andras, 6.368, 228.97 def. Kobernusz, 7.230, 163.11

    Final – Andras, 6.857, 220.15 def. Pelrine, 9.075, 102.89

    Nitro Altered

    Round 1 – Ron Maroney, 6.205, 221.28 def. Troy Ray, no time; Kyle Hough, 6.250, 227.00 def. Shane Harter 6.408, 207.02; Don Blackshear, 6.600, 216.16 def. Troy Martin, DQ

    Consolation – Martin, 6.284, 204.16 def. Ray, 8.990, 148.57; Harter, 6.382, 220.14 def. Blackshear, 7.154, 141.14

    Final – Maroney, 6.382, 217.95 def. Hough, 6.899, 162.48

    Jet Dragster

    Round 1 – Marisha Falk, 5.780, 274.96 def. Allison West, 6.044, 195.54; Elaine Larsen, 5.851, 271.41 def. Kat Moller, 6.026, 264.22

    Consolation – West, 6.009, 199.75 def. Moller, foul

    Final – Falk, 5.744, 278.17 def. Larsen, 5.799, 275.38

  • Championships can be clinched this weekend at IHRA Nitro Jam Pittsburgh Nationals


    With only three races remaining in the 2014 IHRA Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series season, championship points are at a premium.

    And that couldn’t be any more true than at this weekend’s pivotal stop at Pittsburgh Raceway Park as the stars of the IHRA return to the Steel City for the fourth annual IHRA Nitro Jam Pittsburgh Nationals presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports this Friday and Saturday.


    Jason Rupert can clinch the IHRA Funny Car championship this weekend

    Following a compelling race at Cordova Dragway Park two weeks ago that saw first-time winners in every professional category except one, fans and drivers are buzzing as the IHRA returns to the track this weekend with only three events remaining.

    “We saw an exceptional race at Cordova earlier this month and that has created a lot of attention on the IHRA and the Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series. After what we saw in Illinois, I would expect similar results this weekend in Pittsburgh with another superior lineup heading to Pennsylvania,” said Scott Gardner, President of IHRA Motorsports. “I expect, with only a few races left, the competition and intensity will be at an all-time high which should make for an extremely compelling race this weekend.”

    Adding to the racing excitement itself, two unique variables will play a key role at this weekend’s event at Pittsburgh Raceway Park – track length and the crunch being placed on IHRA’s Nitro Funny Car teams.

    First up, Pittsburgh Raceway Park will host IHRA’s only event not contested on the quarter-mile this season. For safety reasons, the IHRA Pittsburgh Nationals will be shortened to 1,000 feet for all nitro classes creating an extra challenge for IHRA teams. While 320 less feet doesn’t sound like a lot, it could play a major role in the final outcomes with some teams better suited to shorter attacks.

    The second variable is the Nitro Funny Car schedule. With one less event on the schedule than all of the other pro classes, the IHRA Pittsburgh Nationals will serve as the next-to-last race of the season for Nitro Funny Car competitors, meaning championships can be clinched this weekend.


    One of the closest battles this season has taken place in Nitro Harley

    Breakout star Jason Rupert in the Bays and Rupert “Black Plague” ’69 Camaro can clinch his first IHRA Nitro Funny Car championship this weekend with a strong performance at the Pittsburgh Nationals as he holds a commanding 177-point lead over second place Mark Sanders. With four national event victories and a trip to the final round at every national event entered except one, Rupert can seal his first IHRA title and fourth career Nitro Funny Car championship in Pittsburgh.

    But it won’t be an easy task. Fellow 2014 national event winners John Hale in the “Mike Burkhart” tribute Camaro and Mike McIntire in the “McAttack” Camaro will join IHRA record holder and multi-time Pittsburgh winner Peter Gallen in trying add another Ironman to their collection. They will be joined in Pittsburgh by Sanders, Tim Boychuk, Bruce Litton, Mike Smith, Ronny Young, Greg Jacobsmeyer, Gary Kraus, John Crimmins and more.

    The remaining professional classes still face three races, giving them extra time to lock up their respective championships.

    One of the closest battles of 2014 is in Nitro Harley as Canadian Mike Scott sits just 15 points ahead of Louisiana native Randal Andras and a little over 100 points clear of fourth place Mark Cox. Multi-time IHRA champion Jay Turner sits in the middle in third. Scott leads the quartet with three wins this season, though he hasn’t hoisted an Ironman trophy since early June. Cox has two wins, while Andras has one.

    In Pro Stock, Oklahoma’s Cary Goforth leads the championship standings by 32 points over John DeFlorian. Goforth and DeFlorian began the season as the class of the field, but have not visited the winner’s circle since early April. They will look to regain momentum this weekend.


    Black Diamond Motorsports and Goforth Racing will continue their battle in Pittsburgh this weekend with both teams gunning for the title

    Goforth teammate Todd Hoerner sits third in the championship standings, followed by Kevin Bealko and Pete Berner. Dean Goforth is the most recent winner in the class, winning the Summer Nationals at Cordova earlier this month.

    Rounding out the pro classes are Nitro Altered and Jet Dragster as Ron Maroney brings a healthy lead in the AA/FA category in the “Blind Faith” machine over Don Blackshear in “Bullet Bob.” In Jet Dragster, Elaine Larsen leads the all-female lineup, just ahead of Dawn Perdue. 20-year-old Kat Moller, fourth in points, won her first career race last weekend in Cordova giving all four girls at the top of the standings a win this season.

    The 2014 IHRA Nitro Jam Pittsburgh Nationals presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports will take place this Friday and Saturday at Pittsburgh Raceway Park. Tickets can be purchased online at www.nitrojam.com or at the gate on the day of the show. For more information, visit www.nitrojam.com or call Pittsburgh Raceway Park at (724) 668-7600.

  • Black Diamond Motorsports Joins Team AMSOIL

    Black Diamond Motorsports Joins Team AMSOIL

    Record setting drag racing team partners with Official Oil of IHRA

     photo 4

    Bridgeport, W.V. ~ Black Diamond Motorsports is pleased to announce a partnership with AMSOIL INC., the First in Synthetics and recognized leader in synthetic lubricants since 1972 and the Exclusive Official Oil of International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) and Nitro Jam.

    AMSOIL lubricants have helped racing teams in all forms of racing – from off-road trucks to dirt bikes and everything in between – capture countless checkered flags and season championships. AMSOIL believes that Racing is Research, and uses the data its racing efforts generate to tailor its formulations for even greater levels of performance and protection. The products that dominate at the track are the same products available to every AMSOIL customer.

    Kevin & Karen Bealko of Black Diamond Motorsports (BDMS), alongside friend and teammate John DeFlorian, have gone from a single-car operation in 2007, to a two-car in 2014. The team’s enthusiasm for drag racing has only increased along the way.

    “Our Black Diamond crew is very excited to partner up with such an innovated group as AMSOIL,” said Kevin Bealko. “We are committed to our common goal which is to work with the AMSOIL staff to continue the development of the best synthetics lubricants in the business.”

    BDMS has blazed onto the drag racing scene by resetting established elapsed time (ET) and Miles per Hour (MPH) speed records throughout 2012-2013 while accumulating multiple wins in both the ADRL and XDRL competition during the racing seasons and adding IHRA ET & MPH records coupled with a win for 2014 season.

    photo 2

    DeFlorian obliterated the IHRA speed record in Mountain Motor Pro Stock, a record which stood at 223.95 mph since 2008. The speed was topped on two separate occasions by the Arnold, Mo. native, ending with an outstanding 226.70 mph pass in the final. The run not only gave the driver of the BDMS Camaro the record, but it also helped propel DeFlorian to his first victory in IHRA competition at the San Antonio Nationals as he bested Cary Goforth in the final.

    Up next for BDMS is the Nitro Jam event at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Bradenton, Fla. April 11-12.


    For more information on AMSOIL and AMSOIL products, go to www.amsoil.com. To follow AMSOIL Racing and Black Diamond Motorsports, go to www.amsoilracing.com

  • Memorable weekend ends in record fashion in San Antonio with new IHRA world records

    Big crowds, great racing and a tremendous show were only part of the storyline coming out of this past weekend’s IHRA San Antonio Nationals presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports at San Antonio Raceway.


    Two records fell by the wayside in one of IHRA’s oldest classes and another was nearly bested all on a memorable night of racing at one of IHRA’s premier Nitro Jam events.


    John DeFlorian set both ends of the IHRA Pro Stock world record in San Antonio 



    John DeFlorian, from Arnold, Missouri, set both ends of the IHRA Pro Stock World Record, all in his final pass of the night, behind the wheel of his Black Diamond Motorsports 2013 Chevrolet Camaro. With his first career Ironman on the line, DeFlorian bested Oklahoma’s Cary Goforth in the final of Mountain Motor Pro Stock with a blistering 6.224-second elapsed time at 226.70 miles per hour, good enough for the new mark in both categories.


    The old records, which have stood since 2008 and 2007 respectively, were both broken in commanding fashion. DeFlorian bested the mile per hour mark by a whopping 2.75 mph and he bettered the elapsed time mark by .027. The old records, held by Frank Gugliotta and Brian Gahm respectively, stood at 6.251 and 223.95.

    Jason Rupert

    Jason Rupert continued to dominate in Nitro Funny Car with another near-record run 


    “These records are something each team likes to brag about and go after and to come away from here with the win and the record is pretty amazing,” DeFlorian said after taking the win in San Antonio. “We felt like we could get after it, but I never dreamed we could come out here and put down a number like that. I was thinking maybe 225 tops. To set the record and get the win against a great team like the Goforths just makes this even more special.”


    DeFlorian set the new speed mark earlier in the day, but his final pass of the night increased the record by another two miles per hour.


    In Nitro Funny Car, Jason Rupert continued on a torrid pace with his second consecutive IHRA victory while almost setting a new speed mark in the Bays and Rupert “Black Plague” Camaro. Rupert’s final pass of the weekend, a winning 5.764, 252.38 over John “Bodie” Smith in the “Jungle Jim” Vega, came just a fraction shy of the record. Rupert bested the current record, set by Peter Gallen at 252.10 in 2011, but he was unable to back it up, coming less than one mile-per-hour of setting the new mark.


    The record-breaking weekend in San Antonio follows up another record weekend in Tucson that saw Louisiana rider Randal Andras break the 13-year old Nitro Harley speed record with a pass of 228.31 miles per hour.


    Next up for the IHRA Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series is a trip to Bradenton Motorsports Park for the IHRA Nitro Jam Southern Nationals April 11-12.

  • DeFlorian, Rupert top record-setting night at IHRA San Antonio Nationals

    It was a night of big numbers and record runs as the stars of the IHRA Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series produced a memorable and historic night in front of yet another capacity crowd at the IHRA San Antonio Nationals presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports at San Antonio Raceway.


    John DeFlorian erased a half-decade old record in Mountain Motor Pro Stock on his way to picking up his first career IHRA victory and Jason Rupert won his second straight Ironman in Nitro Funny Car to the thrill of the overflow crowd during the second stop of the 2014 IHRA Nitro Jam season. They were joined in the winner’s circle by Randal Andras (Nitro Harley), Ron Hope (Nitro Altered) and Elaine Larsen (Jet Dragster).


    John DeFlorian set a new IHRA record with a 226.70 mph pass 


    DeFlorian obliterated the IHRA speed record in Mountain Motor Pro Stock, a record that has stood since the fall of 2008. The record, which stood at 223.95, was topped on two separate occasions by the Arnold, Missouri native, ending with an outstanding 226.70 mph pass in the final.


    The run not only gave the driver of the Black Diamond Motorsports Camaro the record, but it also helped propel DeFlorian to his first victory in IHRA competition as he bested Cary Goforth in the final. DeFlorian overcame a slight starting line disadvantage as Cary Goforth in the Goforth’s Casing 2013 Chevrolet Camaro got the jump, but DeFlorian battled back on the top end with a 6.224-second elapsed time at 226.70 mph to take the win, just ahead of Goforth’s equally stout 6.299, 224.22.


    “This weekend has been absolutely dynamite. I have never raced out here before, so when we rolled in here the other day I kept thinking ‘man, this is going to be a lot of fun.’ They told me the crowds would be spectacular and boy they weren’t kidding. What an amazing place to race,” DeFlorian said. “Getting to race here is a treat and getting a win here is just amazing. We are so excited to get the win. I used to race IHRA years ago, but I never could get a win. Now, I can take this amazing trophy and record home with us.”


    In addition to setting a new record, DeFlorian also picked up the win – his first in IHRA 


    DeFlorian had a rather mistake-free day in his bright gold ride, posting laps of 6.291, 6.250 and 6.224 during the afternoon and evening hours with wins attached to those numbers over Kevin Bealko, Scott Hintz and Goforth. And it was destined from the beginning that DeFlorian and Goforth would meet in the final.


    The pair qualified first and second on Friday and remained welded together throughout the afternoon, with Goforth at one point flirting with the other half of the IHRA Pro Stock record with an outstanding 6.189 in round one. The loss was Goforth’s first round loss in the new car.


    “The battle between Cary and I goes way back, a lot longer than people realize. We have been racing each other for years, trading records and wins back and forth. It is something each team likes to brag about and go after and to come away from here with the win and the record is pretty amazing,” DeFlorian said. “We felt like we could get after it, but I never dreamed we could come out here and put down a number like that. I was thinking maybe 225 tops. To set the record and get the win against a great team like the Goforths just makes this even more special.”


    The other half of the storybook evening at the San Antonio Nationals belonged to Jason Rupert who won his second consecutive Ironman in IHRA’s premier Nitro Funny Car class.


    Jason Rupert  Jason Rupert won for the second week in a row in Nitro Funny Car 


    Sitting behind the wheel of the Bays and Rupert “Black Plague” Camaro, Rupert rocketed to the top of the charts on Friday and remained there throughout the weekend. Rupert recorded round wins over Ronnie Young, Greg Jacobsmeyer and John “Bodie” Smith on his way to his second IHRA victory of the season, once again saving his best stuff for the final with a very fast 5.764, 252.38 pushing the California native past Smith in the “Jungle Jim” Vega and into the winner’s circle.


    Smith had the jump on the line with a narrow starting line advantage, but gave that advantage up on the top end. Smith crossed the line with a 5.883, 242.98 pass.


    “When you look at these cars, all of them are just so competitive. We are lucky to have the great help and great team that we have to make this all happen,” Rupert said. “Today we knew we were going up against a Paul Smith-tuned car, so when you are racing that guy you had better not be bashful at all. I knew we could run a good number, but I also knew they could run a good number. We just had to be on our game and thankfully we put it all together on that last run.”


    While his car was on a rail throughout the weekend, Rupert received one lucky break in the semifinals when his car went up in smoke just after the hit of the throttle. Seemingly out of it, Rupert received a break when his opponent also ran into trouble allowing Rupert to coast to the line and into the final.


    Rupert defeated Mark Sanders at the IHRA season opener in Tucson one week ago, giving him two wins in a row in the ultra-competitive class that produced a 5.968 bump on Friday.



    Randal Andras took the win in Nitro Harley


    In other nitro action, Randal Andras collected the win in Nitro Harley over Jay Turner in an upset-filled bracket.


    Andras qualified near the top of the field in second, but Turner saw two poor runs turn into a spot in eighth on the ladder. But with the bike turned around, Turner upset No. 1 qualifier Mike Scott in round one and stringed together one win after another to set up the final between two of the fastest bikes on the property.


    With an Ironman on the line, Andras got off of the line first and held that advantage throughout with a 6.468, 217.92 to Turner’s 6.499, 209.40. Andras also had wins over Ron Gledhill and Steve Dorn to reach the final.


    In Nitro Altered, Ron Hope overcame a pair of challenging runs to take the win in the “Rat Trap” nostalgia machine, recording wins over Ron Maroney and Mike Hilsabeck to collect the hardware. In the final both Hope and Hilsabeck ran into trouble, but Hope found enough traction at the top end to blast across the line with a less-than-stellar 8.008, 161.12 to take the win.


    Finally, in Jet Dragster Elaine Larsen had two tremendous passes of 5.746 and 5.707 – both at over 270 mph – to take the win. In the final Larsen and Dawn Perdue put on a tremendous show ending with a 5.707 to a 5.774 in favor of Larsen.


    Next up for the IHRA Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series North American Tour is a trip to Bradenton Motorsports Park for the IHRA Southern Nationals April 11-12 and watch for the series on MAV TV coming this fall.




    Marion, Texas – Final results from the 2014 IHRA San Antonio Nitro Jam Nationals presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports at San Antonio Raceway.


    Nitro Funny Car – Jason Rupert, Yorba Linda, Calif., ’69 Camaro, 5.764, 252.38 def. John Smith, Delray Beach, Fla., ’74 Vega, 5.883, 242.98


    Pro Stock – John DeFlorian, Arnold, Mo., ‘ 13 Camaro, 6.224, 226.70 def. Cary Goforth, Holdenville, Okla., ’13 Camaro, 6.299, 224.22


    Nitro Harley – Randal Andras, Amelia, La., 6.468, 217.92 def. Jay Turner, Julian, N.C., 6.499, 209.40


    Nitro Altered – Ron Hope, Franklin, Tenn., ’32 Bantam, 8.008, 161.12 def. Mike Hilsabeck, Phoenix, Ariz, ’23 Ford T, 10.742, 81.26


    Jet Dragster – Elaine Larsen, Middleton, Mich., 5.707, 271.58 def. Dawn Perdue, Philadelphia, Pa., 5.774, 256.70




    Marion, Texas – Final results from the 2014 IHRA San Antonio Nitro Jam Nationals presented by Good Vibrations Motorsports at San Antonio Raceway.


    Nitro Funny Car

    Round 1 – Greg Jacobsmeyer, 6.058, 238.10 def. Mike McIntire Jr., 6.352, 216.66; John Smith, 5.883, 244.03 def. Tim Boychuk, 6.284, 192.14; Mark Sanders, 6.325, 235.97 def. John Hale, 6.357, 238.73; Jason Rupert, 5.810, 244.96 def. Ronnie Young, 6.019, 229.24

    Semis – Smith, 5.849, 245.90 def. Sanders, 6.017, 248.76; Rupert, 6.584, 167.54 def. Jacobsmeyer, 16.389, 68.15

    Final – Rupert, 5.764, 252.38 def. Smith, 5.883, 242.98


    Pro Stock

    Round 1 – Todd Hoerner, 6.312, 220.59 def. Pete Berner, 6.338, 219.19; Scott Hintz, 9.874, 122.45 def. John Konigshofer, foul; John DeFlorian, 6.291, 224.44 def. Kevin Bealko, 6.294, 223.44; Cary Goforth, 6.189, 223.55 def. BYE

    Semis – DeFlorian, 6.250, 223.21 def. Hintz, 8.550, 110.51; Goforth, foul (.006) def. Hoerner, foul (.018)

    Final – DeFlorian, 6.224, 226.70 def. Goforth, 6.299, 224.22


    Nitro Harley

    Round 1 – Mike Pelrine, 6.672, 219.51 def. Rickey House, 9.693, 96.19; Steve Dorn, 6.839, 176.96 def. Alvin Kobernusz, 7.148, 158.83; Randal Andras, 6.456, 212.67 def. Ron Gledhill, 9.317, 95.79; Jay Turner, 7.309, 145.49 def. Mike Scott, foul

    Semis – Turner, 6.408, 223.99 def. Pelrine, 6.651, 193.97; Andras, foul (.007) def. Dorn, foul (.013)

    Final – Andras, 6.468, 217.92 def. Turner, 6.499, 209.40


    Nitro Altered

    Round 1 – Ron Hope, 7.489, 191.90 def. Ron Maroney, 7.473, 144.05; Mike Hilsabeck, 6.555, 201.70 def. Jim Maroney, broke

    Final – Hope, 8.008, 161.12 def. Hilsabeck, 10.742, 81.26


    Jet Dragster

    Round 1 – Elaine Larsen, 5.746, 272.89 def. Kat Moller, 7.185, 114.59; Dawn Perdue, 5.841, 238.85 def. Marisha Falk, foul

    Consolation – Moller, 7.103, 158.34 def. Falk, foul

    Final – Larsen, 5.707, 271.58 def. Perdue, 5.774, 256.70