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  • Mayhem at the Creek is in the Books!

    xps (1)After the rain delayed action Saturday, race fans were treated to
    an incredible showdown as the stars of the X-DRL stayed through Sunday to finish
    what they started and give the Budds Creek fans what they deserved. Royce
    Miller, the legendary track operator of MIR led the combined track team from
    4:00 am Sunday morning to replicate the incredible track surface from the
    previous two days of qualifying.

    pxRacing action began under cloudy skies with a fast track. Fans
    hoped the conditions were good for some quick runs and Stupid Fast Racing’s
    Paul Taylor confirmed the numbers were favorable with 2100 foot air conditions.
    The team kept turning screws on the Mesquite Logistics Corvette all weekend, doing
    everything they could to get into the 3.50’s. Despite their best effort the
    50’s were not to be had, but the two 3.604 passes in qualifying were the
    fastest of the event and produced a new Pro X-Treme record for the X-DRL while
    capturing the track record for the famed Budds Creek facility.

    “We changed our combination to pick up the 60-foot time – we
    thought it was enough to get us into the 3.50’s but the car shook in the
    middle. The track was phenomenal all week-end long. We just didn’t have enough
    in the car for the track,” said Taylor.

    The fans were not disappointed as the drivers put on a great show
    with some close racing. Masters Entertainment was at Budd’s Creek to film for
    the X-DRL Velocity TV show and brought the “High Speed” photo-finish camera to
    shoot the 660”stripe producing awesome frame-by frame film for the show. The
    X-DRL racers put them to good use in the Pro X-Treme semi-finals when Frankie took
    the hole shot win over Todd Martin with a 0.033 reaction time to Martin’s
    0.069. The elapsed times were close with Taylor going 3.641 to Martin’s 3.629.

    Tim Tindle was hoping to make it to his second X-DRL Pro X-Treme
    final in a row but came up short against Terry “Legbone” Leggett who ran his
    career best 3.610 in qualifying Friday night and followed it up with impressive
    times all weekend long. His 3.693 in the semi-final round was just enough to
    edge out Tindle’s 3.712.

    The action in the pits almost trumped the action on the track as
    the “Madman” broke a rocker arm in his 3.641 semi-final and needed a new set of
    lifters as well. The Lethal Threat team of Pesz and Martin along with his
    opponent in the final Terry Leggett came to his aid and helped him get the famed
    Corvette back on the track producing another close match.

    “Legbone” ran 3.693 in the heat at 207.11 mph but it wasn’t enough
    as Taylor ran a blistering 3.613 at 207.59 mph. Frankie said he always wanted
    to win a close one and he certainly got his wish. He also got his first X-DRL
    trophy to go with his new X-DRL record of 3.604.

    Pro X-Treme wasn’t the only close racing. Switzer Dynamics Pro
    Nitrous low qualifier Danny Perry ran great all week-end long, qualifying with
    a 3.847 but losing to the X-Treme Gateway Showdown winner Bob Rahaim in the
    final round with a 3.838. Bob qualified number three and kept working on the
    car making it faster as the event progressed.

    “We tried some new things to make the car run the 60 foot better
    and they worked out. We’ve been good on the back half, so we knew if we could
    improve our performance early we were going to be tough to deal with,” said

    xps-6No one was more surprised with the outcome in the X-Treme Pro
    Stock class than the winner. “I thought we would win this year, but after last
    night I was ready to go fishing,” said Cary. “It’s like a hundred pound weight has
    been lifted from my shoulders.”

    The Holdenville, OK resident had his work cut out for him, defeating
    his dad in the semi’s and then low qualifier John Deflorian in the final. It was
    rewarding for Cary to win one
    for the team. They had their patience tried this season and he was happy to
    bring the win home to Brian Self, Chuck Samuel, Chris Goforth, Jason Roberts,
    Keith Harr, Matt McKee and team owner, Dean Goforth (points leader) who has
    been supportive all season long as the team has worked to get things right.
    Cary’s winning time was 4.134 at 174.28 mph.

    ptJim Bell, from Edmonton, Alberta was the only Precision Turbo
    & Engine Pro Turbo car but did his best to put on a show for the fans all
    week-end long. He qualified his Pro-Line powered Mustang with a 4.148 at 187.26
    mph and kept tuning on the car to run a 4.098 at 191.29 in the final round.

    xpm (3)X-Treme Pro Mod was tightly contested between two previous
    winners, low qualifier and “Bash on the Bayou” winner T.J. Tindle and “X-Treme
    Gateway Showdown” winner and points’ leader Kevin Rivenbark. Tindle had the
    advantage on paper early in the weekend, but races are won on the track with
    Galot Motorsports car getting stronger throughout the contest.

    “We missed two qualifying rounds to work on the car and it gained
    power with each pass. It was extremely smooth,” said Rivenbark. His 3.936
    against Gray in the semis was an improvement over his qualifying and the 3.906
    in the final was his best time of the week-end.

    otfThe inaugural running
    of the 10.5 Outlaw category was memorable in many ways. Not only did the fans enjoy
    seeing the
    new class perform, they were astounded to see that these door slammers could
    produce ET’s in the mid 4 teens, at speeds over 188 MPH on 11.2” of Mickey
    Thompson rubber! With the variety
    of combinations allowed in the class, the 10.5 racers at MIR brought the “best
    of the best”. Big Block Nitrous and Twin Turbo combinations dominated the first
    time field, with the Nitrous injected Camaro of Mo Hall leading the pack and
    taking home the trophy. Qualifying with a stellar 4.162 elapsed time, Hall
    showed the X-DRL fans all about 10.5 Outlaw dominance taking down Steve
    Willingham and Buck Jarvis for the win. “We’ve had an up and down season taking
    a bunch of #1 qualifiers but few wins. This is the deal we’ve been working for”
    stated Hall. Mo continued, “The
    team had a great time this weekend racing with the X-DRL and truly enjoyed
    being a part of the event. To win an inaugural is very special and nobody else
    will ever be able to duplicate it.”

    scsSupercar Showdown put on a great show with the largest field this
    season for the X-DRL including the legendary Roy Hill. Charlie Cooper was
    impressive all week-end long despite being fairly new to racing with only a
    couple of years of experience. Charlie had fun, but he put it best when he said
    it is always fun when you win. But it was his daughter Liddie Ann who stole the
    show at the trophy presentation. When asked what she thought about Charlie’s
    win she replied, “I love him.”

    ts (5)Mickey Thompson Top Sportsman winner Glen Teets III is also fairly
    new to racing – the 20-year-old has only been racing two years but you couldn’t
    tell it from watching him drive his GTO. Glen charmed the crowd by thanking his
    mom and dad for letting him race.

    Teets had a tough rode to the final, facing the low qualifier
    Woodard in the semi final round and defeating him with a 4.956 at 139.78. In
    the final round, he faced Campbell who had been strong through-out eliminations
    but edged him out with a 4.963 at 140.65 mph.

    Pat Musi Racing sponsored half of the Top Sportsman entry fees and
    put up an additional low qualifier award making it an exciting week-end for
    sportsman racing. Pat was also on the property to support all of his racers.

    tdTop Dragsters also had sponsorship for the Mayhem at the Creek,
    theirs from ATI Performance, who sponsored half of the Top Dragster class entry
    fees. Clint Mills qualified number three and thrilled the crowd with consistent
    runs. Mills defeated
    Teets in the semi final and then Collinson in the final. His winning time was
    4.498 at 149.81 mph.

    Morgan Torres got her second X-DRL Pro Junior Dragster win at her
    first time at Maryland International Raceway. Torres got stronger throughout
    eliminations with times of 7.957 in the first round, 7.924 in the quarter
    final, and a 7.914 against the low qualifier and Bash on the Bayou winner
    Jackson Core in the semi-final. She saved her best time of the day for the
    final defeating Weatherford with a 7.907. “It feels good to get away from home,
    meet new people and have fun racing,” Torres said.

    “It was great to be at Budds Creek. Royce Miller and his group run
    a top-notch organization and we were thrilled with our first time at MIR. We
    can’t thank Royce enough for his help as interim race director and the fantastic
    job he did with this event,” said X-DRL president and owner Jeff Mitchell.

    “This was our first event with Blue04 as our title sponsor and I
    think we will see great things in the future with this partnership. We were
    able to pay the purse at the event and I think it went smoothly and the racers
    were pleased with the process, ” said Mitchell.

    The next stop on the 2013 tour is September 20-21 at Lucas Oil
    Raceway at Indianapolis for the Thunder in the Heartland. The X-Treme Shoot-out
    will be contested at this event. Top eight finishers at the Bash on the Bayou
    in Pro X-Treme, Switzer Dynamics Pro Nitrous and X-treme Pro Stock will compete
    for a $75,000 purse in addition to the regular event purse. Look for more
    exciting announcements about this event in the coming weeks.

    Final results from the
    Mayhem at the Creek at Maryland International Raceway:


    Frankie Taylor, Chevy
    Corvette, 3.613, 207.59 def. Terry Leggett, Ford Mustang, 3.693, 207.11

    ROUND ONE : Todd Martin,
    Ford Mustang, 3.695, 204.51 def. Quain Stott, Chevy Corvette, 3.717, 204.01;
    Terry Leggett, Mustang, 3.693, 206.26 def. Todd Tutterow, Mustang, 3.863,
    164.11; Tim Tindle, Mustang, 3.747, 195.56 def. Brandon Pesz, Corvette, foul;
    Frankie Taylor, Corvette, 4.317, 144.58 def. Danny Lowry, Mustang, 8.221,
SEMIFINALS: Taylor, 3.641, 205.57 def. Martin, 3.629, 208.01; Leggett,
    3.671, 206.73 def. Tindle, 3.712, 198.73;
FINAL: Taylor, 3.613, 207.59 def.
    Leggett, 3.693, 207.11.


    Bob Rahaim, Chevy Camaro,
    3.824, 196.39 def. Danny Perry, Camaro, 3.838, 197.05.

    ROUND ONE : Tommy
    Franklin, Chevy Camaro, 3.897, 190.75 def. Randy Weatherford, Camaro, 3.867,
    192.33; Jim Laurita, Camaro, 3.830,
194.88 def. Jim Sackuvich, Camaro, 5.173,
    104.31; Bob Rahaim, Camaro, 4.908, 103.88 def. Chuck Mohn, Camaro, broke; Danny
    Perry, Camaro, 3.832, 197.83 def. Ed Burnley, Camaro, 3.937,
SEMIFINALS: Perry, 3.848, 197.25 def. Franklin, 7.201, 87.15; Rahaim,
    3.798, 198.06 def. Laurita, 3.814, 196.07;
FINAL: Rahaim, 3.824, 196.39 def.
    Perry, 3.838, 197.05.


    Cary Goforth, Pontiac
    GXP, 4.134, 174.28 def. John Deflorian Jr., Chevy Camaro, 7.592, 61.68.

    ROUND ONE: Cary
    Goforth, Pontiac GXP, 4.119, 176.47 def. Matt Bertsch, Ford Mustang, 4.102,
    176.21; Dean Goforth, Chevy Camaro, 4.066, 177.95 def. Kevin Bealko, GXP,
    4.106, 174.80; John Deflorian Jr., Camaro, 4.075, 177.65 def. Lester Cooper,
    Mustang, broke;
SEMIFINALS: Deflorian Jr., 4.175, 155.72 was unopposed; C.
    Goforth, 4.094, 175.46 def. D. Goforth, 4.434, 167.28;
FINAL: C. Goforth,
    4.134, 174.28 def. Deflorian Jr., 7.592, 61.68.


    Jim Bell, Mustang, 4.098,
    191.29 was unopposed.


    Kevin Rivenbark, Pontiac
    Firebird, 3.906, 188.81 def. T.J. Tindle, Ford Mustang, 3.940, 187.99.

    ROUND ONE: Kevin
    Rivenbark, Pontiac Firebird, 3.936, 188.70 def. Tommy Gray, Corvette, 4.075,
    183.05; T.J. Tindle, Ford Mustang,

    3.972, 184.25 was unopposed;
    Rivenbark, 3.906, 188.81 def. Tindle, 3.940, 187.99.

    OUTLAW 10.5

    Mo Hall, Camaro, 4.179,
    179.90 def. Jarry Buck Jarvis, Camaro, DQ.

    ROUND ONE: Michael Martin, Chevy Camaro, 4.205, 171.90 def. Billy
    Gordon, Camaro, broke; Jarry Buck Jarvis, Camaro, 4.285, 188.07 def. Steve
    Drummond, Mustang, broke; Mo Hall, Camaro, 4.184, 179.06 def. Steve Willingham,
    Mustang, 4.964, 157.93;
SEMIFINALS: Hall, 4.173, 179.71 was unopposed; Jarvis,
    4.657, 127.70 def. Martin, broke;
FINAL: Hall, 4.179, 179.90 def. Jarvis,
    DQ.Top Sportsman — Glenn O Teets III, GTO, 4.963, 140.65 def. Mark Campbell,
    Chevy Corvette, 4.916, 141.98.


    Clint Mills, Dragster,
    4.498, 149.81 def. David Collison, Dragster, 4.357, 162.39.

    ROUND ONE: Mandy
    Teets-Seal, RaceTech, 4.683, 144.00 def. Chris Powers, S&W, 4.094, 171.62;
    David Collison, Bolton, 4.344, 162.37 def. Randy Newsome, RaceTech, foul; Clint
    Mills, Gebhardt, 4.489, 153.51 def. Jeff Martin, Undercover, broke; Todd
    4.975, 133.67 def. Mike Crick, Miller, 4.631, 139.47; TOP DRAGSTER:
    Mills, 4.509, 144.75 def. Teets-Seal, 4.703, 145.97; Collison, 4.355, 162.00
    def. Nebel, 4.978, 130.39;
FINAL: Mills, 4.498, 149.81 def. Collison, 4.357,


    Charlie Cooper, Ford
    Mustang, 5.499, 128.21 def. Craig Hankinson, Mustang, 5.804, 121.80.

    ROUND ONE: Charlie
    Cooper, 5.530, 127.07 def. Paul Barham, Chevy Camaro, 6.233, 112.13; Roy Hill,
    Ford Mustang, 5.917, 118.83 def.

    J.C. Beattie, 6.037,
    111.43; Craig Hankinson, Mustang, 5.785, 122.13 def. Ev Bernardo, Mustang,
    broke; Michael Harris, Mustang, 5.612, 122.46 def. Bo Kenney, Mustang,
    Cooper, 5.495, 128.36 def. Hill, 5.891, 119.20; Hankinson, 5.806, 121.94 def.
    Harris, 5.726, 119.85;
FINAL: Cooper, 5.499, 128.21 def. Hankinson,
    5.804, 121.80.


    Glenn O Teets III, GTO,
    4.963, 140.65 def. Mark Campbell, Chevy Corvette, 4.916, 141.98

    ROUND ONE: Johnny Burch
    Jr, Chevy Vega Wgn, 5.341, 132.87 def. Terry Teets, Chevy Cavalier, broke; Gene
    Fries, Oldsmobile Cutlass,
4.529, 157.14 def. J.C. Beattie Jr., Camaro, broke;
    Mark Campbell, Chevy Corvette, 4.868, 142.15 def. David Weedon, Ford Mustang,
    foul; Glenn O Teets III, GTO, 4.927, 140.18 def. Phil Stewart, Chevy Camaro,
    4.543, 153.32; Vonnie Mills, Chevy Cobalt, 4.459, 157.65 def. Gary Pitts,
    Cavalier, foul; Ronnie Proctor, Mustang, 4.411, 157.58 def. Mike Anderson,
    Cavalier, 4.791, 144.38; Glenn Teets Jr., Pontiac GTO, 4.495, 156.72 def. Bill
    Meadows, Grand Am, broke; Wayne Woodard, Camaro, 4.206, 168.45 was
QUARTERFINALS: Teets III, 4.930, 139.92 def. Burch Jr, 5.356,
    133.83; Proctor, 4.411, 155.52 def. Fries, 4.524, 158.84; Campbell,
    142.01 def. Teets Jr., 4.469, 156.79; Woodard, 4.189, 167.24 def. Mills, 4.443,
SEMIFINALS: Teets III, 4.956, 139.78 def. Woodard, 4.186, 168.85;
    Campbell, 4.874, 142.37 def. Proctor, 4.396, 159.34;
FINAL: Teets III, 4.963,
    140.65 def. Campbell, 4.916, 141.98.


    Morgan Torres, Halfscale,
    7.907, 82.90 def. Patrick Weatherford, Halfscale, 7.891, 80.49

    ROUND ONE: Tia Tutterow, Halfscale,
    8.036, 74.42 def. Luke Schemler, Bos, 12.625, 26.42; Patrick Weatherford,
    Halfscale, 7.926, 81.24 def. Tyler Clouse, Metro, 7.892, 81.54; Brittany Clark,
    Halfscale, 7.942, 81.28 def. Bethany Crick, Halfscale, 7.939, 80.02; Morgan
    Torres, Halfscale, 7.957, 81.60 def. Brandon Rudd, BOS, 7.898, 82.49; Shelbi
    Wiggins, Halfscale, 7.973, 80.23 def. Ryan Tolley, Halfscale, 7.949, 79.10;
    Jimmy Sackuvich, Halfscale, 7.924, 81.05 def. Logon Hubbell, Ken Kier, 7.965,
    82.49; Jackson Core, Jr.RaceCar, 7.895, 82.08 def. Brittany Hays, Halfscale, 7.892,
QUARTERFINALS: Core, 7.907, 82.04 was unopposed; Torres, 7.924, 83.52
    def. Clark, foul; Tutterow, 7.920, 81.32 def. Sackuvich,
7.879, 80.55;
    Weatherford, 7.905, 81.70 def. Wiggins, broke;
SEMIFINALS: Torres, 7.914, 82.77
    def. Core, 7.923, 81.05; Weatherford, 7.909, 81.45 def. Tutterow, 7.866,
FINAL: Torres, 7.907, 82.90 def. Weatherford, 7.891, 80.49.


    April 6-7: X-DRL Spring Nationals, Osage Casino Tulsa
    Raceway Park, Tulsa, Okla.

    April 26-27: X-DRL Thunder Valley Madness, Bristol Dragway, Bristol, Tenn.

    May 17-18: Bash On The Bayou, No Problem Raceway, Belle Rose, La.

    June 14-15: X-treme Gateway Showdown, Gateway Motorsports Park, St.

    July 26-27: Mayhem At The Creek,
    Maryland International Raceway, Mechanicsville, Md.

    Sept. 20-21: Thunder in the
    Heartland, Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis, Indianapolis

    Oct. 4-5: Southern Slam, Montgomery
    Motorsports Park, Montgomery, Ala.

    Oct. 25-26: X-Treme World Finals, zMAX Dragway, Charlotte, N.C.

    Based in Kerrville, Texas, the
    X-Treme Drag Racing League is a premier sanctioning body for the sport of
    eighth-mile drag racing. The professional categories featured in the X-DRL are
    10.5 Outlaw, Pro Junior Dragster, SuperCar Showdown, Top Sportsman, Top
    Dragster, X-treme Pro Mod, Pro Turbo, X-treme Pro Stock, Pro Nitrous and Pro
    X-treme, the world’s quickest and fastest door slammer class. The 2013 X-DRL
    seasons consists of 9 action-packed national events that will take place throughout
    the United States. For more information on the X-DRL, visit www.X-DRL.com.

    courtesy of Roger Richards.