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  • Quain Stott Pursues New Primary Sponsor

    Quain Stott Drag Racing is now facing a new challenge for the 2014 racing season. The last 17 years with LeeBoy have been some of the most rewarding times in all of Quain’s drag racing history. LeeBoy and their generous people has become way more than just a primary sponsor, they have become friends. “I will always be an ambassador for LeeBoy, my family uses their equipment daily and I look forward to continuing the friendships I’ve made with them into the future. LeeBoy, like a lot of other companies, are facing tough times in the current economy situation. These times call for unpleasant decisions and these decisions effect teams like ours,” said Stott.

    Quain Stott has been here before, but never at a time like this. “The economy is tough, and I fully understand their decision” said Quain. Stott hopes to find another primary sponsor, in addition to his current sponsors, in hopes of continuing to race full time. Q.S.D.R. has a lot to offer and will continue to push forward into 2014 with an optimistic attitude. Quain enjoys tuning almost as much as racing and this may provide him the opportunity to tune for someone full time. Stott said that he has always loved the tuning aspect of pro mod, but it was a juggling act to tune and race his car full time. “A tuning job for a top team would be a dream come true at this point” said Stott .Quain is always promoting the sport he loves and striving to improve it with every chance he gets.

    Quain wishes the best for LeeBoy in the future and is completely humbled by their generosity over the last 17 years. Racing Pro Mod next year without LeeBoy will not be the same, but Quain will persevere and continue to do what he loves, RACE!

    Q.S.D.R. partners with high performance companies like: LeeBoy Equipment, Hoosier Racing Tires, NGK Sparkplugs, Auto Meter, Amalie Oil, Santhuff Shocks, Fulton Racing Engines, and Spartan Crankshafts.


    treveremanFrom start to finish the 2013 season gave reason to celebrate for the Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless Extreme Pro Stock Team. The team entered their sixth professional racing season with renewed vigor and energy. And it showed. They began the year with a semifinal finish at the ADRL season opener in Rockingham, N.C. They built upon that at the next event, the Georgia Drags, scoring their first ever number one qualifying position. Unfortunately, that race would be cancelled due to weather, but Team Aruba continued on undeterred. They earned their chance to defend their number one spot by going to the top once again at the Spring Drags. With weather cooperation this time, Team Aruba was determined to defend the number one, and that’s exactly what they did. Round by round, they took out a host of heavy hitters en route to their first Extreme Pro Stock victory. With this incredible season, the underdog team from Aruba was on a path of total domination, taking an early points lead.


    “For us all the stars lined up at Cordova [Illinois],” relayed driver Trevor Eman. “Not only did we capture our first victory, but we were able to do it with friends and family watching. It’s not often that our friends and family get to come to the events, but we had many supporting us at the Spring Drags, including Aruba’s Prime Minister, Mike Eman. That they were there for our first win – things just couldn’t have gone any better.


    “We’ll always remember that moment of victory and those that helped us get there. I’ll always be able to say that Aruba Tourism and Alltel Wireless were the sponsors who were with us when we won our first ADRL trophy. It was a good memory for us and for them as well. Alltel has been with us for three years now and they are a first class group of people to work with. We thoroughly enjoy having them at events with us and doing displays at their retail stores. They’re a great addition to this team and we hope to have them on board for many years to come.


    “Aruba Tourism and our Aruba community have also been a huge support this year. I still have people coming up and congratulating me on our win – people I don’t even know! The amount of followers we have on social media and through the ADRL Live Feed is astounding. It really makes a difference to have that support from Aruba.com and our Aruba fans, as well as our fans in the states!


    “We also really appreciate Claret Lopez of ‘Time Out’ and Jeff Lopez and Norbert Dirksz of Ingenuity Creative Marketing,” continued Eman. “All of them have traveled with us to many of the races throughout the year to take care of all our media coverage. Claret is the host of his television program called ‘Time Out’. We are regular guests on his show here in Aruba where we recap each event when we arrive back in Aruba. Norbert and Jeff do the filming and pictures at the races and keep our Facebook page up to date, as well as upload videos and short movies of Team Aruba on the road. Without their support our fanbase and popularity in Aruba would not be a wonderful as it is.”


    Not only did Eman have an exciting year on the track, but off as well. He graduated from school in Florida, moved back home to Aruba and began working in the family business. Then in July, he married longtime girlfriend, Nicole. Despite this host of changes, Eman kept his focus throughout the season and when it came time for the ADRL World Finals, Team Aruba maintained a mathematical chance at winning the Championship.


    “It felt really good to start the year off so well and to continue going rounds at most races,” Eman continued. “It kept us in the points battle right up until the very last round of the year. It was a big year for us for many reasons. Personally, I had a very busy year. Moving back home made the travel distances longer and also made it more difficult to leave work. Thankfully, we have good guys who keep things running at the shop while we’re gone. We couldn’t do this without them and especially without our crew at the track.


    “Our team did a phenomenal job all year. We have great chemistry. My dad is an excellent team leader. No matter how frustrating things can get, he’s always ready to continue. Bobby takes care of everything when we’re away. John Peterson can do it all. He’s my right hand guy on the car and will work on anything we ask him to. Pat Norcia of RAM Clutches, Doug Schriefer with Braswell Carburetors and Greg Brown with Kaase Racing Engines all came on board with us this year and did a phenomenal job in keeping the car in line. They really helped us step up to the next level. These guys, along with our Kaase engine power gave our Jerry Haas Mustang all it needed to be competitive with the top Pro Stocks in the nation and chase the Championship.


    “I want to congratulate the ADRL on a job well done. Not only did we battle on the track, but there was another battle of sorts going on – a battle of where to race,” Eman added, alluding to the X-DRL racing series.  “The ADRL hung it out and gave us a secure place to race. Our team especially appreciates their efforts because we have to travel so far to each event. We need to be confident in our racing organization and we are. Everything went smoothly this year. The Traction Twins did a great job. They were always up before anyone else and worked late. They don’t get enough credit for all they do. Overall, the ADRL had a great season, giving us every reason to look forward to next year.


    “I also want to thank each participating ADRL track. It feels good to have reputable facilities believe in our classes and the ADRL program.”


    After all was said and done for the 2013 season, Team Aruba ended with a very respectable top five finish in ADRL Extreme Pro Stock points.


    “That we finished fifth in points and yet had a chance at the Championship up until the second round of the final event goes to show just how tight the XPS field was. We certainly would have loved to win the Championship, but we feel we ended the year very well. We ran a 4.02 at the World Finals, which was our best elapsed time to date and makes us the fastest naturally aspirated Ford in the country. We’re proud of that accomplishment and can’t wait to continue building on our successes for next season.”


    The team is looking to make very few changes in the off season, choosing to continue using the formula that led to so much success this season in 2014.


    “We’re wrapping up our year now and putting this Ford in a short hibernation, but we’re already busy with plans for next year. We’ll keep the same car, motor and team in tact. We have a combination that works well and we want to keep moving forward. The biggest change for us may be a new trailer. We need a dependable and workable trailer to make trips and track work more effective. Hopefully we’ll be making that change for 2014, but with our tight budget, it’s currently just a wish list item.


    “2013 was an incredible year for our team. Our goal is to continue building on that and bring more trophies to Aruba next year, but for now we’re taking time to be thankful for all the many special moments we’ve had. To my team, our fans, our country – job well done on a year to remember!”

  • Hossler Scores Pro Extreme World Championship & ADRL World Finals Victory in Houston

    DSC_1777HOUSTON, Texas – For Alex Hossler, driver of Sheikh Khalid Al Thani’s
    Al-Anabi Racing Pro Extreme Camaro, it will be very difficult to top his weekend at
    Houston’s Royal Purple Raceway that included a single day of racing when he not only
    won the race – the ADRL’s prestigious World Finals IX – but also the Pro Extreme
    world championship.

    Ultimately, the ultra-close points chase came down to a quarterfinal round matchup
    between Hossler and perennial frontrunner Tommy D’Aprile. It was over almost as soon
    as it started, though, as Hossler was off the starting line first with a .026-second
    reaction time and never trailed, taking the win and clinching the world title with a
    3.583-second, 214.69mph pass. From there Hossler would defeat Terry Leggett and
    Jason Scruggs to put a bow on a career-defining weekend.

    “It’s pretty unbelievable,” said Hossler. “Actually, it’s an unbelievable feeling
    for me, personally, but it’s not at all unbelievable when you look at the guys I
    have on my side. With Frank Manzo, Billy Stocklin, Mike Giafino and John Glade – the
    absolute best guys out here – it’s almost hard to believe we had to fight for this
    as much as we did. And that’s not to downplay anyone else in this class; there are a
    lot of great racers and teams in this deal, but I think the guys working on this car
    are the best.

    “Considering the competition in this Pro Extreme class,” Hossler said, “I’m proud of
    how we came out here and earned it this weekend. In the second round when we had to
    beat Tommy [D’Aprile] to win the championship, we did it, and we didn’t get it
    handed to us. In the final against Scruggs [Jason], I literally felt like the
    underdog with the way he’s been running, but again, we went out there, did our job
    and won the race. It’s a good feeling.”

    Having started his drag racing career on the eighth- and quarter-mile drag strips of
    the Midwest before testing the waters of the American Drag Racing League in 2008 on
    occasion, Hossler admits that earning the 2013 ADRL Pro Extreme world championship
    driving Sheikh Khalid Al Thani’s Al-Anabi Racing Camaro is surreal.

    “This opportunity – to drive Sheikh Khalid’s personal car – has not been something
    I’ve taken lightly,” said Hossler. “Being able to win both the Arabian Drag Racing
    League championship and the American Drag Racing League championship, especially in
    the same year, is nothing short of amazing and, again, is more a testament to this
    team than anything else.

    “We’ve had the best car out here basically all year,” continued Hossler, who took
    the No. 1 qualifying position at six of the eight stops on the 2013 ADRL Tour
    presented by Speedtech. “But we’ve also had some back luck – some little things that
    bit us here and derailed our weekend. To see it all come together in Houston was

    To learn more about Al-Anabi Racing’s ADRL teams and follow their progress, visit


    dsc_2188_20130909_1034679074With one race left in the 2013 ADRL Tour, John Montecalvo currently sits 297 points out of first place in Extreme Pro Stock, and while Elijah Morton retains a sizeable lead,

    Montecalvo knows that securing his third World Championship is not an insurmountable task. To be sure, Monte and team will have their work cut out for them at the World Finals in Baytown, Tx. but he knows they are up to the task.

    Montecalvo reflects on the year’s performance in preparation for the 2013 finale: “I’m sure we’re not the only team to question our performance this season. There have been missed opportunities by both crew and driver. I guess it’s the ‘would of, could of, should of’ time of year. The good news is that we are sitting in second place and still in the hunt.”

    At the last event, Dragstock X in Rockingham, NC the team had a respectable performance, but exited in round one on a hole shot loss.

    “At Rockingham, we were forced to move into a spot on the track where it was difficult to see the tree in order to avoid the bald spots,” Monte explained. “However, a championship is not won or lost by one race, but by a cumulative performance throughout the year.”

    Recognizing that his season’s performance now comes down to one final event, Monte and team are well focused on the task at hand and are remaining hopeful that their championship dreams are within reach.

    “If memory serves me right, there was a season in IHRA where Carl Baker was

    first going into the final race with Brian Gahm trailing him in second. In order for Brian to take over the lead and win the championship, Carl had to not qualify and Brian had to qualify number one and win the race. That’s exactly what happened. Long story short, it’s not over til it’s over. We’re going to give it our all. Elijah will have to fight hard to keep his lead.”

    Follow John Montecalvo Racing  on Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/JohnMontecalvoRacing


    rivenbark-battle-of-the-belts-runner-upGALOT MOTORSPORTS’ driver Kevin Rivenbark claimed the Pro Mod runner-up title at the ADRL’s Battle of the Belts race at Rockingham Dragway in Rockingham, NC on September 06-08, 2013.


    Rivenbark, still in his rookie season, went head to head against some of the most seasoned Pro Mod drivers in this “best of the best” elite competition and proved he’s got the driving expertise to compete.


    Qualifying sixth overall for the race in the Pro Mod class with 1,090 series points earned this season so far, Rivenbark drove his supercharged 2002 Pontiac Firebird to a win in the first round with a 3.895 at 190.32 MPH pass. Knocking out an almost identical pass of 3.889 at 190.73 MPH in the second round, Rivenbark secured his spot in the finals. After a brief staging duel, Rivenbark had the holeshot advantage but had to pedal it mid-track due to traction issues, crossing the finish on the heels of the other driver.


    The following day, Rivenbark qualified fifth overall for the standard Pro Mod class with a best pass of 3.937 at 189.55 MPH while teammate Todd Tutterow piloted his twin turbocharged 1967 Ford Mustang GT500 to the fourteenth position and also took the Top Speed class honors with a 199.64 MPH run!


    Rivenbark’s great reaction time and flawless driving in the first round of eliminations scored him a win. Tutterow had a huge holeshot advantage but a big shake part way down the track forced him to pedal it. By the time he had regained traction, the lead was lost and the King was out. In round two, Rivenbark suffered the same fate as tire shake and traction issues took him out of the running.


    Overall the GALOT Motorsports team had a fantastic weekend with Rivenbark’s Battle of the Belts runner-up finish, Tutterow’s Top Speed number, and the support of many great fans and friends.


    Want to watch the GALOT team in action for yourself? Catch up with them at one of the many races this season; the schedule is posted on GALOTmotorsports.com in the Schedule > Upcoming Events section.

  • Bealko drove to Semifinal Finish in Rockingham

    DSC01665Kevin Bealko, Black Diamond Motorsports Team Owner and driver of the Jerry Haas America’s Power GXP powered by Sonny’s Racing Engines started from the No. 2 qualifying position and wrestled his way to a Semifinal finish at American Drag Racing League (ADRL) Dragstock X at Rockingham Dragway.

    Bealko qualified No. 2 with a 4.079 seconds elapsed time (et) at 177.07 miles per hour (mph) quickly dispatched  Team Aruba’s Trevor Eman in the opening round of eliminations with a 4.15 et at 175.59 mph and gained lane choice over Scott Hintz in the next round .

    Bealko faced Hintz, who had won Friday night’s Battle of the Belts, next for the second round of eliminations . Both cars left the starting line and immediately went in to tire shake with Bealko able to recover sooner for 4.75 et at 163.29 mph win but lost lane choice in the next round against Doug Kirk .

    The Semifinals would be a battle of West Virginia Extreme Pro Stock drivers but unfortunately Bealko went in to tire shake then spinning the tires at the launch handing the win to Kirk .

    XDRL_2-174John DeFlorian, driver of Black Diamond Motorsports Jerry Haas 2012 Clean Coal Camaro powered by Sonny’s Racing Engines was runner-up for Friday Night’s Battle of the Belts race, but found Sunday’s track conditions to be challenging and lost to John Pluchino in first round when he went in to tire shake at the launch .


    Please text to 85080 on your cell phone and type BLACKDIAMOND in order to show your support for our sponsor The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.

    To learn more about 21st Century clean coal technology “Like “America’s Power and Black Diamond Motorsports on Facebook .

  • Smith & Moon Score Battle For the Belts Victory for Al Anabi Racing

    DSD_2707-resizedFor Von Smith and Howard Moon, driver and crew chief for Al Anabi Racing’s Pro Extreme ’69 Camaro, winning the coveted ADRL Battle For the Belts was a matter of execution. Three rounds of racing were all that separated them from the gold 12-pound championship belt and $50,000 cash prize, but it would be three rounds of racing amongst the quickest-and-fastest full-bodied cars on the planet.

    In the opening stanza, Smith faced off with reigning ADRL Pro Extreme champion Mick Snyder. Smith was off the line first with a near-perfect .010-second reaction time and never waivered, streaking to the win with a 3.627-second, 211.53mph elapsed time in the Jerry Bickel-built doorslammer. The semifinal round pitted Smith against points leader Joey Martin, but points were of little consequence as the veteran driver out of Oak Ridge, Tennessee again was off the starting line first with a .021-second light and took the win with a 3.612/212.06mph effort as Martin was forced to abort.

    A much revered setting in drag racing circles – under the lights at Rockingham Dragway – served as the stage for the 2013 ADRL Battle For the Belts final round, which featured a titanic matchup between Smith and the series’ most recent winner Tommy D’Aprile. Again Smith was off the line first with a stunning .003-second reaction and he needed every bit of it to hang on for the holeshot victory with a 3.616-second, 212.56mph pass over D’Aprile’s quicker-but-losing 3.596/211.93mph combination.

    “It was so close down there at the end. I knew he was right there beside me,” said Smith. “It’s a little cliché to say that’s how a driver wants to win, but it does feel good. Honestly, though, this is what happens when a plan comes together. We came into this race knowing what we’re capable of – it was just a matter of going out there and doing it.

    “To pull it off and win this belt – it’s unreal,” continued Smith. “As hard as this team works they deserve a night like tonight, and to have Sheikh Khalid here to experience it with us just puts it over the top.”

    Howard Moon, longtime crew chief on the Al Anabi Racing Pro Extreme ’69 Camaro, shared the same sentiment as his driver.

    “We always say that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity,” said Moon. “We go to every race with the same goal – to win – so we didn’t treat this Battle For the Belts any different than we would any other race. But we have had a few issues this year – little things here and there that bit us – but after winning in Memphis and with the way the car has been performing, we felt like we had some momentum coming into Rockingham. For how hard everybody on this team works, I’m glad we were able to capitalize on that momentum and win this deal.”


    dsc_1458_20130907_1816849630Trevor Eman and Team Aruba took the Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless Mustang right down broadway in somewhat tricky conditions during the final late night qualifying session at Dragstock X to land themselves in the number 15 spot in qualifying. The 4.129 elapsed time improved upon their earlier time of 4.152 and was enough to secure their spot to compete in eliminations and continue their Championship run.


    Eman will be paired with Kevin Bealko for round one. Bealko qualified number two with a 4.079.


    “Unfortunately, we had a rather frustrating day of qualifying,” told Eman. “We are happy that we are at least in the show, but our performance hasn’t been the way it usually is. Track conditions are tricky and at the same time we’re battling a small electrical gremlin that we cannot seem to pinpoint. Hopefully tomorrow we can clear up some issues with the racecar and take out Kevin Bealko in round one. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.”


    Eliminations will begin at 11am. Fans can tune in and watch live at www.adrl.us or follow Team Aruba on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news and results.

  • DeFlorian runner-up in ADRL Battle of the Belts at Rockingham Dragway

    dsd_2428The top eight in American Drag Racing League (ADRL) Extreme Pro Stock class lined up to do battle at Rockingham Dragway as part of the Battle for the Belts . John DeFlorian, driver of Black Diamond Motorsports Jerry Haas 2012 Clean Coal Camaro powered by Sonny’s Racing Engines made it through the Elite Field and was runner-up in Finals.

    DeFlorian who is 6th in ADRL championship points faced Summit Racing’s Pete Berner in the first round of competition for Battle of the Belts. Both reaction times were close but Berner shook the tires after the launch handing the win to DeFlorian who ran 4.17 seconds elapsed time (ET) at 174.66 miles per hour (MPH) to gather lane choice over Montecalvo in the next round .

    DeFlorian quickly dispatched Montecalvo with a 0.018 reaction time coupled with an 4.06 ET at 179.18 MPH to Montecalvo’s 4.07 ET at 178.38 MPH. DeFlorian had lane choice over Scott Hintz Mustang for the Battle of the Belts Finals and picked the Left lane . Both drivers carefully staged knowing that the win light meant at Belt and 50k payday . Hintz drilled the tree with a 0.039 reaction time to DeFlorian’s 0.100 reaction time and held on for the win .

    DeFlorian is all set for qualifying for 2013 ADRL Tour presented by Speedtech Event #7 ADRL Dragstock X Saturday and eliminations on Sunday at Rockingham Dragway .

    KevinBealkoTeam Owner Kevin Bealko, driver of the Jerry Haas America’s Power GXP powered by Sonny’s Racing Engines has been on the move this year chipping away at the exceptionally tough extreme pro stock field by qualifying in the field at the last 18 races and in the top 4 at the last 4 races.

    “We are extremely proud to fly the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity colors on our 2012 Jerry Haas GXP”, states team owner Bealko. “American Drag Racing League and Rockingham Dragway will be a great venue for Black Diamond Motorsports to reach out to American families about the important role that coal plays in delivering affordable, reliable power for American families and businesses. We’re excited to talk with all our drag racing fans about how coal keeps electricity affordable, reliable and increasingly clean. We have every intention to win a World Championship for America’s Power and Graber Concrete Company,” states Bealko.

    Please text to 85080 on your cell phone and type BLACKDIAMOND in order to show your support for our sponsor The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.

    To learn more about 21st Century clean coal technology “Like “America’s Power and Black Diamond Motorsports on Facebook .


    1238819_10151903535053000_8550717_nROCKINGHAM, N.C. Sept. 6, 2013: Today the top eight Extreme Pro Stock competitors in the country lined up to do battle at Rockingham Dragway as part of the Battle for the Belts shootout. Trevor Eman and Team Aruba qualified their Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless Mustang for this prestigious race by virtue of their number four points standings in national points. They were slated to run number five man, Scott Hintz, in round one. Eman was off the line first with an .019 reaction time to Hintz .041. However, both drivers went into tire shake and a pedal fest ensued with Hintz crossing the finish line first, just .038 in front of Eman.


    While this ended Eman’s pursuit for the Belt, Team Aruba will continue their XPS Championship pursuits with tomorrow’s qualifying of Dragstock X.


    “As much as we are disappointed about losing in the shootout, we are still happy about the fact that we have had the privilege to be part of this event,” told Eman. “We’ve been racing quite some time now and being able to qualify in the top eight with the best competitors in the country shows that we have come far during the years that we have been racing. We need to put this behind us and concentrate on the race we still have to compete in tomorrow and Sunday. We still have a championship on the line so we cannot lose our concentration.


    “On another note, a sad one at that, the racing community lost a great guy this past week, Jimmy Gunther. Jimmy worked at our chassis builder, Jerry Haas Race Cars and has helped plenty of race teams over the years. Every time we would visit Jerry Haas, Jimmy was always there and always very nice to our entire team, and at the track he was a fun guy to be around. We would like to extend our sincere condolences to Jimmy’s family, all the people Jimmy worked with at Jerry Haas Race Cars and everybody that ever had the pleasure of having Jimmy help them on their race team.”


    Watch Trevor and Team Aruba at the ADRL Dragstock X this weekend via ADRL.us Live Feed.


    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing.

    Find race results, team updates, videos and photos. Also leave your comments to cheer on Team Aruba!


    For more on your Aruba vacation visit www.Aruba.com and www.Destination-Magazines.com.