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  • LIVE FEED: ADRL Dragstock X from Rockingham Dragway

    Sunday, September 8, 2013

    10:30 a.m. Pre-Race Ceremonies
    11:00 a.m. Eliminations Begin (Run Order: PX, PN, XPS, PXM, PM,  PJD, TJD, TD, TS, OUTLAW 10.5, PDR)
    5:30 p.m. Winner’s Circle Celebration with the Fans


    Watch live streaming video from dragracelive at livestream.com

  • Black Diamond Motorsports Welcomes Associate Sponsor Graber Concrete Company

    DSC01665Black Diamond Motorsports would like to welcome Graber Concrete Company (GCC) as an associate sponsor for remainder of the season . Jeff and Mark Graber, owners of Graber Concrete, have been very loyal fans and crew members of Black Diamond Motorsports and we would like to send Mark a special “Thanks for your Service” message by making Jeff and him our Associate Sponsor . Mark is stationed overseas serving country in the Armed Services . We also would like to thank Jeff’s wife Terri, who owns TAG’s Cafe back in Cincinnati, she has sent us deserts all season long and they are truly awesome .

    Graber Concrete Company was established in 1976 by Jeff Graber and has been solving Cincinnati Ohio’s concrete needs from standard concrete flat work to an array of variety of standard, stamped, colored concrete, paver patios, installing retaining walls and water features. GCC also performs a wide range of excavating from pool fill-ins to underground fiber optic installation.

    Black Diamond Motorsports Team hold both the Elapsed Time and Mile per Hour records and were the first team to exceed 180 miles per hour in the eighth-mile .

    Please text to 85080 on your cell phone and type BLACKDIAMOND in order to show your support for our sponsor The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.

    To learn more about 21st Century clean coal technology “Like “America’s Power and Black Diamond Motorsports on Facebook .

  • Black Diamond Motorsports heads to ADRL Dragstock X at Rockingham

    XDRL_2-174John DeFlorian, driver of Black Diamond Motorsports Jerry Haas 2012 Clean Coal Camaro powered by Sonny’s Racing Engines, started the 2013 Extreme Pro Stock season off right at Rockingham Dragway by qualifying number 1 with a 4.025 seconds elapsed time (ET), reset the mph record to 180.26 mph, then top it off by winning the race, will return to Rockingham for American Drag Racing League’s (ADRL) Battle of the Belts, a special all-star event that will be contested on Friday, Sept. 6, the day before the start of Dragstock X, the most successful event in ADRL’s history.

    Deflorian is sitting in the 6th spot in championship points and is looking for a trifecta this weekend with a Win in both Battle of the Belts and Dragstock X and regaining the points lead for the Championship.

    DSC01665Team Owner Kevin Bealko, driver of the Jerry Haas America’s Power GXP powered by Sonny’s Racing Engines has been on the move this year chipping away at the exceptionally tough extreme pro stock field by qualifying in the field at the last 18 races and in the top 4 at the last 4 races.

    “We are extremely proud to fly the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity colors on our 2012 Jerry Haas GXP”, states team owner Bealko. “American Drag Racing League and Rockingham Dragway will be a great venue for Black Diamond Motorsports to reach out to American families about the important role that coal plays in delivering affordable, reliable power for American families and businesses. We’re excited to talk with all our drag racing fans about how coal keeps electricity affordable, reliable and increasingly clean. We have every intention to win a World Championship for America’s Power and Graber Concrete Company,” states Bealko.

    Please text to 85080 on your cell phone and type BLACKDIAMOND in order to show your support for our sponsor The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.

    To learn more about 21st Century clean coal technology “Like “America’s Power and Black Diamond Motorsports on Facebook .


    dsc_8279_20130609_1671428677ADRL’s Dragstock event has become legendary in its own right, and, as such, is the highlight of the year for many racers and fans. For the gang from Aruba, Dragstock is also ‘home stop’ on the tour, easily making this the biggest event of the season for the Aruba.com Extreme Pro Stock Team. Although much of the team hails from Aruba, their shop is based out of Union, S.C. – a short drive from Rockingham Dragway where Dragstock is held.


    Dragstock is a week-long event for Team Aruba, with area displays for associate sponsor Alltel Wireless in the days leading up to the event, testing on Thursday and the highly anticipated Battle for the Belts Shootout on Friday before Dragstock qualifying actually begins on Saturday.


    “This is probably the longest and busiest race of the entire 2013 ADRL Tour for us,” told driver Trevor Eman. “We really enjoy the added festivities surrounding this event. Alltel is a great sponsor and doing the displays gives us a chance to interact with our fans from Alltel, as well as spread the word about the upcoming event.


    “We’re especially looking forward to participating in the Battle for the Belts. It’s a huge privilege to qualify for such a prestigious event,” Eman said of the Shootout that takes only the top eight in points from each category. “Our goal is obviously to make three consistent and quick runs and take home the Belt. However, we have come such a long way in our Pro Stock career that just being a contender in this event is rewarding.


    “After the Battle is over on Friday, we still have major work cut out for us on Saturday and Sunday. Although we’re currently in fourth place in points, we still have an opportunity to win the Extreme Pro Stock Championship. Keeping ourselves in a position to do this will depend greatly on our performance this weekend. We have a good race car with good power; we can’t thank our chassis builder and engine builder enough. Our team is more than capable of getting the job done, so we are fully ready to do well this weekend.”


    Being close to home has its advantages and for Eman and Team Aruba, this means added support: “Rockingham is always a nice facility to race at since we can consider it our home track. So besides it being a real busy week for us, it is also the race we have probably been looking forward to the most. We always have plenty of friends from the area around our shop in Union, S.C. that join us for this race, and thanks to direct flights from Aruba to Charlotte, this race is also the easiest travel distance for our Aruba friends and family. So it will be great to have plenty of moral support on our side both from Aruba and S.C. We’re also happy to welcome Alltel representatives to Dragstock. It looks like we’ll have full pits and plenty of support! Bottom line is, we are looking forward to a great weekend of racing surrounded by great people.”


    Watch Trevor and Team Aruba at the ADRL Dragstock X this weekend via ADRL.us Live Feed.


    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing.

    Find race results, team updates, videos and photos. Also leave your comments to cheer on Team Aruba!


    For more on your Aruba vacation visit www.Aruba.com and www.Destination-Magazines.com.



    dsd_2431_20130803_1813405663CENTER MORICHES, N.Y. August 9, 2013:  The coveted “number one” comes with its perks, but for many it’s not always the position most desired. As a two-time World Champion, John Montecalvo knows a thing or two about sitting in the number one spot, but he’s currently relishing his number two position and planning his next move.


    “As the old tagline goes, ‘we’re number two so we try harder,’” Monte elaborated. “We’re in a great position [less than 100 points out of first] for a Championship run. When you’re in that top spot, everyone is gunning for you. With two races left in the points and the bullseye on [points leader] Elijah Morton, we’re continuing the slow and steady approach we’ve taken all year to hopefully take our third Championship title.


    “With the top five guys separated by about 300 points, it’s really anyone’s game and our team has to be our best. This team is doing a great job and I feel like we’re peaking at the right time. Everything seems to be falling into place so we’re going to keep our focus and do what we know we can do.”


    At the last ADRL event, the Memphis Drags, Monte and team utilized their consistent approach to qualify number two with a 4.099 and get past John Bartunek in round one with an .018 light and 4.11 elapsed time. Unfortunately, Montecalvo was forced to lift early in round two, giving Trevor Eman the win. Still, the team maintained good position in the points and is solidly qualified for the Battle for the Belts Shootout to be contested at Dragstock X, Rockingham Dragway, September 6-8.


    “I have to say that the Memphis Drags was one of the best races we’ve ever had,” told Montecalvo. “The fans were great and other than the weather, the event went off flawlessly. We had one of the highest car counts, if not the highest, in the history of the ADRL. I’m sure that Rockingham will be off the charts. Dragstock is always the premier event on the ADRL tour and now with the Battle for the Belts contested there, it will truly be the highlight of the year. I want to thank the ADRL for their generosity in funding the Battle for the Belts. It’s a privilege to be a part of this race. The top eight in points are the best in the country and we’re proud to race beside them for a prestigious title. It’s going to be a tough event, but we’re looking forward to it.


    “With the Battle on Friday and Dragstock run on Saturday and Sunday, this could be a big weekend for us. One thing is for sure, we’re going to give it our all and let our competition know that we’re in this fight until the end.”

  • “Stevie Fast” Jackson Scores Pro Nitrous Victory at ADRL Summer Drags XI

    pn_2After just the first round of qualifying for the ADRL Summer Drags it was clear that the Pro Nitrous eliminator was shaping up to be one for the ages. By the end of four sessions, it was undeniable that assembled on the property of US 131 Motorsports Park in Martin, Michigan, were sixteen of the quickest, fastest and most competitive nitrous oxide-injected doorslammers on the planet.

    Amongst those heavy hitters was relative newcomer to Pro Nitrous competition, “Stevie Fast” Jackson – a name well known in Outlaw Drag Radial racing circles – who qualified 4th in the field with a 3.808-second elapsed time in the Al-Anabi Racing ’68 Camaro.

    “There were a lot of bad ass, fast hot rods there this weekend,” said Jackson. “When we got there, we knew we had a good car – a consistent car. We made 6 runs on Thursday and Friday in testing and went between 3.83 and 3.86. When we saw everyone really start hauling the mail on Saturday – Mike Castellana, Jim Laurita, John Hall, Bob Rahaim, everybody ran good – Billy [Stocklin, crew chief] and I got together and talked about it, and decided not to push the car to run that fast on Saturday because we knew the sun was going to come out on Sunday. We knew we’d get our chance to go fast on race day, but we didn’t want to get into one of those deals where you get the car so jacked up trying to go fast in qualifying that you lose your handle on it.”

    Led by the aforementioned veteran tuner Billy Stocklin, Jackson and crew headed to the staging lanes for the opening round of eliminations preparing for the first battle of a sure-to-be war-like race day against John Decerbo, but mechanical issues prevented him from making the call, affording Jackson a competition-single in the opening stanza. Looking to gain data and procure lane choice in the following round, Jackson reeled off a clean 3.842-second, 193.89mph pass, besting his next opponent’s time by two-thousandths.

    “Conventional wisdom would say, being that the ladder was stacked and we had a bye run because Decerbo broke, to go out there and see how hard you can run – swing for the fences – but we elected to make a good, smooth, consistent lap to see if the car was where it was supposed to be,” admits Jackson. “We’d changed some stuff overnight and, honestly, Billy and I went back and forth on the starting line Sunday morning about it, but we wanted to make sure the guy in the next round knew he wasn’t going to have a gimme – we wanted whoever it was to know that they were going to have to come beat us, that we weren’t going to beat ourselves.”

    In the quarterfinal round, Jackson squared off with former IHRA Pro Stock champion, Robert Patrick. When the ambers flashed, “Stevie Fast” was off the starting line first with a 0.024-second reaction time to Patrick’s 0.038, and never waivered – pulling away on big end and taking the win with a 3.838 at 195.39mph. Jackson would then face the most recent ADRL Pro Nitrous winner, Jim Laurita, in the final four.

    Though Laurita had a small advantage at the start, it wasn’t enough to hold off the hard-charging Jackson and his Reher-Morrison/Speedtech Nitrous-equipped Camaro, who earned a bit of redemption from the previous ADRL event at Virginia Motorsports Park with his 3.825-second, 195.30mph victory – a performance that earned him a spot in the final round with Virginia-based Tommy Franklin.

    “Looking at the ladder, we knew we were going to have a chance to stick it in [Jim] Laurita in the semis,” said Jackson. “Those guys outran us in Virginia and I’m the type of guy that when someone outruns us – their name goes on the list. It’s the kind of thing that keeps me up at night and I was just dying for the chance to get them back. He was at my door all the way up to 600-feet, but then that Speedtech Nitrous just carried me off into the sunset.”

    In the final, Jackson’s first since his monumental season-opening victory at ADRL Dragpalooza IX in Rockingham, North Carolina, he crept slowly toward the staging beams only to step on the brakes and realize that he had none.

    “I get up there and I go to pre-stage and the thing has no brake pressure – the pedal goes straight to the floor,” said the always excitable Jackson. “It was rolling, and I actually stopped it with the transbrake. I came over the radio and told Billy [Stocklin, crew chief], ‘Listen, this thing has no brakes, so tell ‘em to get the fire truck ready ‘cause I’m taking this thing down through there.”

    Jackson left with a 0.047-light only slightly behind Franklin, and had him caught and passed by just beyond the 60-foot markers, taking the ADRL Summer Drags IX title with a 3.834 at 192.58mph – over a car length ahead of Franklin at the finish line.

    “With the brakes, I poked it in kind of deep and had kind of a bad light, but it went straight down the race track,” explained Jackson. “I got the chutes out a little early ‘cause I really didn’t think I was going to stop, but it doesn’t really matter now; I’ve still got a great hot rod I just feel bad that I scrubbed a little off what could have been a .78 for Billy. And I’ve got to say that Tommy Franklin and those guys came to race. They stepped up and we didn’t take them lightly.

    “The bottom line, though, is that when we got to this race, I told my guys, ‘This is the midpoint of the season, this is the measuring stick for how we’re going to run the rest of the year – this is the time when the players play and the boys go home.’ I told ‘em, ‘We are winning this race. We are not going home without a trophy.’ We tore some stuff up, but we got it done. Winning by intimidation is something we try to do. We have a car that we can tell you what it’s going to run – we’re not out here tuning blindfolded, pointing and shooting.

    “At this race I wanted to let these guys know that if they’re going to beat me, they have to be ready to do it,” he continued. “In Petersburg, Virginia, we gave out a free round gimme. Well, the free round stand is closed down. If you are going to beat us, you better have your hard hat on and be ready to come work because we’re going to make you earn it.”

    Jackson concluded by thanking the people that helped make the big weekend in Michigan possible.

    “Have to say that it was a great weekend for my guys,” he said. “They worked their butts off and I can’t tell you how happy I am about getting this win for them and for KH [Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani], who’s letting me live the dream out here. None of this would be possible without them.”

    The American Drag Racing League returns to action at the ADRL Memphis Drags IV on August 3rd and 4th in Millington, Tennessee, on the grounds of Memphis International Raceway.

    To learn more about Al-Anabi Racing’s ADRL teams and follow their progress, visit www.facebook.com/alanabidoorslammers

  • “Stevie Fast” Jackson Taking No Prisoners at ADRL Summer Drags IX

    Jackson_Action_2013_LOWA semifinal round finish in the ultra-competitive ADRL Pro Nitrous ranks is nothing to bat your eyes at, but that doesn’t mean “Stevie Fast” Jackson is content with his team’s performance at Virginia Motorsports Park three weeks ago. For Jackson and his Martinez, Georgia-based crew, there’s no satisfaction in anything short of victory, and that’s exactly what they’re expecting this weekend at the ADRL Summer Drags XI in Martin, Michigan.

    “Me, my crew – we’re fired up,” says Jackson, who burst onto the Pro Nitrous scene at the 2013 ADRL season-opener in Rockingham and has been a perennial frontrunner ever since. “We went to the semis in Virginia, but that hasn’t really set well with us. We really just aren’t happy unless we’re in the winner’s circle on Sunday. Yeah, it’s a bit of a double-edged sword ‘cause you’re definitely not going to win every time out, but that’s the kind of pressure we put on ourselves. I can honestly say that we hate losing more than we like winning.

    “We made a bunch of changes following Virginia and I feel like we’ve got a good horse to ride,” continues Jackson, who currently leads the Pro Nitrous points standings. “We’ve got good support from all the companies we work with and we’re ready to do something big here for Sheikh Khalid. That goes for our teammates Shannon [Jenkins] and Mike [Castellana], too – this whole Al-Anabi group as a whole wants to make a statement this weekend.

    “My guys – Mike, Chris, Robbie and Tracy – they drove all night to get here yesterday, hadn’t slept a wink and we’re out here thrashing helping me get the car ready to test. They’re running on adrenaline and we’re wound up. It’s like me and the four horsemen of the apocalypse – we’re coming to deliver judgment.

    “Let me put it this way: We’ve got three engines and 300-pounds of nitrous in the trailer. We’re here to run good and hurt feelings. My boss told me he doesn’t care if the thing will even start at the end of the day, so long as we’re in the final, and I don’t intend to disappoint.”

    Qualifying for the ADRL Summer Drags IX gets underway at 11:30 AM on Saturday, June 29th, with three rounds of qualifying scheduled for each professional category. Eliminations are slated to begin on Sunday at 11:00 AM with the winner’s circle celebration anticipated to begin at 4:30 PM.

    To learn more about Al-Anabi Racing’s ADRL teams and follow their progress, visit www.facebook.com/alanabidoorslammers

  • Castellana Preparing for Winning Weekend at US 131 Motorsports Park

    Castellana_Action_2013_LOWTaking full advantage of the two days worth of open testing leading up to this weekend’s ADRL Summer Drags IX at Martin, Michigan’s US 131 Motorsports Park, Mike Castellana and the Al-Anabi Racing Pro Nitrous team are running the wheels off their 2013 Chevy Camaro, hoping to further dial-in the potent, record-setting Reher-Morrison-built, Speedtech Nitrous-assisted engine under its hood. Castellana hopes a solid baseline in testing, combined with the potentially favorable atmospheric conditions this weekend, could lead to a dominating weekend for his team.

    Having enjoyed a wildly successful championship-winning campaign in the Arabian Drag Racing League series earlier this year, Castellana, led by world renowned nitrous tuner and crew chief Shannon “Iceman” Jenkins, would like nothing more than to repeat the team’s 2012 performance at the ADRL Summer Drags, where they qualified No. 1 and scored the win in Pro Modified competition.

    “We decided to come up to Martin a little early to test,” says Castellana, who made the 12-hour driver over from his home in Westbury, New York, yesterday. “We’ve brought out some new stuff this year and we’re just doing what you have to do to make progress and move forward. It can be a little frustrating at times – when you have something unexpected happen – but it’s par for the course when you’re trying to advance your program.

    “We didn’t have the kind of race weekend we wanted at the last ADRL event in Virginia, so Shannon [Jenkins, crew chief], the crew and I, we’re looking to rebound here in Martin – we’re ready to get after it. There are already quite a few cars here on the property, some nitrous cars that we haven’t seen this year, so we’re excited. It should be an interesting weekend.”

    Castellana, the reigning ADRL Pro Modified champion, returned to the virtually unlimited Pro Nitrous division this season where he also earned a world title in 2011, and has every intention of continuing his team’s history of success by winning a third-straight ADRL title.

    “All the credit for our success over the years goes to Shannon and my crew,” says Castellana. “I couldn’t do any of this without all of them, and that goes for Sheikh Khalid and Al-Anabi Racing, too. We’ve got some work to do yet this season, but you can be sure we’ll be ready this weekend.”

    Qualifying for the ADRL Summer Drags IX gets underway at 11:30 AM on Saturday, June 29th, with three rounds of qualifying scheduled for each professional category. Eliminations are slated to begin on Sunday at 11:00 AM with the winner’s circle celebration anticipated to begin at 4:30 PM.

    To learn more about Al-Anabi Racing’s ADRL teams and follow their progress, visit www.facebook.com/alanabidoorslammers

  • Smith and Moon Keen to Keep Winning Momentum at ADRL Summer Drags IX

    Smith_Action_2013_LOWThe legendary tag team of wheelman Von Smith and crew chief Howard Moon, who have seen tremendous success in Pro Mod-style competition all around the world, broke through for – incredibly – their first career ADRL Pro Extreme victory during the recently completed U.S. Drags VI at Virginia Motorsports Park. Though their first ADRL event title was a longtime in the making, Smith hopes the Al-Anabi Racing Pro Extreme team won’t have to wait so long to return to the ADRL winner’s circle.

    “Howard [Moon] and I have been doing this for a long time and we’ve been fortunate to have had a lot of success, but this one – winning an ADRL race – has always eluded us,” explains Smith, checking in from his home in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. “We’ve been running with the ADRL since 2004 at the very first Dragstock and to have never won one was pretty hard on all of us. Now that we’ve got the monkey off our back so to speak, I feel like we can head into every one of these events expecting to win, and that’s the kind of confidence you have to have to succeed at this level.”

    Smith, a three-time IHRA Alcohol Funny Car champion, two-time Arabian Drag Racing League champion and 2010 NHRA Pro Mod series champ, is eager to maintain his team’s forward momentum with a strong outing in Martin, Michigan this weekend.

    “We’re 100-percent focused on putting another one in the win column this weekend,” says Smith. “Howard and this crew are second-to-none. We’ve been through a lot together and I can’t help but feel like the win in Virginia was exactly the kind of reward these guys deserved for staying the course. The same can be said for Sheikh Khalid [bin Hamad Al Thani, team owner], who has never waivered in his support. We’re second in the points standings right now and another weekend like we had in Virginia would surely put us in a good spot heading into the final few races of the season. We’re excited to get after it and try to do the deal again.”

    Qualifying for the ADRL Summer Drags IX gets underway at 11:30 AM on Saturday, June 29th, with three rounds of qualifying scheduled for each professional category. Eliminations are slated to begin on Sunday at 11:00 AM with the winner’s circle celebration anticipated to begin at 4:30 PM.

    To learn more about Al-Anabi Racing’s ADRL teams and follow their progress, visit www.facebook.com/alanabidoorslammers

  • Hossler Looking for Breakthrough Victory at ADRL Summer Drags IX

    Hossler_Action_2013_LOWAl-Anabi Racing’s Alex Hossler enjoyed one of the most successful seasons of his career this winter while competing in the Arabian Drag Racing League series, scoring the Pro Extreme world championship alongside crew chief, Frank “Ace” Manzo, for team owner His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani. Since returning stateside, Hossler and company have been perennial top qualifiers in American Drag Racing League competition, but have struggled to put it all together on race day. At this weekend’s ADRL Summer Drags IX in Martin, Michigan, Hossler feels like the team is poised for a big win.

    “Honestly, for as good as the car has run, we’ve had a pretty disappointing first half of the season,” admits Hossler, en route to US 131 Motorsports Park. “We’ve qualified No. 1 three times this season, our lowest being second at the season-opener in Rockingham, so we’ve certainly had a race car that’s capable of winning, but having the best car in qualifying doesn’t always translate to being in the winner’s circle on Sunday.

    “We’ve just had little things bite us here and there. It’s been frustrating, but this isn’t a group that’s big on making excuses. We’ve got high expectations and I feel like we’re just a little bit of race day luck away from winning one of these deals. I don’t see any reason we can’t put it all together this weekend, and I can promise you that’s the plan.”

    Hossler, an eight-year veteran of fast doorslammer racing, is currently fourth in the ADRL Pro Extreme championship points standings, just 317 rounds out of first place – roughly three rounds of competition.

    “The top cars are all fairly close together performance-wise and we’re yet to see a repeat winner, so I feel like the championship is still pretty wide open,” says Hossler. “We’ve got a little ground to make up, but we’re a big weekend away from really shaking things up, so I’m still pretty optimistic.

    “Depending on how the weather shakes out this weekend, we could see some 70- and low 80-degree temperatures and some conditions that could see more than one car in the 3.50s,” continues Hossler. “It should make for some interesting and exciting racing for the fans and, personally, it’s hard for me not to feel good headed into a race weekend with guys like Manzo, Billy Stocklin, Mike Giaffino and John Glade working on the car I’m driving.”

    Qualifying for the ADRL Summer Drags IX gets underway at 11:30 AM on Saturday, June 29th, with three rounds of qualifying scheduled for each professional category. Eliminations are slated to begin on Sunday at 11:00 AM with the winner’s circle celebration anticipated to begin at 4:30 PM.

    To learn more about Al-Anabi Racing’s ADRL teams and follow their progress, visit www.facebook.com/alanabidoorslammers