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    CRETE, Ill. February 20, 2012: Pete Berner’s sharp new Summit Racing Equipment ZL1 Camaro might have you thinking he’s ready for a ‘come back’ tour, which isn’t far from the truth. The flashy RJ Race Cars built ride, featuring paint by SD Enterprises, is reminiscent of Berner’s familiar look from earlier in his Pro Stock career when he captured his first World Championship (2006). And not that Berner has ever been out of the picture in top Pro Stock competition, but this year he’s hoping to not just be a contender but to set the bar.

    “I couldn’t be more excited about this car,” told Berner. “GOS Motorsports Graphics did a fantastic job on the design, mixing my nostalgic colors with the familiar Summit red and blue. Rick, Rickie and the crew at RJ Race Cars did a phenomenal job, as did Steve Dekkenga and his group at SD Enterprises. The detail is awesome. I think the car truly speaks for itself. I know our Summit fans are going to love this ride.

    “Last season we weren’t running like I expect of myself. I’m a very goal-oriented individual and this season my goals are to fix our issues from last year. In some ways, we were the pursuer last year. We’re ready to return to being the one that everyone else is trying to run down.”

    The piece of nostalgia featured in the Camaro’s color scheme might be the only heritage part of the car, however, as much of the new Extreme Pro Stock machine is equipped with chassis and engine innovations that Berner hopes will pave the way for the next generation of XPS racing.

    “Rick worked very closely with us on some new innovations in the building of this chassis. As teammates this upcoming season, we’re going to continue to work closely in testing these items and others.”

    “Pete’s car was our first Pro Stock 2012 Camaro,” added Rick Jones of RJ Race Cars. “I think it’s so cool to see the Chevy Camaro come back to Pro Stock. We put a lot of effort in this car; we are trying a few new things we have found lately. We are excited to see how it runs. My expectations are very high!”

    Further changes for Team Summit include a new engine shop:

    “Jerry’s [Janota] and Mike’s [Slaviero] new engine shop is up and running and we plan on burning our dyno up in the next few weeks,” elaborated Berner. “Those guys have put a tremendous amount of effort into this. It’s like a surgical suite in there, which is fitting for Jerry and Mike. They are truly doctors of engine dynamics. The new shop is quite the work of art and makes for a fantastic workplace. It’s a reflection of how this Summit team operates- always shooting for perfection.

    “It’s going to be wide open from here on out as we begin testing and jump into the season. I’m really looking forward to seeing what this awesome machine does on the track.

    “I’m very grateful for the team behind this new Camaro. Not only has RJ worked hard on the new design, but all of our sponsors have really been behind this from Summit to RAM Clutches to Hoosier Tires. All these guys are just as excited as I am and, like Cheryl and I, are always pushing to be quicker, better, faster than the competition. I can’t wait to get to the track and see this hard work pay off.”

    Berner plans to begin testing soon to be ready for the ADRL kickoff in Houston, March 30-31.


    CENTER MORICHES, N.Y. February 16, 2012: As a die-hard bowtie racer,
    there’s probably few as excited about the return of the Chevrolet Camaro to
    Pro Stock as John Montecalvo. With a stunning Eddie Hollon design,
    Montecalvo is sure to do the Camaro’s return justice.

    “The Camaro is iconic and I’m excited to see it back at the track in
    Extreme Pro Stock competition,” told Montecalvo. “There’s been a lot of
    talk surrounding the Camaro body, so 2012 should be another exciting year
    for XPS.”

    Montecalvo’s 2012 Camaro, built by RJ Race Cars, features his defining red,
    white and blue color scheme, but with a striking new design currently being
    perfected in paint by Steve from S&D Enterprises. Returning with the red,
    white and blue will be long-time engine builder, Sonny Leonard, as well as
    RAM Clutches, Braswell Carburetors and MSD Ignition – all names synonymous
    with Montecalvo’s racing career.

    Although continuing much of the traditions and relationships that have
    helped the New Yorker become a 2x World Champion, Montecalvo has also been
    busy with major changes in the off season. New to the lineup of associate
    sponsors is Extreme Batteries. And, not only is a new car on order, but
    also a new trailer by Pegasus. But perhaps the biggest move for the JM
    Racing Team is a quite literal one. The team’s new headquarters is now in

    “Moving our operation to Georgia just makes more sense,” Monte elaborated.
    “Georgia is much more centrally located to testing facilities and to the
    ADRL tour tracks. We have a great shop setup there and I think this will
    work out better all around.

    “I’m looking forward to getting this 2012 season underway,” he continued.
    “With all the changes, getting back in the driver’s seat will actually be a

    Montecalvo plans to get behind the wheel of his new Camaro for the annual
    Eastern Spring Test Nationals at South Georgia Motorsports Park March 5th-8

    “Wade [Rich, SGMP Facility Operations] always does an excellent job of
    prepping his track. The surface should be on kill, so we should be able to
    get a good feel for the Camaro there before ADRL kicks back up at Houston.”

    With all the changes, 2012 will no doubt be a big year for Montecalvo, who
    is continuing with preparations and working on another big announcement.
    The JM Racing Team still has something up their sleeves, so be on the watch
    for more big news to come!

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  • RJ Race Cars, Quartermax Continue Strong Relationship With ADRL As 2012 Sponsor

    O’FALLON, MO (January 19, 2012) – The 2011 American Drag Racing
    League (ADRL) season was the first full year RJ Race Cars and
    Quartermax were involved as sponsors with the world’s premier eighth mile drag racing league. The inaugural and banner year went so well that the company has returned as a sponsor for the 2012 ADRL Tour.
    The ADRL officially announced the sponsorship on Thursday, extending
    an already strong partnership.
    “We’re excited to be a part of the ADRL and returning as a sponsor. Where we race, I try to support the sanctioning body and that’s what we’re doing. It’s a great family atmosphere with the ADRL and that’s what we enjoy,” RJ Race Cars and Quartermax President Rick Jones said.
    “There’s definitely a lot of cool classes and I’m excited to see them expanding with new classes in 2012. It’s the fastest and coolest doorslammers around. We can’t wait for the season to get
    RJ Race Cars and Quartermax had a noticeable presence at each ADRL event in 2011 and that is only expected to increase for the highly anticipated 2012 ADRL season, which begins on March 30-31 with Dragpalooza VIII at Royal Purple Raceway in Houston. It was the company’s first foray into the ADRL’s Pro Nitrous class and the results were impressive.
    Jones’ son, Rickie Jones Jr., was one of the top newcomers in the ADRL, going in the 3.70s late in the year, while Mahana Al-Naemi drove an RJ Race Car to the 2011 ADRL Rookie of the Year honor.
    Defending PN world champion Mike Castellana will drive a new 2012 RJ Race Cars Camaro, a car that has brought a significant amount of interest. Other ADRL drivers who will debut the new RJ Race Cars 2012 Camaro will be 2010 Extreme Pro Stock champion John Montecalvo and XPS standout Pete Berner, both of whom are longtime RJ Race Cars customers, and Pro Nitrous driver Duaij AL-Sabah.
    “There’s a lot of excitement with that car and a lot of people have been waiting for the new Camaro for quite a while,” Jones said. “I think it’s great for the Pro Stock class, bringing a
    muscle car back to the class.”
    Jones and the rest of the RJ Race Cars and Quartermax team have big expectations for the new Camaro, in part because of the time they’ve put in developing the car and coming up with new innovations. The company was formed in 1987 and working out of a state-of-the-art 30,000 square-foot facility in Galesburg, Ill., they’ve prided themselves on work ethic and thinking outside the box.
    “We want to build a better car and there’s a lot of parts and pieces that comes with that,” Jones said. “We’ve worked closely with companies (and ADRL sponsors) like Penske Shocks, and it’s an ongoing thing with us regarding testing new products and new items.
    “A lot of stuff we manufacture in-house and it’s all about trying to build a better car. That’s what we love to do and that’s one of the things I love about the ADRL. They’re always open to new ideas and there’s more things you can try.”
    Other RJ Race Cars customers include Extreme 10.5 standouts Grant McCrary and Brand Brand, and Jones also hopes to expand into the Pro Extreme market during the 2012 ADRL season, which includes 10 stops at many of the nation’s most prestigious tracks.
    “RJ Race Cars and Quartermax have continually proven themselves as one of the top names in drag racing and it’s wonderful to see them continue to support the ADRL,” ADRL Executive Vice President Jeff Fortune said.
    “They’ve brought a lot of new ideas to the ADRL and their willingness to support the racers and the sanctioning body does not go unnoticed.”


    Based in O’Fallon, Missouri, the American Drag Racing League is the
    world’s premier sanctioning body for the sport of eighth-mile drag
    racing. The professional categories featured in the ADRL are Pro
    Junior Dragster, Top Sportsman, Pro Modified, Extreme Pro Stock, Pro
    Extreme Motorcycle, Extreme 10.5, Pro Nitrous and Pro Extreme, the
    quickest doorslammer class in all of drag racing. The 2012 ADRL Tour
    consists of 10 national events run throughout the United States. For
    more information on the ADRL, visit www.ADRL.us.


    GALESBURG, Ill. January 18, 2012: Summit Racing Equipment has been on board
    with up and coming driver Rickie Jones since the beginning of his driving
    career five years ago. Their partnership, which began on an associate level
    in NHRA Pro Stock, has proven to be a good match. It comes as no surprise,
    then, that the pair decided to team up for a primary sponsorship for 2012.

    “Summit Racing Equipment is a first class company dedicated to the sport of
    drag racing, and we are honored to represent them and extend our
    relationship in 2012,” told Jones. “I really appreciate the fact that they
    took a risk with me at the beginning of my career when I was still
    unproven. Now they are stepping into uncharted territory with us again as
    my first major sponsor.

    “We’ve been able to strengthen our relationship over the last four years
    and it was a mutual desire to grow into something more for our program. We
    tested the waters with this deal last year when we had Summit Racing as the
    title sponsor of our team at the two Summit Racing events in Norwalk, OH-
    both the ADRL and NHRA events. We really enjoyed being a larger part of
    Team Summit Racing then, are looking forward to representing them in the
    Pro Nitrous class with teammate Pete Berner [ADRL Extreme Pro Stock] in

    “Summit Racing is excited about the opportunity to step up to the primary
    sponsorship of Rickie Jones ADRL Pro Nitrous Camaro for 2012,” said Jim
    Greenleaf, Summit Racing’s Motorsports and Events Manager. “Rickie is a
    great young driver that has proven himself over the last several years. We
    are looking forward to being a part of his first win and run for the
    championship. The 2012 ADRL season promises to be very exciting!”

    The family businesses of RJ Race Cars and Quarter-Max® Chassis Components
    will also stay on the car as aiding sponsors, along with help from long
    time friend Mark Stockseth for 2012, which will mark Jones’ second year in
    the ADRL Pro Nitrous category, and his fifth as a driver. He was very
    impressive in making the switch from his starting class of NHRA Pro Stock
    to the more untamed world of Pro Mod. As a young gun of the sport at only
    24, Jones has already proven his abilities, but is still hungry for his
    first Minute Man, and now with Summit Racing Equipment on board, Jones is
    even more anxious to score a win for the team.

    “I already know that Summit Racing and Team Quarter-Max® are a good fit,”
    continued Jones. “Summit is very committed to supporting not only the
    automotive industry, but our troops as well. I had the privilege of going
    on the trip to Germany with the Summit drivers. It was such a great
    experience and gave me even more respect for our troops and for Summit as a
    company. I’m proud to have them on board our car in 2012.”

    Summit will be well represented on Jones’ new ride, as the team at RJ Race
    Cars has brand new state-of-the-art Pro Nitrous 2012 Camaro almost ready to

    “I’m very excited for our new 2012 Camaro. There has been a lot of talk
    about this body and we’re expecting good things. I’m anxious to get it
    finished and see what it can do in testing. After finishing 8th in the Pro
    Nitrous points last year, and breaking into the 3.70s, and running
    incredible .920s 60ft times, we have high expectations for the 2012 season,
    and are really looking forward to being at the track again, having fun,
    winning races, and representing Summit Racing Equipment.”

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