Quarter-Max New Products Octo Relay Nitrous Controller

Octo Relay Nitrous Controller

Octo-Relay Nitrous Controller by xBase Aftermarket Electronics

· Eight outputs, all controlled by one digital timer, programmable to one THOUSANDTH of a second accuracy.

· Four outputs have the ability to each drive a nitrous stage. Say ‘Good-Bye’ to a firewall full of relays and timers. Simply connect each of the high amp outputs of our controller to each stage of your nitrous system.

· Each stage can be activated/deactivated by time and rpm. Meaning you will not need a separate controller for your automatic shifter either.

· Four ‘interrupts’ that allow you to de-activate a stage temporarily to help make it through a gear change. Each interrupt is user programmable.

· The Octo-Timer is enclosed in an extruded aluminum housing measuring
4.72″x4.00″x1.25″. Weighs UNDER ONE LBS!!!!

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