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    1238819_10151903535053000_8550717_nROCKINGHAM, N.C. Sept. 6, 2013: Today the top eight Extreme Pro Stock competitors in the country lined up to do battle at Rockingham Dragway as part of the Battle for the Belts shootout. Trevor Eman and Team Aruba qualified their Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless Mustang for this prestigious race by virtue of their number four points standings in national points. They were slated to run number five man, Scott Hintz, in round one. Eman was off the line first with an .019 reaction time to Hintz .041. However, both drivers went into tire shake and a pedal fest ensued with Hintz crossing the finish line first, just .038 in front of Eman.


    While this ended Eman’s pursuit for the Belt, Team Aruba will continue their XPS Championship pursuits with tomorrow’s qualifying of Dragstock X.


    “As much as we are disappointed about losing in the shootout, we are still happy about the fact that we have had the privilege to be part of this event,” told Eman. “We’ve been racing quite some time now and being able to qualify in the top eight with the best competitors in the country shows that we have come far during the years that we have been racing. We need to put this behind us and concentrate on the race we still have to compete in tomorrow and Sunday. We still have a championship on the line so we cannot lose our concentration.


    “On another note, a sad one at that, the racing community lost a great guy this past week, Jimmy Gunther. Jimmy worked at our chassis builder, Jerry Haas Race Cars and has helped plenty of race teams over the years. Every time we would visit Jerry Haas, Jimmy was always there and always very nice to our entire team, and at the track he was a fun guy to be around. We would like to extend our sincere condolences to Jimmy’s family, all the people Jimmy worked with at Jerry Haas Race Cars and everybody that ever had the pleasure of having Jimmy help them on their race team.”


    Watch Trevor and Team Aruba at the ADRL Dragstock X this weekend via ADRL.us Live Feed.


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  • LIVE FEED: ADRL Dragstock X from Rockingham Dragway

    Sunday, September 8, 2013

    10:30 a.m. Pre-Race Ceremonies
    11:00 a.m. Eliminations Begin (Run Order: PX, PN, XPS, PXM, PM,  PJD, TJD, TD, TS, OUTLAW 10.5, PDR)
    5:30 p.m. Winner’s Circle Celebration with the Fans


    Watch live streaming video from dragracelive at livestream.com

  • Black Diamond Motorsports Welcomes Associate Sponsor Graber Concrete Company

    DSC01665Black Diamond Motorsports would like to welcome Graber Concrete Company (GCC) as an associate sponsor for remainder of the season . Jeff and Mark Graber, owners of Graber Concrete, have been very loyal fans and crew members of Black Diamond Motorsports and we would like to send Mark a special “Thanks for your Service” message by making Jeff and him our Associate Sponsor . Mark is stationed overseas serving country in the Armed Services . We also would like to thank Jeff’s wife Terri, who owns TAG’s Cafe back in Cincinnati, she has sent us deserts all season long and they are truly awesome .

    Graber Concrete Company was established in 1976 by Jeff Graber and has been solving Cincinnati Ohio’s concrete needs from standard concrete flat work to an array of variety of standard, stamped, colored concrete, paver patios, installing retaining walls and water features. GCC also performs a wide range of excavating from pool fill-ins to underground fiber optic installation.

    Black Diamond Motorsports Team hold both the Elapsed Time and Mile per Hour records and were the first team to exceed 180 miles per hour in the eighth-mile .

    Please text to 85080 on your cell phone and type BLACKDIAMOND in order to show your support for our sponsor The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.

    To learn more about 21st Century clean coal technology “Like “America’s Power and Black Diamond Motorsports on Facebook .

  • Black Diamond Motorsports heads to ADRL Dragstock X at Rockingham

    XDRL_2-174John DeFlorian, driver of Black Diamond Motorsports Jerry Haas 2012 Clean Coal Camaro powered by Sonny’s Racing Engines, started the 2013 Extreme Pro Stock season off right at Rockingham Dragway by qualifying number 1 with a 4.025 seconds elapsed time (ET), reset the mph record to 180.26 mph, then top it off by winning the race, will return to Rockingham for American Drag Racing League’s (ADRL) Battle of the Belts, a special all-star event that will be contested on Friday, Sept. 6, the day before the start of Dragstock X, the most successful event in ADRL’s history.

    Deflorian is sitting in the 6th spot in championship points and is looking for a trifecta this weekend with a Win in both Battle of the Belts and Dragstock X and regaining the points lead for the Championship.

    DSC01665Team Owner Kevin Bealko, driver of the Jerry Haas America’s Power GXP powered by Sonny’s Racing Engines has been on the move this year chipping away at the exceptionally tough extreme pro stock field by qualifying in the field at the last 18 races and in the top 4 at the last 4 races.

    “We are extremely proud to fly the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity colors on our 2012 Jerry Haas GXP”, states team owner Bealko. “American Drag Racing League and Rockingham Dragway will be a great venue for Black Diamond Motorsports to reach out to American families about the important role that coal plays in delivering affordable, reliable power for American families and businesses. We’re excited to talk with all our drag racing fans about how coal keeps electricity affordable, reliable and increasingly clean. We have every intention to win a World Championship for America’s Power and Graber Concrete Company,” states Bealko.

    Please text to 85080 on your cell phone and type BLACKDIAMOND in order to show your support for our sponsor The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity.

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    dsc_8279_20130609_1671428677ADRL’s Dragstock event has become legendary in its own right, and, as such, is the highlight of the year for many racers and fans. For the gang from Aruba, Dragstock is also ‘home stop’ on the tour, easily making this the biggest event of the season for the Aruba.com Extreme Pro Stock Team. Although much of the team hails from Aruba, their shop is based out of Union, S.C. – a short drive from Rockingham Dragway where Dragstock is held.


    Dragstock is a week-long event for Team Aruba, with area displays for associate sponsor Alltel Wireless in the days leading up to the event, testing on Thursday and the highly anticipated Battle for the Belts Shootout on Friday before Dragstock qualifying actually begins on Saturday.


    “This is probably the longest and busiest race of the entire 2013 ADRL Tour for us,” told driver Trevor Eman. “We really enjoy the added festivities surrounding this event. Alltel is a great sponsor and doing the displays gives us a chance to interact with our fans from Alltel, as well as spread the word about the upcoming event.


    “We’re especially looking forward to participating in the Battle for the Belts. It’s a huge privilege to qualify for such a prestigious event,” Eman said of the Shootout that takes only the top eight in points from each category. “Our goal is obviously to make three consistent and quick runs and take home the Belt. However, we have come such a long way in our Pro Stock career that just being a contender in this event is rewarding.


    “After the Battle is over on Friday, we still have major work cut out for us on Saturday and Sunday. Although we’re currently in fourth place in points, we still have an opportunity to win the Extreme Pro Stock Championship. Keeping ourselves in a position to do this will depend greatly on our performance this weekend. We have a good race car with good power; we can’t thank our chassis builder and engine builder enough. Our team is more than capable of getting the job done, so we are fully ready to do well this weekend.”


    Being close to home has its advantages and for Eman and Team Aruba, this means added support: “Rockingham is always a nice facility to race at since we can consider it our home track. So besides it being a real busy week for us, it is also the race we have probably been looking forward to the most. We always have plenty of friends from the area around our shop in Union, S.C. that join us for this race, and thanks to direct flights from Aruba to Charlotte, this race is also the easiest travel distance for our Aruba friends and family. So it will be great to have plenty of moral support on our side both from Aruba and S.C. We’re also happy to welcome Alltel representatives to Dragstock. It looks like we’ll have full pits and plenty of support! Bottom line is, we are looking forward to a great weekend of racing surrounded by great people.”


    Watch Trevor and Team Aruba at the ADRL Dragstock X this weekend via ADRL.us Live Feed.


    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing.

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    dsd_2431_20130803_1813405663CENTER MORICHES, N.Y. August 9, 2013:  The coveted “number one” comes with its perks, but for many it’s not always the position most desired. As a two-time World Champion, John Montecalvo knows a thing or two about sitting in the number one spot, but he’s currently relishing his number two position and planning his next move.


    “As the old tagline goes, ‘we’re number two so we try harder,’” Monte elaborated. “We’re in a great position [less than 100 points out of first] for a Championship run. When you’re in that top spot, everyone is gunning for you. With two races left in the points and the bullseye on [points leader] Elijah Morton, we’re continuing the slow and steady approach we’ve taken all year to hopefully take our third Championship title.


    “With the top five guys separated by about 300 points, it’s really anyone’s game and our team has to be our best. This team is doing a great job and I feel like we’re peaking at the right time. Everything seems to be falling into place so we’re going to keep our focus and do what we know we can do.”


    At the last ADRL event, the Memphis Drags, Monte and team utilized their consistent approach to qualify number two with a 4.099 and get past John Bartunek in round one with an .018 light and 4.11 elapsed time. Unfortunately, Montecalvo was forced to lift early in round two, giving Trevor Eman the win. Still, the team maintained good position in the points and is solidly qualified for the Battle for the Belts Shootout to be contested at Dragstock X, Rockingham Dragway, September 6-8.


    “I have to say that the Memphis Drags was one of the best races we’ve ever had,” told Montecalvo. “The fans were great and other than the weather, the event went off flawlessly. We had one of the highest car counts, if not the highest, in the history of the ADRL. I’m sure that Rockingham will be off the charts. Dragstock is always the premier event on the ADRL tour and now with the Battle for the Belts contested there, it will truly be the highlight of the year. I want to thank the ADRL for their generosity in funding the Battle for the Belts. It’s a privilege to be a part of this race. The top eight in points are the best in the country and we’re proud to race beside them for a prestigious title. It’s going to be a tough event, but we’re looking forward to it.


    “With the Battle on Friday and Dragstock run on Saturday and Sunday, this could be a big weekend for us. One thing is for sure, we’re going to give it our all and let our competition know that we’re in this fight until the end.”


    dsc_0314_20120421_1717846521Driver of the Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless Mustang, Trevor Eman, has had a lot on his mind lately, not the least of which was tying the knot with longtime girlfriend Nicole. Just one short week after saying “I do” Eman and Team Aruba were back at the track, continuing their pursuit of an ADRL Extreme Pro Stock Championship at the Memphis Drags.


    “Our racecar was just awesome all weekend long,” told Eman. “The Aruba.com / Alltel Wireless Mustang made it down the track every single time. I give the whole team a lot of credit for having an awesome set up each and every run, but I also have to give credit to the Traction Twins. They did an excellent job on giving us all a superb racing surface. There was no inequality between lanes.”


    Team Aruba qualified in the top half of the field with a 4.108, only .013 off the top spot. With Mother Nature’s interference, eliminations were postponed until Sunday. Despite the ever-changing conditions, Team Aruba had their Mustang dialed in all weekend long. Eman’s round one opponent, Cary Goforth, went .001 red, but the Aruba.com Mustang wasn’t going to be an easy competitor regardless, with Eman’s .024 light and 4.10 elapsed time – quickest for the round. In round two Eman lined up against John Montecalvo. Again, the team made the right calls for conditions, going right down broadway at a 4.125 while Montecalvo was forced to lift. Team Aruba was again quickest for the round in the semi finals, laying down a 4.137. Unfortunately, Eman turned it red, leaving just .008 too early, ending their day, but regaining some ground in Championship points. Eman is now fourth in points, and has secured his spot for the Shootout held at the next event- Dragstock X, Sept 6-8 at Rockingham Dragway.


    “I must also say,” continued Eman, “that I am very happy the race became a Friday/Saturday race, because with all the rain that came in on Saturday, we were still able to finish the race on Sunday. That does not happen when races are contested on a Saturday/Sunday weekend. It would be my hope that the ADRL switch the last two races to Friday/Saturday weekends, and also consider that for the 2014 season.


    “Besides just great racing going on this past weekend, it was an even greater weekend for me personally as it has been a week now that my longtime girlfriend, Nicole and I got married. We got married the weekend before [July 27th] and even though we should have probably been on a honeymoon somewhere, we went racing.


    “The team and I would like to congratulate Doug Kirk on winning the race and also would like them to know that they will be in our thoughts when Doug’s Father, Mr. Kirk, goes in for a liver transplant operation on Friday. That must have certainly been on Doug’s mind all weekend, but he proved that the pressure was not going to stop him from winning the race. Good job Kirk family!”


    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing.

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    dsd_4010GALOT MOTORSPORTS’ driver Kevin Rivenbark raced to the semi-finals in the Pro Mod class at the ADRL race at Memphis International Raceway in Millington, TN on August 03-04, 2013.


    Driving his eye-catching supercharged 2002 Pontiac Firebird, Rivenbark made a picture-perfect pass in the first round of qualifying to take the early lead with a 3.964 at 188.44 MPH run. In round two, Rivenbark did what he does best and went even quicker and faster with a 3.920 at 189.68 MPH pass straight down the groove. Besting himself yet again and giving the crowds quite a show, Rivenbark’s third qualifying pass was his strongest of the day – a 3.902 at 189.20 MPH run which ultimately ranked him fifth overall for the class.


    In the first round of eliminations, Rivenbark quickly reeled in his challenger and pulled away easily to take the win with a huge 3.893 at 189.66 MPH pass. Having earned lane choice in the next round, he held the lead from the 60-foot mark and never trailed to yet again score the win! Heading into the semi-finals, Rivenbark was on a roll and had hopes to continue his domination of the Pro Mod class. Eagerly anticipating his launch at the tree, Rivenbark went for it just a fraction of a second before the “go light” lit and, unfortunately, the resulting red light showed a foul start.


    Todd “King Tut” Tutterow worked tirelessly all day Saturday to get his supercharged Pro Extreme 1967 Ford Mustang GT500 down the track during qualifying, but luck was not on his side. In a huge field of almost 30 cars, Tutterow’s best pass of 3.862 at 184.62 MPH during the second round was the result of having to pedal it several times and ultimately put him just south of the bump spot.


    Want to watch the GALOT team in action for yourself? Catch up with them at one of the many races this season; the schedule is posted on GALOTmotorsports.com in the Schedule > Upcoming Events section.

    About GALOT Motorsports:

    Earl Wells’s GALOT Motorsports (pronounced “guh-LOT”) has been a major player in the diesel pulling world with the “Get A Load Of This” Super Farm as well as the “Get A Load Of That” Alcohol Super Stock tractors. New for 2013, GALOT will also campaign a three-driver, four-car drag racing team to run in the XDRL, ADRL and NHRA series as well as at local-level races. Visit the GALOT Motorsports team online at www.GALOTmotorsports.com and “like” them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GALOTmotorsports!


    dsd_2463_20130803_1383494555Ideally, Pete Berner and the Summit Racing Equipment Team would have liked to have found themselves in the finals at the ADRL Memphis Drags. Unfortunately, tire shake would end their pursuit of a Minute Man in round two, but not before Berner laid down the quickest pass of the weekend and scored the number one qualifying spot with a 4.095 at 176.17 MPH.

    Prior to the Memphis Drags, Berner completely disassembled and reassembled his 2012 Camaro, choosing to basically start from scratch for the remainder of the season. Along with the hard work and input from his crew Tom Pierson, Jeff Perley and Rick Varnold, the team found the answer to an ongoing issue and revamped their approach. The results showed up quickly when Team Summit went straight to the top of the pack in their first qualifying run with a 4.123. Berner would come back with a 4.108 in round two and then take the top spot again in the final session with his 4.095.

    On race day the team encountered issues with tire shake, squeaking by round one when Dean Goforth went red, but succombing to the tire shake and Brad Waddle in round two.

    “We truly were starting from scratch this weekend,” told Berner. “So, we simply didn’t make the right setup calls on race day. Clearly, the car is fast. Power has never been our issue. Now that we’ve got some things sorted out, we’re ready to really hone our program, settling into our setup and then working on R&D with new avenues like fuel injection.

    “We would have liked to have shown more of what this Camaro had in it on race day, but it feels good just knowing that we now have the knowledge and understanding of the car to make it react. We can put the past behind us and focus on where we go from here. Congratulations to Doug Kirk who got by the two minute burn down with John Pluchino and went on to win the race. It’s been a long time coming for his team. They are great guys and really deserved that win. Congratulations also to Elijah and his team on their runner up. Their program has come along immensely. These are the type of people who make Extreme Pro Stock great and it’s good to see them do well and represent our class well.

    “Our team has new resolve going into the final two events of the year. We’re in the shootout coming up at Rockingham, so we’re really looking forward to that and just excited about what we can do to build our program.”

    Before Berner heads to the next ADRL event, he’ll be making a special match race appearance on the quarter mile with the International Hot Rod Association at this weekend’s Northern Nitro Jam at US 131 Motorsports Park. Going back to the birthplace of Mountain Motor Pro Stock has special meaning for Berner:

    “We got our start in IHRA and it will be great to go back and see many of our old friends and fans there. Plus, Summit is supporting this special Pro Stock race and US 131 is our home track. We have several reasons to look forward to this weekend. We love supporting Jason and Stephanie [US 131 track operators] and know that their events are always top notch. This weekend will be a great opportunity to touch base with our roots and test for the final two ADRL events of the season. I hope that all our local fans, as well as the IHRA fans who miss seeing Pro Stock, will come out and show their support! It’s a great opportunity and Team Summit is excited to rejoin the IHRA for a weekend.

    “On a sad note, my engine builder Jerry Janota and I would like to extend our sympathies to Rick ‘Big Drag’. His Camaro burned to the ground at a grudge race in Rockford. We’re thankful that his driver was able to get out in time safely. Big Drag put everything he had into that car and we hate to see it destroyed that way. Our hearts go out to him and his team.”


    536574_10151586403877914_1567798070_nIt’s been a big year for Team Aruba’s Trevor Eman. In May he graduated from Central Florida University. Shortly after that, at the ADRL Spring Drags, Eman and team scored their first Extreme Pro Stock win. But perhaps Eman’s most momentous event came last weekend when he tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Nicole Habibe. The two said I do on July 27th in their home country of Aruba, and while the celebration was given the attention it was due, the newlyweds quickly bid goodbye to their home, family and friends to travel abroad. The new Mr. and Mrs. were not headed for a honeymoon, however, but to Memphis, Tn. to compete in the ADRL Memphis Drags IV.


    “Our wedding day was just awesome,” told Eman. “Everything went better than we could have hoped for. Just like when we achieved our first win in Pro Stock, our wedding day is one I will cherish forever.”


    Quickly changing pace from saying “I do” to shifting gears, Eman took his Aruba.com Mustang, aptly decked with “Just Married” across the back window, down the Memphis strip to a 4.147 elapsed time. This was good enough for fifth after one round of qualifying. In round two, Eman and team picked up the pace to a 4.115, maintaining their qualifying position, but putting themselves less than two hundredths off the top pace.


    Extreme Pro Stock will have one more qualifying pass tomorrow before eliminations. The newlyweds and the entire Aruba.com gang will be looking to make tomorrow another memorable day, adding to the excitement of their incredible 2013 year.


    Watch Trevor and Team Aruba at the Memphis Drags this weekend via ADRL.us Live Feed.


    Keep up with Team Aruba at www.facebook.com/teamarubaracing and on Twitter @TeamArubaRacing.

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