Robbie Matthews dominates Quick 8 Outlaws event at Orangeburg

Matthew's Quick 8 Outlaws 9-28-2013 042The Quick 8 Outlaws were in action Saturday night at Orangeburg Drag Strip. Robbie Matthews in the Kauffman Motorsports ‘57 Chevy dominated the event. Not only did Matthews when the event but he locked up the 2013 championship in the process.


“First I want to dedicate this race to Kip’s sister Trish,” said Matthews standing in the winner’s circle. ” Its been a rough few months for Kip and his family. He lost his Mother Lucy in June and Trish passed away the first of September.”


With the second of two rounds of qualifying complete Robbie sat atop the sheet with a 3.907 at 192.64. Jimmy Sandefur was second with a 4.192 at 173.14. Matthews and Sandefur had the most success getting down the track. Most of the other teams battled track conditions and had trouble getting down the tricky surface. Woody Elders ended up third with a 4.798 at 140.35.


James Linton Jr made his return to racing Saturday and qualified his Duster fourth with a 4.820 at 118.11. Phillip Keller was fifth with a 4.844 at 142.81. Tim Spradley put his Camaro in the show sixth with a 5.736 at 138.41. Irvin Rose was seventh with a 5.899 at 152.28. Anchoring the field was Alan Pittman with a 6.213 at 74.29. Missing the filed was Steve Bray and Ric Fleck.


When announcer Don Garrick called the Quick 8Outlaws to the lanes for the first round of eliminations James Linton Jr and Phillip Keller was the first pair up. When James made the attempt to fire up his Duster nothing happened. The team several attempts but nothing happened. Phillip Keller got the win with a 4.903 at 141.55. “The MSD box just quit working,” said James Linton. “We got back to the pits and changed the box and it fired right up. We’ve just had some bad luck this year.”


The next pair to the water boxes was Tim Spradley and Woody Elders. Woody turned on the win light with a 4.819 at 145.30 to Spradley’s 5010 at 151.41. Irvin Rose and Jimmy Sandefur were up next. Sandefur posted a 4.162 at 173.61 while Rose battled traction issues and posted a 5.169 at 159.92. The final pair of the first round was Alan Pittman and Robbie Matthews. After Alan did his burnout the track officials noticed that the Blade Runner Camaro was leaking fluid and he had to be shut off. Robbie posted a 3.933 at 189.55 to advance to the next round.


The semi-finals kicked off with Woody Elders and Jimmy Sandefur. Jimmy won this round with a 4.327 at 167.28 while Elders posted a 4.790 at 142.40. Phillip Keller had the tough task of taking on Robbie Matthews. Robbie got loose at half and had to pedal the ‘57 but had enough to get the win with a 4.54 at 144.83 to Keller’s 4.807 at 142.95.


With the final round set it was a classic blower vs nitrous battle. When the tree activated Sandefur got a slight advantage over Matthews. Jimmy just didn’t have enough as Matthews quickly made up the difference and dipped into the 3.90’s again with a 3.903 at 187.42. Sandefur had burst panel let go and posted a 4.410 at 136.44.


“We had good outing today,” stated runner-up Jimmy Sandefur. “We’ll be back if our schedule allows it. I still had a good day, it was a little frustrating to start with because of a couple of small problems that we to work through. Our shifter bottle regulator went wide open and broke some lines to the shifter. After we got that figured out we were just trying to get down the track.”


Jimmy continued and said, “I want to thank my two sons’ Darrin and Joel for their hard work. These are good boys, both of them. They’d rather do this than eat when they’re hungry. This makes the tenth final that I have been in this year. We had s good day though, we had fun out here we appreciate it. Also, I want to dedicate this race to the memory of Mark Fowler. Mark was a really good friend of ours.”


The winning car owner Kip Kauffman added, “We couldn’t do this without our crew. It takes the whole team to do this and we have the best one out here. Thanks to Hoosier Tires, City Garage, Cameron’s Torque Convert Services, Brad Anderson Engineering, Robbie Matthews and Lucas Oil Products. I’ve had two very important people that have passed away in the last three months. Maybe that’s why he has given us these wins, that’s all I can say.”


Robbie Matthews capped off the night by saying, “That’s two wins in a row at Orangeburg. We’ve won four of the last five Quick 8 Outlaws races. We’ve had a whole lot of luck. We had to fight through some adversity again today. We broke two rocker arms but we got it fixed. We couldn’t do this without the best and hardest working crew out here. I want to thank Kip, Cameron, Pappy, Jay, Peanut, Bobby, Mark and Honeycutt. Also, thanks to City Garage, Torque Converter Services, Bad Anderson and Lucas Oil.”


The next Quick 8 Outlaws event will be at Darlington Dragway on October 26th. For more information please visit You can also call Buddy Trivette at 828-215-9710 or email at


Story by Buddy Trivette

Photo by Matthew Trivette