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  • Quick 8 Outlaws set to do battle at Coastal Plains

    The Quick 8 Outlaws will make their first appearance of the 2012 season at Coastal Plains Dragway this Saturday, May, 5th. At the last Quick 8 Outlaws race at the Darlington Dragway Ric Fleck picked up his first ever Outlaw victory. Who will be the man or woman standing this Saturday? You will have to be there to find out. Also, there is no association fee for the entire 2012 Quick 8 Outlaws season. There will be no entry fee for the drivers and teams at this event.


    After scoring the win at Darlington and the runner-up finish at the “House of Hook” Ric Fleck Flex Racing Blown Corvette will be looking to keep his momentum up and get another victory. The runner-up from Darlington, Robbie Matthews in the Punisher Racing blown ‘57 Chevy will be looking to get to the winner’s circle. Also, after putting up a 3.84 on the board at Darlington, everyone knows that Robbie and Kip going to be a serious contender. After posting his first three-second pass at the last race Steve Bray will look to continue his success. One of the hottest racers in the South Danny Blankenship will also be there with his Blown ride.

    Look for the Blade Runner Motorsports team with driver Troy Jordan. Dewayne “Hogfarmer” Silance has already been in the 3.80’s and he plans on being there with his Buck powered Camaro. Greg Godwin the G and B Motorsports Nitrous assisted Corvette will also be there. Tylor “Young Blood” Miller in the PEE DEE Fleet Blown Camaro have made lots of improvements since making several changes and look to continue their success. Carol Long in the She Devil Motorsports Blown Corvette put up career best numbers last weekend at Carolina and she will be there trying to lower that mark. JR Linton his Blown Duster will also be there. Look for the Blown ‘41 Willys dubbed the Pirate Ship with wheel man Kevin Mayor. Also, look for Jimmy Boone and many more.

    The gates open at 11:00 Saturday. The first round of qualifying is at 2:30 with the 2nd at 4:00 and the final round will be at 5:30. The first round of eliminations will be at 7:00. General admission is $20.00 with children 12 and under free. For more information on the Quick 8 Outlaws please visit www.q8outlaws.com. For more information on the Coastal Plains Dragway please visit www.coastalplainsraceway.com.

    Story and photo by Buddy Trivette


  • Ric Fleck scores first Quick Outlaws Victory

    Story and photo by Buddy Trivette
    After five years and numerous runner-ups Ric Fleck and
    his Flex Racing Team finally get their first Quick 8 Outlaws trophy. Not only did
    they get the win but they also posted their career best time with a 3.949 in the
    first round of eliminations.

    “I just want to say how impressed I am with the crew,” said Ric Fleck. “We struggled
    through the first two rounds of qualifying and that didn’t faze us at all. We knew
    that the car would do it. We went a to b in the third round and ended up number two
    qualifier. Devon, Mike and Charlie did a heck of a job today. They’ve all done a
    heck of a job for years and today we finally got the win. It wasn’t the best way to
    get a win but we finally won one of these.”

    After the third and final round of qualifying Danny Blankenship in ‘40 Ford sat atop
    the sheet and picked up the Tommy Mauney Race Cars number one qualifier award. “The
    TM Race Cars ‘40 Ford ran good tonight. We tried a few new things today and they
    didn’t work too well through the first two rounds of qualifying. We changed a couple
    of things and backed it down and ran the 3.90 in the final round. All my guys worked
    hard all day and I really appreciate it. The car makes a ton of power and still has
    a lot more potential. The blower that we have now is very strong but we have a new
    one coming from Chuck Ford that is going to be a fair amount better. I also want to
    thank Darlington Dragway, Kip Kauffman and Buddy Trivette for giving us a place to
    race. Also, congratulation to Ric Fleck on the win and congratulations to Kip
    Kauffman and Robbie Matthews on their 3.84. They are going to be a tough team this
    year. ” said Blankenship.

    The eventual winner Ric Fleck came out the # 2 spot with a 3.953 at 184.69. Steve
    Bray after setting his new personal best and running his first three second pass was
    # 3 with a3.978 at 183.78. Dennis Jordan was 4th with a 4.020 at 163.30. Kerry
    “Possum” Crosby sat 5th with a4.416 at 136.05. Carol Long was 6th with a 4.619 at
    113.15. Tylor Miller was 7th with a 4.841 at 105.37. Rounding out the eight car
    field was Robbie Matthews with a 5.390 at 91.14.

    When the announcer called the field for the first round of eliminations, the first
    pair up was Dennis Jordan and Kerry Crosby. The tree activated and it was Kerry
    getting to the stripe first with a 4.237 at 159.59 to Dennis’ 4.315 at 132.84. Not
    all was well with the Jordan camp. After the first round it was discovered that the
    crank shaft in their Hemi was broke in five places. Next up was supposed to be Steve
    Bray and Carol Long. Steve couldn’t make the call after they found a hurt piston in
    their engine so Troy Jordan got the call and was put in as first alternate. Troy was
    able to get the win Carol and advance to the next round.

    The next to last pair up was Ric Fleck and Tylor Miller. Tylor had the advantage off
    the line but the car drifted on him. He tried to pedal it but Ric was able to drive
    around him with his personal best time with a 3.949 at 184.46 to Tylor’s 4.378 at
    130.02. The final pair up was the # 1 qualifier Danny Blankenship and the # 8 man
    Robbie Matthews. On paper this race wasn’t going to be close. The Kauffman
    Motorsports team had failed to make a full pass in thirteen tries. When the tree
    went from amber to green Robbie got the advantage and didn’t look back. Danny’s Ford
    lost traction while the black ‘57 that Robbie was piloting streaked to stripe first
    with a new personal best and low e.t. of the event. The boards lit up with a 3.848
    at 194.42 which is a new Darlington Dragway Roots Blower Record. Danny coasted
    through the lights with a 4.323 at 126.93.

    “When the car left the line and I heard the sound of the engine I said to myself
    ‘Man, this thing is on a pass!’. We have struggled since we got his new set-up but
    our guys have continued to work hard and that pass shows.” said a very excited
    Robbie Matthews

    The first pair up for the semi finals was Robbie Matthews and Kerry Crosby. Both
    drivers fought traction issues with Robbie recovering first and punching his ticket
    to the final round. Now it was time to see who would face Robbie. Troy Jordan had
    the tough task of facing Ric Fleck. Troy and the Blade Runner Team had been trying a
    new combo and they had been fighting it all day. Their troubles continued while Ric
    won the race in th other lane.
    With the final round set it looked to be a very good race, but it just wasn’t meant
    to be. While the two Doorslammers sat in the staging lanes, Ric fired his Corvette
    up and did his burnout. Mean while Robbie and the crew couldn’t get the ‘57 running
    do to a faulty starter. Ric went ahead and staged and got the win.

    “We have been here at Darlington for three weekends in a row.” exclaimed Kip
    Kauffman. “We made thirteen passes and it would sixty foot and on the fourteenth
    pass everything came together. We made our best pass ever a 3.84 and our best mph
    ever with the 194 and the car did perfect. Tommy Mauney was here and helped us with
    the chassis. Robbie did a heck of a job as did everyone on the crew. I want to thank
    Cameron for Torque Converter Services for the Powerglide. Also, the Quick 8 Outlaws
    are still alive!”

    The driver of the Kauffman Motorsports ‘57 Chevy Robbie Matthews added, “We barley
    got in the field in the #8 spot. On the fourteenth pass we finally got the car to
    work. Everything aligned and when it went down the track, it went. We’re still only
    turning the blower 26 percent. When we get it all figured out it’s, going to be very
    fast. Everybody is going to know it’s bad but right now it’s kicking my butt. We get
    the consistency it’s going to be tough. We ain’t got it all figured out yet but we
    will. We’re going to keep working and get it done. We do all our tuning, and we
    don’t get any help. We’ll figure it out on our own. We just want too win. Every time
    I pull to the starting line I just want to turn my light on. We couldn’t do this
    without our crew. Everybody plays an important role. Everybody has a job to do and
    they have to do it right and they do.”

    “We’ve always been known to try different stuff,” added Ric Fleck. “We’re trying a
    new blower set up and it’s starting to pay off. The car has a lot power. I also want
    to thank Danny Blankenship for helping us over the winter getting this new combo
    ready. Also, thanks to Darrell Makins from Under Pressure Performance for all his

    Thanks to Cameron from Torque Converter Services for this new Converter. It’s
    working great.”
    For more information on the Quick 8 Outlaws please visit www.q8outlaws.com. For more
    information on the “House of Speed,” Darlington Dragway please visit

  • The All New Quick 8 Outlaws season kicks off this Saturday at Darlington Dragway

    Story by Buddy Trivette Photo Courtesy Todd Krzysiak

    The Quick 8 Outlaws 2012 season officially kicks off this Saturday at the “The House of Speed”, Darlington Dragway. The new owner’s Russell Miller and Ronnie Siders have welcomed the Outlaws back and are charging only a $100.00 entry fee for car, driver and crew. If you want to see fast side by side Pro Modified Drag Racing, Darlington will be the place to be this Saturday.


    With several teams making lots changes, including bigger Blowers, bigger engines with more Nitrous and the Turbo cars making even more power the Quick 8 Outlaws, look forward to great race. Also, with the transmission rule being opened up this year, this race promises to be very exciting. Keep in mind that the Quick 8 Outlaws have no weight rule in effect. You can also run the 18-71 Blower with no restrictions.


    The list of racers that have shown interest in the Darlington event has grown more and more every day. The list thus far includes, back to back Quick 8 Outlaws Champions Kauffman Motorsports and Robbie Matthews. The duo have been testing a new combo and are really excited about their progress. The world’s fastest Roots Blower equipped Doorslammer Danny Blankenship in his ‘40 Ford will also be there. Word from the Blankenship camp is not only will the Ford be there but so will is his ‘41 Willys. Ric Fleck with his Flex Racing Corvette has a new combo also. That car has already shown a lot of potential and will be a force to be reckoned with. legendary chassis builder and wheel man Tommy Mauney will be there. Tommy was gracious enough to sponsor the number one qualifier award at the Darlington events. Tyler Miller in his PEE DEE Fleet truck and Trailer sponsored Camaro will also be there.


    You can also look for the Father and Son duo of Tom and William Joseph in their Nitrous injected Camaro. The Living Legend Sonny Tindal will be there. Also, supporting the Nitrous Brigade will be Greg Godwin. Team Blade Runner with driver Troy Jordan will be there and we have also heard that the team will have their Green Corvette there too. The Blown Pirate Ship ‘41 Willys of Kevin Mayer will make an appearance. Don Brown’s Executioner Corvette with driver Dennis Jordan will also be there. Carol Long after putting up very strong numbers in testing will look to continue her success. We’re also expecting the World’s Fastest Possum, Kerry Crosby. The Gas Man Don Benton in his newly Camaro will be there. This is just the start of the list for the Pro Modified field for Saturday. There will be several more drivers announced later this week.


    The gates open at 11:00 with the first three rounds of qualifying will be at 2:00. The first round of eliminations will start at 6:00. Get there early to ensure a good spot. The forecast for this weekend at Darlington is very promising. The air will be good and as everyone knows that translates into very good times on the boards.


    For more information, rules, purse and general information on the Quick 8 Outlaws please visit www.q8outlaws.com. For more information on the Darlington Dragway Please visit www.darlingtondragway.com.



  • Dixie Outlaw Doorslammers Darlington Recap

    Story by Chris Wooten
    Photo courtesy Heather Wooten

    The 2012 season for the Dixie Outlaws and Darlington Dragway has gotten underway. I want to first say thank you to the racers, sponsors and the fans who came out to support us. It was a long day that went into the cool night air. With many racers having problems in prior weeks from testing, the car count wasn’t that great. With five cars in staging lanes for first round of qualifying it would get a little crazy.

    Woody Elders would come out first with his 63 Corvette powered by a small block, Lenco transmission and run a 5.185 107 after almost crossing the center line, up next was Nick Cline in his 38 nitrous powered chevy coupe and Carol “She Devil” Long in her 63 blown Corvette after the long smokey burnouts Carol had to be shut down from fluid leaking from under the car. Nick was on a single pass, and he stopped the clocks at a 4.741at 146.27 after a nitrous malfunction. Dennis Jordan in his blown 69 Nova was the next out of the box and ran a 4.599 at 153.42, last up was Josh Miller in his Stroupe built GXP, time the tree was activated the computer system shut down so he got no time.

    So with all the racers hoping to better themselves on second round it was time. Carol and Woody would be the first pair out with Woody improving his time to a 4.77 at 147 and Carol tire shaking to a 7.76 at 56.83. Josh Miller came out on a single run and after not getting a time in first round he laid down a 4.490 at 159. With Dennis Jordan and Nick Cline left to go they knew what they had to do to take the #1 spot. Their burnouts were complete and the tree was dropped Nick went into tire shake from the hit and only going a 9.01at 65.27 and Dennis throwing off a blower belt with a 9.10 at 42.22.

    The field was set with Josh Miller earning the #1 spot and the bye run first round. Dennis Jordan # 2 faced Woody Elders # 4. Dennis would pick up the win with a 4.618 at 152.64 to a 4.698 at 148.34. The next two pair out was Nick Cline #3 up against Carol Long #5. Nick would get the win with a 5.022 at 138.27 to a 5.032 at 106.57 but it was a tire shake on his side and a transmission issue on Carol’s side. Josh came out and ran the bye with a 4.491at 160.51 on a string.

    While the cars make preparations for the next round there was a top end crash in the bracket race. After an hour and half delay and the temperatures getting cool it was decided not to finish the race. Once again thanks to the racers, sponsors, Darlington Dragway, and the fans who came out. Hope to see you again on May 19th.

    For more information on the Dixie Outlaw Doorslammers please visit www.dixieoutlaws.com. You can also find us on Facebook.