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  • Moits Racing: Pushing Performance Boundaries

    Mouhayet-Mustang-3Q-WebAustralian doorslammer pilot, Paul Mouhayet, known worldwide for achieving the fastest speed ever recorded on a set of 10.5W tires at 252.95mph in 5.990 seconds, and his Moits Racing team are one step closer to reaching their ultimate goal: adding to their legacy as a team that pushes performance boundaries to new heights with a take-no-prisoners mindset.

    Their ambition drove them to seek out one of the world’s premier chassis builders for a venture into Pro Modified. The Moits team commissioned Tim McAmis Race Cars to create their new beast which sports the latest technology allowing them to become one of the quickest and fastest cars on the planet.

    Built specifically for the turbocharged engine combination and knowing its potential to exceed speeds of 260mph, the crew at TMRC strengthened the chassis around the driver and installed one of Racetech’s lightweight full-containment carbon fiber racing seats—a staple of TMRC’s high-end race cars. Additional features include a titanium back half and titanium firewall, as well as titanium brackets, mounts and bolts throughout the car. The chassis is finished out with TMRC’s billet rear end housing, carbon fiber wheelie bars, and lightweight carbon fiber interior, including parachute, and the fire bottle handles.

    Moits’ love for carbon fiber influenced the exterior design created by Tyrant Productions and applied beautifully at Paint by Jeff Hoskins. A sleek black with a “carbon fiber” center stripe across the hood of the 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake body, originally developed by Moran Motorsports and formed in-house by TMRC’s Velocity Composites division.

    Seated between the frame rails is the 4,000 horse power, world-conquering 481X billet big block by Pro Line Racing. Using a set of Precision Turbochargers, this combination has set fire to the record books in 2014 and recently achieved the fastest speed ever recorded in a 1/8th mile doorslammer at 221 MPH.

    The Moits brothers and their family-owned Moits Excavation business will serve as the primary sponsor on the new Pro Modified Mustang, and Con and Vic at CV Performance in Australia will handle the tuning duties. GD Race Cars a regular customer of Tim McAmis Performance Parts, will join Mouhayet in maintaining the stunning machine.

    The new Mustang will debut at the inaugural Street Car Super Nationals in St. Louis in August, before it is shipped down under for competition in a class known as Extreme Outlaw.  In the meantime, Moits Racing has every intention of pushing the limits of their 10.5 car.